Lucky Raindrop

With all the doom, gloom and seriousness of the world chipping away at us on a daily basis, it is easy to let it all get the better of us and surrender to the manufactured fear, confusion and distraction that the proverbial “powers that be” have orchestrated in order to steer and control the mass of humanity. However, every once in a while, we occasionally come across things that lift our spirits, reaffirm the true nature and potential of our existance, and reminding us that – whilst we are all mere drops of water ebbing and flowing in the ocean of existance – the tide of life’s journey ultimately takes us to places and experiences we never really expect. The key is what we learn and do on this journey. With that, I give you a story by my friend and fellow blogger Ronnie McIntosh (aka captron52) called “Lucky Raindrop” (http://captron52.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/lucky-raindrop.html) Below is a short introduction by Ron, with the story following.


 Dear friends
I wish to share this short story I wrote with all of you. But first I want to thank my dear friend and Ally Christopher Dos Santos whose hard work on all the editing, all the photos, and the manuscript, took this small work and made it read so much better than I ever could have done myself. Thanks Christopher. You’re an Angel!

Dear reader, I wish to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Lucky Raindrop. May you enjoy Lucky’s trip from creation to enlightenment. Reading between the lines, you may note your own life might not be different from the life of this little raindrop. Please, feel free to contact me with any thoughts or comments you may wish to share. Sincerely, I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I did writing it. With all endeavors you may undertake, may I wish the very best for you and yours. Walking in this world, perhaps you might discover a way to be good to yourself, as well, even better to others. Sincerely Ronnie McIntosh Aka captron52.



On a cool cloudy afternoon, Lucky Raindrop, was born. Nothing mystical, nor magical, about his origins might have been noted. Akin to all Raindrops in the world, Lucky was born indiscernible from the others. Simply, because they did not understand how a Raindrop becomes manifest in this world, some would suggest his birth represented a miracle. However, if you might ask Lucky about his origins, I’m sure he would relate how he came to life no different than any other raindrop ever to have existed. No bigger, better, smarter, nor more or less special. By Lucky’s reckoning, he was but a simple Raindrop amongst a cloud littered with a bevy of countless beautiful souls. Yet, as our story unfolds, we soon discover how truly unique is our dear Lucky.

Immediately after Lucky became conscious, he began asking a good many questions. Unlike most others of the Raindrop family, of which Lucky encountered, he was endlessly inquisitive. Not only was Lucky a thinker, most would consider him a philosopher. From within his being, did arise the most profound queries. “Where did I come from? Where am I going? Who made me? What will happen when I no longer exist as a Raindrop?” From the very beginning, Lucky never stopped asking these deep questions.

Gracefully contrasted against an azure sky, Lucky’s first home was an ominous dark cloud. Puzzled by the status of his abode, Lucky pondered what magic could enable his home to remain suspended in flight. Commenting to no one in particular, Lucky voiced his many uncertainties. “How does my home move around up here? What allows this cloud to enjoy freedom from the stationary ground below? Where did this home come from? Who created this cloud I call home? Where is my home going? What possibly could be the purpose of my home? Why is my home so different from the other cloud homes I espy nearby?”

Perceptive as Lucky was, he noticed some of the clouds were whiter than his home cloud. Some were bigger, whilst others considerably smaller.

Each cloud seemed to chart its own special path, none two exactly the same, or so it appeared. Yet, as the wind gently pushed each cloud on its merry way, Lucky noted shifting currents did ensure each cloud in his neighbourhood followed a somewhat similar trajectory. Noticing how the wind appeared to command the path of his home, Lucky immediately pondered an entirely new bevy of inquiries. “Why does the wind blow?” he thought. “Who made the wind anyway?” “Why, at times, does the wind blow ever so softly, then, without rhyme nor reason, gain considerable strength?” Indeed, there were occasions when Lucky had noticed the wind become violent. Raging wildly, blowing clouds hither and tither, seemingly without care for the delicate nature of his, or other, precious abodes. Certainly, in light of such deep thoughts, others in the Raindrop family who knew Lucky well, considered him a very insightful thinker. 

Lucky, I guess like all children his age, anticipated conversations with elder Raindrops living on the cloud would somehow shed light upon the endless questions puzzling his little Raindrop mind. Venturing out into his world with great determination, Lucky began inquiring as to which members of the Raindrop community might be best to approach for elucidation. Young Lucky had heard tell other Raindrop siblings refer to two very intelligent leaders among the Raindrop family. Their names, Crystal and Tiny Raindrop, both of whom were held in the highest regard, seemed the most likely candidates to field his many questions. Fortunately, word amongst the Raindrop community suggested Crystal and Tiny were not only very wise, they also were rather kind, extremely fair. Above all, these two renown Raindrops were loved, cherished, adored by all.





Tasking himself with clearing the foggy uncertainty from his mind, Lucky called upon Crystal and Tiny in hopes they would lovingly share their, most cherished, wisdom. Deep down inside, Lucky knew both Raindrops would not hesitate to assist in providing answers which, if luck would be in his favour, might help him unravel the tangled ball of philosophical uncertainties. Word about the cloud assured Lucky, the two revered Raindrops loved helping the others navigate through the uncertainty of what it meant to be a Raindrop.

Unable to quiet abundant excitement at the prospect of dispelling his ignorance, Lucky, upon meeting the two Raindrop sages, immediately began pummeling them with questions. Missing from his introduction was the basest of courtesy; a warm greeting, a pleasant introduction, or a gentle preface to his countless queries. Poor Lucky, with unchecked enthusiasm, seemed to have utterly forgotten his Raindrop manners. Smiling, without pause or concern for his lack of decorum, the two elder Raindrops both smiled, then gave Lucky a big warm hug. “Calm down little Raindrop” Crystal ventured with a warm, motherly tone. “Together, we will do our level best to address all your many questions.” Feeling a tad bit embarrassed by his awkward greeting, realising he had acted completely without bearing, little Lucky apologised, then slowly regained composure just enough to ask his first, most pressing, query.

Unsteadily, Lucky inquired, “Dear Crystal, honoured Tiny, where did I come from?”

Together, smiling with joy, Crystal and Tiny looked at each other. Somewhat taken aback by the depth of young Lucky’s inquisitive nature, the two sages first complimented Lucky upon his beguiling nature. “Such a great question from a Raindrop of your age Lucky. May we first commend you for your insightfulness. Without further ado, let us enlighten you with a tale passed down to us over many ages. This knowledge, I might add, comes from great Raindrops who lived long past. Their story recounts an epic journey, whereby, they first fell upon sky high tree boughs. From the top of a giant tree, they bounded to the ground uniting, as a great family, to form tiny rivulets.

Gaining pace, this great Raindrop family later danced upon a fast flowing river, which, in time, deposited them into a massive lake formed by billions of other Raindrop families. Currents, strong as the greatest winds, tugged and tossed this special family across the lake until they found themselves in a salty expanse called an ocean. Dear Lucky, the number of Raindrop families it takes to create this unbelievably great body of water is too vast for any one Raindrop to even consider. After living in this unimaginable expanse for a few days, a great wind picked them up, then spun them around until they lost all sense of who they were. Soon thereafter, this special Raindrop family found themselves back home living in their cozy raindrop cloud. Having taken this epic journey, they contrived to share with our great, great, great ancestors a wealth of knowledge we now have the honour of imparting to you.”

This is the story they recounted, “Long, long ago, there was a ‘Supreme Raincloud’ which proved the source of all raindrops. The leader of this Supreme cloud was known as Sir Willie Raindrop. No Raindrop alive had ever seen Willie, nor had the pleasure to talk with him directly. However, the story was regaled how Willie was the creator of all Raindrops. Without Willie’s presence, the world would never have seen even one single Raindrop.”

Lucky pondered this fable very carefully. Invigorating as the story proved, Lucky still felt his question had not been completely answered. Looking for further clarity, he asked Crystal and Tiny,


“How do you know if this story about Willie Raindrop is true? Could it be possible; Willie was just some kind of myth?”


They, in turn, looked quizzically at each other, then, in unison replied. “We accept the story on faith alone Lucky. After all, those who had related the story to us were honest, caring Raindrops. Surely Raindrops of such renown would not lead us astray. Remember Lucky, the story of creation has been handed down from the earliest incarnations of Raindrops. Countless generations of us Raindrops, right to this very moment we share their tale with you, all have agreed this, Lucky, is the truth of our origins.” Lucky bid Crystal and Tiny Raindrop a warm farewell, then returned to his spot in the cloud.

Having opportunity to further ponder the day’s lesson, Lucky teased at the concept of faith. The more he pressed the idea, the more he stumbled. By his reckoning, faith should not play into the investigation. Perhaps, an analytical mind proves poor fodder for squishy, wishy washy, concepts like faith. Lucky’s mind, awash with many more questions, stirred restlessly. Realising, his visit with Crystal and Tiny Raindrop had merely opened the door to countless other queries. Steadfastly, dear Lucky decided to redouble his determination. Possibly, a richer cup of intellectual coffee might surface if he were to grind up a few more philosophical beans. Somewhat disappointed by the lack of definitive resolution, Lucky yearned to discover a philosophy which might prove more tangible, less based in a need for the emotional support of blind faith. Puzzled, was Lucky, to imagine why, back in the days of the Supreme Raincloud, no one was able to directly converse with Willie Raindrop. Where did this Supreme Creator reside? Why did no one challenge Willie’s tale?




Waking up to a new morning, brilliant sunshine teased the Raindrop world with a cozy, yellow hued, warmth. Dancing across his bedroom wall, bright rays of golden dawn conveyed feelings of hopeful progress. Maybe, in some large golden cloud far away, he might find Willie! Lucky, just had to find out more about the mysterious, supernatural, Willie Raindrop! Lucky decided upon a plan of further investigation. Excited by the prospect of a new day, he quickly wolfed down a morning bowl of cereal. Not sure where to go, Lucky decided to head down to Ridgeway park in hopes of meeting a fellow Raindrop who might, either answer his questions, or direct him to someone who could. The park itself was richly adorned with smatterings of sunlight. Lucky always enjoyed his surrounding so much more when blessed by the grace of father Sun.

First to come to sight was an aged Raindrop known by the name Rocky. Rocky was at least one hundred years old. His face was withered, his frame saggy, frail, but somehow strong, in a sinewy way. Approaching Rocky, lucky noted the old man seemed idle, approachable. Hello there Rocky, I have not enjoyed your company in quite some time, how are you doing this fine morning dear sir? Looking up, leaning slightly forward on the park bench, Rocky smiled, in doing so a sparkle of his youth bled through his crinkled visage. “How nice to have some company this lovely morning dear Lucky. Will you sit down, spare me some time?” Grinning broadly, Lucky reached out, shook Rocky’s hand, then added. “How fortunate for your invite Rocky, I was hoping to tease your mind with a few questions.” Framing his lack of understanding, Lucky inquired of Rocky if he had heard the story about the famous Willie Raindrop. “Yes, I have heard tell of Willie.” replied Rocky. Without pause, Rocky relayed his own dismay how the ‘Willie’ lore might be interpreted as a faith based solution to the age old question of creation. Rocky, excited by hearing sentiments of doubt, suggested, he too wasn’t altogether sure if the illustrious story of Raindrop creation was truth or a fabrication cleverly designed to quell the wandering mind of youthful exuberance.  

Having further pondered the subject of their conversation Lucky intoned. “It is worth noting Rocky, many other Raindrops believe the story is merely a tale recounted by the first Raindrop elders as a way to encourage us all to live honorably. After all;” denoted Lucky “We must have come from somewhere, right?” Rocky didn’t seem to much care how the Raindrop family might have originated. The only thing of consequence to Rocky was, the fact, they surely did exist. Moreover, speaking to the point of honour, Rocky iterated the usual refrain,


“All I know for sure Lucky; we each should try to become the best Raindrop we could possibly be!”


Lucky really felt a strong connection to Rocky. What attracted Lucky most, was Rocky’s absolute conviction in truly desiring to be a very kind, caring, Raindrop. Before they parted way, Lucky told Rocky “Surely, it has been nice to enjoy your company this fine morning Rocky. In time, there are many more questions of which I would like to pose to you regarding life as a Raindrop.” Rocky smiled, gave Lucky a big hug, then suggested he might want to direct some of his queries to a good friend, Miss Misty Raindrop. “Misty is a really wise sage Lucky. I do believe, if you direct some of your queries her way, she just might shed some light into your world.”

Leaving the company of Rocky, Lucky thought to himself. Maybe, I should be more like Rocky. Instead of always looking for answers to what seems like impossible questions, perhaps I might be better off to just accept my existence as a Raindrop. After all; esoteric questions are not as important as focusing on becoming a respectable, revered, Raindrop.



Deep inside, Lucky knew he was fooling himself. His heart confirmed one absolute truth, daily, the philosophy of life was tugging upon his sleeve with more conviction, not less. Lucky was sure there would be many sleepless nights ahead. Nagging questions always seemed to pile up, answer one, then countless more fall into the hopper. From his early experience as an inquisitive Raindrop; every time Lucky tried to answer a question, at least ten more squeezed into his head. The evening after his morning discussion, Lucky found sleep near impossible. Floating upon his corner of the cloud, our dear Lucky tossed, turned, nary an hour of peace was had. Lucky awoke very early the next morning. Although the sun had yet to peek through his bedroom window, Lucky bounced out of bed, determined to recommence his learning.

Misty Raindrop is where I will go first, thought Lucky. Smart as Rocky says she is, surely Misty will be able to shed some light upon some of these crazy dilemmas.




Lucky’s search of Misty Raindrop seemed to take forever. Finally, he found dear Misty sitting quietly alone at the cloud edge. Her beautiful face was adorned with as big a smile as Lucky had ever seen. Excited by her peaceful demeanor, Lucky eagerly jogged her way, arriving at her foot, he paused, then unsteadily introduce himself. Bearing witness to Lucky’s presence, Misty reached out with both arms encouraging a warm embrace. “Dearest Lucky” uttered Misty, “You have been upon my mind for most of the morning.” Surprised by the warm greeting, Lucky inquired. “Why is it you should have been thinking of little old me, Misty?” “Before bedtime last night, I enjoyed a brief visit with both Rocky, as well, Crystal. Each of them were very impressed by your inquisitive nature. Additionally, they both felt a tad of remorse for not being able to offer sufficient answers to your deep, heartfelt, questions.”

“Lucky, you sure are making waves up here in our little cloud. We can’t quite remember, when last someone was so urgent in their need for wisdom. I cannot promise you answers which will allow you peace. However; young man, it will certainly be my esteemed honour to converse with you. In spending time together, perhaps we can tease a few knots out of this big ball of uncertainty you seem determined to unravel. The only caution I wish to share Lucky, is to beg you remember, my philosophy represents my truth, you must determine your own answers, discover your own truth. When we have finished, please, embrace what feels right for you, disregard the rest.”


Having briefly pondering the caution, Lucky commenced with the first of his, ever so long, laundry list of uncertainty. “Misty, lately I have been spending sleepless nights wondering who had created us Raindrops? Also, to what end were we created? There must be a good reason, Right? Willie Raindrop was kind enough to tell me about the Supreme Raindrop story. However; although I am convinced there surely is a higher power at play in our creation, I am not altogether convinced the Supreme Raindrop ever really existed.” Lucky, smart enough to envision something bigger than his mortal self, somehow he knew there was so much more to existence than this one simplified story. Misty, seeing the anxiety in his little Raindrop eyes, gave Lucky a big, loving, hug. Misty proceeded to insightfully offer the same advice most intelligent Raindrops seem to rely upon.

“Perhaps Lucky, you have already come to realise, each Raindrop, has its own belief about the how of creation, as well, the why of existence. Trite as it may seem, I believe it’s much more important to focus on how to become a loving, caring, Raindrop than it is to exert untold energy trying to determine such deep philosophical questions about existence. Why we are here, may not be as important as the impact we can make in our world when we choose love. Remember dear boy, this is merely my truth.” Smiling broadly, Misty Raindrop carefully added. “My truth does change year by year Lucky, what I say for this moment is absolutely up for further consideration.”

Lucky considered Misty’s point of view, then asked, “You think kindness, love and good living is our reason for being here? Forget the details you say, just be the very best Raindrop I can be?”

“Yes I do Lucky. But remember; you alone are responsible for your thoughts, actions and choices. Blame no other for any fault you may have discovered in yourself.


Most of all, try your hardest to be very kind when you perceive faults in others. For, each of us, are merely reflections of each other. I believe, if we look deeply enough, dear Lucky, we surely will discover faults we see in others often are a mirror reflecting our own, unresolved, shortcomings!”


Lucky, thought carefully of Misty’s beautiful sense of reason. Smiling brightly, he nodded agreement, then gave Misty a big, warm, loving, hug. Turning to leave, Misty paused. “Before I take leave of your lovely company Lucky, might I suggest you direct some of these questions to dearest Izzie Raindrop. If I bump into her today, I will inform her of our chat. Izzie is one of my favourite Raindrops Lucky, she is such a gentle, wise, loving, soul. The more I think of it, the more convinced I am Izzy would love sharing thoughts with you concerning life as a Raindrop.”

Lucky hardly slept a wink. Thoughts, possibilities, imagination, as well, a bevy of endless questions stirred fervently. Nights, similar to this evening of barking uncertainty, left poor Lucky feeling like an old light bulb fed by a surging power supply. Dimming, brightening, dimming again. Each time Lucky thought the power might be dim enough to sleep, a bright surge hit his little mind. Each surge of power, snapping him upright in his soft, pillow strewn, bed. Once a flicker, it now appeared, these endless questions had indeed turned into a raging flame. Haunting him, depriving Lucky of undisturbed rest. Just before he drifted off to the land of nod, Lucky smiled inside at the prospect of meeting dear Izzie Raindrop.

Booming across the darkened, cloud filled sky, an incredibly loud clap of thunder rumbled in the distance. Rolling in his bed, Lucky thought, good grief, I just fell asleep! Before long, he had drifted off again, this time, a proper, fitful rest, was to follow. The new morning came quickly; Lucky was ever eager to recommence his investigation. Immediately after gobbling up a hasty breakfast of hot porridge and toast, Lucky set out to fulfil the quest of finding the sage named Izzie Raindrop.

Travelling across the breadth of his home cloud, Lucky began noticing some of the Raindrop community appeared to be missing. By example; Billy Raindrop, the local hero who once saved an entire neighborhood family from a huge gust of wind. Billy always hangs out on the corner of Willow and Cool, I usually see him arguing with Brenda Raindrop about the weather forecast. Neither Billy, nor Brenda, were present this gusty, cold, morning. Additionally, Barbara Raindrop, who faithfully would be found in Ray’s park with her twelve children, was eerily absent. Point of note, the park was ominously vacant this unsteady morn. Curiosity, prickling the hackles of his neck, Lucky wondered where they, as well countless others, had disappeared. Uneasily, brushing aside his concern, Lucky returned his focus to the task at hand, where was the lovely Izzie Raindrop?




Lucky, still idly pondering the strange disappearances, came upon the home of Izzie Raindrop. Approaching the front door, Lucky looked up in the sky to see what had taken away the light from this ever so chilly morning. Above his head, there was formed a, massively imposing, terribly dark, cloud. He had been taught in school, clouds of this variety were called Cumulous Nimbus. Much bigger, infinitely darker than the cloud he called home, this beast was a sight to be reckoned with. So ominous its presence, Lucky was sure it represented a force which undoubtedly could change his world. The door to Izzie’s little abode opened with a slight creek which could have been cured with a daub of oil. Upon capturing a first glance of Izzie, dear Lucky knew something was amiss. Without a doubt, there appeared more than a trace of sadness in Izzie’s eyes. From the description of her known demeanor, Lucky was certain this sombre visage before him represented a complete, utter, departure from her acknowledged character. Lucky had fully expected little Izzie Raindrop to be a smiling, content, happy, buoyant, bubbly, Raindrop. Adding to her distressed look, Lucky noticed Izzie gently daubing a few tears from the corner of her misty eyes.



Gathering composure, Izzie proffered the best smile she could muster, then gave Lucky a big welcoming hug.

She said, “Hi, I bet you are the one called Lucky Raindrop.” Rapt in Izzie’s glowing beauty, Lucky, stuttered, smiled, then added, “Yes, I am Lucky. I am honoured to meet you Izzie. Oh, how many stories I have heard tell of how smart you are. I was wondering, do you think you could share a few moments to teach me?”

“Of course I can my dear Lucky Raindrop!”

“I have also heard much about you as well. My dear friend Misty told me you may be coming to visit. I am so happy to meet you. Surely, I would greatly enjoy talking with you, Lucky. I understand you have many deep questions about the reason for being, the look of eternity? What happens next, is usually the question I hear most often Lucky.”

“My dear, I will tell you the same as I tell anyone else, I am more than happy to share my thoughts. However, even though my beliefs may not align with yours, I am convinced we can learn much from each other. Now, Lucky Raindrop, what is it you are questioning this moment?”

“Walking over to your home this morning, it seems like something is amiss on our little cloud. Some of the Raindrops are missing altogether, as well, those I have spied appear terribly distracted. Perhaps, at the very least, everyone appears somewhat out of sorts. Arriving at your home, I noted, you too have been having a difficult day. What is it Izzie which has you crying? What troubles your soul on this beautiful day?”

Izzie Raindrop gave Lucky a great big smile, then reached out to give him a warm hug. Striking him deeply, Izzie’s loving hug seemed to flow right through every atom of Lucky’s body. Such a great feeling of unconditional love offered to him by this sweet soul. The entire experience of a simple hug really caught Lucky off guard. If pressed to define his emotions, Lucky would suggest, the hug made his heart melt. Lucky felt as if he and Izzie were one single being! Her warm greeting felt so perfect, a tear trapesed across his face as he realised they two would always share a part of their lives together. Where did these feeling come from? How is it he felt so connected to this person whom he had just met?

Izzie Raindrop inquired of Lucky, “Why is it you assume my tears were derived of sadness? Do you not realize tears, often times, bespeaks of happiness? In my life Lucky, many, if not most, tears are a result of unabated joy! I suppose Lucky, it is understandable you assumed I was sad. Often, I have learned we Raindrops tend to go about our lives assuming things are always as they first appear. Perhaps Lucky; this shallow view of life, partnered with the quick jump to assumptive reasoning, is the main reason we discover so much confrontation in our world. We are all guilty of this at times. Sadly, the lack of deep, objective, reasoning causes much disharmony, untold strife. Lucky, I have seen friendships destroyed, families torn asunder, innocents persecuted, as well, all kinds of wars and civil unrest brought about just because too many Raindrops were quick to misunderstand the words, or actions, of another. Indeed, disharmony makes me sad, but I tell you honestly Lucky, the tears you saw were tears of joy.”

“When I saw you approaching this morning Lucky, I was simply overjoyed in knowing I was going to make a new friend this very day. Even though I know you seek of me philosophical answers, I have a feeling our relationship will prove much more fulfilling than teasing together a few esoteric questions. The mere thought of a new friend, easily inspires me to cry. By the way dear Lucky; no one can honestly answer your questions about life. Many, may help you in finding your own understanding. However; you alone, will eventually answer your own questions.


 ” In the end Lucky, philosophy is a pearl each of us must slowly nurture. Like a clam forges beauty from a grain of sand, your pearl can be crafted from the irritation of one single, deeply esoteric, question. What is love?”


Lucky immediately connected with Izzie’s, well meant, words. Lucky was also struck deeply by Izzie’s obvious intelligence. How impressive was this lady, so much truth gleaned from one simple grain of knowledge? Lucky reached out to give Izzie a big hug. “Thank you so very much my friend. Now, to my absolute surprise, I discover your explanation of why you were crying, as well, your truth of finding philosophy from within, has completely answered all the questions I had for you today. Wow, I am dumbstruck Izzie, you sure are a very smart Raindrop. Thank you again, dear Izzie, for teaching me so much in so little time. You are truly offer an infinite array of wisdom, a bath of love. Being in your company, I feel, truly blessed.”

Izzie Raindrop smiled, “You’re too kind Lucky. Thank you, dear boy, for offering me your friendship. I have learned much from you. Just remember; all of us are teachers, as well, students. When finally, we realize each of us are equal, I truly believe we will live as one. Goodbye for now Lucky, I’m sure we will see each other before long.”

Walking down the country lane leading away from the thatched cottage, Lucky felt a sense of oneness. Moreover, this feeling did not limit itself to the lovely Izzie Raindrop, Lucky felt a kinship with every raindrop, ever to have existed. Lucky remarked to himself how great he felt from this one simple meeting with dear Izzie. Indeed; in a loving way, his heart had been warmed.






Feeling awesome; Lucky continued with his walk. After a short while, he came upon a couple of Raindrops having a good time playing a game of ball with each other. Making eye contact, Lucky walked a little closer. Waving to the pair, he uttered a heartfelt welcome, then broadly smiled. The elder of the couple, a portly fellow named Drippy Raindrop, eagerly waved. In doing so, convincingly urged Lucky to join them. Drippy smiled, “Hi there, aren’t you the one they call Lucky Raindrop?”

“Why yes I am”, replied Lucky. “How did you know my name?”

Drippy, beaming broadly, “You are becoming quite well known around our little cloud Lucky. Word has it, with all the questions you ask about the meaning of life, perhaps, we should call you seeker, instead of Lucky. Please allow me to introduce myself, as well, my dear sister. I am Drippy Raindrop. This beautiful lady next to me is known as Droppy Raindrop. Both of us have been hoping to meet you Lucky. Like yourself, we are always trying to learn new things about life. We really want to become the best Raindrops possible.”

Lucky, excited to meet a couple of new Raindrops who think about philosophy, was more than happy to spend a few minutes with his newly minted friends. Without pause, Lucky paced toward the cheerful couple. First order of business; big, warm, loving hugs for all. Immediately, Lucky, once again, felt a closeness, or better yet, a oneness, similar to the feelings he derived from his earlier meeting with Izzie. Lucky inquired of the comely lady and her burly brother, “Could you give me some advice as to how I too may be able to learn more about life.

“Well, maybe so,” replied Drippy, scratching idly at his flared nose. “We both would be happy to discuss anything dancing across your, most inquisitive, mind.” Droppy gently added, “Indeed, we are happy to share our limited knowledge with you Lucky, as long as, you understand everything we speak of is from our own personal experiences. Just because something is true for us, doesn’t necessarily mean it will also be your truth.” Drippy nodded eagerly in agreement, then added, “You see how smart is my little sister Droppy. She sure speaks the truth about how one person’s truth may not be right for everyone. We both have learned the hard way Lucky; things are not always as they seem.” Droppy quickly chimed in, “Yes, one thing we emphatically believe; all of us Raindrops should realise, everyone has a different collection of experience, a unique lens with which they see their world.”


“Just because another’s truth doesn’t seem real to us, in no way does it mean, their truth is right or wrong.”


“Again, my very wise sister has shown how, during our lives, we have had to change our beliefs to take into account our changing view of the world. Several times our truth changes, ever malleable, eternally shaded by new gains in knowledge. We only hold our beliefs tightly until a new truth comes to us in replacement of old considerations. One must be willing to change their beliefs as soon as new information comes to light.”

Lucky, listened intently as Droppy Raindrop began to speak anew. “My brother Drippy tells you how smart I am, however, let me tell you this, if it wasn’t for him, I don’t know what I would accept as truth. In reality, Drippy is the smart one. Wise, as well, so sweet, as he steadfastly helps anyone in their quest for knowledge. Lucky, as the years have rolled by, my brother and I have both learned many things from each other. Surely, I am equally convinced, we will continue to expand our knowledge base together. Each bouncing ideas off the other, in an attempt to make sense out of seemingly untouchable esoteric truth.”

Lucky took a few moments to reflect upon all that Drippy and Droppy had said. He was truly amazed by the wisdom these two beautiful souls possessed. Reaching out in conversation with his newfound friends assured Lucky he could always rely upon them for support as he too digs deep into unimaginable rabbit holes. Caught up in his happy reverie, Lucky commented, “You two have shared with me today knowledge which sure rings true in my heart. How can I ever thank you both for helping me better understand the many sublime mysteries of life?”

Drippy, looked to Droppy, in unison they replied, “Why Lucky, it is you whom we should offer thanks.” Drippy quickly added, “Your visit, brief as it is, has immensely brightened our day.” “Please Lucky, do come back another time, we would cherish a subsequent visit” chimed in Drippy, with a hugely, warming, smile. “Remember dear friend, our door is always open. I know Droppy would agree, we hope you never stop asking questions, never fail to keep an open mind!” Starting to depart, Lucky could not help but notice, both siblings seemed to be bathed in a glow of beautiful light. Turning aside to re-enter their home, they each felt blessed to have enjoyed the company of our dear Lucky.

Ambling down the path which exits the park, Lucky, once again, recommenced his morning walkabout. Smiling broadly, feeling light as a feather, a bouncy spring was found in his step. Lucky, strolling along Cirrus avenue, began thinking anew of why some of the community Raindrops he had come accustomed to seeing, now appeared absent from their home. Where had they disappeared to, he idly thought? Why, as well how, had they left our cozy little cloud? Lucky’s mental deviation was again interrupted as soon as he rounded the corner of Cirrus avenue & Cumulo street. In the distance, he spied a young lass, Amber Raindrop. Pretty as a dew drop, Amber appeared quietly, gracefully, sitting alone on a bench adjacent to an old Oak stately situated in the middle of Alto park.

Nearing the young girl, Lucky noted Amber was reading a book. By the grace of his keen eyesight, Lucky noted the book title, ‘Living Ones Truth’. Immediately intrigued by the subject matter, Lucky was compelled to stop for a chat. Generally speaking, most all the Raindrops on this cloud were uber friendly. Everyone in the cloud community seemed happy to discover the arrival of a new Raindrop, excited to acquire new friends. Approaching Amber, Lucky hoped she too was a friendly sort. None the less, seeing her rapt in the throws of a good book, he felt unease about interrupting her solitude. She sure seemed intent on every word she read, thought Lucky.




Approaching the stoic girl, Lucky paused, uncertain, “Er, um, hello Miss Amber.” Uttered Lucky. Amber, lifting her head to expose the loveliest silver blue eyes he had ever seen. Just as their eyes met, her face lit up with a gorgeous smile. Her mouth was moving, alas, Lucky, transfixed by her beauty, was at a complete loss for what she had uttered. Her comments, followed by an uneasy silent pause as Lucky gathered his scattered brains enough to collect his senses. Gracefully, thankfully, Amber saved the day by iterating her opening statement. “Why hello there my fellow Raindrop!”. Regaining composure, Lucky managed a somewhat ample retort, “Hello Miss Amber, my name is Lucky, how are you this fine, cloudy, day?” “Very well I am Lucky, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Relieved was Lucky to discover Amber was indeed a friendly sort. Lucky, gaining steam, interjected with a query.

“I don’t mean to intrude, however, I can’t help but note, the book you are reading attracts my attention. Perhaps, like myself, you are intrigued to discover the deeper meaning of life?” “Why yes I am” replied Amber. “I see myself as an unsatisfied Raindrop Lucky. For the many questions I ask, there never seems an answer which satisfies the thirst I have to make sense of my world. Have faith, trust in the divine, these platitudes are fine and dandy for many souls, yet, for me Lucky, I want more tangible, scientifically based answers. The only recourse I see palpable, is to continually reach out to elders in hopes someone can uncover bits of truth. Hopefully the bits and bobs of knowledge gatherer about may contrive to afford me a wide array of philosophical perspectives. This book, you’ve noted in my hand, was written by a good friend of mine named Wally Raindrop.

Wally is a very wise sage, both of us have learned quite a bit from each other, or so he believes. From my perspective Lucky, I can’t imagine what Wally might have learned from me. Yet, as long as I have known this great Raindrop, he continually reminds me how he chooses to learn from every experience. It takes a special kind of person to believe he can learn from a baby, a tree, or an insect flying past.”


“Wally believes, all of us are teachers as well students, both learning and dispensing knowledge at the same time. If you haven’t learned what an ant might teach you, it is merely because, you have not inquired!”


Lucky smiled, “You know Amber, I’ve heard those exact sentiments recently expressed by a few, very intelligent, Raindrops. Amber, I have to agree with Wally. Depending upon the situation, we can both learn, as well, dispense knowledge. Your friend Wally seems a very wise Raindrop.” “Yes he certainly is” excitedly agreed Amber.

“What amazes me, even after writing this book, also, with all he has done to help others, Wally doesn’t like to be thought of as wiser, smarter, or any more special, than any other Raindrop he might encounter. Wally is always quick to remind me; one way or another, we are all special souls, each on a beautiful journey, each reflection equally valid, evenly cherished. Wally and myself have had many discussions about life. He continually tries to convince me how he has learned more from me, than I from him. In my mind, such a statement seems preposterous Lucky. Yet, Wally assures me, in the absence of things he has learned from me, this here book would not be quite the same. The only sense I can make from his assurances Lucky, is in my personal observation, which confirms, sharing thoughts, ideas, or personal experiences, with others seems to accelerate my own learning curve. Wally and I are such good friends. Oftentimes; it seems we are actually one with each other. Does such a concept make any sense to you Lucky Raindrop?”

“It sure does!” admitted Lucky. “I’ve heard it said by others, we are all one. This moment, in communing with you, as well other Raindrops, I am beginning to realize what this concept of unity consciousness actually means. I sure like owning the feeling spiritual concepts like ‘oneness’ offer. When I think of us all as one, base emotions like; fear, hate, greed, envy, pride, all fade into nothingness, at the very least Amber, they diminish in strength. How funny it is; the way we think of our world, or each other, can so vigorously impact our reality. Imagine Amber, how invigorated a community could be, if all the inhabitants truly believed themselves to be one. Amber, emotionally struck by the concept of living with ‘oneness’, gave Lucky a big hug, a joyful tear wet the corner of her eye, “I believe Wally would really like you Lucky. I was planning to visit his house for tea and a chat, would you like to accompany me?”

“Would I ever Amber, such a treat this will be! My only concern Amber, Wally is such an important, famous Raindrop, I hope our unannounced visit would not be an intrusion. With all the work he is doing in trying to help others gain more truth, I’m sure Wally is a very busy Raindrop.”

“Well, let me tell you Lucky, Wally is never too busy to sit with anyone, rich or poor, smart or challenged. Wally always reminds me how his wisdom is derived from others; I know for certain he would love the chance to speak with you.”

“Okay then, let’s go Amber”. Lucky was really excited about this chance to meet a well known author. Lucky, with broad smile, warm heart, reached out to take Amber’s hand. Smiling, they two began the short journey to Wally’s place.



Wally, sitting at his desk, spied the two jubilant Raindrops approaching. Carefully, uniting feather to ink well, took a brief moment to blow upon the last sentence written. Hastily, Wally then made his way to the front door in welcome of his visitors. Immediately; Lucky sensed a warm, loving, caring, gentle soul. Wally’s radiance beamed, loving vibrations emanating from his presence were palpable. Pushed to further describe the meeting, Lucky would suggest a loving spirit had engulfed all life in his immediate surroundings. The magnificent aura, exuding from Wally, assured Lucky, this gentle man undoubtedly represented himself as a very special Raindrop. His melodic welcome, a sweet calm voice, embraced Lucky with a sense of peace which warmed his entire body, soothed his soul. Lucky made mention of how pleasant were the emotions he felt in Wally’s presence. The handsomely wrinkled man broke out with a big, toothy, grin. Laughing heartily, Wally commented, “Why thank you my friend, your presence instills in me similarly warm feelings.

Bearing a broad smile, Lucky added, “Sir, Amber has been kind enough to invite me to your home with hopes I might gain knowledge. I so yearn to discover answers to deeply pondered questions.”

“Certainly”, surrendered Wally. “However, dear boy, before you decide me capable of dispensing truth, answers, or knowledge, let me remind you of something I heard in a song long, long ago. The ditty, I remark upon, was written by a talented musician who went by the name Delbert Raindrop. One special line from Delbert’s, well crafted tune, goes like this; ‘don’t let smooth talk fool you, silver tongues making gold purses.’ I’ve always loved the song Lucky; it reminds me to always remember the importance of weighing all knowledge which comes our way. Sadly; oft times, the line I mentioned can prove very true. There are many who will try to convince you theirs is the only truth one needs. However, I beg you remember Lucky, if smooth talk hits the right nerve, the recipient may eventually discover they have been victimised by, the less than genuine motives, of a talking shark. I’ve often seen this happen my boy; good, honest, Raindrops, much like yourself, who, in seeking truth fail to weigh what they hear against the knowledge they have already amassed. Perhaps, for you and Amber both, this little song of Delbert’s may act as a pleasant reminder to be alert to so called truth teachers. Do you understand what I mean?” inquired Wally.

“Yes, I think I do”, replied Lucky.

Are there many of these types out there Wally? Do you know some who live on our home cloud? If so, how do I protect myself from being fooled by their, self proclaimed, truth?”

“That is a very good question Lucky. My opinion; even though plenty of false prophets exist on all clouds, there are far more honest Raindrops who will have your best interest at heart. Those driven to feed upon you, are easy to spot Lucky. They will usually have an end game in mind. Mostly; they look for power, control, or money, their aim is to gain some type of advantage over you. The hardest sort to identify, are the confused Raindrops who have accrued false wisdom. Unable to see their philosophy is tainted, they embrace it deeply, then, they feel the need to share their newfound knowledge with all they meet. Their words are so convincing Lucky, especially as they will appear to want the best for you. Generally speaking, these lost souls will be sincere in their convictions, they will not be looking to take advantage nor gain control. None the less dear Lucky, their ignorance is a cancer, which unchecked, will surely spread far, wide, without challenge. Our hope, they might one day gain further knowledge, or experience, which allows them to dispatch the previously unquestioned points of ignorance.”

“My advice Lucky, for what it might be worth. Protect yourself, remain alert. Always weigh, then openly question, all knowledge which has been passed unto you. Stay clear of fake, plastic like, Raindrops whose aim is to take away your personal power. Try your best Lucky to shed light upon the misgivings offered by confused souls. Regarding, how to deal with plastic Raindrops who have not yet learned to treat everyone in a kind, honest, loving manner. With love in your heart Lucky, challenge their ignorance, light their path. Believe me, Lucky Raindrop, over the decades, there have been countless times people have misled, lied to, or taken advantage of me. However, disquieting it might be to deal with plastic, shark like, Raindrops, I steadfastly refuse to lose faith. One day, all of life in its countless iterations, will arrive at the single, most important, truth.


We appear separate, but in reality, we are one! Beautiful, indivisible, we are a singularity called consciousness. We even have the same name Lucky; we all call ourselves ‘I’!”


Unsteady souls, who saw fit to take advantage of my inexperience Lucky, they too, left behind many unintended gifts. After all, when we see, beyond deceit, shed light upon darkness, we have learned. The process of overcoming darkness serves a valuable purpose Lucky. All roses grow better in manure, don’t they? Most all inventions are derived from knowledge gained through failure. The astute learner, in light of knowledge gained from darkness, learns to redefine the concept of failure. Think of this Lucky, if each time we gain a grain of knowledge from the process of failing, does failure not then represent a, well disguised, form of success. One could even go so far as saying Lucky, each plastic shark who visited my world, did me a great service. Ultimately, their misdirection provided the fodder I required to see beyond darkness, thereby, enabling me to arrive closer to my perception of truth. Sure, with their lies and contrivances, these souls might have pushed me back a few steps. However, each time, I regained my footing, then discovered I was further up the mountain. Does this concept make any sense to you Lucky?”

Lucky thought for a moment, then replied, “Yes Wally, I do believe I know what you are saying. Certainly, I agree with you on this knowledge you share today. Please, tell me more! There is so much for me to learn.”

Amber smiled at Lucky, then commented, “Didn’t I tell you Wally was a great, wise, loving, Raindrop?”

Wally quickly chimed in, “There you go again Amber, giving me way too much credit for being a special Raindrop. You know very well, I’m not wiser, more talented, nor special. I’m just like you both, in me you find an ordinary little Raindrop, one who enjoys living, learning, loving.”

Lucky realized Amber had been right about Wally Raindrop. He was indeed a very humble, yet, ultra caring, Raindrop. Truly, Wally was one of a kind. Wonderfully fortunate we all are, thought Lucky. Our world is so much richer, when we choose to share wisdom. Spreading ripples of knowledge throughout the cloud is a good deal like sharing love. Once again, Lucky knew in the depth of his heart, he had made another friend for life. Lucky, wanting to bathe in Wally’s lively company forever, realised he had taken up a generous portion of Wally’s day. Before departing, Lucky had one final nagging question he wished to inquire of Wally. “There is one more nagging question Wally. I am reticent to take up more of your valuable time, but, would you mind if I begged you answer just one more query?”

“Why go ahead Lucky, ask me anything you want. I’ll share my thoughts with you gladly. Just remember, my words are my truth only, you must filter my assertions with your own base of wisdom. Take what feels right, leave what does not. I am sincere in all my beliefs Lucky. However, I’m also aware, when it comes to life’s experiences and beliefs, everyone is not in the same place as am I.”

Lucky briefly reflected upon how many times this week he heard other deep thinkers offer the same advice. “I know your caution must be true Wally. I’ve heard several others suggest I embrace similar reservations.” Wally smiled, “I always remind others to be aware of anyone who tells them they know the truth. Be especially concerned, if they maintain their truth offers the only correct path. Those who feel this way Lucky, are actually doing harm to themselves, as well as, those they encounter. Wise students know, truth changes as we progress through life experiences. The best advice I can give anyone; keep an open mind, be flexible. Most of all, never be afraid to allow new truth to replace worn out belief structures. With the humility understanding he knows nothing, the learned student seeks knowledge. Seldom is the world exactly as it appears Lucky. Now, dear boy, what was your question?”

Lucky, briefly paused, then inquired, “Why do some Raindrops in our home cloud disappear, never to return? What has happened to them? Where did they go Wally?”

“That’s a very difficult question to answer Lucky. Like yourself, I have noticed the same pattern. Ponder as I might Lucky, I have yet to decipher an equitable answer. Just two days past, we seem to have lost many of our Raindrop friends and family. So sorry to disappoint you Lucky, this deep question pesters me as actively as it does you. The one thing Lucky I have observed as truth, one day, each of us will leave this cloud. When the day arrives for you and I to depart, I can only imagine what will happen at that moment.” Even though Lucky would have loved for Wally to provide an answer to this deep question, he understood what Wally meant. If one has never experienced something, there is just no way to know for sure what might occur. Reason would suggest, no one could possibly know for sure what happens when we die.

“Fair enough Wally”, muttered Lucky. “I guess if anyone does tell me they know for certain what happens when we leave this cloud, then perhaps, their confidence should make me a little leery of how well they weigh their own truth.”

“How right you are Lucky”, how right you are. Often times, many well meaning souls, will try to save you from the grief of your uncertainty. Their zeal, or possibly a sinister agenda, might urge them to provide answers to deeply esoteric questions, even though, they know not of what they speak. One should never accept another person’s knowledge without first weighing their teachings against your own foundation of truth. In regards to your question Lucky, there is a lovely soul who goes by the name, Marie Raindrop. She is a dear friend, well known on our cloud for her work on this very subject. Over the years, conversations with Maria has offered valuable tidbits for me to consider Lucky. If you like, I will call her to inquire is she might welcome your visit.”

“That would be great Wally! Thank you so very much for all the knowledge you have imparted, as well, for this kind referral of Marie.”

Pointing to a specific spot on the map carefully laid upon the old Oak table, “Here is where she resides Lucky. If amenable to your schedule Lucky, I will let Marie know you will be stopping by her place later today. Thank you, Lucky, for your invigorating visit this day. Please, feel free to stop by anytime. I’m never so busy, I cannot make time for a good friend!”

Lucky gave Wally, as well Amber, a big hug. He thanked them both for sharing valuable knowledge, then, cheerfully made his way down Nimbus road. The path to Marie Raindrop’s abode cut a path through his favourite park. Excited to meet a new friend, Lucky set out with a bounce in each footstep. Humming a tune as he neared the residence of Miss Marie, Lucky reveled in the excitement of the day. Shortly after setting off, Lucky arrived at Marie’s house. Adjacent to the park, the well kept two-bedroom cottage sat entirely surrounded by wild flowers of endless shape and colour. Spying Marie sitting stoically under a big gnarly old Maple tree, lucky hesitated momentarily before advancing. Noting his presence, Marie smiled, then waved Lucky to enter the beautiful, aromatic, garden.






“You must be the raindrop they call Lucky”, commented Marie. “I am so happy to meet you.”

Immediately, Lucky noticed the twinkle in her eyes. Like Wally, her energy seemed to radiate outward with a, genuinely, loving, embrace. Lucky, deeply touched by Maria’s warmth and compassionate voice, attended her invitation to hug. Motioning for Lucky to enjoy the vacant chair proximal to her, Cedar stripped, chaise lounge, Maria stretched out. Having settled in, iced tea poured from an old glass decanter, the two began to discuss life as a Raindrop. Lucky asked the same question which had been nagging at him for such a long time

“Marie, can you tell me what happens to us when we depart from our home here in this cloud?”

“I can tell you what I’ve heard from others Lucky. However, please know this is all conjecture. The truth is, no one really knows for certain what happens when we die. How could we? The way I see it Lucky, there is just no way one can know for sure! None of us have ever had the privilege to meet another who has come back to this cloud after they have left. Pay no attention to those who may try to convince you they know for certain what will transpire. False bravado, ill advised assertions aside, they might claim to know the truth. However; logic suggests Lucky, they are basing their beliefs on the lore handed down to them by past generations. None of their assertions can be validated. Offering false hope, they will likely ask you to ‘believe, or have faith. Whenever someone asks me to have faith, alarm bells sound in my head.”

“So” Lucky inquired, “everything I have heard may, or may not, be the truth.”

“Yes, replied Marie, “As I’m sure you well know by now. Truth, as it relates to an absolute unknown like death, can only be achieved by those who call themselves ‘believers’. No one can say their truth is the only truth there might be. However; many do ‘believe’ their faith offers assurances they can rely upon unequivocally. For me Lucky, this type of knowledge is not truth at all, it is conjecture, hypothesis at best. My guess is, these ‘believers’ will likely cling to their ‘truth’ until the time comes for them to depart from this cloud. I’ve been on our cloud a long time Lucky. Hearing fools speak with certainty on this subject, causes me to grow weary. Closed minded Raindrops, running amok, declaring their latest form of faith based hypothesis to represent truth. Scientifically, spiritually, logically, it makes no sense to declare certainty where is cannot exist.

Regardless of their silly assertions, I have no trouble accepting religious fools, irrespective of their loosely held belief structure. Alas Lucky, my acceptance of them is not often reciprocated. So many ‘believers’, when faced with debate, cast judgement or levy aspersions against my inability to ‘believe’. Frustrated by not carrying their load of an argument, more than likely they will maintain, I am just a spiritually lost Raindrop. Yet another lost sheep, one who cannot find the peace of choosing blind faith over logic, untested religious dogma, in lieu of, common sense. I’m actually looking forward to the day I die Lucky. So much to learn! Questions which have been begging for answers based in factual observation, experiential truth.”

Lucky sensed a sadness in those last words Marie spoke. Picking up on her melancholy, he inquired. “If you want to leave badly enough is there anything you can do to hurry the process along?”

Marie smiled warmly, “Yes my dear Lucky, there are ways one can leave this cloud. However, I believe if we leave before our experiences here have taught us what we need to know, perhaps, an early exit will merely chain us tighter to belief structures which aren’t true. What do I know Lucky? Perhaps, one must tarry here until our work is complete? When our path leads to the great unknown, I think we just might discover, a ‘Higher Power’ from within has decided it was time to leave. The only thing I know for sure Lucky is I do exist in this moment. Everything else, all the knowledge I think I know, might very well be biased by illusion.  

Lucky quickly recalled the story he heard about the ‘all powerful Raindrop’ called Willie. He asked Marie, “What do you know about Willie Raindrop?”

Again, Marie smiled, then spoke in a tender, loving, voice. “Yes, I have heard much about Willie Raindrop. The Willie story represents a widespread belief held dear by many Raindrops who reside upon this puffy cloud of ours. Yet another, unsubstantiated story, handed down over countless generations. Designed is this tale to tug upon our heartstrings so we might see the value of charting a loving, charitable, path. Worthy as the message is Lucky, we must realise, there is no proof to substantiate the belief structure. Such stories of this ilk, the ones which require us to instill blind faith, they cannot be relied upon to expand our basis of knowledge.


“Blind faith does serve a master, Lucky. Unfortunately, the master is ignorance.”


This may seem harsh to you Lucky. However, controversial as it may seem, we must accept the Willie Raindrop story could be real or it could be a lie. If one believes in Willie, I think they will likely lead their life in a positive conscientious manner. This positive living experience is when ‘blind faith’ serves the individual and community. The problems start, when we force blind faith upon others who feel uncomfortable accepting truth in the absence of proof. All too often Lucky, when the ‘faithful’ encounter those who deny blind faith, they hurl insults at them, chastise their choices, even ostracise them from the community. This, slippery slope of judgment, represents well the double edged sword which we call ‘faith’.”

Lucky listened intently to every word Marie spoke. She sure was a very wise Raindrop. With his confidence in Marie growing, Lucky recapped her assertions. “So my question cannot be answered for sure. The answer can only be derived by leaving this cloud. If I wish to learn truth, I cannot hasten my departure by any means. You also maintain, my only recourse, Marie, is to continually seek more knowledge. Grab what I know to be uncontested truth. Release, or at least accept with a grain of salt, information which requires blind belief or religious faith.”

“Yes Lucky, that is exactly how I see it. I wish I could give you a better answer. However, all I know for sure, dear Lucky, is in this moment we do exist. Everything else, seems conjectural, uncertain, unknown.”

Lucky nodded, “I think you lesson is clear, Marie. Your sense of truth sure sounds right to me. I guess I’ll continue living here in this cloud until my time to move on arrives. Until the fateful day should arrive, I will reach out to others, like yourself, in hopes I might gain more knowledge, truth, understanding.”

“Your plan appears sound to me Lucky. However; also remember to always keep an open mind. Keep on asking questions. Never be afraid to change your sense of truth. Know the answers you arrive at may, or may not, be the right ones for your present moment of now.” Lucky gave Marie a big hug, told her he was ever so grateful for her loving nature, time, thoughts, especially for her deep wisdom. The day was coming to an end. Time for Lucky to head back to his home in the east end of cloud Nine. “I’ll always remember you Lucky Raindrop. Who knows; we may see each other again some day, somewhere. Here, or in another realm of consciousness.” This would prove to be the last words Marie spoke to Lucky. At least, here in this cloud.

Having arrived back home, Lucky was tired. His mind, reeling, as he carefully re-enacted the many conversations he was fortunate to have enjoyed this past day. Fatigue quickly took over his, ever spinning, thoughts. Sleep embraced, dear Lucky, even though he was eagerly wondering what wonderful new acquaintances or deep conversations, tomorrow would offer. Much like the prior evening, Lucky fitfully slept upon his cloud, even as it was besieged by great flashes of lightning, accompanied with resounding cracks of thunder. Unannounced to our fatigued Lucky, the storm raged on, causing many fellow Raindrops to be ejected from the cloud. Carnage abound, losses mounted. Still, Lucky soundly slept, oblivious of the great changes taking place on his dear cloud nine.






Lucky awoke early the next morning. Immediately, he noticed how quickly his home cloud was drifting across the cobalt grey sky. Having swiftly walked across Pillow park, Lucky remarked upon several Raindrops gathered in a tight mass. From the excessively animated gestures, even at a distance, Lucky could tell the group seemed to be rather discombobulated.

“Hi fellow Raindrops” commented Lucky, as he unsteadily approached the tumultuous group. “Why are you all so upset?”

Walter Raindrop replied, “Why you ask?” “Have you not heard, Lucky, how the terrible storm last night took from us a very large number of Raindrop friends and family?” “We know storm casualties are not uncommon. However, each time one of these super storms passes, we can’t help but fear what horrible fate might await those lost souls we so dearly love.”

“Certainly, I too have a difficult time bearing the loss of a dear friend or family member.” Cautiously, Lucky added. “Possibly, the feelings we are having a hard time dealing with, are more about us, than those who have passed into the realm of unknown possibility. Most the pain in our hearts, is a reflection of our own loss. The thought of never again hugging, kissing, talking, with a loved one is, at times, almost unbearable. Yet, when you think of it, why should we be sad or afraid of their future?” “We are taught to lead a good life so we make it to Heaven. Secretly, we worry about the possibility of Hell, or become fearful of unimaginable terror which might await our beloved. Naturally, we worry about those we love. Be it in this life, or the after-world, concern for a happy outcome is understandable.”

“With an aim to ease your grief a tad, I ask you consider two things. What if the experience of after-life represents a birth into an even better reality than this life we presently know?” “Additionally, what if death is an illusion?”


“Perhaps an argument can be made to assert the bizarre philosophy which suggests, we never die.” “Could it be; we are eternal beings?”


The other Raindrops looked at Lucky like he was completely insane. Walter Raindrop cautioned the group, “Pay no mind to this Lucky Raindrop. He is the one who, we know, is always asking questions. Yet, for all his inquisitiveness, Lucky is still just as dumb as a stick. Our little instigator here, refuses to accept as truth, the religious stories handed down through the ages. His ideas are worrisome to me; you, as well, should be concerned!” Lucky knew, it would serve no purpose trying to debate with these, closed minded, Raindrop characters. He realised they had a passion for denying any truth which might conflict with their, indoctrinated, sense of reality. Walking away, Lucky took a moment to wish the group peace, love, tranquility. Fearful of casting a stone from within a glass house, Lucky quickly reminded himself, these folk he was so quick to judge, were merely living by the framework of their personal truth. Remembering his lessons well, Lucky asked himself, who am I to believe they must be wrong?”

Lucky decided this was a day for him to reflect upon the importance of allowing others the right to express themselves. Perhaps, thought Lucky, it might be best to spend the day by myself. Solitude might enable me time to carefully consider how, if I am not careful, I might betray my own philosophy. Spending the day in thought proved a worthwhile choice. With the sun setting, Lucky felt invigorated, cleansed of judgemental thoughts which earlier preyed upon his mind. Lucky, was now prepared to reach out into the community to further discover paths beyond the unrest caused by judgment.  

Later that evening Lucky heard the news, Marie Raindrop was one of those who had been taken during the stormy night. Most would consider such a loss, terrible news. However, Lucky knew better. Deep in his heart, our fearless Raindrop knew, Marie was finally going to have answers to the questions which they had tumbled around earlier the previous morning. Smiling broadly, at the thought of release from uncertainty, our dear Lucky sent off a silent hello to Marie. Wherever she was, he hoped she was happy, loved and a little bit wiser. Without a doubt, Lucky anticipated, Marie, in this very moment, was exactly where she was meant to be.

He was a little surprised by his feelings. Perhaps a tiny twinge of guilt also swirled around in the stew of mixed feelings. After all, should we not be unhappy when we lose someone we care for? Possibly, the unhappiness we feel when someone departs, is, more about what we know we will personally lose, rather than, what we think those who have passed into the great unknown will suffer. Regardless of his somewhat mixed feelings, Lucky felt comfortable being happy for his dear friend.

Ambling through the various neighbourhoods of the cloud, time quickly passed. Lucky, irrespective of the tumultuous emotions caused by the big storm, maintained a frenetic pace of investigation, truth seeking. Time has a way of healing old wounds, both for him, as well as, those in his community. Even though many Raindrops thought Lucky was a little peculiar, they all loved him. Most would agree, Lucky always was eager to go, well out of his way, in aide of fellow Raindrops. All agreed, he was a great friend, loving soul, a wise Raindrop. Those who knew Lucky, understood well, regardless of his endless barrage of questions, he was a valuable asset to the community.




Years after the big storm, which swept away Marie, as well, countless other Raindrop community members, Lucky was reminiscing about the love he had for his old friend Marie. With a generous grin, Lucky realised, this cool, fresh, morning, he felt exactly the way Marie felt those many years past. Deep inside, Lucky yearned to wink out of existence. Not that Lucky wanted to die, he just desperately desired to know what the next phase of his reality will look like. Thinking of the subject a little more, he realised the mere act of wanting the time for his departure to quickly arrive, was, in some ways, an insult to the beautiful moments he might yet share as the balance of his life on the cloud unfolds. Patience, Lucky knew, was a virtue filled with countless rewards. Buckle down, buck up, thought Lucky. I have my life ahead of me, the best thing is to continue the journey of learning.

Nodding off to slumber land one cool evening, countless thoughts were rambling through his mind. Many thoughts entertained by young Lucky, swirled around in circles, arriving, passing, returning with a greater vengeance. Above all concerns, one was eternally close at hand, when will my time come to be swept off this cloud of ours? Ever since the loss of Marie, as well, so many of his close friends, dear Lucky was continually plagued by the fear, anticipation, uncertainty, of what his final moments might look like, what will come after the passing. Alas, it was not even two weeks after the last monstrous storm, when another was careening into their quiet little cloud. Waking up with a fright, a massive crack of thunder was soon followed by a blinding bright light. Sitting up in his bed, Lucky was afraid, not for himself, rather for all the lost Raindrops he knew would likely perish in the approaching foul weather.

Just then, without any notice at all, Lucky found himself caught up in a swift current of air. Unable to move, trapped by the violence of the gale, poor Lucky was left helpless to fight. Realising the extent of his circumstances were indeed grave, Lucky did the only thing he could manage, he relaxed, released his fear, then allowed for the moment to yield what it may.

What is happening? Where am I going? This, the last fleeting thought, proved a foreword to the snap of fresh air which announced his departure from the cloud. Homeless, afraid, exhilarated, Lucky accepted he had been hurled from the comfort of his bedroom, spun high in the air.

“This is it! The moment I have waited for is finally here! I am still alive, yahoo!” Screamed Lucky, to everyone and no one all at once. Below, he could see his cloud daintily suspended, frozen in timelessness. Then, in a flash, his home cloud appeared just to his right. Finally, wherever he looked, he could only see sky. Looking upward, Lucky could see his home cloud resting quietly above him. Slowly, as if in a dream, his home disappeared entirely from his vision. Tears streamed down our hero’s face. Looking down, Lucky could see land was fast approaching. The acceleration of this epic plunge into a new reality proved an awesome experience. Mind spinning, Lucky had no more control over his thoughts than he did of his body. My home, a distant memory, my future uncertain, yet I feel free, excited, awestruck. Whatever follows this plummeting descent to the earthly domain below, I am at the mercy of the Gods.

“Do what you will Gods, I am at your mercy, I am still Lucky Raindrop!”

Spinning wildly, at the behest of a wild wind, Lucky was discovering the odd sensation of gravity. Plummeting into the unknown, for once in his life, there was nothing he could do but exist. Surrender to the moment, give the Gods their due. Suddenly, realising he had stopped fighting the experience, Whatever aspects of fear remained parcel to this crazy race toward a new reality, was instantly replaced by a sense of awe. Peaceful feelings quickly settled into every bit of his being. Shortly, without fanfare or Godly judgment, Lucky found himself slamming into something he had never, in a million years, thought might exist. People call this new world a lake, as far as Lucky was concerned, it was the greatest collection of Raindrops he ever could imagine.


“Death, as we all believed, is an illusion! Consciousness lives on, I live on! So much for heaven!”

Plunging excitedly into the substrate of Raindrops, he eked out a place in his new world. Then, like a bouncing ball, Lucky found himself catapulted out of the lake and back up into the warm air. Seconds thereafter, he again re-entered this newfound home. Locals in the area called this new residence, Klein Lake. Floating upon countless other Raindrops, accepting this vastly different reality was his new home, Lucky began to relax.




No sooner had Lucky arrived in his awesome new residence, a welcoming committee, consisting of a group of five Raindrops, approached. The five, each in turn, looked Lucky over. The pudgy Raindrop, proved the first to speak.

“Welcome to our lake here in the mountains.” “You are now one of us.”

Per usual, Lucky was replete with questions. No sooner had Lucky asked his first question, they were quick to inform him, there was no need for questions of any sort. By their reckoning, there was only two things of which Lucky needed to be aware. “First” noted the group leader, “You must realize, you are merely a Raindrop, nothing more nor less. Your job, while you choose to stay here, is to remain committed to following our rules. The ways of us, lake Raindrops, may be quite different from where you originated in yonder cloud. Our older generations of Raindrops have handed down a base of knowledge by which we all faithfully adhere. Stay with us young master Raindrop, together, we will continue to make this beautiful lake our collective home. Secondly, always remember, never get close to the lake edge. The lake has some fast moving currents, any of which can easily capture you. We wouldn’t want to discover you were swept down the mountain side by the lake’s current, especially not on your first day with us. If you ever find yourself swept down the valley; we assure, you will be lost, forever gone! Your very existence will be ended. Please, heed our words carefully Lucky, be an obedient raindrop so that we all may live a great life.”

Such an ominous greeting thought Lucky. Having spewed their admonitions, all five sped off toward the middle of the lake. Lucky was perplexed. Try as he might, Lucky attempted to reach back into the archive of his memories to piece together what life was like prior to living in the lake. He knew there was a before, yet, for some strange reason, it seemed as if all previous memories had somehow become buried, inaccessible, as if trapped in a box in the back of his mind.

Something just didn’t feel right about where he was. He felt lost in this big mass of Raindrops, poor Lucky had lost his sense of community. What should I be doing? What is my purpose in life? Questions such as these seemed eerily familiar. Lucky had a sensation of déjà vu. I’ve thought these thoughts before, but where, when?

Days quickly flew past, alas, poor, confused Lucky, still felt exceptionally uneasy in his new environment. There appeared little sense of community here. Lucky noted, none of the other Raindrops ever spoke to each other, that is, unless a new Raindrop showed up in the lake. Additionally, each time a new resident arrived, the same five Raindrops would undertake the task of acting as the welcoming committee. These five, who professed to be so wise in everything, would give each new arrival the same sermon they had scripted for him. If Lucky didn’t know better, he would think all of these Raindrops were in some kind of trance. Day in, day out, the lake residents strictly focused on the task of just existing. Never were games played, books read, conversations had, nor questions ever asked. To Lucky, it appeared a wasteland of spirit, a dead zone for the living.

Observing the way in which the lake community responded to the five elders, one would think them the wisest, most powerful of the entire lake. Consensus suggested, these five had been anointed sages by the legacy of Raindrop forefathers. Esteemed, reverent as they may be; Lucky could not understand why they would not allow questions from the population. Fraught by concerns, dear Lucky sought out the sages. One question, above all others plagued Lucky, why is there no communication, no learning?

Having caught up to the leader, Lucky put forth his concerns. By reply, Lucky was sternly chastised,

“I have told you before, there are only two things you need to know. Enough of the questions already, silly Raindrop! You are just a child, what do you know of the world. We are far too busy ruling over the other Raindrops to be bothered by one miscreant such as you! Be gone you imp of a boy, be a good little Raindrop, or there will be a price to pay for your insolence!”

Lucky felt heartsick, never before had he heard such coarse, controlling words. Thinking deeper about the exchange with the elder, Lucky thought about their stated convictions. What if the current which is supposed to kill him, actually takes him to another domain of reality? What if falling over the edge was not a death but another rebirth?


Just because everyone believes in a given philosophy, does it mean they are guaranteed to be right? Could it not be possible their version of death is just another reflection of life?


He could not remember what his previous life was like. None the less, Lucky knew it was a place of peace, community, communication, love. Why was everyone here so narrow minded? Surely, there must be more to life than just being an idle, non thinking, little Raindrop in a big lake. Regardless of his feelings, he did note how all other Raindrops appeared content to live out their life in ignorance, cold, separate, alone. With the passing of each new day, our confused Lucky began to catch tiny glimpses of memories from his past life on the cloud. Another time, a different place, community, discourse, happiness, love, these were the snippets of his past.

Whilst asleep, Lucky found himself dreaming of the many Raindrops he had known from his previous life. Visions of his past seemed so real. Still, he wasn’t sure if it was all just a dream or if the past he recalled, in drips and drabs, was in fact a past he had lived. Desolate, Lucky tried in earnest to find solace with his life as a lake resident. Alas, tortured was his heart by thoughts impelling him to believe he was not where he was meant to be. Answering these insecurities proved impossible. Confused, ill at ease, lost in a dream, Lucky began to question his self worth, the reality of his world. Maybe the old Raindrops were right? Perhaps, he should just adhere to their admonishments. Would it be a bad choice to accept the path to becoming an obedient little Raindrop? Maybe, it would be a good choice to accept the rules without question?

Striking out on a new path, Lucky did his level best to fit in. Adapting to the rules was easy, after all, one needed do nothing but exist. Poor Lucky, the new path proved tiring. Within a few short days, Lucky realized he was becoming intolerably miserable. He longed for community, conversation, learning, happy smiles and intellectual stimulation. Slowly, Lucky was becoming morose, he contemplated “the edge” the quick death he was warned about upon his arrival. Was now the time to end his life? What would come next? What does this thing called death look like?  The old Raindrops had fervently cautioned him, death was final. Getting too close to the falls edge, they said, meant being forever swept away into a realm of nothingness.

The dark thought of being gone forever, endlessly preyed upon dear Lucky’s mind.





One cool night, Lucky awoke from a very exciting dream. Piecing together the dream puzzle, Lucky recollected a past friend. Someone from another place far away, a sage who had quietly crept into his subconscious dream world to ask two simple questions.

“Why are you feeling so sad darling Lucky?”

“Thoughts of death little man, do you not know death is an illusion, your life is eternal?

Try as he might Lucky could not put a name to the face in his dream. Who was this benefactor? Was this spirit real or part of his, over active, under stimulated, imagination?

Upon deeper reflection, Lucky knew, in his heart of hearts, the spirit was an actual being! Lucky was convinced, his friendly visitor was not just another dream character. Excitedly, Lucky knew, this being was real! The quip about eternal life struck a chord with Lucky. If not mistaken, he seemed to recall in his past a loving sage named Marie who mentioned to him there was no such thing as death. Pressed to recall his past, he remembered many very wise friends who convinced him, life is an eternal series of transition, one spirit body becomes another, ad infinitum.  The gentle, all knowing spirit who had visited Lucky this night, provided a beautiful reminder.


You are always exactly where you are meant to be. Lucky, this framework of existence, is your path, your destiny! Any great philosopher will tell you, all moments are perfect.


Another wise anecdote crept into his memory, one to make him broadly smile. He could hear the words, the ring and soft inflection of her voice. “Always, always, keep an open mind. Ask questions about everything. Above all else darling Lucky, remember, all life is ONE, we are a singularity!” Jolted from his reverie, Lucky smiled, cried tears of joy. The depression plaguing his disappeared, our dear Raindrop was free to love himself, as well, all others.

“WE ARE ONE!” Cried out Lucky for all to hear. Followed, a brief pause, “I LOVE YOU ALL!”

Every Raindrop within earshot of his vociferous revelations, looked at Lucky quizzically. Heads were shaking, fingers wagging, “That Raindrop is a problem, we don’t need his kind making waves around here!” Countless other ramblings reached his ear. Poor Lucky, the misgivings of others left him feeling terribly alone. Then he smiled anew, “That’s right you silly Raindrops, I love you all, especially if, you hate me!” “I am you, you are I, we are one being.” Renewed by his sense of unity, the dark depression slipped away, this time, forever.

Like one of those big white fluffy clouds hanging carelessly in the above sky, Lucky was free. Looking up at the clouds, he cried out to his brothers above. I too am you, I love you, we are truly one and the same. Pocketing his new found revelations, Lucky, quick as a bolt of lightning, opened up his subconscious to reveal the chest of secrets from his past life in the cloud. Remembering all his past friends, the happy, loving, ever so wise Raindrops which had helped him understand the meaning of his Raindrop life.

Alive, rejuvenated, invigorated, Lucky opened his heart to the new day with reckless abandon. His journey was eternal, his love unchained. Full of excitement to see where the next journey may lead, our darling Lucky rushed to the very edge of this big lake he had called home. Looking down, Lucky watched the raging current spill over a massive waterfall. Raindrops cascaded hither and about, some with such force, they changed into a vapour. Others formed a mist, some a foam, all were a singularity, all Raindrops expressing the eternal flow of life. Unable to fathom the end of this mighty drop, Lucky, in past days, might have embraced unapproachable fear. This day, there was no fear, nor concern of well being, just love, unity, oneness.  

Lucky recalled the memory of five old raindrops visiting him upon his arrival. Dire warnings to stay away from the falls. In his minds eye, Lucky could see wagging fingers of the elders, stern expressions bespeaking fear. The power of ignorance is a mighty master, thought Lucky. Pondering his next move, he hesitated for the briefest of moments, Lucky had to admit that he wasn’t entirely sure about jumping.

What is truth? What is life?

Back to the circle of doubt, or do I forge ahead? Uncertain, but alive with the spirit of love, quickened by the urging of eternal singularity, Lucky moved ever closer to the edge. Does it really matter who is right? Countless thoughts, endless questions, this is the path of the philosopher. Just then, a thought crystallised in his mind, advice he had heard long, long, ago. The words echoed in his mind, clear as from a Sunday bell tower.

“What is truth for one, doesn’t make it the only truth there is.”

Which old friend had taught him to scrutinise knowledge? Why, if memory served him well, all of them offered similar advice! Lucky, smiling a great grin, emphatically knew his next move. The choice, although still entertaining an uneasy feeling of uncertainty, was obvious. Lucky could remain in this beautiful mountain lake, adhere to rules which were contrary to his personal truth. Such a path, Lucky knew in his heart would lead to continued depression, malcontent, eternal unhappiness. On the other hand, he could listen to his heart, release all control, then allow himself to be hurled over the tumultuous, frothy, ever so scary, waterfall. Seizing the second choice, if wrong, would certainly result in his permanent death, or so the 5 elders professed. Staying, was equally unfathomable, absolutely out of the question.




Lucky knew what he must do. Now, all he needed was to summon courage, trust in his path, allow life to take him where it may. Teetering upon the edge of the unknown, Lucky recollected one last morsel of knowledge taught him by the lyrics of an old Beatles song.


“There is nothing you can know that isn’t known. There is nothing you can see that isn’t shown. There is nowhere you can be, that isn’t where you are meant to be. It’s easy, all you need is love.”


Embracing truth, with a peace he had never known, Lucky surrendered to his fate leaping forward to allow the wicked current to sweep him asunder. Deafening was the sound of crashing water. Roaring with life, screaming with love, the force was absolutely awesome! Bounced back and fro, up and down, completely without control. Yet, in the heart of it all, was our darling Raindrop, peaceful, content, loving, unified. Lucky was rapt with a sense of utter delight. Thrilling, beyond one’s imagination, was the ride! Blissful was the experience, truly magnificent!

Broken from his memory, was the idyllic mountain lake high above the cascading falls. His new home, awaited, a magnificent ocean without borders. What an exciting trip, Lucky thought. How beautiful is this ocean of limitless brethren? How could it be possible there are this many Raindrops? Too many souls to even imagine. Wonder, of all life’s wonders, this place is a paradise found. Lucky couldn’t help but think of those five old Raindrops ruling, in ignorance, the lake he once called home. So sad, because of what they had been taught, their tattered believe structure meant they likely would never experience the tasty exhilaration of actually living beyond fear. Their path, which served them so well, was to not ever experience the life changing journey, the ride of a lifetime. Just then, Lucky realised, it does not matter what path we find ourselves on.


There is not right or wrong, in a world where we are all ONE, all paths are divine, all are perfect.


Taking a quiet moment of reflection, Lucky wished for all of those he had left behind, one day they too would take from their path the same joy he had gained from his. In choosing to open their hearts and minds to new truth, they too would need to abandon stagnant theologies. If it be their destiny to reach the ocean, so be it, if not, then may the light they own gift them joy. Perhaps, if they are determined, brave, capable, one day, their time to release fear may arrive. Wishing he could do more to accelerate their personal journey of truth seemed frivolous, ego centric. Lucky knew, in his heart, it was not his place to illustrate the path of another. Like the leaf upon a river, one who arrives at absolute acceptance, is one who discovers peace in the endless moment of NOW.


All paths are sacred, all paths divine, none greater nor lesser. All journeys are equal, cherished, to be respected, loved, adored.


Much to the surprise and pleasure of Lucky, arriving in his new home proved a place of openness.

No fellow Raindrop rushed to his side with a tablet of rules, beliefs, antiquated theology. This was a very good omen. Lucky felt excited to explore his new home, thrilled to meet new Raindrops, overflowing with the desire to ask more questions. This new home, in some ways, proved similar to the mountain lake. However, in many ways, it was entirely different. The biggest difference, which Lucky took some time to adjust, was the ever steady tidal surge. Lake living, for the most part, proved eternally calm. Conversely, this ocean was in continual motion. Every few seconds, Lucky felt the gentle tug toward the shoreline, shortly after, his body was lulled back toward the deep, blue, endless, sea. These new digs, although not always a smooth ride for Lucky, proved an excitingly pleasant place to hang his hat.

Lucky noticed the other Raindrops seemed to keep to themselves. Nary a soul had greeted Lucky upon his arrival, nor had anyone taken a moment or two in welcome of his arrival. Days passed into evenings, tides surged, then ebbed. Weeks after acclimating to his new home. Lucky decided to summon the courage to venture further into the massive expanse. Amazed, was Lucky, by the infinite forms of life which comprised this endless milieu. What an awesome display of life, thought Lucky. Regardless of the differences, it did appear, each, individual raindrop, was very content being right where they were. He was beginning to think, maybe, they have not the capacity to talk with each other. Desolate, quiet, friendless as the ocean seemed in the moment, dear Lucky was soon to be surprised. Having endured endless quiet days, he was utterly shocked to hear a pip of a voice reach out from the ocean depth. So faint was the call, he wondered if it might be his imagination. Again, the beautiful voice harkened his attention, this time, a good deal clearer in tone.  

“Hello Lucky, I am Mary Raindrop. It is so good to finally get a chance to speak with you. Would you share with me a few moments of your time?”

“Why, of course I will,” Lucky answered. “How is it you know my name, I don’t believe we have ever met, have we?”

Mary smiled warmly, “Silly Lucky, all of us here know who you are. We’ve been expecting you for quite some time. You may not understand it now Lucky, however, the time will come when everything will be crystal clear. You will just have to trust me as I fill in the blanks of uncertainty which must be preying upon your lovely mind!”

“Okay, I can accept your words Mary, at least for the time being. May I ask you a question dear Mary?”

“Why certainly, please feel free to ask me anything you wish. Each of your questions, I’ll answer best I can.”

“Great Mary, but I suppose your answer will only be your truth, not necessarily the truth for anyone else, right?”

“Why, how right you are Lucky, how right you are!”

Lucky inquired further of Mary, “Can you tell me what this place is which I now call my new home?

This place is called an ocean Lucky; it represents the largest collection of Raindrops to have ever amassed in one single locale. The spicy taste in your mouth is salt. Each of us Raindrops have been infused with this, life giving, element.

Why do the other Raindrops seldom speak to each other?

To arrive at this destination, most Raindrops have taken an unimaginable journey. Like you, they have travelled far and wide. Usually, their life experience is so vast, they have few questions, if any. You see Lucky, this is a home where most are content to just exist in loving harmony. Peace, contentment, mostly the lack of fear, breeds in us a heightened level of serenity. Their quiet has nothing to do with trying to separate from you. The exact opposite is the case, we each remain quiet in the blissful pleasure of communing as one single, inseparable, being.  

Also, if I am not being too forward Mary, what happens to us after our time here is over?”

Mary laughed, “Now that’s the Lucky we all love so much. The one with a million questions about life as a raindrop. Let’s see if I can shed some light upon things for you my dear brother.”

Mary continued, “the ocean is a gathering place for all Raindrops who are seeking answers to life. There is very little talking among us, for all have reached a place in their mind where they are content with life. Instead of asking questions, most Raindrops just give up the quest for knowledge. Instead, they allow life to take them wherever it is they are meant to be. Lucky, each of us realise we are in fact ONE Raindrop. The ocean we create, as a massive collective of apparently separate raindrops, serves a much bigger purpose. You see dear brother, all the life forms which live here are divine aspects of oneness. These countless life forms, which are not Raindrops, would cease exist, were it not for an ocean to call home.”

“Are you with me so far Lucky?”

“Yes, I am, I understand what you say, it sure rings true to me. Please go on.”

“Whilst each of us join hands to create this incredible ocean, we are expressing our divinity in becoming the very best Raindrop we can. By enabling this expanse of what others call water, we establish a unity with all living beings, Raindrops, as well as all other sentient life. This is why our forefathers have taught us, all life is connected. There is no big, nor small, in life Lucky. Each form of life is very special, absolutely unique, incredibly beautiful. Most of us Raindrops, fortunate enough to have our journey come full circle, remain in the ocean, knowing, a time will come for each of us to extend our life toward yet another path of an uncertain reality.


Like a dream, we spin in and out of different states of ‘beingness’. Never dying, eternally connected, unified in a graceful dance of life.

Leaving the ocean, we make room for newly arrived Raindrops, such as yourself.  Like you Lucky, each Raindrop is destined to, one day, arrive at the ocean. Each path may differ, yet, all are equally amazing, perfectly executed. Equality, loving sacrifice, committed to accepting our path, we attend the Gods as they light our road ahead. Having enlightened you thus, would you still like for me to answer your last question about what happens to us when we leave here?”

“Please do, dear Mary. However, I’ve a feeling I know what you are about to say.”

Again, Mary chortled, then lovingly added, “You are probably right Lucky. You have spent a lifetime analysing what it means to be a Raindrop. You have kept an open mind; you have always strived to learn more. This beautiful spirit of yours Lucky, is one of the awesome reflections which makes all of us Raindrops so unique. We are eternally an expression of ONE, yet, we all arrive at truth in our own way, a pace which is perfect for our unique journey.”

“Lucky, my friend, I am a soothsayer, let me outline your future. Before long, you will be washed ashore. Unlike your previous, brief encounters with land, the tide will not bring you back to our ocean home. Instead, you will enter into the sand where you will be transformed into your newest incarnation as a Raindrop. Do not be afraid dearest brother. When the day arrives for your transformation, it will represent your most thrilling life journey to date!”

“Wow,” uttered Lucky, transfixed in amazement. “That sounds fantastic. I sure hope you are right about this premonition!”

“Only time will tell Lucky Raindrop. Speaking of time, I must now take my leave dear Lucky, lovely brother of mine. Remember, even though we may appear apart, I will remain with you forever, for we together are truly one being.

Above all, allow the river of life to take you wherever it may. Gracefully surrender to each moment with peace in your heart. Harmonize with your surroundings, make sure you are always ready to offer the gift of love. Wherever you find yourself, dear Lucky, be it pleasant or unsettling, it is your destiny. Partake in all experiences knowing this is your destiny. Embrace the perfection in each divine moment, everything is meant to be exactly as it appears before you. Never embrace fear, always hold compassion near to your heart. Remember, all reality you see is a reflection of yourself, we are a singularity, nothing is divisible. Always, dear brother, be the best Raindrop you can. Choose to gift love, especially to those who have offended you. Live your life as an impeccable man. Finally, whenever you discover the desire to cast judgment upon another, remember this person is another you!”

“Thank you Mary. I know we will meet again. Until I next enjoy your loving presence, I will forever cherish your wisdom. Apart, yet ONE, accepting, loving, peaceful.”





Lucky remained in his new home a while longer. True to his commitment to Mary, he strove to become the best Raindrop he could manage. Lucky surrendered to his path, loved his fellow creatures, Raindrops or others in kind. Eagerly, Lucky attended the transformation, yet, as he had learned, he made the most of each passing moment. Winter changed to summer, until one fine, piping hot, summer evening, Lucky was tugged toward the shore by the ebbing tide. This night, as foretold by Mary, the sky alit with stars, the moon tugging upon the ocean sleeves, Lucky was left behind. Without fanfare, our dear Lucky, was quickly absorbed by the warm sandy beach. First sign of the moist sand holding firm to his arm, caused him concern.

Lucky, somewhat alarmed, as most Raindrops are when facing a new experience, felt like he was dying. Dispelling his fear, were the loving words of sweet Mary. Quickly, he regained his composure, relaxed, then. Like a leaf upon a mighty river, allowed the world to spin as it may. Remembering the many lessons Mary had taught him, Lucky embraced the change. Laying back, he awaited the next step in his life. Like the sweeping tide, Lucky exuded a sense of joy, love, peacefulness. Unsure of his future, yet convinced in his eternal nature, Lucky was far from sure what to expect from this experience. Without fear or pause Lucky knew this path to be perfect.


Akin to the leaf upon a river, Lucky would bend to the will of the river. Filled with a deep sense of acceptance, honour, respect, love, gratitude, our little hero touched the heart of the great I AM.


Uncertainty becoming reality was, as Mary described, this transition was the most exciting, new incarnation, he could ever have imagined. The warm embracing sand held him firm as the heat from the setting sun blazed across his back. Literally, dear Lucky, transformed his being from a drop of water into a whip of moisture laden air.

He no longer had a body. Lucky existed, yet at the same time, he did not, at least not as a physical being. Again, as when he dropped from his cloud, Lucky was airborne. However, not as a Raindrop, instead, he was a semblance of one, a fractal fragment of love. For lack of a better way to describe his, newfound presence, he was a ghost of his previous self, an incarnation of a deeply loving, ever so accepting, drop of Rain. Wondering, how it was possible for his body to disappear, whilst his spirit to lived on, dearest Lucky, realised he was God. Bliss, dear brethren, is the only word Lucky could use to describe the joyful experience he now savoured. No sooner had he transformed to a spirit without form, his body reinvented itself into an exact replica of his old self. Flickering in and out of physicality, dear Lucky, had again morphed into a raindrop. Looking about, Lucky realised, he was now living inside a big dark cloud which magically hung high in contrast to a stormy sky.

Lucky gasped as he looked around, there before his eyes was Mary Raindrop, Crystal, Tiny, Rocky, Misty, Izzie, Drippy, Droppy, Amber, Wally, even his darling Marie Raindrop. They all smiled at Lucky with a warmth he knew would forever change his sense of self.

Mary Raindrop ambled over, “Welcome back Lucky. You were asleep for quite a while. You have been out for the better part of two days. We have been attending your return. Marie, who stayed by your side the entire time, mentioned how much you tossed and turned in your bed. We were all rather concerned, toward the end you even ran a piping hot fever. We all found it amusing how much you were talking in your sleep. True to form, you were asking a great deal of questions. With the last quip, everyone laughed.

Marie chirped in, “Our dear Lucky, forever a question preying upon his, agile, mind.”

Do you remember what you dreamed?” Inquired Misty.

Lucky chuckled, “Aw, you know how crazy dreams can be. Maybe I’ll share them with all of you later!” With that, Lucky yawned, laid back down to revisit his dream, then quietly thought to himself.

“Wow, Isn’t life such a wondrous journey! I can’t imagine what my next dream will be about?” Lucky knew without a doubt, he was back home, at ONE with all of life.

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