The Earth Stewardship Cooperative

The Earth Stewardship Cooperative, or ESC for short, is a community based and crowd funded initiative to build a new and distinct Society on this Earth free from the archaic and dogmatic constraints of what we have been led to believe are nations and governments that we owe allegiance to from the day we are born and must obey upon fear of reprisal no matter how preposterous their rules, regulations and taxes are.
Let’s face it, we all know that things are terribly wrong, and some of us know that most of these corporations pretending to be governments are nothing more than institutions of slavery to benefit the few at the expense of the many. Governments should fear the People, the People should not fear the Governments. I not only believe, but I know that there is a better way to manage Our own lives and make this Earth a better place for Us all.
The ESC is the result of 15 years of research into law, fighting the current regimes destroying this Earth and doing my best to wake people up to the frauds and crimes being committed across this beautiful Earth that we require for a Home. If this is the best that these existing institutions can do, and voting in rigged and privileged elections every few years is the only “fix” we have for this problem, then clearly something completely new is needed, something so far outside of the current social normal that it cannot be corrupted or incorporated by the existing regimes, something that relies on honesty and being completely open to scrutiny, not the secrecy and lies we have come to expect and accept from the current debacle known as ‘Government’.
The reason most people believe, falsely, that they cannot leave the current “System” is that there is no place to go. You will starve or have to live in a cabin in the woods. This simply is not true. Granted, a new and fantastically different Society will be an adjustment for some, and a welcome one at that for most, but the idea is to build something of Our own for Us, and then others will have a place to go when they are ready to leave the system of slavery they are now subject to. 
Having said that, the first members of the ESC will be Pioneers in the wilderness of modern democracy, otherwise known as mob rule where the rights of the individual are erased in exchange for collectivism. The ESC does not hold to such values. We value the rights and freedoms of the individual as being paramount and the foundation of any Society, and we believe that the only limitation that should ever be placed on man is harming the Earth, Our Home.
Today is the 21st day of the month of August in the year 2015 C.E., and to believe that with the technology available to us today that we cannot live a richer and fuller life while not engaging in environmentally destructive practices is simply preposterous. We are not only going to prove that is it possible, but that it is necessary and we cannot wait a moment longer as every day that we wait to build Our own future is a day longer that we give to the insane megalomaniacs in charge of the current system to destroy this Earth through artificial famine, wars and scarcity for their own unjust enrichment.
The ESC is going to lead by example and will simply become an option for people, or competition. If people believe and feel that we are a viable and preferable option, then they will join Us. If they believe and feel that the existing systems are working fine and depend on them for their paycheck, then they will stay there. However, for the first time, people will have a choice, a real and informed choice as to where they wish to put their energy. People will have a choice as to where they will contribute as well as a choice to contribute at all.
International Laws such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights have bound the existing governments of the World to recognize and respect the rights of the individual to make an informed choice to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of a society, which they fail to do. Most people do not know this despite the fact that these same nations are bound by similar Covenants to teach you these individual, intrinsic and inalienable Rights and Freedoms and then give you the informed choice of contributing to their society, which they also fail to do. The ESC wants people to have the informed choice of supporting the existing institutions, supporting the ESC as a distinct Society of its own, or to not contribute to anything and govern their own life in accordance with these Covenants.
The ESC wants to lead by example and by not forcing itself or its principles on any man or woman for any reason. In the truest and most honourable sense of making an informed decision, the ESC wants people to join because they believe in Our Goals, in Our Purpose, and because it will eventually be more beneficial to their lives to be a part or it than to not be a part of it. Despite the fact that you are free to leave any society, the existing regimes do not want you to know that you have a choice. We want you to know that you do have a choice and people should be loyal to a society because it is the best one available, not because it is the only one available.
The money that is contributed by members will be used to buy land, build farms, start farmers market and start businesses that are all debt free, removed from the system and operating according to Our principles and for Our Cultural, Social and Economic development. We will also be doing specific fundraisers for special projects and will put out “The Call” to our members and if they feel it is worth supporting, they will support it. That is true choice and the ability to make a true informed decision.
The ESC will be posting constant videos and photos of our projects to keep the members updated and informed as to our progress and how the organization is growing. This way, if people feel that the organization is not being effective or living up to its goals based on the level of member support, they are free to voice their concerns and/or cease supporting the initiative. Again, true freedom of informed choices by informed members who want a better Earth for us all. We all live Here.
Rome was not built in a day, and neither will the ESC. So, come help Us build the ESC. The only thing at stake is your Freedom, your Future, and that of the Earth and your children.
Thank You
Dean C. Clifford
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