Magical Extraterrestrial Communication – Richard Smith

Magical spatial gateways are created with ritual magic. How does the occult open DNA memory to distant stars? Magicians have be communicating with extraterrestrials for centuries. What would happen if one of these being got in contact with you. From Crowley, Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Buckminster Fuller, and even Gene Roddenberry have used occult practices to make contact with sources from Sirius, Orion, and the Egyptian Gods known as The Nine. Now, technology like CERN, EISCAT, and RHIC’s Phenix and Star have open portals to other dimensions never knowing what might come through.

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Ever wonder how we got ourselves into this bottom feeder existence we call civilization? What is the covenant of Gaia? How do our extraterrestrial visitors play into this? What is their actual significance and who are the Corporate Titans of Orion? What is the connection with the Moorish Legacy and the Masonic Agenda? What is the true nature of our existence on this planet? How are the Sasquatch, the Krists and the Temple of Solomon relevant to our destiny in the modern world? Why are academic and religious perceptions of history so completely inaccurate? Why are we the constant target of human degradation?

Combining his passion for truth and justice with extraterrestrial intervention, ancient history and alien contact, artist, writer, media host and international speaker Richard Smith is best known for his groundbreaking lecture presentations on the Moorish Legacy, White Freemasonry, the Temple of Solomon and the Alien Abduction Phenomenon. Spanning a tremendous cross-cultural spectrum, Smith’s lectures have inspired a wide range of people from multiple and diverse backgrounds while serving as a platform for a growing global movement that began in New Egypt, New Jersey, at the Earth Mysteries and UFO/ET Conference in 2005. UFOTeacher.com

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