Mass Shootings – The Darkest Conspiracy Theory Possible

It makes me feel neither clever, nor happy to post this article. However, as this has been on my mind for a while now, and I am, like many of you shocked and horrified by the latest mass shooting in the USA, I can no longer remain silent. 

I have just come up with one of the darkness conspiracy theories you will probably ever hear. I am not saying it is true, I am just asking you to consider the idea itself, as the world we live in is vicious enough due to big corporations, so anything is possible. I have also written two books on psychopathology, and I have interviewed them personally. My work is now very much mainstream and gaining a large international audience, for no other reason than I expressed the engineered misery and mayhem of the world in everyday language and many regular folks felt the same why I did about these things too.

Powerful psychopaths in leadership positions are literally capable of anything, and will undertake the most cold-blooded, cynical contingencies in order to protect their own power and income. I know that nothing is below their personal agendas.


Psychopaths have a natural instinct from early childhood to recognise like minded enablers: a low level psychopath or a proto-psychopath who have been made that way by PTSD, or a traumatic life event, as being highly useful to them. Having been the target of a psychopathic New Age channelling comet death cult leader myself, and their mindless minions, who went to horrific extremes to try and destroy me, my family, even my friends in order to maintain their god-like persona and hold on to their gullible enablers, NOTHING is below these pathologically feral creatures when they have some degree of power and large income. So please read on. 


We have all been horrified, shocked and amazed, at how, in the wake of many of these horrific shootings in the USA, that there nearly always appears – almost instantaneously – a relative of the victim who is bizarrely somehow smiling, jolly, chipper and smirking while appearing to fake being ‘devastated’ at the death of their close loved one. In some cases, they go on instant crusades against gun ownership and become media stars overnight, as if they have a ‘team’ managing it all for them. 

This is what feeds the ‘False Flag’ idea and I admit that some of these people and their “post-trauma” smirks and giddiness would make one think that at times. However, when you look at the shooter(s) themselves, it is obvious they are always disturbed individuals. The shootings are indeed real, horrific murders. But then the twisted circus comes the town in the immediate aftermath.

So let’s takes this to another route of speculation: What if, and I repeat ‘if’ Big Pharma have a kind of Rapid Response Unit of lawyers, media strategists, publicists and even acting coaches who wait around for one of these mass shootings to happen? Then, send the damage control specialists into the scene of the crime in order to distract any observers making the link between SSRIs and the shooting sprees?

The ‘team’ begins to start analysing all the potential relatives/social circle they can use and find the ones with either major financial woes/debts, or with psychopathic traits and then ‘make an approach’ offering huge sums of money, so this person can be used to throw the issue away from the shooter(s) being prescribed SSRIs (or having just suddenly come off them) and into the world of showbiz schmaltz, unconvincing Hallmark moments, gun ownership issues and other distractions away from the fact that the shooter was heavily mediated?

You think such operations do not exist to pro-actively target potential damage control for big corporations making incredible sums of money? Believe me they do. My decade on Wall Street working in communications made me see how devious and clever large corporations can be, as well as providing me with the education of a life time which led to my books Puzzling People and Defeated Demons.

I do not want to belittle or cause offense to the people who have lost their children and loved ones in these appealing events. I can hardly imagine the trauma and pain the survivors go though. At the same time, I know that where such large sums of money and power are concerned, coupled with the hundreds of people who would be closely connected to the victims of a mass shooting, that at least ONE would be identified as having psychopathic traits by the Big Pharma Rapid Response Unit and made an offer they can’t refuse.

I will end this by stating, look for the ‘smirks’ always look for the ‘smirks’.
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