Earth Energy Dowsing at Thornborough Henges and Devils Arrows, North Yorkshire

Don’t Miss A Great Opportunity to Dowse the World Famous
Thonrborough Henges and the Devils Arrows in North Yorkshire on Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2016 respectively.

For those of you who wish to travel the day before it all starts on Friday evening with a meal in the local pub (if you would like to reserve a places please let the BSD know, though menu selection and payment will be on the night).

Then on Saturday join us for Earth Energy dowsing at the famous Thornborough Henges. The complex is made up of three large Henges with interconnecting processional ways.
We will be starting at the ‘Wooded Henge’ dowsing for; two dragon energy lines, intersecting lines of energy in the centre of the Henge, dowse the Pictograms, and more.

Dowsing the ‘Central and Southern Henges for energy remnants of stone circles, the use of the Cursus in times gone by, was the Henge built over the earlier cursus? Locate the two dragon energy lines, the Devil’s Arrows Energy Ley which passes through the central Henge.

Day two will be dowsing The Devils Arrows monoliths near the centre of Boroughbridge. The road side stone is the second tallest in the country. Dowse the Radials and Spirals of these stones, pick up on the Energy Ley that goes to Thornborough Henges. There is talk of a fourth and fifth stone, where were they placed. What about dowsing for the stone circle that was reputed to be here.

In times gone by, (Middle Neolithic, 5,300 years ago) the area was a complex of long narrow cursus and henges of various sizes. The Middle Bronze age saw the arrival of Round and Long Barrows. Then progress took over and many of the landmarks were built on.

Don’t miss the exciting opportunity to emmerse youself in earth energy dowsing for the weekend!

To purchase your weekend,Saturday or Sunday day passes please select the appropriate link below or visit the shop section of our website.

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