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USZ-NATO, India will now curse the day they were born: Analysis by Soviet-Era Afghan Mujahid Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, Soviet Era Afghan Mujahid
Have you noticed that never in the history of USZ military, they have evacuated a garrison or a base in such short time as they have done in Shamsi. The mighty “super power” was too frozen with panic and fear to even offer a verbal or diplomatic resistance. Such matters between states could drag for weeks, months and USZ could say we need few months to pack up. But what forced them to flee in panic without offering any resistance? 

Those Munafiqs within our ranks who want us to be afraid of USZ and its military are speechless now at the humiliation of their god. Alhamdolillah, USZ cannot offer any resistance to Pakistan now as its supplies are choked, its 140,000 troops are facing death, its air corridor could be blocked anytime and its supplies can be confiscated also. Alhamdolillah, we have never see USZ in such chaos and panic! The jugular of the enemy is under our dagger now, Allahu Akbar!

On the other axis, suddenly TTP is begging for a peace deal. Why ? 

The TTP are the most treacherous and dreaded terrorist organization in the world today, created by RAW and protected by the CIA with bases and logistics in Afghanistan but operating against Pakistan for the last 6 years. The TTP led violence has killed and wounded almost 100,000 Pakistanis including 10,000 Pakistani officers, soldiers and para-military. 

TTP has never really wanted peace. Many peace deals done with TTP were immediately broken by the terrorist group. In fact, they have only sued for peace when they were cornered, surrounded and choked, only to get a breather to re-group and re-launch. 

In the last few months, Pakistan army has achieved stunning success against the terrorist outfit. They have been pushed out of their warm and cozy base areas in South and North Waziristan and have been ruthlessly beaten in almost tribal region. They were forced to enter into Afghanistan in Kunar region from where they were launching attacks into Dir, Mohmand and Bajaur regions. The Pak army post attacked by NATO was meant to cut off this entry route from Kunar region of Afghanistan. But Kunar is one of the most cold and harsh regions of Afghanistan offering little protection to the dislocated terrorists who are desperate to come back to their villages in Pakistan. The frictions between Pakistan army and USZ have also created a crisis for TTP as more aggressive presence of Pak army on the border has made it impossible for TTP to re-enter. The food, shelter and logistical supplies are also hampered. In a desperate bid for survival, the TTP sued for peace and the ANP government of NWFP responded. There is another sinister aspect to this process. 

ANP is also a Indian asset and rules the NWFP province. TTP is also an Indian asset and is now in trouble. ANP tries to salvage TTP through these peace negotiations, betraying the nation, army and the province once again. Pakistan army will not accept these talks and we see no chance that TTP will be given any relief by the army. It would be a military blunder to give relief to TTP at such a stage when their back is almost broken and they are desperate for survival and their capacity to attacks has been so reduced. 

There are divisions and in fights within the TTP also, even on the issue of talks for peace. The more desperate faction wants a way out as they are trapped inside freezing Kunar. The other faction insists upon fighting. 

InshAllah, great khair is coming for Pak Sarzameen. Stand firm, united and support the armed forces. InshAllah soon we shall hear about the change in Islamabad also. Then many heads will roll and much accountability will be done, InshAllah.

Alhamdolillah, For the last 4 years, we have been warning the USZ not to mess with Pakistan and not to test our patience. “You will curse the day you were born”, we had clearly given them notice. They called our threats as empty bluffs, ignored our warnings in their arrogance and their slaves in Pakistan made jokes and poked fun upon us calling us war monger and conspiracy theorists. We exposed the CIA war against Pak sarzameen in our TV program “CIA threats to Pakistan” and demanded a block to NATO supplies. The slaves in media and politics said we cannot fight the USZ. We gave hope to our nation that USZ is a body with deep cancer. It cannot fight a Muslim nation with nuclear weapons and we must choke their supplies. 

Alhamdolillah, kept giving azaan and waited with patience for them to make blunders after blunder and then finally, our nation and army erupted in rage against the Zionists. 

Now It is a classic geopolitical, diplomatic and military crisis for the USZ and NATO which has no solution except their humiliation. Everything is becoming a disaster for the USZ and NATO. If they could fight us, they would never have vacated Shamsi in such humiliation and haste. 

Now as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan is concerned.
  1. They cannot control the war in Afghanistan. Taliban are now resurgent and on the attack.
  2. Bonn Conference was a fiasco. Future plans for Afghanistan are in jeopardy.
  3. Their supplies are blocked. Winters have set in forcing them to halt military operations due to fuel shortages.
  4. The regime of PPP is in chaos as Zardari fleds. Now USZ have to deal with a tough Pak army.
  5. Their bases are being vacated from Pakistan.
  6. Their drone operations which were critically vital for their military operations have come to a stop.
  7. They supplies are being attacked inside Pakistan.
  8. There are chances of their air corridor being blocked as well.
  9. Pakistan may seize their supplies already in the country.
  10. Pakistan army is ready to go to war and the USZ has to think a million times before pushing a nuclear armed Islamic country.
  11. Iran and Pakistan are both joining hands militarily. China remains active supporter and ally of Pakistan.
  12. NATO nations are facing an economic collapse at home creating an unprecedented chaos in the Euro zone.
This is the moment Pakistan had been waiting for so patiently for the last 10 years. After over 100,000 Pakistanis dead and wounded and thousands of suicide bombings with over $50 bn dollars of loss, Pakistan now has a chance to pull itself out of the USZ war inside Afghanistan. The new rules of engagement are being drawn in the GHQ. They may demand a total and complete withdrawal of the USZ forces from Afghanistan, elimination of all TTP and insurgent assets and cessation of USZ support to these insurgents, elimination of Indian influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s role in forming the next broad based government in Kabul. Now Pakistan will not settle for compensation or promises of aid and trade. Matters have come too far from that point now. 

The project for the new American century which had envisaged USZ as the global power in the 21st century is now being buried in the gorges of Afghanistan and in the plains of Pakistan. We had warned you. Now we will decide your fate and we can assure you we don’t plan to take prisoners.

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Pakistan Cyber Force

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