Sacred America, Sacred World – Stephen Dinan on The justBernard Show

In America’s current political climate, the decay of politics is patently evident. Our country was built on sacred principles that have been eroded and forgotten over time. We are at a crossroads and heading quickly into unknown territory. Pundits call this a political sea change but a closer look reveals that our country is experiencing a spiritual crisis. As countries go, the United States of America is relatively young but founded in ageless wisdom. The tenets upon which America was founded were based in the individual’s freedom, religious and otherwise, clearly defined rights and the ideals of true liberty. Before there was any Declaration of Independence, however, there was a book that incited the disparate colonies to come together and fight as one — Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. His plain-spoken pamphlet fired up what became the American Revolution and led to our independence.
America was founded in the sacred belief that we, the people, are united in something bigger than ourselves, a higher purpose of “Liberty and justice for all.” Like Thomas Paine before him, Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network and a leader in the transpartisan movement in America, has written a book calling for an American evolution: Sacred America, Sacred World: Fulfilling Our Mission of Service to All, (Hampton Roads, July 5, 2016). Dinan’s book is a call to action, to rise above party politics and be an American first through transpartisanship—a pragmatic approach to social reform. This soaring manifesto takes a deep look at the history of our country, from the revolutionary roots to the current landscape, exploring evolutions in political leadership, environmental action, and economic reformation.
In Sacred America, Sacred World, Dinan points out that each hardened position along America’s political spectrum represents a narrow selection from a larger set of sacred American principles. In other words, the agenda of each political party is true but partial. Putting it all together requires a vision of national unity, which he offers along with numerous practical ideas and innovative strategies on how to get back on track to the revered principles our nation was founded upon, and how to reunite America to fulfill our ideals once again.
As one of the few American CEOs who went into the Occupy camps and listened to what people’s dreams and visions were, Dinan believes we can all pick up where the American Revolution left off and become “evolutionaries.” In his own words, “While many celebrate our past accomplishments as the mark of America’s ‘exceptionalism,’ our true greatness is a deeper kind of service to the world that lies in our future. Our higher mission is about America demonstrating real leadership in helping to create a world that works for all.”
Learn more at: http://www.sacredamerica.net/
Book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAunhmZkbiE&feature=youtu.be
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