Archaeology Dowsing Event: Saltwood Castle 3rd September 2016, Kent

We are delighted to announce a return visit to Saltwood Castle in Kent. On our previous excursion to this marvellous site we located buried structures within the middle ward of the
castle. We also discovered a buried undercroft beneath one of the halls. This September we hope to locate another undercroft under the Knights Hall and investigate a possible medieval building near to the gatehouse. We will also confirm the direction of the secret tunnel leading from the gatehouse to the well.

Saltwood is famous for being the place where the four knights met on December 28th 1170 to plan the execution of Thomas Becket at Canterbury the very next day. Saltwood Castle goes back to the 5th century AD when Aesc, the son of Hengist, King of Kent, built a stronghold here. Surrounding the site remains of Roman buildings have been found along with Bronze Age artefacts. The medieval castle was badly damaged by an earthquake on the 6th April 1580 and the gatehouse was not restored until the 19th century. This event is just a one day survey, during which participants will be able to dowse for buried structures, mark them out on the ground and then actually draw what they have found. A report will be prepared and then given to the owner, the Rt. Hon. Mrs Jane Clark, for her information.

The cost includes a donation of ?10 per person for the castle maintenance fund. Book now using the link below to get the early bird price!

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