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BBC News – Chavez muses on US Latin America cancer plot

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has questioned whether the US has developed a secret technology to give cancer to left-wing leaders in Latin America.

Treated for cancer this year, Mr Chavez was speaking a day after news that Argentina’s president had the disease.

Fernando Lugo of Paraguay, Dilma Rousseff of Brazil and her predecessor Lula have also had cancer.

Mr Chavez said this was “very strange” but stressed that he was thinking aloud rather than making “rash accusations”.

But he said the instances of cancer among Latin American leaders were “difficult to explain using the law of probabilities”.

“Would it be strange if they had developed the technology to induce cancer and nobody knew about it?” Mr Chavez asked in a televised speech to soldiers at an army base.

Who next?

Mr Chavez noted that US government scientists had infected Guatemalan prisoners with syphilis and other diseases in the 1940s, but that this had only come to light last year.

And he joked that he would now take extra care of the presidents of Bolivia and Ecuador – Evo Morales and Rafael Correa – lest they also be diagnosed with cancer.

Lula (left) with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Sao Paulo on 6 December Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has beaten cancer, and Lula is fighting the disease

The Venezuelan leader, who is 57, has often accused the US of plotting to overthrow or even kill him.

He says he is now free of cancer after having surgery and chemotherapy in Cuba earlier this year.

The exact details of his illness have not been made public, fuelling speculation that his condition may be worse than he has let on.

Mr Chavez was the first regional leader to offer support to the Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, after it was announced on Tuesday that she had thyroid cancer.

“We will live and we will conquer!” he told her.

Ms Fernandez, 58, is due to have an operation on 4 January, but doctors say her prognosis is very good.

Survivors’ summit

Doctors treating former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for throat cancer say the 66-year-old is responding well to chemotherapy and should make a full recovery.

Dilma Rousseff, 64 – who took over from Lula as Brazilian president a year ago – is fully recovered after receiving treatment for lymphoma cancer in 2009.

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo, 60, was diagnosed with lymphoma in August 2010 but is now in remission after chemotherapy.

Lula and Mr Chavez have previously joked that they would hold a summit of Latin American leaders who had beaten cancer.

Ms Fernandez has now said that she will insist on being the “honorary president” of the summit of cancer survivors.

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A City of Pyramids (part 2)

Part Two – Spiders Webs: The East Kennet formation 22nd July 2011

After completing the drawing of the East Kennet formation, as pleased as I was with the result, it seemed something was missing. It was that big blackness in the middle of the picture that bothered me. Comparing the drawing to the actual photo, it was plain that the thing that was missing was the floor-lay.

East Kennet and The Koch Snowflake

1. East Kennet & 2. The Koch Snowflake 1997 – the floor-lay in each of these formations was an integral part of their designs.

Traditionally, crop circle drawings denote the laid crop as black and the standing crop was white, but when the floor lay is patterned, and is an integral part of the design as a whole, a simple black and white drawing means that this intrinsic element is missing (literally blacked out), and so it gives a false impression of what the formation actually looked like.

We first started to see elaborate floor-lays as early as the 1990s; the first time I remember seeing a truly sophisticated floor-lay was in the Koch snowflake of 1997. The design required a huge area of crop to be flattened in order to fill the interior of the formation. To simply flatten the crop in a big swirl would have perhaps been acceptable, even expected, but what took the Koch snowflake to a new level was undoubtedly its beautifully patterned floor-lay – it gave the formation an almost three-dimensional appearance.

The late, great, John Michell drew and painted this formation. His watercolour can be seen in our Crop circle Year Book 2000, or another version can be seen in his Magnum Opus – ‘How the World is Made’ (Thames & Hudson). John was fascinated and very impressed by the floor-lay in this formation; laid in distinctive, successive bands (from the outside inwards) until reaching a central swirl. These patterns are barely perceptible at all at ground-level; it is not until one takes to the air on a sunny day, with plenty of light and contrast, that they really come to life.

 Spider’s web floor-­lay

A rendering of the spider’s web floor-­lay in the East Kennet circle. Created from a ten-­pointed star
– or two pentagons.

While some floor-lays can seem to be a pretty addition to a design, others have evolved to become an integral part of that design. The floor-lay at East Kennet was definitely of the later category. Rather than just being an attractive way to fill space, this floor-lay had a design all of it’s own (separate to that of the rest of the design) and it was a recognizable pattern – a spider’s web. I decided that my exploration of this formation was not complete until I had made a drawing of the floor-lay. The pattern was picked from the integral geometric structure of the formation. In order to generate the pyramids around the perimeter of the design, the 360° of the circle had to be divided into twenty. The floor-lay tells us how this was done. Two pentagons are created, one placed over the other, to fashion a ten pointed star, then ten further points are created, where the perimeters of these two shapes intersect (see above). The pattern for the floor lay can now be picked out and flattened to create the distinctive spider’s web design.

I am no expert on the symbolism of the ancient Maya, and don’t know whether, or not, the spider’s web is linked to their culture in any way, but from a purely archetypal standpoint the web is a symbol for the interconnectedness of all things. The diaphanous nature of the spider’s web links it squarely to the realm of consciousness, where it symbolises the unseen patterns and pathways that underpin our reality. Just as the gossamer threads of the web are made visible in morning dew, the web is also linked to synchronicity – those strange connections where our unseen inner world meets the tangible outer world.

It was the Goddess Ariadne, who gave Theseus a silken thread of great strength that allowed him to venture into, and return safely, from the Minotaur’s labyrinth – her name is derived from the genus name for the spider, arachnid. She is therefore one who is a guide and protector in the realm of consciousness exploration. So as you can see, the spider’s web is of rich symbolic meaning.

An Iznik 'Spider's Web' pottery Dish

An Iznik 'Spider's Web' pottery Dish.
Turkey, 17th Century

In the East Kennet formation, the position of the web is also important, as it connects the crowned alien-head at the centre of the formation (see previous blog) to the pyramids at its perimeter. Here the web shows us the connection between the old classical world of the pyramid makers to the ultra-modern world of alien-consciousness. I find this utterly fascinating. While there is much ‘popular chatter’ about ancient knowledge and its pertinence to our modern world, it seems that this formation symbolises a drawing together of these two realms. As I was researching this blog, I came across this picture of an Islamic pattern that reminded me so much of the crop circle, that I include it here. What interested me was the link between the number ten and the spider’s web. As I have scoured the internet and not a few of my own books, I have found that the spider’s web is often drawn as being ten-fold in nature.

The Spider’s web formation of 1994

The Spider’s web formation of 1994 was also ten-­ fold in its design.

This does not mimic the natural world, as webs vary from spider to spider and species to species, but symbolically, it seems, it is much associated with the number ten. Ten is the first of the dual digit numbers, it contains zeros and ones (like the binary of our modern computer and digital media language) and in our modern world zeros and ones convey information invisibly via the internet world-wide-web! The famous spider’s web crop circle at Avebury in 1994, also depicted the web as being divided into ten equal segments.

The number ten has some fascinating properties. For instance, it is the sum of the first four numbers 1+2+3+4=10. The Pythagoreans enshrined the number ten in the Tetraktys (a triangular pattern made from ten dots), which was said to represent the whole of the universe. Ten is five doubled, it is therefore an intensification of the life-generating number five and, as we shall see shortly, the pyramids of this formation each had five steps. Perhaps most importantly here, ten is a number of the new – but significantly – the new encapsulating the old. The number ten is made from the parental numbers of one and zero, but contains within itself all of the numbers of the decad. This echoes very much the link between the old and new worlds symbolised by the alien-head, the web, and the pyramids inside the East Kennet crop circle.

Finally, the East Kennet formation was surrounded by pyramids, the design looked like a gigantic ancient plaza encircled by ten pyramids, each with five steps. I saw the image (below) on the internet and have reproduced here because it gives a flavour of the kind of mental imagery that this formation evokes.

Artwork by WJ Copyright 2011

Artwork by WJ Copyright 2011

Throughout this formation we have found the numbers five, ten and twenty. To me, this formation is about the intensification of the number five and was the herald of the Jubilee Plantation formation (Aug 2011), where we finally saw the fifth dimension fully manifest for the first time.

The crop circles are of profound cultural significance; they contain within their designs an amazing amount of information about the current themes being played out in the collective unconscious and beyond. Those who would strip them down to their basest, lowest, common denominators do a great disservice to our culture and our world. Formations such as East Kennet serve to remind us how the circles, if we are respectful, patient and willing, can enrich our lives. And how they can be a reflection of, and simultaneously a catalyst for, change on a monumental level.

If the East Kennet formation demonstrates nothing else, it demonstrates just how dense the symbolism, number and geometry within the crop circles can really be!

Five-step pyramidPost Script.
Back in the summer just after the East Kennet formation appeared, I was drinking a coffee in my local shopping centre (and yes it was a boring decaf!), when I suddenly looked up and this is what I saw…

Five-step pyramids! Not that I am obsessed or anything, but I saw the patterns as a synchronistic intensification of my absorption by the crop circle designs! Long may it continue!


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BBC News – Using YouTube to study effects of hallucinogen salvia

I do prevention work with alcohol and drugs, so I am a consumer and a researcher in the field, and I need to keep up with the drug use fashion.

Drugs come into fashion and leave fashion, and sometimes there are new ones on the scene, and those new ones can really cause some of us in the prevention and research fields some trouble.

If users know more about the drugs than we do, it can make us look, well, like stiffs who really do not know what they are talking about.

A few years ago one of our surveys of students started to show more and more students listing a drug salvia divinorum as one of their “other drugs”.

Salvia divinorum Salvia divinorum can cause hallucinations and can be legally possessed in the UK.

I needed to get up to speed very quickly on what this salvia divinorum really was and what it could do, so we could see whether or not we needed to develop prevention measures.


I found that salvia divinorum is part of a large family of plants, including garden varieties like mint and sage.

However, this specific species also contains a very potent hallucinogen. It was originally used for ritualistic purposes by the shamans in Oaxaca, Mexico, but over the past few years had started to seep into the recreational drug scene in the US and the UK.

This drug was not illegal, so while more and more people were trying it, people like me whose job is to understand drug use really did not know this was happening until much later.

Clearly I needed to learn more about it, and like most people my first instinct was to use Google to see what was out there.

Not too surprisingly there were sites describing it, but more surprising was that a lot of YouTube videos were present of people smoking Salvia and documenting the effects of it.

It did not take me too long to get a sense of what salvia divinorum could do, but the research literature was more frustrating.


There were no substantial studies documenting the effects of salvia, so it was difficult to know which aspects of the drug we needed to be worried about.

Normally what we like to do when we are interested in a drug is take it into the lab, have subjects use it and document the effects.

But this is time consuming and expensive, and for salvia divinorum I could not do even this. We did not know the effects, and we did not know how safe it was.

So I started thinking of what happened when I wanted to research alcohol. Then, my solution then was go out into the field. There are drunk people all over the place! It is certainly not hard to find a drunk person.

So I would get naturally drunk people and run them through the tests. Since I was not responsible for them being drunk, I was able to do a lot of research quickly.

YouTube screenshot A YouTube search for Salvia turns up close to 30,000 results

Could I do the same sort of thing with salvia? The problem, from what I had seen in the videos, was that it is a very short-acting drug.

Although it is one of the most potent hallucinogens – people experience very profound impairments – it is gone very fast, in seven to ten minutes.

This meant both that people did not do it in public, and that even if I did find someone, the effects would likely be gone.

So I was in trouble – I could not get them in the lab and I could not go and find them. But then it occurred to me. How was it I knew so much about the effects of salvia?

I had seen it, I had observed it on YouTube – the website had already served as my database. Could I do that in a more systematic way?

And that is what we did. We randomly sampled YouTube videos and had researchers watch lots and lots of videos in 30 second segments.

From YouTube to Yale

They were looking for specific impairments like co-ordination loss, loss of sense of self, speech impairment and sweating. And we timed how long they kept the smoke in their lungs as a proxy for dose effects.

Our research was able to demonstrate a clear dose response within about 30 seconds, which tapered off at around five to seven minutes.

We published the study and very soon afterwards I got a call from a researcher at Yale University who was doing the lab study.

He was very excited because he was starting to find the same things that we had published. That lab study will help fill in the blanks, doing things I could not do like cognitive testing and longer-term impairments.

But using the YouTube videos allowed me to get very quickly into the scientific literature and the public domain a scientific view of what the observable effects of using salvia divinorum were.

And we could assess it in a natural setting, where people were actually using the drugs. And drugs do have setting effects: it may affect people differently to take a drug like salvia in a lab with someone in a lab coat standing over them, than when they take it with a bunch of friends who are also drinking and doing other things.

Packaging containing salvia divinorum Several US states and European countries have made it illegal to possess or sell Salvia

Video archive

So I am hoping that this breakthrough can lead us towards more observational kinds of research.

YouTube is an incredible archive of social behaviour. It is a place where people feel very comfortable putting even what we would think of as personal activities, for everyone to see.

If we take those videos and start systematically to look at them – I think of it as systematic voyeurism – it can get us very quickly towards understanding some very complicated behaviours.

In my field, knowing the people around the user, understanding their behaviours and their impact is very hard to do in a lab. But if they have been videoed, we can code it, and we can code it on a level of thousands of people.

And in future, if we can use computers to look for physiological signals like heart or respiratory rate, we will be able to move through these videos even more quickly and even more objectively.

But in my field and beyond, these videos are more than just people sharing. They are extraordinary windows into social and biological behaviour that we really did not have just a few short years ago.

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Benjamin Fulford: Kim Jong-il Murdered as Part of Major Asian Power Battle

Steve: As always please read Ben with discernment. I have a hard time thinking that the Company of Light would play a role in the death of a national ruler. That isn’t their MO. It’s my belief that HAARP is no longer operating though I could be mistaken.

No nuclear bombs can be exploded for military purposes on the planet. No 100-foot tsunami would be allowed to sweep over Manhattan. The allegation that the “World Court” or International Court of Justice at the Hague is Rothschild-controlled is certainly news to me. I don’t believe it. So do use discernment to pick out the wheat from the chaff.

Benjamin Fulford, 12-19-2011: Kim Jong Il Murdered as Part of Major Asian Power Battle
Posted by Benjamin Fulford, 12-19-2011

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il was murdered Saturday as part of a major power struggle in East Asia, according to Asian secret society sources and Japanese military intelligence. The murder of Kim was followed by a series of arrests of senior police officials in Japan linked to North Korea as well as the ouster of six CIA agents, the Japanese sources say. The death has left Yasuhiro Nakasone, the top North Korean and Rothschild agent in Japan, without a power base, Japanese underworld sources say.

In North Korea, meanwhile, there is now a succession battle taking place between the Rothschild faction, who want to place their trained stooge Kim Jong Un in power and set up a Rothschild central bank versus a military clique that wants independence from Rothschild control, Rothschild and Japanese underworld sources say. The action in Asia is linked to a worldwide takedown of the satanic cabal that has been trying to create a global dictatorship.

According to a Rothschild source who was recently in Korea, the Rothschilds like the Swiss-educated Kim Jong Un, because he would allow North and South Korea to be unified and would permit the opening up of the North Korean economy to Rothschild interests. Several senior Asian, US and Rothschild sources have, on many occasions, said they expect about 1 million Khazarian Satanist refugees from the United States to settle in North Korea once the financial crisis reaches its final stage. These same sources also say the Korean peninsula would then experience boom times as a result of the influx.

In any case, the battle in Asia is expected to heat up behind the scenes over the coming weeks as Khazarian slave politicians are purged from power in Japan. The Rothschild faction headed by David Rothschild in Geneva is making a push in Japan using the sadistic murderer former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, President of the Rothschild-controlled World Court, Hisashi Owada (father of princess Masako), former Finance Minister top bureaucrat Toyo Gyohten, Asian Development Bank President Haruhiko Kuroda and current top MOF bureaucrat Eijiro Katsu. They will find the usual thugs they relied on as enforcers no longer work for them but are now affiliated with the White Dragon Society or with Asian secret societies like the Black Dragon or the Red and Blue.

A White Dragon Society representative called the Rothschild office in Tokyo (81-3-5408-8045) and talked to Rothschild representative Kenji Miyamoto who refused to pass along any message to his Rothschild controllers. Here is the message: “Surrender before it is too late.”

In fact, the signs of the collapse of Khazarian control are continuing to be seen in Europe and the US. In the US, Khazarian Nazi faction boss Henry Kissinger has contacted a White Dragon Society representative and asked for “negotations,” because of the collapse of the banking system. Kissinger is a major war criminal and mass murderer who needs to realize he is in no position to “negotiate” anything but a reduced sentence in exchange for a full confession.

In fact, it is a matter of simple mathematics to realize the Khazarian controlled Western banking system is doomed. Even if you take the latest BIS statistics on outstanding derivatives contracts of $707 trillion as of June 2011 at face value (the true numbers are in the quadrillions or more according to some sources) you can see the system is doomed. With world GDP at around $65 trillion, you have banks betting over ten times that amount against each other. Each derivative is a bet against a counterparty.

That means for every winner there is an equal loser. Some very big banks have certainly lost more money than exists in the real world.

Every year January is a month for settlements of accounts among major banking players. January of 2012 is going to be a very interesting month. The talk is that Citibank, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America are among the doomed entities. Then of course there is the universal disgust at Goldman Sachs that is not going to go away quietly.

US law enforcement agencies are continuing to zero in on Wall Street and the corrupt Washington political establishment but it [is] looking increasingly likely that a financial system failure will appear before the slow wheels of justice grind inevitably towards the guilty parties.

In Europe as well, the Khazarian control grid appears to be falling apart.

Most importantly satanic Pope Benedict XVI has been rejected by most senior clergy and is dying. The installation of Khazarian puppets in Greece, in Italy, at the head of the European Central Bank and as President of the European Union has failed to do anything to prevent the Euro crisis from accelerating. Moves to make the EU more dictatorial failed to affect credit ratings or change the financial reality that the EU is bankrupt.

In fact, CIA sources in Europe are now saying Germany has begun negotiations with Russia to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

This would mean a Russian/German-controlled Europe and leave the French as junior partners.

The Khazarian satanic cabal is still considered unlikely and unwilling to go quietly into the night. They continue to try to start World War III with Iran and now Syria and they may well do something extremely nasty over the coming months unless they are stopped. For example, Japan is being threatened with a new set of Earthquakes and Tsunamis, this time targeting Tokyo.

If Tokyo is attacked, then the Monaco bank in the Canary Islands will be knocked into the ocean, according to very powerful but anonymous sources that have their own nukes and their own HAARP machines. That will create a 100 meter or more tsunami that will hit New York and Washington. People will have time to evacuate but hopefully the waves will remove the filth that has built up in Wall Street and Washington D.C.

In an effort to prevent such tragedies, US law enforcement agencies need to arrest the people who control the Pentagon payrolls: Donald Rumsfeld, James Baker, Frank Carlucci, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz, George Soros and their fellow gangsters. The Joint Chiefs of Staff will then be able to keep meeting payrolls as they return the US to constitutional government of the people, by the people and for the people.

It is also worth pointing out again to the Khazarian Satanists that their money is no longer backed by anything and is thus worthless. Without money, they can no longer pay their thugs and bully boys. Suddenly, they will realize they are just weak old men with very few real friends.

All in all though, there will be more turmoil in the coming weeks as the cabal continues its death throes.

We can all still celebrate Christmas this year by returning to the true spirit of love and tolerance. If you are not Christian, you can always celebrate the beginning of the new solar year on December 25th. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. … er-battle/

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British Vitamin Supplement Sales Soar as Consumers Tricked into Toxic Trap

21st December 2011

By Anthony Gucciardi

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Supplement sales are soaring in Britain as more and more Brits become savvy to the fact that the nutrient-depleted food supply is simply not sufficient when it comes to obtaining and maintaining optimal health. What many of these Brits do not realize, however, is that not all supplements are of equal value to your body.

In fact, many supplements sold in pharmacies and grocery stores around the globe are loaded with synthetic vitamins, which could actually be wreaking havoc on your biological function. These synthetic formulas are sold in chain stores like Sainsbury’s, where vitamin C sales have increased by 200% in 2 years while multivitamin sales doubled. Of these supplements, many are popular brands loaded with not only lab-made vitamins, but toxic fillers as well.

Are you buying toxic supplements?

Brands like the super-popular Flinstones Complete vitamins fall into this category, containing toxic ingredients such as:

Sorbitol: a synthetic sweetener which has been linked to gastrointestinal distress and more severe disorders when administered in higher concentrations.

Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol acetate): a petrochemically derived analogue of natural vitamin E which may act as an endocrine disruptor and interfere with the heart protective natural vitamin E isomer gamma tocopherol.

FD&C Red #40 Aluminium Lake: a chemical that is known to be neurotoxic.

Cupric Oxide: An inorganic (non-amino acid bound) form of copper which exhibits toxicity.

Vitamin A Acetate: A petrochemically produced byproduct that is capable of causing birth defects.

Unfortunately, many consumers believe that any vitamin is beneficial to their health, which is simply not the case. What these consumers who purchase synthetic products are really buying into is toxic health. Even more alarming is the fact that many studies on the effects of vitamins that dispel their beneficial effects are also studying these harmful synthetic forms, leading to inaccurate and misleading conclusions. This is the kind of research that the mainstream media loves to use against health-promoting supplements that actually use high quality whole food ingredients.

Avoiding this health trap

While synthetic vitamin brands litter grocery stores and pharmacies across the globe, it is fairly simple to avoid these health bombs. If you stick to high quality, whole food based supplements then you will immediately eliminate 90% of the problem. The next step is to look for 100% organic ingredients, and check the “other ingredients” list on the back of the label. You will want to avoid ingredients such as: Maltodextrin, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, and modified maize starch.

Supplements are a great way to improve your health naturally, however you should exercise caution when purchasing nutraceuticals in chain stores and always remember to read the labels.

About the author:

Anthony Gucciardi is an accomplished investigative journalist with a passion for natural health. Anthony’s articles have been featured on top alternative news websites such as Infowars, NaturalNews, Rense, and many others. Anthony is the co-founder of Natural Society, a website dedicated to sharing life-saving natural health techniques. Stay in touch with Natural Society via the following sites FacebookTwitterWeb

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BBC News – Police ‘need riot tactic rules’, watchdog says

Police should be given clear rules about when they can use water cannon and plastic bullets against rioters, a watchdog has said.

The Inspectorate of Constabulary said there were a “number of real scenarios” during the summer’s rioting in England when such tactics could have been used.

On Monday, the Home Affairs Committee said using the devices would have been “indiscriminate and dangerous”.

The inspectorate said a new framework for public disorder was needed.

Its review of the August riots noted that police could lawfully have used firearms to shoot rioters who set fire to buildings. Firearms can “potentially” be deployed where arson poses a threat to life, or of serious injury, the report states.

It said water cannon and plastic bullets could be considered to deal with rioters throwing missiles and petrol bombs, to stop “violent attacks on the public” and arson attacks, and also where fire and ambulance crews were under threat.

The report said water cannon were an “effective means of dispersal and incur fewer injuries to the public” in static and slow-moving scenarios.

But it conceded there were none on mainland UK, they cost more than £1m each and need to be deployed in pairs to be effective.

The Inspectorate also revealed that discussions had taken place about support the military could provide in any future disorder, suggesting the Army could help in “logistical roles”.

The Inspectorate added that its own public opinion survey suggested people support the idea of using water cannon and plastic bullets in public order situations.

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Coronation Street Ken Barlow actor William Roache in bizarre outburst –


he 79-year-old actor, who plays Ken Barlow, told a stunned chat show host all humans will soon communicate by telepathy.

He predicted a series of earthquakes, ­hurricanes, floods and tsunamis – but claimed that these disaster would be necessary to disperse “negative energy”.

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And the star, who has been a regular in the Street since the first episode in 1960, said of his dead wife Sara: “I’m absolutely thrilled to bits for her that she’s gone home.”

What level-headed Ken would have made of it all is anyone’s guess as Roache spilled out his oddest lines ever during his appearance Sky TV’s The Moore Show.

He told host Kevin Moore during the interview: “The Earth is a living being with consciousness and it has an understanding.

“And just like we can become enlightened and raise our vibrational level into a higher spiritual level, the Earth can also do the same and this is what is happening.”

Britain’s longest serving TV actor even went on to claim there was some truth in the latest doomsday date for the end of the world in a year’s time.

“This is what all the prophecies about 2012 are.

“Unfortunately there are some cleansings that will have to take place where negative energy has to be discharged and these will be in the form of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis,” said Roache.

“The doom and gloom, as they are saying, is that December 21st, 2012, is the end of the Earth. It isn’t, but it’s the change and the end of a lot of things as we know them.”

After 2012, according to Roache, everything will become as clear as a pint of Rovers bitter. And in a speech that would have surely seen heads being scratched at the famous bar, he said: “We’ll move into the golden age which will be a wonderful age where we’ll all love.

“We’ll communicate telepathically, we’ll all be aware of our spiritual selves, and it will be a beautiful place to be.

“It’s been happening really ever since day one but it’s been speeding up recently because it’s reaching its point when the actual ascension of the Earth will take place next year.

“A lot of people who are sensitive will be aware of it whereas some people will just be aware of all the awful things that are going on – but we need to look at all the bad things as a glorious process of birth. We’re going to be moving into this wonderful period where people will be more loving and more caring.”

Roache revealed his struggle to find happiness early on in his Coronation Street career was solved by a homeopathic doctor who was able to communicate with him while he slept.

“That guy was able to appear on the astral plane, and come into a dream and actually speak to me that way,” he said. “Nowadays spiritual things are more accepted and it’s going to keep getting bigger. But when I started, these things were very unusual and you had to be careful who you talked to. People would get hostile.”

Roache told Moore spiritualism helped him deal with the death of his 18-month-old daughter Edwina in 1983.

“I’ve had messages from Edwina saying her role in the spiritual realms is helping young babies who have gone over and are crying for their mummies,” said Roache.

“She is able to help children in the spirit realm.” He claimed it also helped him come to terms with the loss of his wife Sara, 58, in 2009. “I can celebrate and rejoice for Sara,” he said. “I am absolutely thrilled to bits for her that’s she’s gone home. I don’t worry about Sara as I know I will join her eventually.”

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Indefinite detention bill passes in Senate — RT

US Senate today voted 86 to 13 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

Exactly 220 years to the date after the Bill of Rights was ratified, the US Senate today voted 86 to 13 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, allowing the indefinite detention and torture of Americans.

After a back-and-forth in recent days between both the Senate and House yielded intense criticism from Americans attempting to hold onto their Constitutional rights, NDAA FY2012 is now on its way to the White House, where yesterday the Obama administration revealed that the president would not veto the legislation, cancelling out a warning he offered less than a month earlier.

Obama has finally brought about change to America, but it’s nothing to be hopeful about.

Speaking before the Senate this afternoon, Sen. Lindsey Graham (Rep-SC) told his colleagues, “I hope you believe America is part of the battlefield.” The United States is at war, he insisted, and anyone alleged to be in opposition to the US government’s game will now be subjected to military-style detention indefinitely.

As RT reported earlier, one provision in NDAA FY2012 will allow for the reinstatement of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” essentially making waterboarding and forms of psychological torture a very possible reality for anyone America deems to be a threat, including its own citizens who, prior to the ruling, had the US Constitution on their side.

Among the corporations which have lobbied in support of NDAA FY2012 are several military contractors, including Honeywell and Bluewater Defense, who together have received millions of dollars in Pentagon guarantees this year alone.

In his remarks Thursday afternoon, Senator Graham attacked America’s current legal system, critiquing it for allowing suspected terrorists to be treated as “common criminals.”

“We think al-Qaeda operatives, citizens or not, are not common criminals. We think they are crazy people,” he said.

“If you’re an American citizen and you want to help…destroy your own country, here is what’s coming your way,” cautioned the senator. The threat he went on to impose involved indefinite military detention for everyone.

“What this legislation does,” lectured Levin, “says from the Congress’ point-of-view, that we expressly authorize the indefinite detention” of someone deemed a threat. “We recognize the authority of this president and every other president to hold an enemy combatant indefinitely, whether they are captured home or abroad, because that only makes sense.”

Under the Act, those suspected of “belligerent” crimes can be subjected to the treatment. Graham tried to calm fears by insisting that suspected criminals will all be allowed a day in federal court, but made it clear that as long as a judge deems someone a suspect in a crime, that indefinite detention can begin without the help of any legal counsel for the defense.

“How long can you hold them? As long as it takes to make us safe,” said Graham.

The senator added that, “when you join the enemy…we aren’t worried about how we’re going to prosecute you right away.” Because of this, Miranda Rights should not be read to suspected criminals and additionally the right to an attorney is also suspended under the act.

In his closing marks, Graham ironically recited that in respect to “civil liberties and the American way of life,” US citizens must fight. “If we don’t fight for it, we’re going to lose it.”

Before the Senate came to their final vote today, Sen. Levin asked that a remark from the White House yesterday insisting that the president’s aides will no longer recommend a veto be added to the record.

Opposition in the Senate was thin but existent today. Senator Mark Udall (Dem-CO) cautioned lawmakers that these provisions will “deny American citizens their due process rights,” and thus not only “make us less safe, but would serve as an unprecedented threat to our constitutional liberties.”

“If we start labeling our citizens as enemies of the United States without any due process, I think we will have done serious damage” to the Constitution, he added, before also calling the legislation politically expedient.

Despite his reservations, Senator Udall reluctantly stated that he was voting in favor, noting that America’s military depends on a quick passing of the act. Still, he said of the dangerous provisions to the act that will allow for the indefinite detention, “I remain unconvinced of their benefit.”

“Now we may be jeopardizing entire cases by adding new layers of bureaucracy and questionable legal processes,” added Udall. He said the legislation will present “numerous constitutional questions” and will go against a counterterrorism community he described as “already nimble.”

“For those of you who join me in voicing opposition to the detention provisions, I want to thank you,” said Udall.

“Though I intend to vote for the final passing of the bill…I want to make clear that I do not fully support this bill. I sincerely believe that this debate is not over and there is much work to do.”

Udall waved a copy of the US Constitution from the Senate floor before his colleagues as he made his closing remarks, reminding them that they all took an oath to uphold it. In the first ten amendments, collectively called the Bill of Rights, the Constitution grants Americans freedoms against searches, arrests and seizure without a probable cause. That legislation would have turned 220 years old today, had Congress not crushed it on the Senate floor.

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Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning due in court

A US Army analyst suspected of leaking government secrets is set to make his first military court appearance.


Bradley Manning faces charges of obtaining and distributing government secrets – which he allegedly leaked to the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks.


The Article 32 hearing will determine whether Pte Manning is to stand trial and is the first opportunity for his defence team to present their case.


Pte Manning was arrested in Iraq in May 2010 and is held in military custody.


The hearing is taking place under tight security at an army base in Maryland.


During the Article 32 hearing, which is similar to a pre-trial hearing, both prosecuting and defence lawyers will make their initial cases and are permitted to cross-examine witnesses.


Proceedings are expected to last around five days, after which recommendations will be made to a military general, who will decide whether to proceed to a full trial, according to his lawyer, David Coombs.


Pte Manning has also been charged with “aiding the enemy”, a charge that could carry the death penalty. However, reports say prosecutors will only seek a prison sentence.



He is accused of the unauthorised possession and distribution of more than 720,000 secret diplomatic and military documents.


“If it is the case that Bradley Manning is indeed the source of this and other Wikileaks materials, Manning would have singlehandedly changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives for the better,” Wikileaks said in a statement.


“This material has contributed to ending dictatorships in the Middle East, it has exposed torture and wrongdoing in all the corners of the world and it has held diplomatic bodies and politicians accountable for the words, deals and pacts held behind close doors,” Wikileaks said.


Pte Manning was arrested after a computer hacker went to US authorities with details of an online exchange he had with Pte Manning in which he allegedly confessed to the data theft.


The conditions of Pte Manning’s confinement since his arrest have been the subject of criticism.


State department spokesman PJ Crowley resigned after publicly criticising the detention conditions of Pte Manning, and British politicians have also spoken out on the subject.


Pte Manning was brought to the maximum security prison at Quantico in July 2010, where he was held in isolation and was reported to have had his clothing removed at night as a suicide-prevention measure.


But in April 2011 Pte Manning was moved to a lower security prison at Fort Leavenworth, where his lawyers say conditions are better.


Friday’s hearing, at Fort Meade in Maryland, is open to members of the public, who can queue up at the base to get in.


It is first chance for journalists to see Bradley Manning since he was taken into custody 19 months ago, says the BBC’s Steve Kingstone.


To some Bradley Manning is a hero, to others a villain.

Many in America will feel, if he is guilty, it is quite clear that he is a traitor who has broken his vows to his country and deserves harsh punishment. Some have even said what he and Wikileaks have done amounts to terrorism.

The defence may choose to paint a picture of a disturbed young man, sensitive and gay adrift in a macho culture. They are likely to bring up allegations that he has been subjected to deliberately punitive detention in a military brig.

There is a suggestion that they will focus on arguing the release of the material didn’t do much harm.

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Private Whitehall emails ‘are covered by info laws’

Ministers and Whitehall officials have been warned not to try to hide sensitive government information by using private emails and text messages.

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham says it should “come as no surprise” that such are open to requests for disclosure.

His guidance follows reports private emails were used to conduct Department for Education(DfE) business.

The DfE denied the reports, insisting the emails were about Tory business.

The Commissioner has carried out a probe of Education Secretary Michael Gove’s department’s use of private email and will publish a ruling on the allegations early next year.

In his guidance published on Thursday Mr Graham makes clear that the Freedom of Information Act has always applied to all information – including emails and text messages – used by ministers and Whitehall officials for government business.

“It should not come as a surprise to public authorities to have the clarification that information held in private email accounts can be subject to Freedom of Information law if it relates to official business,” he says.

“This has always been the case – the Act covers all recorded information in any form.

“It came to light in September that this is a somewhat misunderstood aspect of the law and that further clarification was needed.”

The BBC’s Freedom of Information specialist Martin Rosenbaum said the commissioner’s intervention stems from reports in the Financial Times in September about the use of private e-mail by Michael Gove and his advisers.

Those reports were followed by further ones of civil servants using text messaging with the aim of evading FOI, and reports of “panic” in Whitehall at the prospect of such tactics being stopped.

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