This Man Is Building Homes For The Homeless Using Discarded Plastic

Oscar Mendez wanted to provide decent housing for the homeless while reducing waste plastic. So he founded the Columbian Enterprise concept plastics. They process and mould used plastics and rubbers into bricks similar to lego pieces, then assemble them into high quality and low cost houses for people in need.
It only takes 5 days and four people to assemble a 430 sq. f.t home, enough to house a family.
Simply remarkable, this concept could change everything in the developing world!
Founded by Oscar Andres Mendez Gerardino, Conceptos Plasticos is a Colombian enterprise that aims to replace informal settlements with decent housing whilst reducing waste plastic. Using an industrial process called extrusion, Conceptos Plasticos uses multilayered plastics, mixtures of different plastics and rubber to make quality construction materials. These construction materials are used to build low-cost, safe, durable housing that can be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere if necessary.
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