Live ~ Conspiracy Triggers and the Flat Earth

Let’s go live on blab this week! I will be starting a new format in May to get you more access with the guests. Blab is a new platform that allows live video broadcasts and calls and chats from the audience. This week, I need to learn the controls and see what we can get away with to make it great so, I have invited artist and researcher Watsun Atkinsun to be my first victim. We are going to discuss Conspiracy Triggers and the Flat Earth.

It seems no one is totally open-minded. There are topics that cause us to shut down no matter how many wild theories we have entertained. Watsun is a traveler, like myself, and I know we will get deep into “Road Magic” and many methods of escaping the norm. You will find Watsun is well versed on many topics so, let’s talk pulse weapons on 9/11, how Obama coming forward on 9/11 is a bad thing, and how did Prince die of flu-like symptoms!? Oh, and let’s conclude this with an analysis of the Flat Earth. All the taboo topics, no fear. I hope you will all tune in live at 9pm EST Saturday night.
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Just got word that special guest Sean Young will be joining us for a discussion of Prince tomorrow night! You remember Sean from such films as, Dune, Bladerunner, and Ace Ventura Pet Detective.

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