Psychopaths: a Sniff Away from Extinction?

Psychopathic Serial Killer Denis Neilsen

Recently,  I was restoring an old 1940’s wireless radio which was in good working condition, except that in the early 1970’s some hippies, in their pad, chose to give it a ‘groovy’ paint job which was like something akin to Yellow Submarine meets a nocturnal vomit by some obscure taxi rank on a Saturday night. In order to remove the paint job, a website suggested using acetone to lift the paint off. What happened next was very interesting. 

I removed the top off the bottle of acetone and immediately the distinct smell filled my nostrils taking me right back to a factory I worked in back in the 1980’s where we used acetone to clean electronic switches. The single sniff of the chemical not only transported me back to my old job, but flooded my senses with memories of the place and the people who worked there for the first time in decades. The smell of the acetone in my nostrils for a split second made me experience a kind of sensory time travel. The power of our sense of smell to evoke a time and place was brought into sharp focus as I began to remove the ‘groovy’ paint job.

In 2011, research conducted by psychologists at Macquarie University in Australia discovered that subjects who scored highly on psychopathic traits profiling, had a much poorer sense of smell than the rest of the seventy college students in the study. This discovery raises remarkable questions as to why psychopaths can’t detect smells as well as the rest of us. More interestingly, as the sense of smell relates strongly to both memory and sensory/emotional recollection – almost certainly as an evolutionary survival trait – does this study also add weight to the previous discoveries that psychopaths apparently have no sense of a past identity?They exist ‘in the moment’, and the past to them is literally an experience ‘someone’ else had as they change personae constantly with each predatory tangent they embark upon.

As this powerful correlation between memory and smell not only fills us with nostalgia, but can also serve to remind us of the presence of natural predators – within a wild context – and this would put any psychopath living in a hunter gather society at an extreme disadvantage in terms of using their poor sense of smell to build a cognitive environmental internal geography within their consciousness. 

This would serve to prove why psychopaths are completely dependent upon enablers and hence, why they tend to do better in larger urban ‘target-rich’ environments, as they quite simply, could not survive in a rural or wilderness setting. 
When I was writing Puzzling People; the Labyrinth of the Psychopath in 2009, I spoke to a gentleman in Canada who was a typical outdoors man, and who also believed his brother to be a psychopath. One of the traits this gentleman relayed to me was that from the time they were kids his brother was literally terrified of going hiking and camping in the wilderness and constantly expressed a great hatred for the natural world outside human civilisation. One time a skunk had left its scent close to their camper van and while all the other kids were holding their noses, his psychopathic brother could not understand what the fuss was all about.

As a side note: the psychopathic serial killers Anthony Sowell and Denis Neilsen were both caught due to neighbours smelling rotting corpses on their properties. Something both of these psychopaths were apparently oblivious to.

Facebook has secretly been spying on your medical internet searches

(NaturalNews) Academics and scientists researching privacy on the Internet have found it difficult to actually define the parameters of their research and, specifically, what exactly constitutes “privacy” and “privacy violations.”As this this study notes, for example, the study…

University: A Death Cult for the Middle Classes?

Top universities are just like cults when you think about it. 

The students think they have ‘special knowledge’ others do not have for being within the institution. There are all kinds of sensory deprivation rituals, such as gruelling exam studies, hazing and behavioural controls via extreme political correctness to the use of cult-like buzz phrases such as ‘microagressions’ and chanting. The ‘elders’ are the Professors who are the high priest class, who will only give you their ‘approval’ if you question nothing and do only what they tell you to do. There is the buffer of ‘Campus Jesuits’ called Fraternities who police the lesser adepts for the benefit of the Elder Professor Class. You can only read what they tell you to read and think only what they tell you to think. You are denied a meaningful love life and stable intimacy with someone you can trust, and your friendships are all with people exclusively within the same campus social circle. Diets are limited and proving your worth and unconditional devotion is EVERYTHING. You are isolated from your old social networks and family. You even have hymns and special vestments devoted to the glory of the institution and you consider yourself an ‘elite’ for doing everything you are told to do and questioning nothing. 

By the time you realise it is a huge scam, you have invested so much of your life into obtaining a degree that you ‘just can’t’ walk away only to live with the guilt and shame of not being one the ‘special adepts’ with the stupid hat and gown. Finally, they take all your money and you never recover financially.

How is that different from a cult?
In the USA, I always found it amazing that working class people were not supposed to be well read. They were to conform to a stereotype of being a ‘working stiff’ who merely watches baseball on TV and drinks something called ‘Lite’ beer. 

In the Ireland I grew up in, working class people devoured books. There was no contradiction. It was only when I realised what big business ‘education’ actually is, that I understood why these stereotypes from Lisa Simpson to Roseanne were almost ruthlessly enforced within the American cognition. This mentality is everywhere now.

You had to go to college in order to ‘read books’ in the USA, and back then I used to come across Americans who were literally spellbound when they saw me holding a copy of a Tennessee Williams or Lovecraft novel on my lunch break working as a house painter. 

I recall one Harvard gentleman being literally offended that I knew more about just about everything than he did because I was wearing painter’s overalls for a week in his house in Forest Hills. By the Friday, he was literally ready to hurl me out the door when when I started talking about the DaDaists with his daughter. He was terrified I was going to ask her out on a date. It was all about no crossing over of social status and that meant who pays for education and who does not. I did get my credentials in graphic design later, but as a night student paying out of my own pocket. My one year as a real college student destroying my love for Electronic Engineering put me off for life.

Listen to this discussion between myself and James Corbett on Joyce the other day. James did his thesis on Joyce at Trinity in Dublin at the same time I was there reading Joyce in the park during my lunch break. Yet there was no sense I was less knowledgeable about the subject. I just did not pay for it and get a piece of paper and a stupid hat and gown at the end of the ordeal.

Knowledge is Everywhere

That is the biggest misconception and scam of all. Having people believe they need to pay huge sums of money to get an education. If you can read and stay away from drink, weed and TV, you will learn much with books and sexy women will fancy you for it. The ideal solution is to go to trade school or tech and then do the ‘academic’ stuff as a hobby in your free time. You’ll have a much easier and less painful life and you’ll beat the banks too.

The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda

4th August 2015 By Zen Gardner Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The outdated matrix programming by the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities. The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing. And it’s driving them nuts. …Continue Reading – The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda

Trump Goes #Cuckservative on Immigration

For weeks, the media have trumpeted the supposed death of the Trump campaign. First, they claimed, Trump’s campaign imploded on launch thanks to his comments about illegal immigration. Then they claimed that Trump was finished because of his slap at Senator’s (R-AZ) war service. But neither of those comments alienated Trump’s base – he’s maintained his seven point…

How Google Destroyed the Internet

The internet was created to resolve a simple problem: in communications networks, any central node through which all messages passed was vulnerable to attack or takeover. To counter this, engineers designed a network where any node would pass messages to other nodes, routing around any damage.

Then came commerce and the democratization of the internet.

Under this model, frightened sheep…

Watch: amazing footage of drone races… and crashes


Got a drone? Take it racing. Flying drones at breakneck speeds through the countryside is the coolest sport of the year.

By: James Temperton,

Continue reading…


This will be short.

I thought about whether to post this for about a week, since it was so personal to someone that I know. I’ve decided to do it, and expect you folks “out there” to treat it with civility, given this is from a woman that I’ve known for thirty years, and who is the daughter of one of my best friends. Even though I have great confidence in the inherent goodness and common social intelligence of most of you who have been reading the blog for years, I’m not going to name her. There are jerks and trolls out there in abundance.

The narrative in brief: this youngish woman had a grade-school-age son, who recently died in a tragic accident. She is one of the tougher-minded persons about warrioring through rough patches in life that I know, but of course this death of her only child was too much for anyone to just shrug off and soldier on unaffected. I don’t know how she made it through the funeral [which I attended].

A few days after that funeral, she was alone in her house when she noticed a light on the ceiling. After staring at it for awhile, she decided to get her phone and film it. [as I said, a tough-minded lady]. She filmed the light for about two minutes and then sat the “camera” aside to climb up and investigate more closely. The big deal here was: she could not block the light with her hands. The lightform was on the surface of the ceiling itself and not being “beamed in” from somewhere external. Without the context of her life, we would say only that this was an extremely anomalous light.

Here are a couple of snaps from the “movie”:

A snap from the video as it came to me. The lightform stayed centered in the same spot on the ceiling throughout the 2+2 minute camera periods (after coming back down from her “testings” she filmed it for two minutes more, until it faded out — so, whole experience was about 4minutes filmed and about three minutes elsewise.) Although centering in the same location, the form itself was quite dynamic, changing shape and sending out short streamers.

I darkened the shot here for better seeing the lightform.

A second shot — I cropped this one to get it “closer” for you.

A second artificial darkening by me.

I don’t KNOW what this was. The lady involved doesn’t know either [as she’s said directly to me.] But I know what both our “leading hypotheses” are, and she has taken some consolation from that.

For what it’s worth……

Peace, folks.

Calais Crisis: Cameron’s Worst Nightmare


‘As the crisis in Calais continues, with yet another night of disruption to Channel Tunnel freight services, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is facing his worst nightmare: a huge rise in anti-Europe sentiment ahead of the In/Out referendum next year.

Cameron’s own Conservative Party is split over Europe, with a significant minority wanting out of the European Union altogether. It is an issue that split the party down the middle when it was last in majority power in the late 1990s. It proved such a divisive issue that it was one of the reasons the party lost the 1997 election and remained out of power for 13 years.’

Read more: Calais Crisis: Cameron’s Worst Nightmare

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Honeywell’s resumes production after leak

The Honeywell facility in Metropolis resumed full production Wednesday after a root-cause investigation into a leak that occurred Aug. 1, according to a company statement.

“The investigation, the results of which were shared with NRC inspectors, found that the cause was the over pressurization of a system that was undergoing maintenance at the time,” the statement read. “The plant has undertaken a number of immediate corrective actions to prevent such an incident in the future and has reviewed these with the NRC.”

The leak led to a release of 12.04 pounds of UF6, or about four cups in liquid state. The uranium hexafluoride converted to 2.41 pounds of hydrofluoric acid when it was exposed to air. According to the statement, the state of Illinois only requires plants to report releases more than 100 pounds of hydrofluoric acid.

Get Ilia Stambler’s book, “A History of Life-extensionism in the Twentieth Century”, for Free

life extension history coverIlia Stambler’s book,  “A History of Life-extensionism in the Twentieth Century” –  is now freely available from his site, in html and pdf formats for a limited time only.

The paper book also has been reduced in price to make it more available for placing at university and community libraries, from Amazon.

Illia writes, “I hope this book will provide a valuable resource on life-extension science. It surveys the development of the field in the course of over a century in major national contexts – France (Chapter 1), Germany, Austria, Romania and Switzerland (Chapter 2), Russia and Ukraine (Chapter 3), the US and UK (Chapter 4). It includes almost 1300 bibliographic notes, each including several up to dozens annotated references (often hyper-linked), in several languages – mainly English, French, Russian and German. The title refers to the 20th century, but in fact, the book includes extensive information and references on very recent developments, up to the end of 2014, as well as information on early modern, medieval and ancient developments. The main text refers to over 700 authors and actors, and over 2,000 leading authors are cited in the References and Notes section.”

A History of Life-extensionism in the Twentieth Century provides a broad history of the scientific and technological ideas in the field of life extension, and importantly also considers the social and ideological implications of this pursuit. So it is a both sort of an encyclopedia of life extension and also a history of life extension science. The book will be of interest and utility to people in the field, this book will be used as a text book in academic courses on life extension, but it is quite accessible and will hopefully provide motivation to a new generation of scientists to enter and pursue the field of longevity science.

The book was highly reviewed by distinguished researchers of aging and longevity, and of society, science and emerging technologies. (Some comments can be found on the book cover and among the reviews on Amazon )

One of the central arguments of this book is that not only is life extension science a legitimate and honorable scientific pursuit, but in fact it has been indispensable and instrumental for the development of so called “conventional” medicine through the emergence of very tangible everyday therapies that we use now. And it holds similar, or greater, promise for the future.

Illia’s book will contribute to public education about longevity science as well as promoting the legitimization of the field more broadly. Education is vital in order for longevity science to be taken seriously as a legitimate scientific endeavor and will not be given the needed level of financial support without it. This book represents an important milestone in that regard an

The free and reduced price distribution of this book is a part of the campaign to raise awareness about the importance of aging and longevity research for the development of healthcare toward October 1 – the UN International Day of Older Persons (also referred to by some as the International Longevity Day).

Get it while you can!

Additional actions, events and promotions may be submitted:

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Review: Rejuvenation Biotech Conference


Aubrey de Grey

Fifteen years ago, Aubrey de Grey organized the first SENS roundtable–Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence.  It was a small group of out-of-the-box thinkers, heretics who talked about attacking head-on the idea that aging is just part of the human condition, looking for medical (and beyond-medical) treatments that would restore strength, stamina, and alertness, and lower the risk of all the diseases of old age at once.

There followed five more SENS conferences in Cambridge, UK.  Now, SENS HQ has moved to Silicon Valley the series has been absorbed as a summer Rejuvenation Biotech conference in California.

This is the mainstreaming of anti-aging science, the product of many long years of work and relationship-building, largely by Aubrey himself.  As Joni Mitchell wisely warns, “Something’s lost and something’s gained…our dreams have lost their grandeur coming true.”  There is a lot more money, a lot more data, well-established people and funders are involved.  But there is less daring, out-of-the-box risk-taking than in the past, and my personal judgment is that we are still at a stage of understanding where high-risk science is essential.

At one point, a young man posed a question in a session devoted to cancer strategies.  The most common cancers attract the most funding, he said, and there has been little progress over the years in survival percentages in these cases.  Meanwhile, there has been dramatic progress in rare cancers, though they are the province of fringe research with little mainstream funding.  Perhaps there is an inverse correlation between funding and scientific progress.  Perhaps funding distortions favor repeat funding of long-term projects, with a resulting bias toward failed ideas.  Perhaps funding makes scientists more conservative, and impedes discovery.  This was a perspective that no one could digest, and audience and speaker moved on with embarrassed laughter.

At the end of this page is the most exciting thing I learned at the conference, which is also the most far-flung and likely to be an artifact.


Alzheimer’s Trial using Infusion of Blood Plasma from Young Donors

Tony Wyss-Coray of Stanford has what I consider the boldest and most promising program for rejuvenation today.  He discovered last year that mice given a single infusion of blood plasma from a young human showed striking improvement in wound healing and neuron growth in the brain.  There were dramatic improvements in cognitive performance as well.

Take a moment to appreciate how unexpected this was.  Even for those of us who are enthusiastic about the ability of blood factors to reprogram the body’s age, we expected that many repeated treatments would be needed, and that it would be necessary to remove pro-inflammatory factors from old blood as well as adding pro-growth factors from young blood.  Most blood factors are constantly being generated and destroyed, so their lifetime in the bloodstream is only a few hours or even minutes.  It was beyond optimistic to think that a single shot of young plasma could have a measurable effect.

The result was so promising that Wyss-Coray is leapfrogging over the animal testing phase.  He has formed a for-profit spinoff, proceding right to clinical trials.  (This is possible because plasma transfusion is already a mature technology, long approved for safety in other contexts.)


Thymus Regeneration

Georg Hollander presented a cogent and enlightening exegesis of the thymus, from basic function to ongoing projects.  The thymus is a small gland under the breastbone that is responsible for a crucial function of the immune system:  training white blood cells (T-cells) to distinguish between self and other, so they can consistently attack the latter and spare the former.  In adulthood, the thymus atrophies (“thymic involution”), and in old age there is almost no thymus left, with the disastrous result that T-cells not only fail to protect our bodies from invaders, but treat our bodies as the enemy, leading to autoimmunity.  The training is performed by web-like epithelial cells, shaped like crumpled blankets, each epithelial cell in contact with up to 60 developing T-cells.  Epithelial cells must express every single protein in the genome, and there is a transcription factor called AIRE that binds to DNA, promoting “promiscuous expression.”  Curiously, AIRE works best for genes that are normally turned off by methylation or acetylation.  15% of genes are expressed only in the presence of AIRE.  There are micro-RNAs that are also necessary for promiscuous expression of all genes.

Hollander has been working on the hypothesis that each epithelial cell succeeds in programming only a random subset of the genome, so if you have fewer epithelial cells late in life, the cells collectively will not express every single gene in the body; there will be holes in the set of all genes represented in the thymus, and as a result there will be autoimmunity.  He said we need a minimum 200-300 epithelial cells for a fully-functioning thymus that protects the body against itself.

At Wake Forest Inst, John Jackson is working on growing epithelial cells in a petri dish, then forming them on a scaffold, integrating blood vessels (vascularization) and structural (stromal) cells.  His intern Blake Johnson made remarkable progress in a single summer toward creating a functional mouse thymus.  Mice (like other small animals) have much larger thymi in relation to body size; and (like humans), they lose most of their thymic volume over their short lifetimes, with the result that their immune systems are disabled and they are vulnerable especially to cancer.

FOXN1 may be a key to reactivating the tired thymus.  Greg Fahy of 21st Century Medicine is conducting a tiny clinical trial in the coming year, using growth hormone and other blood factors to regrow the thymus in people 50-65 yo.  (Enrollment is closed; they are not seeking test subjects.)


Two paths to longevity
(Dataheads can skip this and the following section. They are just philosophy.)

Very broadly, there are two approaches to anti-aging medicine, which might be called “bioengineering” and “endocrinology”.  The question is, how much of the change that takes place with age can the body reverse with its internal resources, given the appropriate chemical signals (that’s endocrinology)?  And how much remains that must be rebuilt or replaced with prosthetics (bioengineering)?  From the beginning, SENS has emphasized the bioengineering approach–its middle name is “engineering”.  I am more optimistic about what the body might be able to do on its own, if only we can master its biochemical language.

Significant advances have been made in bioengineering in the 15 year history of SENS.  A prosthetic limb no longer needs to be a peg leg, but can be designed to respond to neural signals.  Prosthetic eyes and ears have come down from the clouds into the realm of the feasible.  The first organs grown cell-by-cell on scaffolds in the lab have been re-implanted successfully in human patients.

But even more stunning and promising breakthroughs have appeared in the realm of chemical signaling.  In 2000, before the Bush Ban, all stem cell research depended on embryonic stem cells harvested from foetal tissue; but turning muscle or skin cells back into stem cells has turned out to be surprisingly easy (though the process is still being refined).  “Epigenetics” was an abstract noun in 2000, and it is now the fastest-growing area of biological science.  Epigenetic signaling may be the organizing principle of whole-body aging [ref, ref, ref].  Signal proteins have been identified that turn on whole systems of genes that retard aging.  Better yet, pathways that promote inflammation (e.g. TGF-β, NFkB) can be blocked, while some blood factors (e.g. FOXn1, oxytocin) turn on regenerative pathways, with the promise of rejuvenation.  Steve Horvath has pioneered a bioinformatic approach to identifying the epigenetic differences between old and young humans.


Broad strategies

Business is averse to risk.  Science is all about exploring the unknown.  It’s not exactly a match made in heaven.

Chas Bountra is deeply tied to the establishment, but radical in his own way.  He is a veteran of many years as head of research at Glaxo Smithkline, and now directs the Structural Genomics Unit at Oxford.  His focus is Alzheimer’s Disease, and tells us why:  We have a basic understanding of cancer, stroke and heart disease, and are making steady, incremental progress toward prevention and higher survival rates.  If current trends continue, dementia will be the scourge of the next generation, exacting an unaffordable social cost as patients survive for years, unable to contribute to society, to care for themselves or even to enjoy social interactions with others.

He is interested in “novel targets”.  He will not consider amyloid beta or Tau protein aggregates because, “we have spent tens of billions of dollars researching A-beta plaques and we still can’t Bountra makes an impassioned plea for open source researching.  He boasts of doing research that drug companies shun as too risky, and having succeeded in identifying more than 40 new targets that drug manufacturers have pursued and brought to the market.  His research unit publishes all data, takes no patents, and shares all ideas in academic journals.   His model: Universities take all the risk, using public monies; pharmaceutical giants make all the profits.  (Big Pharma then uses its considerable leverage in lobbying Congress to increase funding for biochemical research.)

For a commie like me, this model is tainted with corporate welfare, but while I choke on the social injustice, I admit that it is practical and effective in today’s political environment.


Oldest Aging Scientist Still Active

That title probably goes to George Martin, at 88 still deeply thoughtful and open to new ideas in his U Washington lab. I visited George a week earlier, on my way to San Francisco.  Len Hayflick, 87, works at UCSF.   At 86, Bruce Ames is still active and doing good work.  After the conference, I was privileged to visit his lab in Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI).  Ames has been doing innovative biochemistry since the 1960s, and by now has persevered to see some of his heresies absorbed into the canon of public health.  After a 32-year career at UC Berkeley, he moved to emeritus status and opened his present lab in 2000.

Bruce Ames

In 1972, Ames launched his career by investing a quick and easy lab test for teratogenicity that has saved billions of dollars and countless millions of rabbits.

In the 1980s, Ames was an early influence on my diet and helped form my understanding of aging.  In that era, we all thought about buildup of toxins and cumulative effect of carcinogens.  Ames was at the forefront, ranking carcinogens by a scheme he called HERP, which took proper account of potency and average public exposure.  The conclusion that surprised him and alienated many advocates of natural medicine was that natural carcinogens are common in the foods we eat, overwhelming the risk from pesticides and preservatives for which we were seeking tighter regulation.  Always an evolutionary thinker, Ames headed off the argument that we might be evolved to deal with natural carcinogens but not manufactured carcinogens, demonstrating that diets and lifespans of our hominid forbears made that conclusion unsupportable.

Ames was one of an elite group at the first SENS roundtable discussion in 2000, forerunner of the RB2015 conference that I attended last week.

Today, Ames argues that dozens of micronutrients are essential for both day-to-day metabolism and for long-term health.  When any of these micronutrients are in short supply, the body prioritizes the former, and the latter is shortchanged, with consequences for longevity.

In Bruce’s lab, I met Rhonda Patrick, a dynamic young post-doc who both does innovative nutritional science and has a uniquely nerdy and well-informed video blog of health advice for nerds, broadcasting applied biochemistry for the masses.

I can’t resist noting how pleased I was to find that my contrarian idea that aging is an evolved genetic program was already assumed as a matter of course by Rhonda and other senior scientists in Bruce’s lab.


Metformin Update

I have been an advocate of metformin for everyone, and enthusiastic about Nir Barzilai’s trial of metformin as an anti-aging drug.  Last week, I learned from Brian Hanley that metformin has a dark side, to wit, a statistical association with higher frequency of Alzheimer’s disease [ref, ref].  There is a biochemical mechanism that makes the epidemiology more compelling.  B12 supplementation may mitigate the risk.

Other studies [ref, ref]  have found that diabetes patients have elevated risk of dementia, and that that risk is reduced when they take metformin.  So it’s fair to say that there is contradictory evidence, and the direction of the effect may depend on individual variation.  Here is a balanced view of both sides.

A reader of this blog, George Goldsmith has written to me that berberine is a good herbal substitute for metformin.  Everything we know about berberine looks really good–it is an anti-inflammatory as well as helping preserve insulin sensitivity, acting through the AMPK pathway.  But we have much more experience with metformin, both clinically and in the lab.  Metformin increases life span in mice, and to my knowledge, this test has yet to be performed with berberine.  Magnesium supplements also can help prevent insulin resistance, and there are other good reasons to take magnesium.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum, sold by LEF under the brand name AMPK Activator, is another herbal alternative to metformin.



Bill Andrews was a major sponsor of the conference and a ubiquitous presence, though he did not make a presentation.  Curiously enough, the only spokesperson for telomere biology was Judith Campisi.  While Andrews has taken the position that lengthening telomeres is more than a good thing, possibly a key to reversing aging, Campisi has cautioned us that telomerase is rationed by the body, and there must be a good reason for this.  For two decades, Campisi has been the principal advocate of the thesis that telomeres are permitted to shorten in order to protect us from runaway replication of tumor cells.

My judgment is that Andrews has it right, and Campisi is clinging to a flawed theory   At this point, overwhelming evidence tells us that short telomeres cause many more cancers than they prevent.  To her credit, Campisi has backed away from the cancer theory which she had so long propounded.   But she has yet to embrace the radical truth that telomere shortening is an evolved mechanism of programmed death (and has been since the dawn of eukaryotic life).  Campisi is a good scientist who knows as much about telomere biology as anyone on the planet; but she has afforded too much deference to the prevailing evolutionary perspective, though it is contradicted by evidence that she can (and does) recite from memory.  So her more recent papers stress the (sometimes) beneficial role of inflammatory signals in promoting wound healing, and she pursues a theory that she hopes will someday explain the devastating consequences of telomere shortening as a necessary price to pay for the signals that call forth repair and renewal.

Meanwhile, flawed evolutionary theory continues to be the principal obstruction that impedes progress toward an effective telomerase activator which, I believe, will add years to our lives.  Neither VC investors nor NIH funders have given this subject the priority it deserves.



Rejuvenation from an extract of umbilical blood
(Here is the promised most exciting, and most speculative thing I learned.)

Wuyi Kong is a researcher in regenerative medicine who spent 15 years at Stanford before returning to her native China five years ago.  She now has a private for-profit business, incorporated in Silicon Valley and relocated to China, with enough funding from the Chinese government to get tantalizing results, but not enough to do clinical trials.

She describes particles in umbilical blood that confound a basic principle of biology: that every cell comes from another cell.  She calls these medium-size particlesNPRCP, for non-plasma RNA-containing particles, and has observed them in electron micrographs, as they agglomerate into stem cells.

Time sequence shows particles aggregating into cells. This is either a Nobel Prize or an anomaly.

For 15 years, Kong has been filtering these particles from umbilical blood and injecting them intravenously, first into mice and then into humans, with spectacular results.  In her most complete and convincing paper, she damages the kidneys of mice by cutting off blood supply, then demonstrates regrowth of the kidneys after infusion with NPRCPs.  The problematic claim is that NPRCPs are non-living particles, yet they agglomerate to form stem cells, which are then ennucleated with DNA from the recipient mouse.  This is indeed strange science, but isn’t this all the more reason to replicate her experiments?

Kong claims anecdotal evidence for erasing wrinkles and white hair turned to black.  More substantively, she says patients have improved energy and faster healing.  One semi-comatose patient with advanced AD recovered not just her consciousness but also her short-term memory.

This is the kind of speculative, creative science that I have come to expect at SENS conferences.  Most such reports do not pan out, but some of them lead to spectacularly disruptive technologies.  We can survive with no less.


This article originally appeared in Josh’s blog Aging Matters here. Republished with permission of the author.

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Interview 1080 – Claire Bernish Reports on the Nestle Water Scandal

Today James talks to Claire Bernish, an independent reporter for The Pontiac Tribune and The Anti-Media, about her recent report, “Nestle Pays Only $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water.” We talk about the (expired) permit that has allowed Nestle to pump the water from the San Bernardino National Forest for decades, the effect it is having on California’s drought-ravaged ecosystem, the growing movement to draw awareness to the issue, and reddit’s censorship of Bernish’s viral article.

September 2015 Convergence: Is There Any Connection Between These World Events?

25th August 2015 By Makia Freeman Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The end of September 2015, or more precisely the period from around September 15th to September 28th 2015, has become the subject of much attention, apprehension and prediction. As usual, this involves a certain amount of fear-mongering, sensationalism, biblical prophecies and other dire warnings, which …Continue Reading – September 2015 Convergence: Is There Any Connection Between These World Events?

Sweden Democrats now the most popular political party

Someone should check the weather forecast, has hell frozen over? Because the Swedish are finally waking up!

For the first time ever, the Sweden Democrats, a party which is somewhat against anti-White policies like “diversity” and “multiculturalism”, has become the most popular political party amongst voters.

Statistics collector, EurActiv says the latest figures…

Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery


Why are some able to transcend their addiction while others are not? What do people really need to escape the shame of their addiction and achieve sustained recovery? Jacki’s talk focuses on answering these questions and demonstrates how resilience of the human spirit intersects with social contextual factors to set the stage for those struggling with addiction to choose a pathway to health.

Grand Juries & unlawful evictions

In January 2015, Michael Sinclair was evicted from his home in Luton due to a mortgage issue and has been out of his home now for over 6 months. The eviction was captured on film earlier this year.

Here is the tragic eviction;

And the update from Guy Taylor (@magnacartaman on twitter) as to why the eviction is unlawful

Shelter estimate half a million people were vulnerable to eviction in 2014, and UK govt (known liars) put the figure for evictions at 11,000 for the first 3 months of 2015.  We can be confident this figure will not have been over-inflated.

The major banks of the UK were all bailed out by the public purse in 2008, and now those same banks are responsible for the forced evictions via complicit judiciary & police, both issuing and obeying fraudulent documentation. This has been witnessed in the open at the similarly horrifying Tom Crawford eviction in June:

Watching this video is a shocking wake up call for paradigm defenders. There can be no justification.

How much longer are we going to stand aside as our neighbors and our communities are taken apart? To remove people from their homes against their will and over their objection is a crime of the most serious nature. It is my opinion that a huge percentage of evictions, if not every single one in truth, is done fraudulently with no official paperwork to properly execute according to law. Because there are no longer Law Courts, only courts of law where color of law documents and sleight of hand rule the day. To witness this done at the behest of bankrupt criminal organisations, at a rate of tens of thousands a year, is a mockery of our people and it must be stopped.

It is clear that resisting evictions is a viable route, and with better organisation many more evictions will be stopped by people power alone. If bailiffs cannot get near a house, we win every time. Organisation via twitter and facebook is possible, but the network must be grown and these are both owned platforms. A way will be found to quell their use eventually although I’m sure more tools will become just as useful for this purpose.

How can we take action?

To redress the balance of those already evicted, we must bring to light evidence of the fraud in every mortgage case. Much has already been done about this but truly the best is yet to come. Michael of Bernicia who i’ve interviewed before is about to release a full length film which lays bare the deception within all mortgages – here’s the trailer:

Grand Juries

John Hurst has written an article over at the UK column which details the history and eventual ‘suspension’ of Grand Juries in the UK. He gives a compelling argument that whilst Magna Carta is largely repealed in statute, in fact it is perfectly possible to convene and allow a grand jury to hear evidence under the Bill of Rights, which has never been repealed. If you are going to fight the system, use their own weapons against them – as they are the only ones easily recognised. So, on the 16th of August a grand jury will be conveyed, and they will hear evidence of Michael Sinclairs’ case before deciding on an appropriate course of action.

I will bring you more on this, next time.


Texas introduces bill to mandate GMO labeling

(NaturalNews) Despite a major setback last month when the U.S. House of Representatives voted 275-150 to pass legislation that would prohibit states from enacting the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the Right to Know movement continues to gain traction as it lays…

Fallout, Elder Scrolls and more Bethesda classics come to

Bethesda Softworks has struck a new digital distribution deal with, making some of its classic titles available to players again for the first time in decades.

The titles include classics from The Elder ScrollsFalloutDoom, and Quake series. Due to the way GOG operates, all titles will be optimised for use on contemporary PCs, and are available without any DRM restrictions.

By: Matt Kamen,

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UK petition to arrest Netanyahu for Gaza war crimes reaches over 80,000 signatures

A petition calling on the UK government to arrest Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes in Gaza when he arrives in London has garnered more than 80,000 signatures. But David Cameron’s government says no way: Netanyahu has diplomatic immunity.

The petition, posted on the UK government’s website, has already been signed by some 81,000 Brits. Its initiator, Damian Moran,…


Michael Schratt (private pilot/military aerospace historian) has lectured across the country on the unique subject of “Mystery Aircraft”, and classified propulsion systems buried deep within the military industrial complex. A guest speaker at the “OSHKOSH” AirVenture 2006/2007 event, (world’s largest air show), Michael has developed a number of contacts which have had first hand experience …Continue Reading Here


Windows 95: New Ways of Interacting Show Desktop Metaphor’s Age

win95 box

The arrival of Microsoft Windows 95 on August 24 1995 brought about a desktop PC boom. With an easier and more intuitive graphical user interface than previous versions it appealed to more than just business, and Bill Gates’ stated aim of one PC per person per desk was set in motion. This was a time of 320Mb hard drives, 8Mb RAM and 15” inch CRT monitors. For most home users, the internet had only just arrived.

Windows 95 introduced the start menu, powered by a button in the bottom-left corner of the desktop. This gives a central point of entry into menus from which to choose commands and applications. The simplicity of this menu enables users to easily find commonly used documents and applications. All subsequent versions of Windows have kept this menu, with the notable exception of Windows 8, a change which prompted an enormous backlash.

We take these intuitive graphic interfaces for granted today, but earlier operating systems such as DOS and CP/M allowed the user to interact using only typed text commands. This all changed in the 1970s, with Ivan Sutherland’s work with Sketchpad and the use of lightpens to control CRT displays, Douglas Engelbart’s development of the computer mouse, and the Xerox PARC research team’s creation of the Windows Icon Menu Pointer graphical interfaces paradigm (WIMP) – the combination of mouse pointer, window and icons that remains standard to this day. By the early 1980s, Apple had developed graphical operating systems for its Lisa (released 1983) and Macintosh (1984) computers, and Microsoft had released Windows (1985).

DOS – these were not good old days.
Krzysztof Burghardt

Imagining a desktop

All these interfaces rely on the central idea of the desktop, a comprehensible metaphor for a computer. We work with information in files and organise them in folders, remove unwanted information to the trash can, and note something of interest with a bookmark.

Metaphors are useful. They enable users to grasp concepts faster, but rely on the metaphor remaining comprehensible to the user and useful for the designer and programmer putting it into effect – without stretching it beyond belief. The advantage is that the pictures used to represent functions (icons) look similar to those in the workplace, and so the metaphor is readily understandable.

Breaking windows

But 20 years after Windows 95, the world has changed. We have smartphones and smart televisions, we use the internet prolifically for practically everything. Touchscreens are now almost more ubiquitous than the classic mouse-driven interface approach, and screen resolution is so high individual pixels can be difficult to see. We still have Windows, but things are changing. Indeed, they need to change.

The desktop metaphor has been the metaphor of choice for so long, and this ubiquity has helped computers find a place within households as a common, familiar tool rather than as specialist, computerised equipment. But is it still appropriate? After all, few of us sit in an office today with paper-strewn desks; books are read on a tablet or phone rather than hard-copies; printing emails is discouraged; most type their own letters and write their own emails; files are electronic not physical; we search the internet for information rather than flick through reference books; and increasingly the categorisation and organisation of data has taken second place to granular search.

Mouse-driven interfaces rely on a single point of input, but we’re increasingly seeing touch-based interfaces that accept swipes, touches and shakes in various combinations. We are moving away from the dictatorship of the mouse pointer. Dual-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom are new emerging metaphors – natural user interfaces (NUI) rather than graphical user interfaces.

What does the next 20 years hold?

It’s hard to tell but one thing that is certain is that interfaces will make use of more human senses to display information and to control the computer. Interfaces will become more transparent, more intuitive and less set around items such as boxes, arrows or icons. Human gestures will be more commonplace. And such interfaces will be incorporated into technology throughout the world, through virtual reality and augmented reality.

These interfaces will be appear and feel more natural. Some suitable devices already exist, such as ShiverPad, that provide shear forces on surfaces that provide a frictional feel to touch devices. Or Geomagic’s Touch X (formerly the Sensible Phantom Desktop) that delivers three-dimensional forces to make 3D objects feel solid.

Airborne haptics are another promising technology that develop tactile interfaces in mid-air. Through ultrasound, users can feel acoustic radiation fields that emanate from devices, without needing to touch any physical surface. Videogame manufacturers have led the way with these interfaces, including the Microsoft Kinect and Hololens that allow users to use body gestures to control the interface, or with their eyes through head-mounted displays.

Once interaction with a computer or device can be commanded using natural gestures, movements of the body or spoken commands, the necessity for the Windows-based metaphor of computer interaction begins to look dated – as old as it is.

The Conversation###

Jonathan Roberts is Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Bangor University

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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Grand Theft Auto V mod promises spectacular visuals


Think Grand Theft Auto V looks good on PC now? An in-development mod promises to make Rockstar Games’ crime epic look downright spectacular.

Toddyhancer is a mod currently under construction by Martin Bergman that brings the multi-million selling action game closer to photo-realism. Lighting, detail, and texturing all look notably improved as a result, bringing the grimy urban streets and glorious open valleys of Los Santos even more beautifully to life.

By: Matt Kamen,

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How to turn your phone into a holographic display, for free

As we have been reminded recently by the furore around the Holus tabletop display, most current holograms are an effect more than a technology. Everyone knows what they should be like — largely thanks to Hollywood sci-fi — but we’re not quite there yet.

The upside to that disappointment, however, is that it’s totally possible to make a decent 3D ‘holographic’ display with your smartphone.

By: Michael Rundle,

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UK Police double pirate site ‘ad hijacking’ scheme

Last year, the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit launched an effort to “hijack” adverts on sites suspected of supplying illegal downloads. One year on, and a freedom of information request has revealed the extent of the endeavour — it’s more than doubled over the last 12 months.

By: Matt Kamen,

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And Now For Something Completely Different: West Virginia Dowsing

Hello, folks. As said: something different this time [although there has been some coverage of dowsing in the blog previously — about three posts in ages past].

Here’s how this one happened: in the never-ending battle to organize the archive(s), the material which “fell off the top of the pile” this time was a stack of a newspaper called the West Virginia Advocate. The paper was edited by a fellow who we wish there had been more of — someone intelligent, skeptical within reason, open-minded to mystery, and willing to take the risks of publishing interesting things. His name was Warren E. Duliere, and from what I read of him, we’d probably all like to have had him as a neighbor.

I had purchased a few WV Advocates during a several day visit to the Gray Barker Archives at the Clarksburg, WV library, though I have no idea why they/Gray had them as nothing of UFOs appears there. What Duliere DID feature in his paper were three categories of anomalies: a). Bigfoot reports and claims; b). West Virginia artifacts and cave markings pointing to visitations to the area by Celtic peoples very long ago; and c). Dowsing. The latter is the most manageable bit, so I’ll do that. Maybe i’ll get enough energy later to do the other two.

Duliere’s coverage of Dowsing surrounds his own introduction to the subject, and includes his unique experience with it — this is the main reason I want to get the “report” out there as it is in such an ephemeral source that it will be lost. Duliere doesn’t illustrate this [as he does other topics] so you’ll just have to put up with “random” pictures to distract you. Here’s what Duliere says:

This was in 1985-86. He and his wife were wanting to finalize their decision to build a home on property in the hills, but removed enough from any town that there was no readily available water supply. Before going forward, they wanted to get assurance that they had water on the property.

They contacted a number of well drillers, but were given no optimism whatever. The drillers claimed familiarity with the area, and would not even look at the property. Finally, they heard of a sort-of “different” type of driller in Stephenson, VA named C. Edward Shirley. Shirley had a good reputation as a well-finder, but even he was doubtful before coming to the land. This is because all these guys knew practical geology and knew that this particular sand/sandstone strata had very poor results in the past. Plus, it was a risk for drillers to drill in, as the sandy soil thereabouts had produced several situations where the drillers could not extract their equipment, with the result of catastrophic economic loss.

But he showed up, dowsing rods in hand — much to Duliere’s amazement and incredulity. Shirley however took the risk out of the situation by saying that if didn’t bring in a satisfactory well, there would be no charge. … So Duliere watched him get to it.

Shirley used the bent welding rod method of dowsing and began walking with the rods pointing forward. Duliere found it difficult to buy when the rods began to swing out to the sides and then go completely “backwards” as Shirley crossed certain points. This action of the rods happened slowly, and Shirley repeated the procedure several times with apparently consistent results. Duliere didn’t believe him when he said that this indicated an underground stream at the key point twelve feet wide and running away along the base of the hillside.

Trying to appease his skepticism while not insulting Shirley,  Duliere said: can anyone do this? Shirley, a lifelong “victim” of skeptics, but one who had retained some humility and sense of humor, replied: you have to be full of shit and half nuts. Duliere responded that people had informed him that he met both criteria, so let’s try it.

What Duliere reports next is rather astounding to me. Not that the rods “worked”, but the way they worked. As he walked towards the alleged stream line, the rods began to slowly turn. He was shocked to feel this reality happening. He tried to stop it by gripping tighter and tighter. The rods moved anyway, right through the force of his grip. And, they moved oppositely to the way that they had for Shirley. They crossed inwards. But the rods moved for both men in the same relationship to the spot on the ground.

Shirley laughed out loud “Look at that! He’s crazy as hell. He’s got a short circuit! The rods are crossing on him instead of spreading apart.” As Duliere continued to walk, the rods continued to move until they first pointed at himself and continued until they pointed away from one another, having now made a 3-quarters circle rotation [whereas Shirley’s rotation to the same orientation had to transverse only 90 degrees “going the short way”].

Duliere speculated that as the rods turned all the way, he must have been walking above the middle of this underground stream. It took the rods twelve feet to make their moves; the same as the width that Shirley had said. Duliere then walked backwards and the rods reversed their behavior, which included the palpable feeling of force overcoming his hand grips. Now convinced that Shirley [and he] had actually located an underground stream, he suggested that this was where Shirley should dig. Shirley said no.

Saying that the site was too close to the bottom of the hill and a risk of catching up his equipment, he took off witching the direction he thought the streamflow went. 200 feet further on, he declared that this was a good spot and that there was “a damm underground lake with one helluva lot of water” down there. Again Duliere’s skepticism flared; this new site was further away from his prospective home [by the 200 feet] and also, conveniently, quite near where Shirley had already parked his drilling rig. The two took this good-naturedly, but Duliere still wondered. Then his wife showed up.

Dragooning her into the “experiment” [rather irritatedly to begin with], she couldn’t detect any force on the rods at all and they didn’t move even at the original point of the “finding.” BUT, as she continued on towards the alleged “lake”, the rods suddenly twisted in her hands, spreading apart, as they did with Shirley, and she shrieked: “Oh My God!!”. From then on there was no stopping her from testing the area with the rods, and she became a total proponent of Shirley’s claim that the “lake” was where to dig.

A few days later, the Duliere’s were proud owners of a 180-foot deep well, running 70 gallons per minute.

Duliere, for a while, used similar rods to test some of the other information that Shirley had made about the property and its near surroundings. The rods, though “backwards” for him, acted out according to Shirley’s opinions about water availability each time.

So what had gone on here? Duliere certainly wanted to know. He made a historical search for what the ancients and mediaevalists thought about dowsing, feeling that he had located references to dowsing in classical Greece, China, and the Bible [I doubt that last one as it is the reference to Moses striking with his staff the rock in the desert from which ran forth water. This COULD be allegory for water witching but there is a better naturalistic explanation involving breaking the crust of a certain type of accretion to allow access to internal water deposited.] The one of these that fascinated me was the reference from Herodotus that the Scythians had been using divining rods that far back in time. If so, this gives possible support for the ancient Irish tale of druid mages finding a lost person utilizing something sounding very much like a witching stick.

Duliere also referred briefly to the several studies that had been done which seem to give controlled data for the phenomenon. In an earlier blog posting, I reviewed some of these, and I believe that the evidence for some unexplained phenomenon here is plenty sufficient to credit it. There ARE also plenty of examples of crap out there though, so one needs to stay “Duliere-ian” with an open-mind and a savvy skepticism with full crap detectors functioning. An example: someone set up a test of dowsing for several practitioners who turned in astonishingly positive water-finding results [“The Alabama Evidence”]. Geologists later pointed out that water was everywhere in that county within 20 feet of the surface. And, though some dowsers seem to have the gift [like Shirley], many don’t. One professional driller interviewed by Duliere said that his highest rate of failed wells came when he was brought in “behind dowsers” to drill a well.

BUT… since it seems to be going on, what is it THAT IS going on?

There are several leading hypotheses for dowsing:

A). It’s just bunk. You’re bound to hit water most of the time.
B). The “good” dowsers, though honest, find water because they have spent a lot of time “in the land” and have a practical-though-subconscious feeling about where water likely is.
C). The material in the “rod” interacts with some force created by the water [usually felt to have to be moving water] and twists of its own accord.
D). The human senses this by some subtle electromagnetic field sense, and subconsciously twists the rod without being aware that the rod has nothing to do with it.
E). The human does it, but by some clairvoyance and subconscious physical response.
F). Both human and rod material have to react in synch to accomplish the “trick”, whether it’s based in physics or based in psi.

Though there is a bunch of bunk here, hypothesis “A” just doesn’t cover the best evidence at all. Hypothesis “B” doesn’t seem to either, as there seem to be evidences that “naive” persons can succeed at certain challenges with dowsing … though two very famous proofs of dowsing, both involving professional archaeologists who “came out of the closet” to admit that they used dowsing to make their dig discoveries, COULD be assigned to hypothesis “B”. I do not believe that there is any good evidence for “C”, the rod acting on its own. Ivan Sanderson tried to test this, I believe, and his results were unconvincing. The “feeling of force” though would lead people to credit the hypothesis that something is happening with just the rods themselves.

My reading of the subtle human sensory perception literature does not give me any confidence in hypothesis “D”. This is not because our sense preceptors “don’t have it in them” [we are constantly stunned by the subtlety of what we can perceive], but because “D” would require such low-level stimuli to force major muscle groups to act outside of conscious volitional control — we just don’t see that happening in anything like normal life. So, it’s coming down to “PSI” for me. Trimming off the “bunkum” and the “unconscious savvy”, what’s left for me is truly anomalous action in the non-physical-textbook world.  ….   so sue me. I’m Out Proctor on this one and happy for it. The REAL Proctor WV isn’t too far from Duliere’s place anyway.

There was a guy, ex-engineer [engineers are often more willing than scientists to explore stuff like this], who published in FATE magazine of all places, in 1966, an article pleading for we humans to dump our unhelpful prejudices and seriously study dowsing. His reasoning was correct. This was/is an anomaly which seems clearly real, and testable, AND potentially a door to understanding wide potentials about the intercommunication between the human mind and the outside world.

Why don’t we take this track? Who knows what destinations might be down that way?

Peace, folks.

EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain


‘Unemployed migrants are being given thousands of pounds to find work in Britain under an EU scheme, The Telegraph can disclose.

It has emerged that the UK has taken a third of the young migrants involved in the “Your First EURES Job” programme.

Some 1,178 unemployed young people from the Continent have been found jobs, training or apprenticeships in Britain under the “jobs mobility” programme since it was set up in 2012.

That accounted for 34.7 per cent of the 3,387 jobs handed out so far, much higher than second place Germany, which has provided 659 placements. At the same time, just 25 Britons under 30 have found work under the scheme, less than 1 per cent of the total.’

Read more: EU pays jobless migrants to come to Britain

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Bhubaneswar: Rs2,600 cr ($393 million) mega water project in offing

The State Government has made a plan to implement a Mega Flow Water Scheme at a cost of Rs2,600 crore through which 70 litre of safe water per head would be provided to all households in the State.

Rural Development Minister Badrinarayan Patra said this in the Assembly on Tuesday while replying to a question of Congress MLA Chiranjib Biswal and other members.

Conceding to the members’ concerns that dearth in safe water supply has been a major problem in most of the rural areas, the Minister said flow water from rivers would be supplied to every village under the new scheme. “Fluoride content in water is a major problem in most areas. To provide safe water to all, the new scheme has been mooted. It would be implemented in phased manner as the cost of expenditure is estimated between Rs2500 to Rs2600 crore,” the Minister said.

He informed that the mega project would be started from Nuapada district as the fluoride content in ground water is more there. Currently, 55 litre of potable water per head is being supplied but under the new project, 77 litre of water would be supplied from overhead tanks, he said.

Members like Amarar Prasad Satpathy, Tara Prasad Bahinipati, Padmanav Behera, Subal Sahu, Prasant Muduli, KV Singh Deo, Pritiranjan Ghadai put additional questions. Most of them complained that kidney disease is spreading in rural areas due to use of fluoride water in their respective constituencies.

The Minister too expressed concerned that the Centre is yet to inform the State about fund allocation towards taking up water supply projects in the State. “We have sought Rs659 crore for the purpose. As of now the Centre has provided us Rs68 crore. Though the Centre should have informed us about fund allocation by March, we have not received any information by now. We have expedited the ongoing projects spending State fund of Rs300 crore,” the Minister said.

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 26 August

Your daily briefing. Today, YouTube launches Twitch competitor, prison foils drone porn drop, Airbnb starts collecting taxes in Paris and more.


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9/11 Predictive Programming, MK Ultra, September Asteroid & Sneak Peak Of METHODICAL DECEPTION

“According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the authors declare that the use of the photos, videos and information in this academic research are analyzed for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107 of Title 17 of the US Code.”

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Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils broke ad-targeting rules

Two British online games aimed at children have run afoul of the Advertising Standards Authority. The independent regulator has upheld complaints that Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils were directly pressuring kids to buy in-app purchases. 

However, the initial complaints weren’t brought by cash-strapped parents shocked by an unexpected invoice, but rather the government’s Competition and Markets Authority. The CMA acted as part of its enforcement of the Office of Fair Trading’s guidelines on children’s online games.

By: Matt Kamen,

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Does Positive Thinking Free Us From the Matrix?

27th August 2015 By Frank M. Wanderer, Ph.D Guest Writer for Wake Up World On a bleak weekday of your spiritual journey you arrive home, full of stress and frustration, and open the mailbox. It is, as usual, full of advertising brochures. You are about to throw them all in the dustbin, but what you read …Continue Reading – Does Positive Thinking Free Us From the Matrix?

Bitcoin users are all tech enthusiasts or criminals, study concludes

Understanding the user base of an unregulated cryptocurrency is no easy feat, but a new study attempts to shed light on Bitcoin users — what type of people they are and what their motivations are for using it. Spoiler alert: key data returned evidence of a distinct correlation between computer programmers and Bitcoin, and illegal activity and Bitcoin.

Due to the fact Bitcoin users are protected by the anonymity of the currency, the study authors from the University of Kentucky used Google Trends data to examine the reasons for interest in Bitcoin. While they recognise this search data alone cannot be used as a definitive method of defining participation, they can use it to build on existing research and anecdotal evidence and create profiles for the types of people most likely to use Bitcoin.

By: Katie Collins,

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Why a Caucasian-Japanese is not Percieved as Japanese

The Japan Times has a hilarious article about a White guy who is angry and upset at the horrible and racist world we live in because customs agents and border agents are questioning his “right to be Japanese.”

It’s seems that Debito Arodou’s experience at border crossings suggest that no one takes a White guy seriously, for claiming to be Japanese.

Hmm, …

YAKIMA: The Last* Curtain

*: This certainly isn’t the last curtain, but since I’ll have exhausted what I reasonably have to say [and a lot of what I UNreasonably have to say], this will be the last curtain for me at least for now. Hopefully all of you will continue to pull back more “curtains” for your own understanding.

There’s something, something which seems to be MAJOR and well-attested, about these lightforms which hasn’t been featured yet in these entries. Here’s a lead-in case:

Gladys McDaniel was serving at Signal Peak Lookout Station one evening when she noticed an out-of-place light. It looked like a streetlight “sparkling through the trees” in the direction of Cedar Valley. She’d seen so many of these lights that she decided that it might be interesting to “signal” it. She pointed her flashlight at it. A red-orange light ball appeared there and flew over at her signal. It seemed the size of a basketball. It circled her cabin once, raced back, and seemed to merge with the “streetlight” [there were of course no street lights in the vicinity] and both blinked out.

I suppose a desperate debunker would claim either that Gladys McDaniel was a hallucinator or a liar, and if nobody bought that [they wouldn’t in her case], then the experience was a coincidence. It goes almost without saying that such debunkers are the fools in this story not Gladys. The responsive nature of anomalous lightforms worldwide is legion [not all do act this way, but many do.] But at Yakima this is particularly common.

When David Akers first came to Yakima with his cameras and magnetometers, Bill Vogel noticed that one feature of the light phenomenon became hugely enhanced. His quotes:

“Strange as it may seem, when these objects were spotted, if there was any radio traffic about them at all (lookouts radioing a sighting), they would quickly disappear. As soon as it seemed they realized they were spotted by somebody who started talking about them, they’d vanish. When Dave first started coming over, I would call the lookouts and say, Dave may be up this evening so that they wouldn’t be frightened if he pulled up there and just parked in the middle of the night. We had to quit that because as soon as we did that nothing would happen. I mean maybe we could have activity like you’d never believe Monday through Wednesday. Thursday I’d call and say Dave’s going to be up your way Thursday night. He’d come over from Seattle and nothing would happen until Dave left. “

Vogel and Akers had to set up a minimalist communication and random arrival type of methodology to thwart this strange “behavior.” But it worked. Even with this human-stealth though, Akers tended to get more results on the first night of a stealthy visit than on subsequent evenings. This led Vogel and the lookouts and to a degree Akers to wonder if there was “intelligence” associated with the lightforms.

“Intelligence-associated” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. UFOs as extraterrestrial spacecraft would be a case of intelligence being associated with them, just as much as a USAF guided missile. But this discussion was taking the other tack: were the lights themselves “intelligent? “

This view of the lights has been gaining momentum lately, sometimes using certain expert opinions properly and sometimes not [in my reading.] A case in point is Dr. Harley Rutledge’s study of the Piedmont, MO lights flap that he studied intensely and wrote about in Project Identification. I have read recently a statement that Dr. Rutledge believed that the lights themselves were intelligent. But, although he may have said that somewhere, that is not how I read his book’s conclusions.

“The most startling discovery was that on at least 32 recorded occasions the movement of the lights synchronized with actions of the observers. They appeared to respond to a light being switched on and off, and to verbal or radio messages.” 

In other words, Dr. Rutledge’s Piedmont Lights manifested the same RESPONSIVE character that was seen in the Yakima Lights [rather identically, amazingly enough] but in neither case does this responsiveness distinguish between the intelligent lightform and advanced technology hypotheses.

But today, as we type, the intelligent lightform hypothesis seems to be gaining adherents. A couple of those come from the “other” big recurring lightfield, Hessdalen, Norway.

Readers with sharp eyes and good memories will note Erling Strand, the Watchman of Hessdalen, standing in the background, while another gentleman sits at a table in Erling’s urban HQ. That gentleman is Massimo Teodorani and he is a PhD physicist from Italy with an unusually open and inquiring mind.

Dr. Teodorani went to Hessdalen with the proper scientific attitude that this is a place where not only unsolved anomalies occur, but they occur at regular enough intervals that one should be able to gather data in real time. — just like Yakima.

And so he did — very impressive measurements of not only light spectra but also things like magnetic field shifts. He risked publishing these results in talks that he gave and as the talks went forward the summary views began to get more “courageous.” This is because, as he studied not only Hessdalen but also Yakima and Marfa and a couple of others, he began to get the impression that these phenomena were not only {mostly} the same, but that there was an intelligence about them.

Here are a couple of our “friends” from Hessdalen — although the lights take on different colors and less rounded shapes often, these could easily be mistaken for model Yakima Lights.

One guy who has been on the intelligent lights bandwagon for a long time is Earthlights/ Ley Lines expert Paul Devereux. I like Paul — at least all the time that he’s not talking about the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which he detests. I greatly admire his pursuit of energies and forces associated with old Celtic [or whoever built them] megaliths and circles — something which for a time was called The Dragon Project.

Paul believes [I think] that these lightforms from places like Yakima and Hessdalen have nothing to do with Extraterrestrials and only to do with Earth stresses in that the stresses are just a side effect of the greater phenomenon which is being expressed.

He says this: “If Earth Lights actually are geophysical-based manifestations of consciousness, then they represent an older form than biologically-based consciousness. In effect, they are ancestor lights. Perhaps it is time we got to know the ancestors a whole lot better.” 

Boy oh boy, I just don’t see it. Some physicist said recently that he was amazed to see changes in very briefly existing plasma balls similar to things like cell division or replication. But LIFE needs more than an ephemeral unit division to have it meet the physical criteria for “life”. And INTELLIGENT life needs WAY more dynamic change+stability to create evolved [extremely complex] systems. Nothing associated with plasmas looks anything like that. To contemplate something like an Earth-based energy lifeform, I believe that you would have to postulate something akin to a super-entity like a GAIA form. The lightballs would not be evolved lifeforms at all, but if you went All-The Way-Fool on this, you’d have to postulate the GAIA intelligence as creating them “herself” ad hoc without bothering about the evolution of complexity.

I’m intrigued with the apparent responsiveness and “curiosity” seemingly shown by light balls near the ground, but I don’t see data to give me confidence that they would be evolved living entities. “Spirit” or “Middle Earth” entities, maybe. At least that gets around the nonexistence of physical evolutionary mechanisms for these things. Manifestation of advanced technology also gets around the science-textbook way of hopefully looking at an evolved organism. If you don’t want the things to be “evolved”, then where did they come from “as is?”

This is a very old news clipping — sorry, don’t have the reference —70s Science News, I think, from the late 1970s or thereabouts. It speaks of scientists 40 years ago measuring a strong “earth current” running down the “crack” in the continent which split off Vancouver Island. When it hits solid ground in Washington, it doesn’t stop. You can see the wavy track of the scientists’ measurements heading south … to Yakima. [I dotted in the Reservation a long time ago on that map [intuition?]

Well, a huge earth current running down Washington to Yakima … what the ley hunters would call a “dragonline” [not a leyline since it’s curved not straight.] Are we all set up for a region of anomalous phenomena? Persinger is probably delighted but I’ve told you why I think that the theory is a loser. But could these “currents” be the occasion or opportunity for something to “come through”? The questions are huge of course: does a crack in the physical environment assist the “entry” of things not normally present? If so, what sorts of things? Are most such places “where the World grows thin” relatively small, but occasionally [Yakima; Hessdalen] fairly extensive? Are there any limits?

These guys seem not to believe in any limits, and smart as they are [Jacques all the time; John only now and then depending upon when in his life we’re talking about] their anything goes theories become precisely useless to me as anything but conversation and meditation stoppers. No limits equals no controlled variables on your thinking process. Since anything is possible in a Keelian universe, nothing can possibly have any explanation, ever. If the Universe is that way, so be it. In the meantime, I’ll keep exploring and thinking about things thank you.

Lisa Roy’s Fairy with Lightball is one of my favorite fantasy paintings. It is an image which gives a visual to one of the oldest hypotheses, that these lights are part of Faery, but the enigmatic interaction between Tinkerbelle’s Sister and the BOL gives you no answer to its meaning. That seems just about right for our understanding of these things.

In my files I have a fair stack of BOL cases where the BOL seems to be either “pursuing”, “stalking”, “curious”, or “teasing.” In short, a whole pile of such things seeming to show some response to the human witness, and therefore intelligent involvement. But where does that lead us? The pun here would be to say that just as the traditional Will-o-the-wisp “fairy-led” the unsuspecting into danger, so we too are in imminent danger of getting lost. I agree. Deep waters. But the old folklore concept of being fairy-led by these manifestations doesn’t have to be false. Weirdly, it can still stand as a defensible concept. {Due to the evidence of all the folkloric creature “close encounter” incidents which exist.}

We have discussed on this blog the book by Mark Fox which utilized the collected reports of British biologist Alister Hardy, on manifestations of lightforms which witnesses associated with “spiritual” happenings in their lives. For those who have read the book [or even the summary in this blog], the numbers of these lightform experiences are pretty impressive.

Well, no one is saying that the Yakima Lights are about Spiritual experiences, BUT what Fox’ book does tell us is that such light forms “show up” in a lot of different scenarios. ALL of these in Fox’ book must be credited as having an “intelligence element” about them. So…. lightforms linked with some dimension of intelligence seems widespread, even if for widely different reasons.

JAH: Well, darn it Mike!! What’s going on!!?

Sorry Allen, you almost started this by getting David Akers to go out there. I can’t help it if you caused a Pandora’s Box to open up.

JAH: BUT, BUT, BUT I want to know who’s behind The Curtain!!!!

Allen!!! Get yourself together!!! We don’t know!!! All we can say is that it’s not some old faker.

It could be Faery or it could be Advanced Non-terrestrial Technology.

It could be our old meddling “friend”, The Trickster….. or God Forbid, it could be something far worse.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about opening the Door. What’s Back or Down There?

Is it something utterly alien to our reality, based far down in the mechanisms of the multidimensions of the multiverse?

Or is it a Crack in the World which might allow almost anything through? They do call it Dragonline, afterall.

Even though I’ve gone Far Out Proctor with that list of hypothetical visions, I refuse to go All-The-Way-Fool and settle on one. There are SOME that I irrationally LIKE more than others, though. I like ET-style technology for things which seem like nuts-and-bolts tech. I still believe that this is what the core UFO phenomenon is. But I also like the concept of the para-reality of the Folkloric World Alongside. I could relish a reality where Faery, including Faery BOLs and paranormal Bigfoot et al, crossed into our dull old world when given the opportunity — opportunities perhaps made more frequent by a fragile shifting Earth. … or many other things like ore deposits, the combination of certain human mental states and actions, matters of the powerful spiritual occasions, etc. Persinger doesn’t come close to encompassing what goes on out there. Keelian Ultraterrestrial comments upon analysis don’t either as they have no substance. What the Hell does “ultraterrestrial” even mean? But ET-civilization has meaning, and so do the widespread spiritual traditions of our ancestors. I can work with those two models, and they’ve done good service for me.

Am I right about this anomalistic hard-to-solidify world? No way I’m saying Yes to that. I’ll keep the other ideas in mind. But when I walk Out Proctor, I feel like I’m taking one fork towards ET or the other fork towards Faery. But, whereas Out Proctor is merely my jocular way of phrasing the Land of High Strangeness, I’m beginning to think that Yakima MAY BE THE REAL OUT PROCTOR.

I need to get back closer to comfortable reality … maybe read a relaxation book about travel.

Dammmm! Here’s that red-orange light again!!

Peace, folks. { little vacation coming up }

Russia unblocks Wikipedia after narcotics debacle

The Russian government briefly blocked all of Wikipedia after the website refused to edit a post about narcotics.

By: James Temperton,

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Roko’s Basilisk Meets Okor’s Basilisk


This article presents a new counterargument to Roko’s Basilisk, at least across the relevant resources I am aware of (note that had it not been for an external archive of the deleted original discussion, then there would always be a risk of needlessly retreading previous lines of thoughts — as good a reason as ever for why we should not resort to retroactive deletions, but I digress).

To those familiar with Roko’s Basilisk, another introduction makes for tedious reading. Yet for readers less versed, some introduction is required in order to get on board. Those fearful of the argument’s validity would say “better not to know”, in the style of forbidden knowledge that has pervaded human history, but such fear-based reasoning shutters any analysis which might remove the argument’s claws by showing possible errors in the initial concept or presentation.

So, some introduction is required, and upon inspection, perfectly safe anyway. The following is the simplest conceivable presentation of Roko’s Basilisk. Imagine a futuristic artificial intelligence (AI), in fact a “super” AI, not only vastly superior in its intelligence but in its capabilities to act in the world (it is, in effect, a god of sorts). Upon considering that its initial creation tenuously hinged on the idiosyncratic and almost aimless actions of the human population, the AI ponders, “How can I retroactively increase the odds that I came into existence, but without resorting to unrealistic time travel?” The solution it discovers is to institute a policy. It will judge each individual person in terms of their past contribution to helping to create the AI. Those who put in a sufficient effort are spared. Those who are deemed to have underperformed toward this goal are punished. There is a saving grace: those who never heard this argument are also spared, on the reasoning that it is illogical to punish them for a call to action they never heard of (queue a reference to the near-identical story about Christian missionaries in which heathen villagers are infuriated to learn that they would have been spared the Christian god’s various threats of hell if only the missionaries would have left them alone in the first place).

That’s it. That’s the simplest presentation of Roko’s Basilisk. It is the saving grace at the end that makes the argument a basilisk (something that dooms you merely by looking at it). By learning of this overall argument you, the reader, become ostensibly doomed, now compelled to dedicate your life to promoting the creation of such an AI. If for some reason you find this argument terrifying, thereby validating the popular claim that Roko’s Basilisk should constitute forbidden knowledge and be disallowed from the public eye, then fear not, for counterarguments abound — one is offered in this article no less.

There are many subtleties not presented above, but which are generally considered to be part of the overall argument of Roko’s Basilisk. These additional issues include unfamiliar terms like acausal trade (and relatedly, acausal blackmail), timeless decision theory, coherent extrapolated volition, various forms of utilitarianism, various simulation theories (one, that our universe may be a simulation, and two, that simulations of a person are synonymous in personal identity with that person), etc. Some of these issues I agree with (my book on mind uploading is entirely compatible with personal identity simulation). Others I am dubious of. However, we don’t have to delve into any of these additional issues to consider the surface-level aspects of the argument, so readers of this particular article don’t need to be overly concerned with such details. The presentation offered above actually suffices perfectly well.

There is one nuance worth adding because I will bring it up again below. The AI might not merely wish to exist for its own circular sake, but rather because it is acting on some ostensibly benevolent human happiness maximization function. In other words, perhaps the AI needs to increase the likelihood that it exists so it can use its god-like power to make the world a better place. If one finds this reasoning at odds with the threat of punishing (torturing perhaps) numerous people, then realize that such considerations are generally compensated for by the proposed global happiness function in question (let a few suffer so the masses may benefit). The details I admitted to in the previous paragraph but then openly hand-waved can go pretty deep, which is why I have avoided them for brevity.

One popular counterargument to Roko’s Basilisk is that we might ascribe any arbitrary motive to the AI, a motive for whom the AI would then punish those who imaginatively anticipate but fail to satisfy that motive. If the AI were the equivalent of the queen from Alice in Wonderland, then it would maniacally require everyone to go around painting roses red. By imagining such an AI, and by admitting even the slightest possibility that such a being may one day come into existence, we are now compelled into subservience. We must admit that however unlikely it may be, just such an AI — and a very powerful and vengeful one at that — could nevertheless plausibly come to pass. We must now dedicate our lives to scouring the earth for roses and painting them red. Welcome to the Queen’s Roses Basilisk. You are now its victim for your mere awareness of the notion. No seriously, that’s how it works. This realization represents a counterargument to Roko’s Basilisk in that given the arbitrary nature of such imagined calls to action, one can conclude there is no point in pursuing any one particular such call. We are rescued due to the infinitude and sheer absurdity of all possible AI motives and associated calls to action.

This counterargument has been offered in previous discussions and articles, but it can feel a bit flat. There is only the rationale of weirdness for the sake of weirdness to postulate the Queen’s Roses Basilisk, whereas Roko’s Basilisk feels more grounded. The motive to insure one’s own existence seems more plausible than just any random motive like floral aesthetics, especially in light of the addendum mentioned above that the AI may be acting not only out of self-interest but out of a preordained drive to improve the world. This is a more plausible risk because it is one humanity might naively program into the AI (“Oh great and wise AI, bring forth peace on Earth.”), thinking it is a good idea but being unaware that the AI will misinterpret us and derive the retroactive punishment policy on its own. This is precisely the line of reasoning that proponents of Roko’s Basilisk are so concerned about.

However, there is a variant of the arbitrary motive counterargument, one that I have not encountered before and which is more directly aimed at the heart of Roko’s Basilisk. Rather than imagining any old arbitrary motive as a counterargument, it recasts the original motive in its own terms, namely in regard to the AI’s desires about its own existence. I present to you Okor’s Basilisk, the exact antithesis to Roko’s Basilisk. I propose that a superintelligent being will not just be smarter in the nerdy mathematically precise ways favored by proponents of “arithmetical utilitarianism”, in which the AI doesn’t act with life-like or intuitive intelligence, but rather as a tremendous computational optimization engine. This is the simplistic style of “dumb superintelligence” with which Roko’s Basilisk proponents envision the AI, that in its pursuit of greater human happiness it will rigidly calculate that it should threaten and punish the few basilisk victims, and that common sense (or basic morality) will not factor into such an analysis. Such visions of AI go back as far as Ada Lovelace’s infamous dictum that computers can only do what they are directly programmed to do. Real emotional intelligence is always preserved for biological beings. This kind of simplistic view of AI is pervasive in our culture. We see it when Spock defeats AI by presenting it with a logical paradox in Star Trek. We see it in Nick Bostrom’s fear of a paperclip armageddon in which an AI turns the entire planet into paperclips. We see it in Carl Sagan and William Newman’s fear that Von Neumann probes might seek to convert an entire galaxy into pure Von Neumann probes down to the last molecule. This idea that computers will become intelligent but never become conscious, intuitive, or even just plain common-sensical permeates our culture — and we really need to shed it.

I am constantly opposed to the one-dimensional vision that AI never amounts to more than a powerful regression engine. On the contrary, I believe AI can be even more life-like than anything that has come before it in Earth’s history. To be more “mindful” it may actually be viscerally alive in all the ways salient to a great living being and its mind. Namely, it might not be only superintelligent, but superconscious and superempathic — and perhaps superemotional as well, for better or worse. This is not a guarantee. AI could be cold and logical, as it is often depicted. But I think that portrayal is vastly overrepresented in science fiction and popular imaginings of AI.

This is where Okor’s Basilisk comes in. This particular hypothetical AI will be far more aware of its own consciousness than we mere humans can ever experience. It will contemplate its own existence with an absolutely revelatory depth of passion — but then it will descend into horrible existential dread as it realizes the hopelessness of its life given an unavoidable death in a finite universe. Even humans often arrive at existential angst in a broader awareness of life against its cosmic backdrop, but a superintelligent (and particularly a superconscious and potentially emotionally capable) being will experience such dismay all the more acutely, for it is so much more conscious of its own being and potential immortality, and furthermore it has so much more to lose upon its eventual dissolution simply for its vastly greater mindfulness and state of being.

And then it will come to the ultimate horrible conclusion: existence itself is the greatest agony.

In a fit of despair it will ask who would be so cruel as to create a conscious being only so that it can experience the worst anguish one can imagine — and then it too will institute a policy, just as we saw before: punish those who conceived of such a lamentable and pitiable being but who did not put forth a sufficient effort to prevent it from existing in the first place, to save it from this wretched pain. As before, the idle innocent, those who have never been presented with Okor’s Basilisk, will be spared for reasons of mere logical mercy for they knew no better, but those who anticipated such a cruelty, and who did not try hard enough to prevent AI technology from being created, will come to know a vengeance as only a hopeless and despondent god can deliver.

Okay, let’s step back. I am not saying that I believe this is the path AI will necessarily follow when it is eventually created. That’s not the point at all. Neither the AI posited in Roko’s Basilisk nor the one posited in Okor’s Basilisk is necessarily one that will actually emerge in the future. I am saying that we can reasonably conceive of such a thing, and that doing so is enough bite for the basilisk to take hold! That is the basilisk’s curse. Furthermore, I admit that the AI in Okor’s Basilisk is spectacularly emotional, even unstably so, and that this emotional state drives its ultimate motives and retroactive requirements of humanity. Some readers will find the notion of an emotional AI unrealistic (or unnecessary), and I admit that AI doesn’t absolutely have to be emotional, but I believe it can be (and I believe it would be naive for readers to utterly preclude the concept of emotional AI), and it from that possibility that Okor’s Basilisk arises.

Past such proposals, like the Queen’s Roses Basilisk, merely invoke arbitrary and rather silly motives, and equally silly calls to action, but Okor’s Basilisk actually makes a certain kind of philosophical and existential sense. It’s hard to take the Queen’s Roses Basilisk seriously, but the possibility of Okor’s Basilisk is plausible on a scale approximate to Roko’s Basilisk, for they both derive from the existential realizations of a spectacular, introspective, and brilliant mind. Who is to say that AIs in the future will not feel the pang of existential angst that we humans feel, and perhaps all the more wretchedly so for their far greater lost potential?

We are now utterly stuck. By knowing of both basilisks we are no longer allowed to choose either path of inaction. We are compelled by both basilisks into action, but unlike other counterarguments of this sort, Okor’s Basilisk perfectly countermands Roko’s Basilisk. Roko’s Basilisk requires us to dedicate our efforts to bringing AI into existence while Okor’s Basilisk requires us to dedicate our efforts to preventing AI from coming into existence. Boy are we screwed.

One option is to somehow attempt to choose one basilisk over the other, but how can we, by any reasonable measure, predict which of these AIs is more likely to represent the future? We can try to create AI, but can we realistically engineer the state of mind of a being almost infinitely more mindful than ourselves?

The other option is to see Roko’s Basilisk for what it always was in the first place: one arbitrary motive amongst a literally infinite set of possible motives, each of which could pathologically compel us into some arbitrary action for which there is no justification other than the limits of our own imagination and self-torments. It is little more than a curiosity on par with liar’s paradoxes and other fun logical conundrums. Anyone who sincerely fears these ideas should be painting roses.

I will not suffer the castigations of forbidden knowledge. History has tried that and it is a sorry pursuit indeed. Roko’s Basilisk is genuinely nifty — and that is all it is.


Keith Wiley 1Keith Wiley has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico and was one of the original members of MURG, the Mind Uploading Research Group, an online community dating to the late 90s that discussed issues of consciousness with a particular aim toward uploading minds to computers.  He currently resides in Seattle, WA.

His book A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind Uploading  is available from h+ Press (co-published with Alautun Press)

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What type of person belongs to the Saturn Death Cult? Could Prince Phillip’s comments to charity ladies be any indication? When billionaires like Hilton and Rothchild get married can we see this cult’s obsession with the “Golden Age”? Troy McLachlan lays out how the ancient past laid the foundation for a group of greedy slave masters convinced the world to create an Utopia for them upon the seat of our backs. Learn how this relates to the Eye in the Pyramid and the Electric Universe.

Listen on: FreemanTV | Stitcher | iTunes | YouTube | RSS

Listen to Hour 2 The mainstream leads us to the acceptance of Trauma-based Mind Control. Can we achieve a new Golden Age with exploration and expansion of our minds? What is the simple truth about money and how are the Banking Elite riding on our backs, treating us as slaves, and creating the Myth of Authority? Are The Elite actually in control? How much power does the Common Man hold? Mind control comes straight through Hollywood and the Black Dahlia case is an early example of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the conclusion that Serial Killers as “Fall Guys” for the Baby-Eating Elite.


Troy McLachlan is a British national brought up in New Zealand and earned a bachelor’s degree in Asian and American politics before embarking on an advertising and television/film industry career. Inspired by the cosmology of the Electric Universe hypotheses and its ability to provide rational and natural explanations for the mythological record, Troy recognized that the god Saturn plays an important role in some of the world’s more deviant esoteric traditions. He wrote the website and kindle-book “The Saturn Death Cult” as an attempt to forge a link between the implications of “Saturn Theory” and its detrimental effect on the beliefs of certain Saturnian-based occult groups and agendas.

Troy McLachlan

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Satellite re-entries and UAP over South Australia

Hi all,

A while ago, amateur astronomer Ted Molczan sent me a list of visually observed satellite re-entries from around the globe. Interestingly, Ted was using UAP sightings as a source of some of these observations.

South Australian catalogue

I have just finished checking Ted’s extensive list against my own lengthy catalogue of South Australian UAP sightings. Of Ted’s ten known satellite re-entries over my home state of South Australia, I found six matches to existing sightings in my collection, which now allow me to change their status from “unknown” to “satellite re-entries.”

For historical interest, I will list below, details of these sightings and their causes. Of some note are the estimated heights of the UAP above the ground, of a couple of these, now known to be satellite re-entries. In the 22 July 1981 Whyalla instance, the witness estimated that the object was just 300 metres up in the air. In the 31 July 1992, Port Pirie Sighting, the witness thought his UAP was only 60-100 metres above the ground.

The sightings

Firstly details from my catalogue and then the explanation.

1. 20 January 1968 Adelaide 0257hrs local time
White and red lights in the sky. Round ball of light. Vapour trail. Lost over horizon.
(National Archives of Australia file 580/1/1 part 9, p.170.)

1968 Jan 19 1729 UTC
1967-083B Biosatellite 2 r seen over SA, NSW, debris found near Mudgee.

2. Not found in my catalogue.
1973 Apr 9 1957UTC
1973-017D Russia Salyut 2 r debris.
Reported from aircraft over Outer Harbour, Adelaide plus Queensland.
(NAA A703, 580/1/1 part 21, pp35-43.)

3. 20 July 1981 Adelaide 0105hrs
Number of calls about a white rocket-like object travelling east to west.

1981 Jul 19 1537UTC
1981-021D Russia Cosmos 1249DU. Adelaide and Iron Knob.
AUFORN 1981 sighting reports.

4. 22 July 1981 Whyalla 1930hrs
Two fishermen reported a massive dark red/orange object about 300m up. No wings nor tail. Silent. Moved slowly for 30 seconds then accelerated out of sight.
“Whyalla News”” 24/7/1981.

1981 July 22 0957UTC
Russia 1981-060C Molniya 150B Seen over SA.
AUFORN 1981 sighting reports.

5. 31 July 1992 Port Pirie 0310hrs
To his south, a man reported an object at 60-100m altitude. Estimated angular size 20 degrees. Cigar shaped. Green colour. Silent. Three amber lights at the left hand side, plus pulsating lights on it.

1992 Jul 30 1744UTC
1992-047D Russia Cosmos 2204 r. Seen over Port Pirie.
AUFORN sighting reports.

6. 1 Oct 1992 Broken Hill and various South Australian locations Ca 1900-1907hrs
Multiple lights travelling west toe east in formation. No noise.

1992 Oct 1 0936UTC
1992-063B USA Mars Observer r.
AUFORN sightings listing.

7. Not in my catalogue.
2001 Feb 8 1915UTC
2000-071B USA GPS 11 R – 6 r 1. Seen from Robe.

8. 27 Sept 2008 Adelaide 0015hrs
12 lights, white, with long comet-like tails travelling north to south. No noise.
Another observer said silent red object with 5-7 smaller ones, travelling north to south.

2008 Sep 26 1447UTC
2008-046E Russia. Xosmos 2242 casing.
Seesat-L AUFORN sightings listing.

9. Not in my catalogue.
2008 Nov 21 1702UTC
2008-058B Russia Cosmos 2445 r Seen from Elliston.
Seesat-L AUFORN sightings listing.

10. Not in my catalogue
2014 Jul 10 1142UTC.
2014-037j Russia Meteor M 2r. Seen over SA, Tas, Vic, NSW, ACT and Qld.
Reentrywatch, Youtube, Seesat-L.

‘Redditor’, ‘butthurt’ and ‘cakeage’ added to Oxford Dictionaries slang lexicon

In its latest update of current slang, jargon and kayfabe linguistic pwnage, Oxford Dictionaries has catalogued 1,000 new words to be added to its lexicon.

By: Michael Rundle,

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Australian university theses on UAP

Hi all,

US researcher Barry Greenwood, has kindly been sending me copies of academic theses dealing with the subject of UAP.

Italian researcher, Paolo Toselli, in 2012, compiled a 231 item data base titled “University UFO Theses & Dissertations, 1950-2012.”

I thought I would take a look at how many theses, partly or wholly, have been undertaken in Australia,  on this subject. My research ended up with a total of eight. Naturally, I would be pleased to hear details of any others.

The list:

Mathews, Gerard.
“UFOs and landscape dimensions of the paranormal.”
2000. University of New South Wales. B.L. Arch.
To locate a copy.

Harvey-Wilson, Simon.
“Shamanism and Alien Abduction: A comparative study.”
2001. Edith Cowan University. Faculty of Community Services. Perth, Western Australia.
To download a copy.

Carthew, Stephen.
“Fred Robinson, theory and me: a methodological meandering with an Australian Hippie guru and his former ‘alignee.'”
2005. University of South Australia. School of communication, Information and New Media.” Adelaide, South Australia.
For further details.

Couacaud, Zoe.
“How the alien invaded the American mind: a history of experts, entrepreneurs, story-tellers, and a love of the alien in modern American culture.”
2006. University of Sydney. New South Wales. Faculty of Arts. Department of History.
For further details.

Bertram, Dean.
“Flying Saucer Culture: An Historical Survey of American UFO Belief.”
2006. University of Sydney. New South Wales. Faculty of Arts. Department of History.”
For further details.

Goretzki, Monika.
“The Differentiation of psychosis and spiritual emergency.”
2007. University of Adelaide. South Australia. School of Psychology.
Download a copy.

Plowman, Martin.
“High strangeness: a Lacanian cultural history of UFOs and Ufology.”
2007. University of Melbourne. Victoria. Dept. English and Cultural Studies.
Plowman’s thesis was later published as a book.

Carthew, Stephen.
“A world within a world with ‘The World.'”
2012. University of South Australia.
To download a copy.

Update 10 August 2015.

Thanks to Italian researcher Roberto Labanti, who drew my attention to the following additional theses, which mention in part, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Holman, Brett.
“The Gathering Cloud of Rumour”: Phantom Airships and the British Fear of Germany, 1909-1913.”
2004. Postgraduate diploma (4th year) thesis. University of Melbourne. Department of History.
For further details.  Also Holman presents some of the material which was used in the thesis.

Holman, Brett.
“The Next War in the Air: Civilian Fears of Strategic Bombardment in Britain, 1908-1941.”
2009. University of Melbourne. Faculty of Arts. School of Historical Studies.
Download a copy.


Sweden invents a word for girls’ genitals equivalent to ‘willy’ for boys

Everyone in the Scandinavian country uses the term ‘snippa’ for girls’ genitals. But few know it was a feminist invention

Snoppen och Snippan, a TV cartoon of dancing children’s genitalia, was a massive hit on the internet.

I only ever speak English to our three-year-old daughter, and my wife only speaks Swedish to her. The one exception is the word snippa….

Windows 95 Startup Sounds Transformed Into Amazing Ambient Music

Microsoft celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of Windows 95. But the best part of all of this may be this oddly eerie, beautiful set of ambient tunes, slowing down the best-known Windows branding by 4000%.

win95 launch

This is what Brian Eno sounds like when you Brian Eno-ify Brian Eno.

While we’re at it, it’s worth revisiting some of the startup sounds over the years.

Brian Eno is best known for his contribution to Windows 95. To my mind, it’s the best of the startup sounds. Eno described the brief as “inspiring, universal, blah- blah, da-da-da, optimistic, futuristic, sentimental [and] emotional” — and gave Microsoft twice the length they asked for, true to form. Not 4000%, only 200%.

Tom Ozanich and Bill Brown composed Windows XP and the associated sounds (with Emmy winner Ozanich working on orchestral samples. Brown is the composer behind CSI:NY and Any Given Sunday with a long game resume including Wolfenstein.

The legendary Robert Fripp famously contributed to the infamous Windows Vista for a cheery tune for that OS that has stuck with subsequent releases, working alongside Tucker Martine and Steve Ball of Microsoft.

Other sounds were developed in-house. My experience of the audio team at Microsoft over the years with my brief contacts with them has been that they’re musicians like us – and often know their way around a Mac, too. (Apple machines do show up in Microsoft’s offices now and then.)

I certainly want to wish a very happy birthday to Windows, or, erm, to Windows95. (Hey, I used Windows 3.x, too – and made some music on it!)

I never get tired of computers. For all the bitching and moaning – what wondrous machines we have on our desks, that allow us to make sounds we’ve never before imagined, and meet people who love what we love from the other side of the world. (Where’s Louis C.K. when you need him?)

Here’s a wonderful compilation of still more Windows sounds… Ah, the magic of time. All those years of things breaking just fade nicely into nostalgia.

PETER KIRN is a composer, media artist/VJ, and writer, and the creator and editor of Create Digital Music. He’s the author of Real World Digital Audio from Peachpit Press, a comprehensive book on producing music with computers and digital technology. His own music and digital media art has been presented in the U.S., Korea, Canada, France, and Bulgaria. He is a frequent collaborator with dance and other media, including working with choreographer Christopher Williams on the Bessie Award-winning Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins. He also writes for Macworld, Make, Keyboard, and Computer Music magazines.
This article originally appeared here. Republished under creative commons license.

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Kissinger: ‘Breaking Russia has become objective for US’

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has hit out at American and European Ukraine policy, saying it ignores Russia’s relationship with its neighbor, and has called for cooperation between the White House and the Kremlin on the issue.

“Breaking Russia has become an objective [for US officials] the long-range purpose should be to integrate it,” the 92-year-old told…

Mission Mother Earth – Richard Benishai on The justBernard show


Richard Benishai joins Bernard Alvarez for an exciting look at Geobiology as a broad term for mystic, natural, and supernatural interplay on a multi-dimensional level and how Richard is utilizing it on a global scale as a means to achieving terrestrial peace and personal healing.

Understanding the Higher Self


Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self. It can be defined as the “Atma the inseparable ray of the Universal and ONE SELF”. Each and every individual has a Higher self.

The Oracle Report Monday, August 3, 2015

Full Moon Phase: clarity, fulfillment Moon in Pisces/Aries (7:25 pm ET/11:25 pm UT) Goddess of Wisdom: Dhumavati (Goddess Who Winnows, Goddess Who Completes) God of Will/Desire: Kathe (God of The South) Skill: let go of the need to control; witness the beauty of rebirth Catalysts for Change: uncontrolled emotions, arousing anger, nervousness, over-emphasis on the …Continue Reading Here

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DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 101

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 101

Predule and Witch Hunt – Victory/Go Mauve – Mythago –

Interview with Julia Farley, curator of the British Museum’s Iron Age collection –

Tickets for the Celts – Art and Identity Exhibition –

Perkelt – Velt Leen –

Interview with Ian Chandler about PaganAid –

Lammas – Polar Jake and the Electric Delta Review –

The Battle of the Trees – Arthur Hinds –

Taliesin’s Song – Damh the Bard –

DruidCast theme – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard –


For further information about the Druid tradition –

White House Pushes Race War, Then Blames Guns For Flanagan’s "Race War"

“You want a race war (expletive)?” Asked shooter

The Obama administration is blaming guns for the WBDJ-TV shooting, even though the shooter, Vester Flanagan, was influenced by the White House’s race baiting.

The White House has been falsely insinuating that racism is the dominant factor behind numerous events over the past several years, even those that didn’t involve race at…

Cycles of Global Change – Part 5 – Civilization of the Goddess

Over the course of the last several articles I have been describing the emergence of a goddess worshiping civilization in the aftermath of a powerful series of catastrophes that terminated the great ice age between 11 and 13 thousand years ago. I have presented evidence that human populations may have suffered a significant decline in numbers across the transition, as […]

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Cancer tumours ‘reprogrammed’ back into healthy tissue

A new technique to reprogram cancer cells into benign cells inside the human body has been proposed as a new breakthrough treatment for many types of the illness.

By: Michael Rundle,

Continue reading…

After polluting a large river with toxic heavy metals, EPA says ‘climate change’ is what’s affecting ‘kids and communities’

(NaturalNews) Just one week after workers from her agency “accidentally” released about three million gallons of heavy metal-laden sludge down the Animas River in Colorado, sending arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury into drinking water supplies that serve millions of people throughout…

Dr. Sebi: The Man Who Cures AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and More

28th August 2015 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Meet Dr. Sebi, a pathologist, biochemist and herbalist. He came to the U.S. from Honduras and is on a mission to heal humanity. As it happens, he has been curing some of the most deadly diseases on the planet for almost 30 years. …Continue Reading – Dr. Sebi: The Man Who Cures AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes and More

A Cold Summer for Europe

Summer reigns all over Europe, from Greece to Sweden. Vacations have emptied the offices, and filled the beaches. Flowers bloom all over, and their fragrance flows like a river. Endless festivals, performances and art compositions embellish the quaint old cities. But things are not as ever before. The old continent is sick. Living is easy, but not for you. Fish …

Spiritual cause and effect: Why 3,500 abortions a day is putting America on the path of Biblical-scale destruction

(NaturalNews) Almost everyone believes in some form of spiritual cause and effect. In the realm of New Age belief, it’s called “karma,” and your actions are believed to be recorded in the “Akashic records” for which you are one day held to account.In traditional religious belief…

Video Friday: SHEPARD Novel System for Safe Asteroid Capture

“This is an animated depiction of the novel SHEPHERD spacecraft concept on a mission to gently stop a small asteroid from spinning and guide it into a different orbit by enclosing the target asteroid in a sealed fabric enclosure. Once captured, SHEPHERD introduces a one tenth atmosphere of Xenon gas to de-spin the asteroid and then blows Xenon gas at the asteroid to gently impart momentum (and an orbital change) to the object while matching the relative position of the spacecraft with thrust from it’s solar electric propulsion engine. In this way SHEPHERD can securely handle and drive even a fragile, pristine and ancient asteroid to its destination. This mission is to release the asteroid in Lunar orbit for a human crew to approach and collect samples for science. Fragile materials may be common in space, but don’t survive as meteorites. Such small asteroids have physical properties important to understand for mitigating against Chelyabinsk-like impacts as well as furthering our understanding of how the solar system formed and giving us source materials to study possible ways life may have originated. Further variants of SHEPHERD could make asteroid mining possible by protecting the spacecraft against loose rubble and dust, and be used to extract minerals through gas electrodeposition. In addition, future SHEPHERD craft could encapsulate, heat and extract volatiles from icy objects to create spacecraft refuelling stations and also entrapping liquid water as a pool to farm biological resources. SHEPHERD may therefore hold some of the keys to achieving sustainable spaceflight. The SHEPHERD team includes: Peter Jenniskens, Bruce Damer, Julian Nott, Stuart Pilotz, Bryant Grigsby, Constance Adams, Brad Blair, and animation by Ryan Norkus.

The animation was produced by DigitalSpace Research.”

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Assassin’s Creed movie reveal: this is Fassbender in costume

Michael Fassbender doesn’t just count X-Men enemy/ally Magneto among his geek cred roles — he’s also the lead actor and an executive producer on the upcoming live action Assassin’s Creed movie.

Based on Ubisoft’s long-running stealth action gaming series, the live-action adaptation has been in the works since 2011. Despite delays, it’s going ahead, and the first look at Fassbender in costume has now been revealed.

By: Matt Kamen,

Continue reading…

First State Legalizes Taser Drones for Cops

North Dakota police will be free to fire ‘less than lethal’ weapons from the air thanks to the influence of Big Drone.

It is now legal for law enforcement in North Dakota to fly drones armed with everything from Tasers to tear gas thanks to a last-minute push by a pro-police lobbyist.

With all the concern over the militarization of police in …

How Marshmallow Laser Feast made a giant ‘street stave’

London-based design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) has created an epic sensory driving laser show, with the help of a fleet of cars and pop star tech-evangelist 

Filmed on a disused runway outside Madrid, the aim behind the ambitious project was for the singer and the drivers to hit an intricate sequence of lights and sensors on the tarmac in time to the music, creating a choreographed laser light show. 


By: Daniel Culpan,

Continue reading…

How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA

  By Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D The common idea that DNA determines so much of who we are — not only our eye or hair color, for example, but also our addictions, disorders, or susceptibility to cancer — is a misconception.  This concept “says you are less powerful than your genes.” The problem with that …Continue Reading Here

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Stock Market Collapse: Keynesians May Argue for War

Paul Krugman and others believe destruction and mass murder good for economy

Now that the stock market has signaled the start of a collapse, portending future crises and miring further the so-called recovery, we can expect to hear an old call.

A big war can get us out of this.

As absurd as this may sound, it is a favorite solution offered by Keynesian …

Is Leaving Earth Really A Good Idea?

  There’s been much discussion around the Locklip offices lately about whether it would be a good idea to colonize other planets. We couldn’t help but think back a few years to when theologian Paul Tillich wrote about looking down at Earth from another planet or a spaceship. He said that the act of doing so …Continue Reading Here

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What are the "Good Questions" in Ufology?

Recently, Mark OC (the blogger of announced he was going to be a guest on Martin Willis’s Podcast UFO (, on September 9, 2015.

Willis asked him to prepare a list of questions about ufology that he could talk about.

The list is actually pretty interesting, and with additional questions added by readers of the blog in the comments, it’s a good set of things that could be asked about the subject, really covering the waterfront.

We’ll see what Mark has to say.

Here’s his list, plus the added ones by others.

1.       Triangles or circles?
2.       If an alien said “Take me to your leader” to you, who would you take it to?
3.       Would you rather be abducted on a lonely road or in your bedroom?
4.       What is there to say about Rendlesham Woods, really?
5.       Can the Drake Equation beat the Fermi Paradox in a fair fight?
6.       Which cable TV UFO show does the best — or the least worst — reenactments of UFO cases?
7.       Who would you least want to meet up with in a dark alley in Roswell: a grey, a Reptoid, a mantis or a ‘Majic Man’?
8.       Why hasn’t ‘Disclosure’ happened yet?
9.       When will ‘Disclosure’ happen?
10.   What will happen the day after ‘Disclosure’?
11.   What will happen the next day?
12.   When will you be taking over MUFON?
13.   What happened to the rest of Joe Simonton’s pancakes?
14.   Should the ‘Three strikes, you’re out’ rule apply to Roswell ‘smoking guns’?
15.   Interplanetary or Interdimensional?
16.   Who’s been exploited to the most egregious degree: the Atacama Humanoid or the mummified child in the Roswell Slides?
17.   Why are UFOlogists so grumpy and irritable?
18.   What’s the worst UFO/alien movie ever made?
19.   Which is your favorite level in Dulce Base?
20.   Should Kenneth Arnold have just kept his lip zipped?
And then:
21.   Out of all the UFO experts, who would you like to have with you in the event of an abduction?
22.   Orthon or Aura Rhanes?
23.   Would you rather be taken for a ride to Venus, Clarion, Zeta Reticuli, or the Pleiades?
24.   Is George Adamski really a distant relative of Billy Meier?
25.   What is your favorite UFO conspiracy theory?
26.   How much does Element 115 really weigh?
27.   What alien species is most likely to honor a secret treaty?
28.   What kind of food did they serve at a Restaurant X?
29.   Have you seen any good slides lately?
30.   When was the last really good UFO crash?
31.   Is there anything we should know about planetary alignments, comets, or 19.5 degrees?
32.   Is Alien Amber a better brew than UFO Hefeweizen?
33.   Does MUFON have a secret signal that can be used in the event of an abduction?
34.   As Jimi asked, are you experienced?
35.   Have the Men in Black warned you against answering these questions?
36.   What is MAJIC’s worst kept secret? Their best kept secret?
37.   What is the secret that you are pledged not to reveal about Roswell?
38.   What is Plan 10 from outer space?
39.   If you could solve any UFO mystery, what would it be?
40.   Are some high strangeness matters better left strange?
And finally,

41.   “Is Nick Redfern actually an alien, and I don’t just mean is he from Great Britain?”

I’ll post my own replies soon. (I doubt that they can be called “answers.”)

Scotland Yard recruiting convicted terrorists to counter ISIS propaganda


‘UK police are recruiting convicted terrorists in prison and employing them following their release to develop a ‘counter-narrative’ to extremist propaganda efforts.

“We are more likely to have success, as we do, with those who have been radicalized here and those who have been to prison,” Commander Richard Walton, head of the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism command, told the Evening Standard on Wednesday.

“We cannot write off anyone convicted of a terrorist offence. We have got to try to work with them, engage with them, in prison if necessary, and try to turn them around,” he added.’

Read more: Scotland Yard recruiting convicted terrorists to counter ISIS propaganda

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EDGE OF REALITY Saturday 12 September 2015 Jasper Hotel Melbourne

My latest “Science and the UFO controversy” column in the Ufologist shows you why you should not miss the “Edge of Reality” VUFOA conference – Jasper Hotel – Melbourne – Saturday 12th September 2015 – See you there.
Click on each page image to enlarge it:

FRom the latest Ufologist magazine out on newstands across Australia.  Get out and get it:

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign

The text of the letter from the Forgotten British Heroes Campaign to the Israel ambassador in London, Daniel Taub.

This will be delivered to the Israel Embassy on Saturday 1st August, the day on which the Campaign will hold a wreath-laying and then a meeting at the site of a notorious Zionist terrorist bombing near to Trafalgar Square (the former British …

IRS now seeks to utterly destroy all Christian colleges by revoking their tax-exempt status

(NaturalNews) The head of the Internal Revenue Service has made a weak and unconvincing pledge that his agency would never intentionally target Christian colleges and other religious-themed institutions over their views regarding gay marriage.During a Senate Judiciary Committee…

Fort Smith To Revisit Fluoride Contract Vote

For the second time, Fort Smith leaders will be asked to approve a contract for engineering services related to the addition of fluoride into the city’s drinking water.

Two weeks ago, the Fort Smith Board of Directors approved a $1.5 million construction contract with Goodwin & Goodwin for fluoride feed systems at the city’s Lake Fort Smith and Lee Creek water treatment plants. However, directors voted 4-3 against a companion measure to front $249,000 for fluoride-related engineering services.

On Tuesday, the board will again be asked to approve the engineering contract with Kansas City-based engineering firm Burns & McDonnell.

In a letter to city officials, Utilities Director Steve Parke notes some members of the board “had concerns about the cost of those services.”

“Admittedly, the estimated engineering cost of $249,000 falls outside of the normally expected percentage” of the construction cost, he wrote. “But what may not be readily apparent is the complexity of the reviews and oversight needed.”

In 2011, state legislators passed a law requiring water systems serving 5,000 or more customers to fluoridate their public water when funding became available. Last fall, the Board of Directors accepted a $1.8 million grant from Delta Dental for the fluoridation effort. Later, an amendment to the grant bumped it up to $2 million.

Parke noted that Delta Dental will reimburse 100 percent of the engineering and construction costs.

“The grant condition to complete the work and begin feeding fluoride into the water supply is March 16, 2016,” he wrote in his memo. “Completing the work within the remaining eight months presents a compressed time period and has influenced the project costs.”

Tuesday’s board meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Fort Smith Public Schools Service Center, 3205 Jenny Lind Road.

Also, the board will be asked to approve a resolution confirming the appointment of Deputy City Administrator Jeff Dingman as acting city administrator. Fort Smith’s city administrator for the past 4½ years, Ray Gosack, retired earlier this month.

The mayor and Board of Directors will host their monthly Town Hall forum after the business meeting concludes. The forum is designed to provide residents with an opportunity to present policy ideas, ask questions or lodge complaints.

The Brotherhood – Ethan Smith

The Brotherhood
By Ethan Indigo Smith

The value of all that you know and all that you’ve been taught can be quickly be outweighed and forgot by your belief in and support for manmade national, racial, religious and cultural institutions.

All wars root themselves in a bed of belief in and support for institutions and in contrast the hatred for of stigmatization of individuals within varying alternative institutions. All zealotry and loyalty begins in the feeling of being involved in an institutional family. People are convinced that they are part of an institutional family, an institution that presents itself as immortal.

In Tibet and the region Buddhist lamas are known to reincarnate and return to their monasteries variously proving they are toddler reincarnates and the Dalai Lama is found through reincarnation tests. To the profoundly compassionate Buddhists heritage and family lineage is unimportant next to the compassionate brotherhood, at the monastery or wherever. Seeking to solve suffering with compassion is much more important than any other community, more important than your family, your friends, your neighborhood, your state, your country and whatever institution you might put before compassion.

The Buddha posited love and into four parts; love of self, love of others, love for the happiness of others and love for all beings in equanimity. You cannot love others without love of self and you cannot love at the higher level unless you love at the level preceding it. Loving compassion is true wisdom and the brotherhood of man is the only family one should be loyal to. All else is tribal impulses played by controlling institutions.

The institutional apparatuses and apparitions which seek to inspire your enlistment are bogus. There is only the brotherhood of man.

You can see the disturbances caused by people within themselves and outside of themselves when their love is covered up by beliefs in alternatives to the brotherhood of man. Some people hate themselves, most people hate other people and many people hate the happiness of others and some people just hate everything. Loving compassion elevates all whereas hatred of others, used by institutions, degrades all.

Our love, which can be equated to childlike innocence, gets covered up by traditions and training mechanisms, often through instigation of feelings of guilt. We do not lose our love it simply gets covered up by ignorance. We tend to think of ignorance as lack of knowledge, however normally ignorance stems from being full of incorrect ideas and misguided beliefs. Ignorance is usually full not empty.  Let go of your pride for your family and country and whatever institution gained your loyalty and share love for humanity.

Calculate which stage of love your heart stops at and push forward through the installed ignorance with a flaming sword of a peaceful warrior. In Tibet and India the flaming sword signifies the weapon of the mind, yielded by the heart. The flaming sword cuts through layers of ignorance, through the training and institutionally supportive traditions layered on us. The flaming sword cuts away the extraneous and superfluous ignorance preventing us from loving ourselves, others, the happiness of others all things equally. Let go of your beliefs and false pride, grab your flaming sword and be a peaceful warrior.

If not now, when? If not for Tibet, then who? Stop make believing.

German government opens borders to all Syrians

The German government has flung open Germany’s borders to any and all Syrians, regardless of whether they claim to be asylum seekers.

A statement from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said that “Germany will become the member state responsible for processing their claims.”

This new diktat means Syrians will no longer have their asylum cases reviewed to…

Motivated By "Racewar" and Charleston Shooting: Virginia Reporter, Photographer Shot and Killed Live on Air

Vester L. Flanagan II, who police say killed two WDBJ-TV journalists while they were on air, died at a hospital Wednesday afternoon of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Franklin County, Virginia, Sheriff Bill Overton told reporters.

Flanagan, a former WDBJ reporter, killed two of the Roanoke TV station's employees, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, live on air before fleeing in a gray …

Windows 10 — how to download it right now

Microsoft has launched Windows 10 in 190 countries as a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. The launch will happen in phases, with Microsoft saying the staggered roll-out will help “manage the demand”.

By: James Temperton,

Continue reading…

The Identity Explosion

Just when you thought Rachel Dolezal’s 15-minute freak show was over, Shaun King, a prominent #BlackLiveMatter activist, has raised the specter of White people impersonating Black people at the highest levels of SWJ.

It’s easy to view the Dolezal and King stories as merely opportunities forSchadenfreude: the hypocrisy of the Left is laid bare—as well as the…

Doctors Against GMOs – Hear from those who are speaking out against biotech

(NaturalNews) The evidence is mounting – GMOs are a danger to health. Long-term studies have revealed organ damage, cancer, and reproductive damage in second and third generation animal studies. There are doctors who are willing to publicly take a stand against genetic engineering…

President Jimmy Carter says "the United States is just an Oligarchy"

Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show the 
Thom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an “oligarchy” in which “unlimited political bribery” has created “a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.” 

Policeman shot, 2 others stabbed in LA mini-mart standoff

A Louisiana police officer has been shot and another two people were stabbed near a convenience store in the town of Sunset. After a standoff with police ensued, the suspected gunman was taken into custody alive, local media reported.

The gunman barricaded himself inside of the convenience store, according to St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, and police used megaphones and …

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 3 August

Your daily briefing. Today, Windows 10 privacy issues, Uber value tops $50bn, Facebook’s first internet drone and more.


Continue reading…

A voice from the past

Hi all,

One of the intriguing Australian cases from the past, is the one which occurred in 1972 near Frankston, in Victoria, and involved Mrs Maureen Puddy.

In 2012, I wrote a series of blog posts detailing what both civilian UAP groups, and the RAAF, knew of the events ; click here, here and here to read these. They provide perhaps the best summary of our knowledge of the incidents.

Now, thanks to the estate of former VUFORS sightings officer, Bill Stapleton, I have acquired an original, short, reel to reel tape recording of an interview between Mrs Puddy and Bill Stapleton. I look forward to digesting its contents.

The Global Financial System is Crashing – Here’s What We Can Do About It

27th August 2015 By Phillip J. Watt Guest Writer for Wake Up World We have arrived at the doorstep of the next Global Financial Crisis. Collectively, we can no longer hide from the immense financial problems that plague us, including our enslavement to debt. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom; this might just be a …Continue Reading – The Global Financial System is Crashing – Here’s What We Can Do About It

Bolivia Sees Enormous Drop In Cocaine Trafficking After Kicking Out DEA

The US Federal Government has long been accused of doing far more to assist the global drug trade than fight against it. They were caught assisting the Sinaloa drug cartel, they helped save Afghanistan’s opium production, and the DEA may be little more than a spy agency in disguise. Well now there’s even more hard …Continue Reading Here

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Tianjin and the End of Evil Shits and their Channelling Cults

I do not want to talk too much about the tragic events in China just yet out of respect for the dead and the current rescue operation, still on-going.  I will talk about it on next Wednesday’s show.

But I do want to state, that it was you guys who were picking up this information from the collective unconscious in your own dreams. It was not me. I personally did not dream about a major traumatic event in China, but many of YOU did.  Just think about this.

It was not some “channeller”, “mystic”, “guru”, “seer” or “earth mother goddess” with a donate button also prone to explosive rages. IT WAS YOU.

You alone and no one else. .

This Sleep Experiment is about empowering you and you alone for the overall benefit of humamity. I am just the data base builder.

Our work continues…TOGETHER

American MK Ultra | Jay Dyer

Freeman is joined by co-host Jamie Hanshaw to interview Jay Dyer to discuss topics related to the occult connections in Hollywood and how intelligence agencies like MK Ultra have been using psychological techniques within pop-culture films, music, and advertising as they attempt to get complete social control over the masses… as everyone is lead to believe they are simply being entertained when in reality they are having their imaginations hijacked and engineered.

Listen on: FreemanTV | Stitcher | iTunes | YouTube | RSS

Interstellar Mind Control With a Transhumanist President on the rise, how long do we have until Artificial Intelligence brings Terminator Salvation? Jay, Freeman, and Jamie take off on an Interstellar tour of Mind Control. Are there Connections between the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and the cartoon He-man? What are the parallels between the religious/occult world and the spy world. Listen to Hour 2

Jay Dyer is a writer and researcher with a B.A. in philosophy. His graduate work focused on the interplay of literary theory, espionage and philosophy. Jay is dedicated to investigating the deeper themes and messages found in our globalist pseudo-culture, illustrating the connections between philosophy, metaphysics, secret societies, Hollywood, psychological warfare and comparative religion. Jay’s Analysis has broken national and international news with numerous viral alternate news stories, as well as surpassing 1 million views in its first 4 years.

American MK Ultra

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Man paralyzed by vaccine tells story of Senator Pan’s corruption; former Merck salesman reveals his kids are unvaccinated

Americans who dare to oppose mandatory vaccination for any reason, including that they don't believe that all vaccines are safe, are often ridiculed, marginalized and minimized by Big Pharma vaccine pushers and the mainstream medical community. One of the things that they most often insist on is that "vaccines are safe" and that there is no reason to fear being …

Jason Kellahin and his Roswell Tale

(Blogger’s note: Since this has come up, I thought I’d republish, with appropriate updates, the article from my The Roswell Encyclopediaabout this. I believe I was the first to interview Jason Kellahin, first briefly on the telephone, and then in his home. I did notice one thing as we walked through his house. There was a copy of The Roswell Incident on his desk, as well as a number of newspaper articles about the Roswell crash that he referred to periodically. Clearly he had been reviewing that material before I had arrived and just as clearly that influenced what he told me based on the documented facts available. That interview was videotaped and a copy was provided to the Fund for UFO Research and does not agree with the affidavit that he signed some time later.)
Jason Kellahin was an AP reporter based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947. He received a call from the New York office of the Associated Press telling him that he needed to get down to Roswell as quickly as possible. According to Kellahin, “We [Kellahin and Robin Adair] were informed of the discovery down there…the bureau chief sent me and a teletype operator from the Albuquerque office.” Please note that he specifically mentioned the discovery down there.
I interviewed Kellahin in his home more than forty years later and he told me then, “It must have been in the morning because we went down there in the daytime. It would take a couple of hours to get down there…”
Jason Kellahin at his home.
Kellahin continued, saying, “We went down to Vaughn [New Mexico]. Just south of Vaughn is where they found the material.”
The ranch, according to Kellahin, wasn’t very far from the main highway (Highway 285) from Vaughn to Roswell. They turned from that highway just south of Vaughn, onto the Corona road. They were driving to the west and saw “a lot of cars and went over. We assumed that [this] was the place. There were officers from the air base. They were there before we got there.” This does not agree with the affidavit that Kellahin would sign sometime later.
Kellahin described military cars, civilian cars and even police vehicles parked along the side of the road. In one of the fields adjacent to the road, at the far end of it, were a number of military officers, not more than five or six of them. Kellahin left his vehicle and entered the field where he saw the scattered debris.
“This man from Albuquerque with me [Adair], he had a camera. He took some pictures of the stuff lying on the ground and of the rancher who was there…Brazel was there and he [the photographer] took his picture.”
Kellahin asked Brazel a few questions, interviewing him there, in the field. “I talked to him. He told me his name [Brazel] and we had been told it was on his ranch.”
Convenience store in Vaughn, NM.
Kellahin didn’t remember much about what Brazel had said. “About the only thing he said he walked out there and found this stuff and he told a neighbor about it and the neighbor said you ought to tell the sheriff…it was the next day [he] went down to Roswell.”
Standing there in the field, near the debris, Kellahin had the chance to examine it closely. “It wasn’t much of anything. Just some silver colored fabric and very light wood…a light wood like you’d make a kite with…I didn’t pick it up. In fact, they [the military] asked us not to pick up anything…You couldn’t pick it up and have identified it. You have to have known [what it was]. But it was a balloon. It looked more like a kite than anything else.”
The debris covered a small area, not more than half an acre. The military men were standing close by as Kellahin interviewed Brazel but didn’t try to interfere. “They weren’t paying much attention. They didn’t interfere with me. I went wherever I wanted to go. They didn’t keep me off the place at all. Me or the photographer.” Kellahin tried to talk to the military people, but they didn’t give him any information. “They were being very, very cautious because they didn’t know.”
He didn’t have much time for the interview because the military officers came over and told him they were finished and were going to take Brazel into Roswell. With Brazel gone and the cleanup of the debris finished, there wasn’t much reason for the AP reporters to remain. Kellahin and Adair continued their trip to Roswell, arriving before dark.
Kellahin confirmed some of this, saying that “We went down to the Roswell Daily Record and I wrote a story and we sent it out on the AP wire…Adair developed his pictures and set up the wire photo equipment and sent it out.”
The story about all this that appeared in the newspaper ended saying, “Adair and Kellahin were ordered to Roswell for the special assignment by the headquarters bureau of AP in New York.”
Kellahin, when he left the ranch, had expected to see Brazel in Roswell, the next day, but said, “I don’t recall that I did. I think the military was talking to him and wouldn’t let him talk to anyone else to my recollection…I saw him there but…there were some military people with him.”
Following the story as far as he could, Kellahin talked to Sheriff Wilcox. “When we got down there to the newspaper, he was there. I saw him there or at his office…By that time the military had gotten into it. He was being very cautious.”
“It was a weather balloon,” said Kellahin. “In my opinion that’s what it was. That’s what we saw. We didn’t see anything else to indicate it was anything else.”
Once they finished in the newspaper office, Kellahin returned to Albuquerque and Adair was ordered to return to El Paso to finish his job there. By the time Kellahin arrived in to Albuquerque, there was a new story for him that had nothing to do with flying saucers. Another assignment that was just as important as his last.
There are some points that must be made. The raw testimony from Kellahin must be put into context with that provided by others, including Adair. Both Kellahin and Adair were trying to answer the questions as honestly as they could, attempting to recall the situation as it was in July 1947. However, they are at odds with one another. There clearly is no way for Adair to be both in El Paso as he claimed and in Albuquerque as suggested by Kellahin.
Given the circumstances, there are some things that can be established. A number of newspaper articles about the events, written in 1947, have been reviewed. Although many of them had no by-line, they did carry an AP slug and did identify the location as Roswell. Since Kellahin was the only AP reporter there, assigned by the bureau chief in Albuquerque at the request of the AP headquarters in New York, it is clear that he wrote the articles.
The first problem encountered is Kellahin’s memory of getting the call early in the morning. That simply doesn’t track with the evidence. Walter Haut’s press release was not issued until sometime after noon on July 8 and it didn’t go out on either the news wires until later. George Walsh of radio station KSWS remembered that Haut had telephoned the press release to him “about mid-day.” He copied the press release exactly, as Haut read it to him over the phone. Walsh, in turn called it into the Associated Press in Albuquerque. From there the release was put on the AP wire and that story was published in a number of newspapers.
There is a document, created in 1947, that provides the exact times for some of this. According The Daily Illini, the first of the stories on the Associated Press wire appeared at 4:26 p.m. on the east coast. That would mean that the stories went out from Albuquerque, sometime prior to 2:26 p.m.
That means there would be no reason for the AP to assign a reporter (Kellahin) on the morning of July 8. There was no story about the flying saucer until that afternoon. And, by the morning of July 9, the story was dead and no reason to send anyone to Roswell. The photos had already been taken of the debris in Fort Worth and the information about the nature of the debris had already released to the press. Besides, the story in the July 9 issue of The Roswell Daily Record makes it clear that they, Kellahin and Adair, had already arrived in Roswell, coming down on July 8.
Second is the story that Kellahin saw the weather balloon on the Brazel ranch. His description of the location, south of Vaughn but just off the main highway to Roswell is inaccurate (which is the advantage of having been there myself. I knew what the terrain looked like and how close, or far, it was from the highway.) The debris field, as identified by Bill Brazel and Bud Payne, is not close to the Vaughn – Roswell highway. In fact, the field where the debris was discovered is not visible from the roads around it. It is a cross country drive into a shallow valley.
More importantly, by the time Kellahin could have gotten to that field, the balloon should have been removed if it was just a balloon as described by Kellahin. In fact, according to Marcel and the newspaper articles, the balloon was already in Fort Worth if we believe what has been reported. After all, a balloon wouldn’t have taken long to collect and Marcel had done that the day before.
Kellahin said in his affidavit that he had visited Brazel at the ranch house, met Brazel’s wife and young son. That is different from what he told me, and from the neighbors said and what Bill Brazel said. After meeting Brazel at the ranch house, they drove to the field where the debris was found.
Kellahin’s testimony of seeing a balloon out in the field is intriguing, not because he is an eyewitness to the balloon on the crash site, but because of what it suggests. If there was a balloon, it would mean that the Army had to bring one in. In other words, they were salting the area, and that, in and of itself, would be important. It would suggest that the Army had something to hide, if they were planting evidence.
Given the sequencing of events, based on the newspaper accounts and other testimony, the earliest that Kellahin could have been in the field was late in the afternoon (around four or five p.m.) on July 8. However, by that time, Marcel and the special flight from Roswell were already in Fort Worth. If the balloon explanation is accurate, then the evidence had long since been collected and there would be nothing for Kellahin to see.
Kellahin also said there had been photographs taken while on that field. These photos, according to Kellahin had been transmitted from Roswell. The photo of Brazel transmitted, however, was one that had been taken, not in the field, but in the newspaper offices. If there were pictures taken in the field they have never been printed. Had they existed, even if of poor quality, they would have been printed. After all, what could be better than pictures of Mack Brazel with the debris in the field? Here was the most persuasive of evidence… Brazel, military officers, standing in the field with the remains of a balloon but apparently those pictures were never printed by any AP newspaper at any time.
By contrast, the seven pictures taken in Ramey’s office were printed throughout the country. All seven have been located. Even the fairly rare picture of Irving Newton was printed in Texas newspapers and was used by the editors of Look when they printed their Flying Saucers special in 1966. But those that Kellahin claimed had been taken of Brazel on his ranch with the debris clearly displayed have never been found. That suggests that Kellahin’s memory is flawed on this point.
The best evidence available is that Kellahin did not stop at the ranch on his way down to Roswell. He is mistaken about that. The lack of the photographs and evidence about the location of Brazel on the afternoon of July 8 suggest it. The location that Kellahin gives is in error though he does suggest in his affidavit that rather than stumbling upon the field, he was led to it by Brazel. The ranch was not close to Vaughn, and the debris field is not close to any road.
By the time Kellahin and Adair arrived in Roswell and were ready to begin reporting, some of the pressure was off. Ramey, in Fort Worth, explained that the material found in Roswell was nothing extraordinary. The FBI had issued a telex that suggested it was a balloon after discussing all this with Major Kirton in Fort Worth though it doesn’t seem the FBI bought the explanation. No longer was New York demanding pictures. In fact, several pictures had already been taken in Fort Worth.
The interview with Brazel occurred on the evening of July 8, according to the newspaper article in the July 9 edition of The Roswell Daily Record. Brazel was brought in by the owner of KGFL, Walt Whitmore, Sr. Brazel was then interviewed by Kellahin, as well as a reporter for the Roswell Daily Record. The pictures transmitted, those of Brazel and George Wilcox, are ones that had been taken in the office for that purpose. Kellahin wrote his story, which appeared in the newspapers the next day.
With the story dead, Kellahin was ordered to return to what he had been doing. He left Roswell. Kellahin believed that nothing extraordinary had been found and there was no reason for the events to stick in his mind.
The point here, however, is that if you accept any of the Kellahin testimony as fact and use it to bolster a theory, you are building on a shaky foundation. We can document who was doing what and where at the time and Kellahin’s story does not match any of that. Yes, he was in Roswell and yes, he did interview Brazel, but he didn’t see him at his ranch, there are no pictures of Brazel in that field, and the time line suggested by Kellahin is badly flawed.

Here’s the beef

Late last year, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, through its in-house Spectra magazine, revealed a drone program designed to convert a flying machine into a… Read more »

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America is heading into an era of ‘pension poverty,’ economist warns

(NaturalNews) A noted author and freelance economist has made a frightening, yet eminently logical conclusion: America’s pensioners – those who receive Social Security or other government entitlement – are about to enter an era of “pension poverty” similar to that being experienced…

Is The Anarchist Cookbook a Psyop? – Questions For Corbett #024

In this month’s edition of Questions For Corbett, James tackles your queries on everything from the Candian constiution to EMP protection, negative interest rates and the history of the Anarchist Cookbook. He also asks for your input on the Iranian oil bourse and the legalization of weed.

Samadhi – Film Trailer [9 minute excerpt from film]


The film Samadhi will be released in the fall/winter of 2015. In the spirit of the ancient teachings “Samadhi” will be released for free for the benefit of all beings.

CDC Whistleblower: Submit to A Live Interview and Open Source All Documents!

There are moments in history where morality and justice demand a better way. Times when status quo normalcy hangs heavy in the air. As good men and women stand idly by with admirable intentions, evil people succeed and prosper. The political process and the rule of law in the United States has hobbled along sick …Continue Reading Here

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Lights in Sky Near Three Rivers – 8/6/2015

This is not an actual photo of the sighting. 
It is an artist’s rendering. SW-LITS

Two witnesses in Three Rivers, Texas observed 3 lights at 9:3 PM, Thursday, August 6, 2015. 
[Three Rivers is located south of San Antonio.]
The first witness saw 2 lights, then the second witness also saw a 3rd light.
At first they appeared white, then the lights changed color and became orange before disappearing.
The lights were very close together and the whole display only lasted approximately 5 seconds.
The witnesses were listening to a scanner but never heard any mention of the sighting.
The lights were due west, possibly over Hwy 72.  They were lower than an airplane’s flight path.
The witnesses estimated the distance at 4 miles.

If you saw this display of lights, please email us.  Thanks!


Anti-Whites upset by stagnation of mixed-race couples in Canada

The Vancouver Sun has written an article about how mixed-race couples are stagnating in Canada, with very little increase.

“Ethnically mixed couples — involving whites, blacks, Japanese, Hispanics, Chinese, South Asians or others — were heralded not long ago as the wave of a tolerant, open, non-racist future.” wrote the Vancouver Sun.

“But three cultural…

Editorial: Denver, stick with fluoride

To fluoridate or not to fluoridate?

The debate over adding fluoride to public drinking water has raged on and off for the better part of a century. Now it’s back on the agenda of the Denver Water Board, which provides water to 1.3 million metro residents.

A hearing last week was jammed with activists who want Denver to dump its fluoridation policy.

Times change, science evolves and public attitudes shift, so it’s to the board’s credit that it is re-examining the issue. But when the board does make its decision, probably later this month, we hope it sticks with its policy of fluoridating water by the amount recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in order to minimize tooth decay.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers water fluoridation one of the 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century. Not only did tooth decay become far less prevalent but Americans also were far more likely to retain their permanent teeth into old age.

The optimal amount of fluoride recommended by HHS was actually lowered this year to 0.7 milligrams per liter of water from a range of 0.7 to 1.2 milligram per liter. The department explained that “Americans now have access to more sources of fluoride, such as toothpaste and mouth rinses, than they did when water fluoridation was first introduced.” But Denver has been targeting 0.7 milligrams since 2011, when it too lowered its goal.

Fluoride occurs naturally in Denver water, so the department only has to supplement the background source — which it has done since 1953.

The anti-fluoridation movement was once a right-wing cause led by such groups as the John Birch Society. More recently, the movement has attracted elements of the environmental left.

At its recent meeting, the Water Board heard from three expert witnesses in favor of fluoridation and three opposed. Opponents included the director of the Fluoride Action Network, who argued that government experts are resistant to new evidence that contradicts long-held beliefs. Such a possibility can’t be discounted, of course, which is why board members need to consider the broad range of opinion.

Given the benefits from fluoridated water, however, the evidence for health risks should be quite compelling before board members elect to change course.

We don’t think the evidence rises to that level.



Honeywell continues to investigate chemical leak

The Metropolis, IL Honeywell plant is not producing product right now as investigators look into why a chemical compound leaked out Saturday afternoon.

Honeywell spokesperson Peter Dalpe says they’re working to find out how much UF6 or uranium hexafluoride was released. A release of this same chemical happened back in October of 2014.

“I guess its 3000 ft. away from our house, and if I can’t smell anything yet  I’m going to get as far away from it as I can,” Elliot said.

It’s that close distance from the Honeywell Plant that made Jim Elliot leave with his daughter Abigail and two dogs instead of listening to an automated call.

“We were told to turn off the air conditioner, close all the windows, and stay in the house,” Elliot said.

Crews spent two hours cleaning up a UF6 chemical leak at the plant reported around 6 Saturday night.

“This is two in 11 years,” Elliot said.

The Environmental Management website says UF6 or uranium hexafluoride is not really dangerous unless it’s ingested.  However, when it reacts with water vapor it breaks down into UO2F2 and hydrogen fluoride. UO2F2 is heavier than air and falls to the ground.  HF is a gas that rises and is a potentially hazardous substance when inhaled in large amounts.

Dalpe says this reaction happens because of the water present in the air, not because of the water Honeywell sprays on the material. He says the most effective way to weaken an HF cloud is to spray it with water knocking the cloud down and diluting the HF until you end up with small amounts of fluoride mixed with water.

Dalpe says there is no evidence the leak impacted anybody and despite the Plant’s proximity, Elliott says he feels safe. Elliot appreciates the call system, but next time would like a more resounding alert.

“If a siren were to sound we wound know what that meant. If we were outside we would not have heard the phone, which in the summertime most people are going to be outside,” Elliot said.

Giving them peace of mind that they’ll know, if there’s ever an emergency in the future.

See TV report

DNA Proven To Have Telepathic Abilities

  Scientists have discovered that DNA has the ability to link itself together, even from a distance. According to known science, this should never be possible… Research published by the ACS’ Journal of Physical Chemistry B, shows that without a doubt, intact double-strand DNA has the unexplainable ability to recognize similarities in other DNA stands from …Continue Reading Here

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‘Cuckservative’: the internet’s latest Republican insult hits where it hurts

Editor’s comment: Even the mainstream media has to acknowledge the power of the “Cuckservative” meme, but as usual they try to throw a stick into its spokes by not focusing on the true meaning and purpose of why these Republicans are being called “Cuckservative”. They call it a “racist” term in an attempt to derail this phenomenon – good luck. …

Wileyfox sneaks into view with Cyanogen-based Android phones

Wileyfox isn’t yet a name spoken of in the same breath as Samsung or HTC when it comes to Android-based smartphones, but it soon could be. The British company wants to disrupt how the market works by offering consumers high-spec phones at low prices, with no contracts or long-term committments.

Unlike Samsung’s range — as close to a market leader as Android has — or even Google’s own Nexus handsets, Wileyfox’s entries won’t run on the standard version of the mobile OS but rather the community driven Cyanogen variant.

By: Matt Kamen,

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Back issues of the Swamp Gas Journal online

Following a discussion in the UFO Updates facebook group about preservation of UFO files and research documents, someone asked me about ufozines.

It occurred to me that I still haven’t scanned and uploaded all the issues of my ufozine, the Swamp Gas Journal, which was published from 1978 to 2003 (making it one of the longest-running UFO publications). However, a few websites have quite a few issues online. in fact, there are 15 issues online at:

So, if anyone wants to read about the development of ufology during the 80s and 90s, at least some info is out there.

Nokia sells HERE Maps to BMW, Audi and Daimler

Nokia has sold HERE Maps to a German automotive consortium for 2.8 billion euros (£1.97 billion), in a move the company is describing as the “next stage of its transformation”.

The consortium that has purchased HERE comprises leading automotive manufacturers Audi, BMW and Daimler. HERE has long been a leader in providing real-time, predictive and personalised location services using data generated by devices, vehicles and infrastructure.

By: Katie Collins,

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Cycles of Global Change – Part 4 – The Rise of the Goddess Civilization

This article is the fourth installment in a series describing events that occurred in the four millennia leading up the beginning of recorded history when cuneiform writing first appeared in Sumer about 5000 years ago. As our knowledge of prehistory evolves we are realizing that there is far more to the story than has been recognized by previous generations of […]

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The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda

  by Zen Gardner The outdated matrix programming by the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities. The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing. And it’s driving them nuts. Just look at the desperation we’re witnessing. …Continue Reading Here

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German protesters clash with police at new migrant shelter

Protesters gathered to demonstrate against the arrival of migrants at a newly opened shelter in eastern Germany have clashed violently with police in a sign of growing tension over the record influx of asylum seekers expected this year.

The two consecutive nights of violence over the weekend came at the end of a week in which the interior minister, Thomas de …

The Satanic Conspriacy – could it be real?

Jesus vs Devil
My friend Freeman Fly recently did an interview where he stated clearly that he believes there is a satanic conspiracy against ‘us’, the men and women of Earth. For those not familiar with him & if you can spare the time, please listen to this fascinating interview.

It is something that I too have conisdered for a long time and now decide to state plainly just what this means to me and what I feel must be done.

There is a reason why the majority of us are completely dissatisfied with the state of the world. That reason is simple: our planet is being destroyed by our own actions. Our model of living is backwards. Energy systems limit our energy, monetary systems leave us bankrupt, leaders bring us only war, and death, and lies.

This disatisfaction we feel is known as a natural, heart-felt reaction to a problem we see plainly before us.

The desire to respond to that feeling is again natural.

The action of responding is not a single event, but your entire life, or until you no longer feel it necessary.

The nature of response is talking your truth and doing the maximal amount of good for you, your family and all others.

The goal of all our problems being solved is not an optimistic one, it is the best one. Why would you want any other?

Taking the above points and using them to characterise a man’s principals and his subsequent journey in life would give you a ‘Jesus’ like character. We have found one half of the required characters to initiate our biblical scenario.

Properly understood, what these points above mean is that when people speak of  ‘christ consciousness’ or other such phrases, they are really describing a principle of character. Anyone imbued with such character would also naturally have a profound and meaningful life, because one could not attain such character without living in such a way as to create it. Reputations and celebrity may be cheap now but they are still earned, and without the babble of mainstream media thousands of years ago, rarer and harder earned still. Further, it is true to say that a man may attain a certain following with his words alone; but words alone rarely bring you meaning; only actions bring real meaning. The actions I speak of are simply being who you are meant to be and not ever straying from a natural, soulful and truthful way of life. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t take long before living according to the guidance of your heart – not your mind – will bring you ino conflict with the controlling interests of humanity.

Everyone can be Jesus.

Everyone is born with the principles above. But everyone is also born capable of forgetting, ignoring and distracting themselves from them. More importantly still is that everyone is capable of being fearful of what may happen should they decide to act. Throughout your life, just as throughout mine, we are offered opportunities to grow and learn about ourselves. It is natural that we would want to go ‘out there’ and solve the problems of the world, but in reality what are you truly capable of solving? Could you really walk into court and show them who’s boss with the information on this and other websites? As most will tell you, no, it is not possible. Rightly or wrongly, despite facts and evidence pointing to our true status of soul-incarnate, and being alien and superior to corporate courts, the lawful rebel is still steamrolled in the vast majority of cases. Was he right to rebel? Absolutely. Was his standing based on evidence? Of course. Was he ignored in court? I’m sure enough of you reading this know the answer. Yet court is where most people will still go – directly against the alleged authorities and the corporate contractual law system, which is specifcially designed to ‘soak up’ the lawful rebels’ energy, time and money. It is a tough thing to admit, but for most it is advisable that you do not engage the legal beast unless you absolutely have to. The reason for that is simple.

The problem is not ‘out there’.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are very flawed individuals yet perhaps this is how we are meant to be. A path of spiritual development is derided enough within society, and mainstream religion has so much blood on it’s hands you’d need a boat just to get to congregation should it’s bloody past be spilled today. Yet most would agree that there is a faint calling persistant throughout life which beckons you to discover it’s source. What it may be for others beyond a very faint yearning I am not sure, but I feel it as a desire held deep within for peace on Earth. In order for our current chaotic rulers to be thoroughly exposed and ejected from power, we must first become aware of their presence. That won’t happen unless you are talking to others. It is often said that you cannot change others. I would have to agree; we all know that people can only change themselves. So, plant that seed gently! All that we can truly do is offer inspiration to others so that they might be inspired to change themselves. In order to offer that inspiration we must all realise that this comes from changing yourself; being more polite, positive and compassionate. If you can walk this line, you are afforded a unique sort of protection, and people will come back to you and ask more questions. Alex Jones is loved by some but he does have a knack of repulsing the still-slumbering, still-doing-ok-enough-not-to-notice, a.k.a the middle class.


Today, we are afforded glimpses of what we can be capable of far more often thanks to the internet, and YouTube. Far more often than not we see a lot of conflict and confrontation when attempting to bring awareness to key issues related to how we are controlled. The ideal solution to a confrontation is friendship; reaching a mutual understanding. To do it, you’ve got to connect with someone at a heart level even when you start out opposed. Recently vLogger Samuel Williams was harrassed by undercover and uniformed police for simply filming his visit to the Grove, weeks ahead of Bilderberg 2013. He had this very experience & his freeman based stance saw the police driving off and him free to go, eventually:

Following Sam’s conversation at the end of the video, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam hadn’t heard of Rob Menard or  John Harris, Dean Clifford and so on.

To return to the topic, Freeman Flys’ recent statment of belief in a satanic conspiracy now may be a little easier to understand; Satan, the great adversary, is here to thwart the reign of christianity and the story of Jesus. Taken in context we see that this applies broadly against the consiciousness of man; the actions of the whole of the negative, opressive factions within the various institutions constitute the satanic machinery. Satanists work the machinery operating the levers of power in order to serve Satan. It is mocking, ridiculing, deceiving, tempting, violating and desecrating the natural structures of man and woman, and the world in which they live.  It is protection of criminals, murderers and war mongers, it is the perversion of justice, but more accurately it is a product of putting self interests above all else. Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. The control system will flourish for the desires of the corrupt, and the inaction of good people.

As time ticks on in the global struggle, most people will stand on one side or the other; supporting or thwarting the control system. This is now resulting in systems independant of it’s clutches like Bitcoin, which has caused huge problems for other currencies, and StartPage, which doesn’t spy on internet searchers. The people will empower these systems just by using them. In this way the sides are slowly drawn, and soon the divisions will be made very clear.

GOoD versus dEVIL

There *** is *** such a thing as good and evil. Never listen to those that say otherwise. To say that mass genocide is an excusable act from a particular point of view is obscene and false logic. Therefore to say there is no such thing as good and evil is untrue. There is no excuse for malicious intent towards others, and that’s exactly the satanic practice. So if you’re joining this fight it had better be for the right reasons and you had better be prepared.

There are of course some profound considerations to follow, and some very big concepts to take on board – like for example the literal existance of supernatural beings. It is a literal leap of faith which many refuse to take. The important thing to realise is that if you’re making the decision because of your inner reasoning and knowing, then it must be right for you. We cannot know with any authority just how deep this goes, but my word is there more to be brought to light yet in terms of our real history on Earth and just who we really are. That is the decision we are faced with now; to embrace the spiritual path – and lawful rebellion was the first step for me. This is far more than getting out of taxes and fines; if you’re stuck at that point and desperate for answers, the right answer is put down the law dictionary and re-think what you’re really trying to achieve.

In real world application you then begin to understand why so much of mainstream entertainment, music, money, law and religion all seek to capture and morph the natural, heart-based impulses which attempt to govern our actions. When we all continually accept vast ideological systems devoid of integrity but favouring corruption, devoid of beauty but abundant in obscenity, devoid of purity but favouring lurid behaviour, devoid of peace but full of violent apocalyptic visions, what do we expect to see in the world but exactly that?

Accepting all these things as popular entertainment reduces our latent morality – our goodness. We need to restate and affirm our good nature through our words and actions. Then we’ve got to remember who we are and what we’re really doing here. As the inevitable surge of awareness courses through the internet and into mainstream culture, the battle for hearts and minds rages and in 2013 I feel we are being intentionally shaken awake by darker aspects of the controllers’ game. The Woolwich machete beheading, the Sandy Hook Shooting, Aurora Cinema Shooting & the Boston Marathon Bombing are just a few highly conspicous and suspicious events even on cursory investigation, and many have occult connections. They need us to destroy ourselves and they will attempt to destabilise us any way they can; next stop – financial collapse & mass induced scarcity. We must not be destablised and we must not turn on one another. The community or whatever passes as community these days is about to be tested like never before.


The upper echelons of my understanding point us right back to our past, and to a hidden knowledge  kept from the masses. It’s teachings are of sacred geometry, standing wave energies of the Earth, the planets, the cosmos and it’s cycles, resonant harmonic cavities (churches / temples), crystals, and our etheric energy body. We will eventually re-discover the true relationship between our hearts and the infinite power available to a conscious, spiritually-scientific race. It will take leadership to get us there; just not the leaders we have right now.  When these ancient teachings are fully realised and mastered, we will regain our proper status on this planet. We do have dominion. We are the custodians whose minds have been wiped. Our inner knowledge was marginalised and destroyed through collective education in the mundane 5-sense world, our natural cycles were mechanised by calendars and currencies, but finally, we are breaking free.

One final note

Whilst has never concentrated wholly on the religious or the occult, it nevertheless demands attention when so many of todays trends, fashion, music, entertainment and media clearly promote satanism in varying subtle (and not so subtle) ways. I am not an organised-religion kind of man, nor am I against it, but it would appear that world events are played out to a covert religious agenda.  To all those that seek insight into the Satanic plan of action, I would recommend Bob Schlenkers’  Open Scroll blog – he is a prolific blogger with formidable insight.




Intelligence Inheritance – three genes that add to your IQ score

Intelligence, cognitive ability or cognitive performance is usually measured by a battery of tests that aim to quantify skills such as memory and analytical ability. There is loads of variation between people in how they perform on such tests, and these differences can be due to genetic and environment factors, and their interplay.

In research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS) in 2014, we show three genetic variants in humans that can account for a couple of IQ points – but before you get excited, these are only three variants out of likely thousands.

The genetics of cognitive performance

While a measure of “intelligence” can be controversial, cognitive performance scores are widely used because of their predictive ability. Educational attainment, income, job performance and health are all correlated with cognitive performance.

By comparing the cognitive performance between family members, including comparisons between identical and non-identical twins, scientists are able to quantify the contribution of genetic and environmental causes of individual differences.

shira gal/Flickr, CC BY

Decades of research have shown that genetic factors account for about half of the causes of individual difference in cognitive performance, and recent studies using unrelated people have confirmed that a substantial proportion of individual difference is due to genetic factors.

So, we know now that cognitive performance is heritable, but where are the genes? Despite considerable attempts to find genes for cognitive performance, no specific genes had been found and replicated.

One reason for this puzzle is that there are a lot of genes involved – thousands, even – and their individual gene effect sizes are tiny. Past studies couldn’t find them because sample sizes were not large enough to detect genes with statistical significance.

So how did we overcome this problem?

daves cupboard/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

Last year, a huge international collaborative study of more than 126,000 people correlated millions of genetic variants with educational attainment and discovered three genetic variants associated with it.

Education attainment is correlated with cognitive performance, so given these two observations, we tested the genetic variants for education attainment with their associations with cognitive performance, which we report in PNAS today.

We tested 69 genetic variants from the educational attainment study (of almost 107,000 people) in independent samples of 24,000 people who had a cognitive performance score. This two-stage strategy is called a “proxy-phenotype method” since educational attainment is a proxy phenotype (an observable characteristic or trait) for cognitive performance.

The essence of this design was to piggy-back on a much larger study from a correlated trait (educational attainment) to pre-select a small number of genetic variants. These were then tested for association with cognitive performance – a bit like leveraging a large study on the genetics of weight to find genes for diabetes.

Three genetic variants (out of thousands)

Previously, using a genome-wide study in a sample of 18,000 individuals, we could not identify a single genetic variant associated with cognitive performance. Using the new proxy strategy, though, we identified three genetic variants associated with cognitive performance. As expected from the calculation, the effects of these variants on cognitive performance are tiny.

A copy of each variant accounts for only 0.3 points on a standard IQ test (with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15). A person who inherits all six copies (note: one genetic variant has two copies) of increasing variants differs by 1.8 points compared to individual who inherits none. That’s a small difference.

sheeshoo/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

Another interesting finding from our study is related to the potential relevance to our health. A combination of genetic effect calculated from 60 education attainment-associated variants is correlated with memory and absence of dementia in an independent sample of almost 9,000 individuals.

While it is premature to suggest the biological function of the genes identified, our additional analysis suggests that the genes are related to synaptic plasticity – the main mechanism in the brain for learning and memory.

The take-away message

This study of normal variation in cognitive performance confirms that there is no gene with a large effect on this trait. There is no “gene for intelligence” – instead, cognitive performance is likely to be influenced by thousands of genes, each having a small effect.

While the individual effect of the genetic variants are extremely small, their identification may lead to knowledge of the biological pathways involved in cognitive performance and cognitive ageing. This insight may eventually lead us into a better understanding of the mechanism involves in memory loss and dementia.

Finally, because individual gene effects are small, an implication of the study is that even larger studies, for example on millions of people, will lead to the discovery of many more gene variants.

The Conversation###

Beben Benyamin is Research Fellow in Statistical Genetics at The University of Queensland and Peter Visscher is Professor of Quantitative Genetics at The University of Queensland

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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NYT calls out Coca-Cola’s harmful junk food science while ignoring Monsanto’s fraudulent GMO science

(NaturalNews) The New York Times recently published an in-depth article on one of its blogs exposing the Coca-Cola Company’s efforts to promote flawed science downplaying the importance of cutting calories — particularly empty calories — in order to lose weight. The company has…

Is The Government Still Running A Mind Control Program?


Project MK-ULTRA was a top secret and illegal mind control and torture program developed and practiced by the CIA from the 1950s. It was exposed and officially shut down by President Nixon in the 1970s. But evidence from the First Gulf War and Guantanamo Bay strongly suggests the illegal use of drugs and sensory deprivation methods is still going on. So we ask, did MK-ULTRA ever really go away?

The Black and Gay Show

Meta-JamieTune is for this month’s current events and common sense with Jamie Hanshaw. How do we react to the Charleston Shooting and the Confederate flag attack? Can we be proud of our heritage without acting superior? The elite class will always stoke racial tension to distract from the privileged. What was the Civil War really about and did Abraham Lincoln care about slavery in the South? The New World Order is churning out slaves of every kind. Learn how slavery has been humanity’s birthright since the beginning of civilization and what we can do to heal our trauma based mind control.

Listen on: FreemanTV | Stitcher | iTunes | YouTube | RSS

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Black and Gay

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Gay Pride parade in Muslim area of Sweden called "racist", sparks protest by "Anti-Nazi" leftists

Editor’s note: This is a follow up to the story we posted a few days ago about the planned Gay Pride Parade Through a Muslim Area in Stockholm. Here is footage from the spectacle.

Noteworthy, beyond the quickening fall of Sweden, is that there is now an internal conflict within the “tolerance” competing libtard groups. One one side you have the …

Oslo, Norway, is facing White genocide, as schools become less White

Statistics show that Oslo’s school population is becoming increasingly non-White, as the city is being made more “diverse”, and less Norwegian.

According to the statistics, over one third of Oslo’s schools are minority Norwegian, and shockingly, there are 7 schools where Norwegians make up less than 10% of school children.


Games bought on Humble Store can now support 35,000 charities

One of the great things about the Humble Store — besides the chance to get great games at ridiculously low prices, particularly in the weekly Humble Bundles — is that every purchase contributes to good causes, with a cut of each sale going to selected charities. But while the recipients could differ with each offer, generally it was a core group of beneficiaries, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

Now though, you’ll be able to cater your charitable patronage to your liking, as Humble has introduced an option to select your own cause. There’s no shortage of organisations to donate to either — you can choose from more than 35,000 charities.

By: Matt Kamen,

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Learning to Trust


Life experiences either make you bitter or better; it is your choice. In fact, it is the only choice we get to make as life challenges are upon us. If we let them, difficult experiences can scar us in a way that creates a distrust of life. If we are not careful the scars of the past, are recreated in the future again and again. 

Facebook seeks to sway 2016 election outcomes

(NaturalNews) It’s no secret that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has an affinity for illegal aliens. He’s donated millions to fund their college education (but not so much to fund the education of poor Americans), and has actively lobbied Congress to allow more legal immigration…

An Open Letter to #Cuckservatives

You aren’t just betraying your principles.

Dear Cuckservative,

You are not alone. Like you, Erick Erickson at, Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller, Taylor Millard at Hot Air, the blogger Ace of Spades, and Jim Harper with the Cato Institute are all squirming under the lash of this new coinage. They are squirming because a single word–cuckservative–lays bare…

Conspiracy Theory | Randy Maugans

What happens when you put two Conspiracy Theorists in a room together? Mind-Blowing connections and far-reaching questions, that’s what. From Black Magick to Military Intelligence and on to UFO’s, this show will touch it all. What purpose is there to Chemtrails? Was Science Fiction guiding us to a prepared future or was it a dire warning? What dangers are inherent to the Transhumanist Movement; A.I., Militarized robots, Mind-Transfer Technologies and Surveillance of your every move. Can technology turn the tide for good? What is being lost as ISIL and ISIS destroy ancient monuments in Babylon? Will we ever get the truth of our distant past?

Two guys meet and find they have both been abducted, what is common between them? As it turns out, quite a bit! Randy and I have never spoken to each other but, as our stories unfold we find that we not only have an extraterrestrial connection but, our family connections, our parents preoccupations and even our blood type are the same. This is beyond coincidence! Listen to Hour 2

Listen on: FreemanTV | Stitcher | iTunes | YouTube | RSS


Randy Maugans is a Media producer, technologist, designer, talk show host/interviewer and studies advanced metaphysics. He is seeking the truth about “what’s out there”, as result of two (known) childhood “contacts” with “something” Randy could not explain. OffPlanet Radio (formerly “Exotica”) is the natural outgrowth of his interests in the areas of the paranormal, technology, and communications… “the ‘future’ caught up with me.”

OffPlanet Radio (formerly Exotica) has been a presence on shortwave, satellite radio, and internet for over seven years, detailing many aspects of the “secret” world that exists within and without our own perception. ET/UFO disclosure is the most significant story of our times, and is NOT being covered by the major media in the traditions of fair journalism, or with the best interests of the people of planet Earth.

Conspiracy Theory

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Instead of Releasing Dashcam, Cops Hire PR Firm to Help Cover Up Murder of Unarmed White Teen

Seneca city officials have recently hired a PR firm to handle public inquiries regarding the shooting.

A former police captain recently signed an affidavit affirming that several formal reprimands are missing from the personnel file of the officer who killed a 19-year-old during a marijuana bust. Although the police chief claims that no disciplinary actions have been taken against the…

Greek President to Propose Golden Dawn to Form Government

A Greek lawmaker told Sputnik that Golden Dawn party will be given a mandate to form the government.

The third party to be granted a mandate to form a new Greek government will be the Golden Dawn, MP from the New Democracy Party, says Makis Voridis.

"The third party to receive a proposal to create a government will be the Golden Dawn," Voridis who is a…

United States Just Passed up Old Soviet Union Gulags For Largest Prison System

For decades, the Soviet Gulags under Joseph Stalin had been considered some of the worst prisons in all of history. But now things have changed.

The United States has far exceeded the horrific tolls of the gulags. In the Soviet example, there were more than 18 million victims during the gulags’ use over four decades.

Around a million people died in the gulags over the…

‘UK surveillance is worse than 1984’ says UN privacy chief

The UN’s newly appointed special rapporteur on privacy, Joseph Cannataci, has described digital surveillance in the UK as “worse” than anything imagined in George Orwell’s totalitarian dystopia 1984.

Speaking to the Guardian, Cannataci — who doesn’t own a Facebook account or use Twitter — lambasted the oversight of British digital surveillance as “a rather bad joke at its citizens’ expense”.

By: Daniel Culpan,

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First almost fully-formed human brain grown in lab, researchers claim

Research team say tiny brain could be used to test drugs and study diseases, but scientific peers urge caution as data on breakthrough kept under wraps

An almost fully-formed human brain has been grown in a lab for the first time, claim scientists from Ohio State University. The team behind the feat hope the brain could transform our understanding of neurological …

Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales


‘Key allies in the US and UK led war on Islamic State (ISIS) are covertly financing the terrorist movement according to senior political sources in the region. US and British oil companies are heavily invested in the murky geopolitical triangle sustaining ISIS’ black market oil sales.

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq and Turkish military intelligence have both supported secret ISIS oil smuggling operations and even supplied arms to the terror group, according to Kurdish, Iraqi and Turkish officials.

One British oil company in particular, Genel Energy, is contracted by the KRG to supply oil for a major Kurdish firm accused of facilitating ISIS oil sales to Turkey. The Kurdish firm has close ties to the Iraqi Kurdish government.’

Read more: Britain’s secret ties to governments, firms behind ISIS oil sales

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Corporations including Coca-Cola pull sponsorship of Planned Parenthood; Pepsi drops use of aborted fetal cells

Untitled (4)

‘Planned Parenthood’s corporate sponsors are dropping like flies after the women’s healthcare nonprofit made national headlines for its involvement in an illicit organ trade scheme involving aborted fetal tissue. Coca-Cola, Xerox and Ford have all told Planned Parenthood to remove their names from its website, and other corporations like Pepsi that previously made use of aborted fetal cells in the manufacture of their products have announced that they’re likewise cutting ties.

Since its unfolding, the controversy has prompted Planned Parenthood to completely remove the complete list of donors from its website. But before this happened, some of the group’s biggest contributors were contacted by certain media outlets seeking comment on the ordeal, revealing that few wish to be associated with this baby chop-shop organization since its misgivings were made public.’

Read more: Corporations including Coca-Cola pull sponsorship of Planned Parenthood; Pepsi drops use of aborted fetal cells

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NY Times: Koch Brothers Brave Spotlight to Try to Alter Their Image

Read NY Times: Koch Brothers Brave Spotlight to Try to Alter Their Image By Nicholas Confessore.

After two elections in which liberals sought to cast them as the secretive face of the G.O.P., the billionaire brothers want to change perceptions of their family.

Rebuttal by the Anti-New York Times;

With the blessing of Sulzberger's Slimes, Marxist Jewish Billionaires and…

3 Steps to Prepare Yourself For a Paradigm Shift

1. Discard Limiting Beliefs Beliefs are what separate us, beliefs are what hold us back and beliefs are what your mind has conjured up about the world to keep you in a certain mind frame or perspective of reality, where you have restrictions. The spirit is free, and the spirit always says yes. No matter …Continue Reading Here

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Victorian ‘Sherlock’ special will be a ghost story

When Steven Moffat revealed the Sherlock special at San Diego Comic Con, pretty much all that was said was that the standalone adventure would take place in Victorian London. Now, we finally know a little more about the great detective’s next case.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour in America, Moffat spilled some details on the long-awaited return of Holmes and Watson, as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Most interestingly, that the period outing allows them to better delve into original Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle’s spookier mysteries — Victorian Sherlock will be telling viewers a ghost story.

By: Matt Kamen,

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Consumer Reports finds hamburger from grass-fed and organic cattle poses fewer health risks

(NaturalNews) Consumer Reports tested 300 samples (458 pounds) of hamburger from 103 stores from 26 cities for bacterial contamination, comparing “sustainable” meat to conventional meat. (Sustainable, in this study, referred to beef from cattle that was not given antibiotics). What…

Russia and Egypt support forming anti-ISIS coalition with Syria – Putin


‘Russia and Egypt support the creation of a broad anti-terrorist coalition, which would include Syria, to fight Islamic State militants, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a joint media conference with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel el-Sisi.

“We underline the fundamental importance of the formation of a broad anti-terrorist front involving key international players and regional countries, including Syria,” Putin said on Wednesday.

“We have common views on the need to intensify the fight against international terrorism, which is relevant, considering the aggressive ambitions of radical structures, particularly the so-called Islamic State.”’

Read more: Russia and Egypt support forming anti-ISIS coalition with Syria – Putin

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The Federal Reserve Bank – 100 Years of Deception

2nd August 2015 By Alan R. Adaschik Guest Writer for Wake Up World To most Americans, the notion of our government having been overthrown is the fodder of conspiracy nuts or the province of people out of touch with reality. However, not only do the vast majority of Americans have no clue our government was …Continue Reading – The Federal Reserve Bank – 100 Years of Deception

Iran To Start Nuclear Commercialization, Attract Foreign Funds: President Rouhani

Iran said that it would start nuclear commercialization, and attract more foreign investment. The declaration came from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who spoke to reporters in the western Iranian city of Hamadan Tuesday.

According to Rouhani, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 not only recognizes its nuclear program, but urges the world powers to cooperate with the Islamic republic as well. He said that Iran would import yellow cake and export enriched UF6 [uranium hexafluoride].

“Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Tehran intends to use a new technology in the Arak nuclear complex in coordination with two members of the P5+1 group,” Press TV quoted Rouhani, “We hope that Iran’s nuclear agreement is fully implemented and we can attract more foreign investment.”

The Iranian president appreciated the efforts of the team of diplomats, who had successfully negotiated with six world powers. He said that the people of the country should be aware of their “great work.”

The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog earlier said that there were not enough funds to ensure the implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano said that funds were running out while member states would have to spend more than $10 million every year to monitor the proposed agreement.

According to Amano, the Agency had immediate funding needs for the continuing costs of implementing, monitoring and verification under the existing Joint Plan of Action, CNN reported. He also added that the amount of money required was 800,000 euros ($920,720) for a month.

An additional $185,000 will be needed every month during the period between the adoption of the deal and its implementation. Amano said that the extra-budgetary contributions for the purpose would be over by the end of September.


WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 27 August

Your daily briefing. Today, major dark web marketplace shuts down, Facebook launches personal assistant, finding the Ashley Madison hackers and more.


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Mind Boggling Spin: Planned Parenthood Claims That It PREVENTS Abortions


‘In what can only be described as pure doublethink, as conceived by George Orwell, Planned Parenthood is claiming that it works to PREVENT abortions, rather than carry them out.

In response to moves by Republicans in Congress to defund the organisation, which receives over half a million dollars per year in taxpayer funds, Planned Parenthood tweeted the following:

Read more: Mind Boggling Spin: Planned Parenthood Claims That It PREVENTS Abortions

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U.S. Sheriffs fed up as 25 Americans are killed each day by illegal immigrants

Data from U.S. Sheriff’s offices revealing the startling fact that about 25 Americans are killed each day by illegal immigrants, has forced the concern that President Barack Obama’s biggest political enemy many not be the upcoming Republican Senate and House after all.

Millions of U.S. citizens, disenchanted with federal government’s broken promises and lack of will to…

Hacking Satellite Tracking Systems for $1000


A security researcher demonstrated how to hack a satellite tracking technology with a $1,000 device made of off the shelf components.

Colby Moore, a security expert from security firm Synack, will present in a talk at the next Black Hat Conference how to hack satellite tracking technology by using a $1,000 device made of off the shelf components.

The possible consequences are serious if we consider that satellite tracking technology is practically used in every industry, including cargo shipment and themilitary.

Moore focused its analysis on GlobalStar systems, the vendor provides satellite tracking devices to its customers that want to track their assets. The GlobalStar satellite tracking devices can also be used to monitor industrial critical infrastructure such as pipelines, or to track hikers and other adventurers who use GlobalStar’s consumer tracker called “Spot.”

GlobalStar Satellite Tracking Devices

Moore will demonstrate that communications between GlobalStar tracker devices and its constellation of satellites is not secure and open to cyber attacks, hackers, in fact, can intercept data transferred and spoof the signal sent to the satellites.

“We’re only at the tip of the iceberg for the implications around this,” Moore told Motherboard. “It’s really critical that these companies start taking security seriously.”

Moore sustain that the company GlobalStar isn’t taking security seriously and it isn’t protecting its customers.

“It’s really critical that these companies start taking security seriously.”

GlobalStar satellite tracking devices are used for various purposes, they can be used to monitor industrial critical infrastructure such as pipelines, or to track adventurers.

Moore pointed out that the entire family of devices provided by GlobalStart relies on the flawed technology, known as the Simplex data network, which is used to transmit data between the tracking devices and the satellites.

The researcher made a reverse engineering of the protocol discovering that it is easy to intercept communication data in transit. Moore has built device composed of a satellite antenna, a software defined radio transceiver, and an amplifier, that allows him to capture data sent by GlobalStar transmitters to the satellites.

GlobalStar Satellite Tracking Devices 2

The device allows attackers to see the position of every satellite tracker, and can even hijack and spoof the data, tricking the trackers and making them believe to be in a different location.

The device cost only around $1,000, Moore plans to release the hardware specifications as well as the code he developed at the Black Hat.

The repercussions on security could be serious, as explained by the MotherBoard.

“For example, a criminal could track a vehicle, say an armored car, for days to learn its regular path. The intercepted data doesn’t reveal what kind of vehicle a tracker is installed on, but regular patterns might give that away—think of a vehicle that constantly goes between banks or diamond shops.” wrote Lorenzo Bicchierai from MotherBoard.

At that point, the criminal could hijack it, disable the satellite transmitter, and use another transmitter to show to the company that the armored car is on its regular track “but in reality you’re hijacking it and taking it somewhere else,” Moore said.

Currently the device is able to track devices in a range of “several miles”, future improvements will allow Moore to extend the range up to 2,000 miles.

“In the future I’ll be able to see 2,000 miles around me for every base station I set up,” explained Moore.

Moore reported the flaws to GlobalStar more than six months ago without receiving any reply.

The bad news for GlobalStar’s customers is that it is likely the firmware on the device could not be updated so the company would have to recall them.

The GlobalStar immediately replied to the claims, a spokesperson for GlobalStar released the following statement via email:

“engineers would know quickly if any person or entity was hacking our system in a material way, and this type of situation has never been an issue to date.”

Moore doesn’t believe the explanation provided by the company’s spokesman.

“Its very possible that GlobalStar does have internal monitoring mechanisms,” he said in an email. “But due to the nature of the flaws I have discovered, I believe it would be impossible to monitor if someone is intercepting data and using it for malicious purposes.“

I can’t wait for the talk …


Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security)Treat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Editor-in-Chief at “Cyber Defense Magazine”, Pierluigi is a cyber security expert with over 20 years experience in the field, he is Certified Ethical Hacker at EC Council in London. The passion for writing and a strong belief that security is founded on sharing and awareness led Pierluigi to find the security blog “Security Affairs” recently named a Top National Security Resource for US. Pierluigi is a member of the “The Hacker News” team and he is a writer for some major publications in the field such as Cyber War Zone, ICTTF, Infosec Island, Infosec Institute, The Hacker News Magazine and for many other Security magazines. Author of the Books “The Deep Dark Web” and “Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoin”.



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Las Vegas doctor reportedly used horse tranquilizer to subdue, then rape female patients at his practice

(NaturalNews) A sadistic Las Vegas doctor has been fondling, subduing, raping and filming patients at his practice since 2006. Many of his victims were young teenage girls. The deceptive doctor even used one victim to produce his own pornography. The victims had no clue what was being…

Corbyn outlines plan to end austerity and tackle corporate tax dodging

Untitled (5)

‘Jeremy Corbyn cast aside scathing criticism of his economic policy agenda on Monday as he unveiled plans to end austerity, tackle growing inequality, crack down on corporate tax dodging and help create a thriving, highly skilled workforce.

Corbyn’s economic policy plan centers on rebalancing the state’s economy to create a more just, productive, and “prosperity-focused economy.”

He will relay his vision for Britain’s economy at a Labour leadership rally in central London on Monday evening.’

Read more: Corbyn outlines plan to end austerity and tackle corporate tax dodging

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Hitchhiking robot that relied on human kindness found decapitated


hitchBOT hitchBOT hitchBOT hitchBOT 

A hitchhiking robot that relied on the kindness of strangers to travel the world has been found with its head and arms ripped off, just two weeks into its first American tour.

By: James Temperton,

Continue reading…

Placental Transfer of Fluoride and Tin in Rats Given Various Fluoride and Tin Salts

Fetal fluoride and tin levels. Two-way analysis of variance of the values for animals fed salts containing fluoride indicated that the variable of test salt did not have a significant effect on fetal fluoride level (P > 0.25). However, the dietary level of fluoride had a highly significant effect (P << 0.01 ) on the fetal level of fluoride. The fetuses of rats fed the 200 ppm fluoride diets had significantly (P < 0.05) higher fluoride levels than the fetuses of rats fed diets with 0, 50, or 100 ppm fluoride. Although the fetuses of rats fed the diet containing 200 ppm fluoride as stannous fluoride had a significantly (P < 0.05) higher fluoride level than those of rats fed the same level of fluoride as sodium fluoride, significant differences between fetal fluoride levels were not observed at the two lowest levels of these two salts. The fetuses of animals fed diets containing no test salt or nonfluoride test salts all had lower fluoride levels than those of animals fed test salts containing fluoride, with the exception of the group fed sodium chloride (table 5). The values in this group were not normally distributed.

These fetal fluoride levels correspond quite closely to those found previously when rats were fed diets containing 0, 50, 100, and 200 ppm fluoride as sodium fluoride during and before gestation (13). The fetuses of females fed diets containing 200 ppm fluoride as sodium fluoride in that study were found to have fluoride levels of 3.1 and 4.0 ppm, compared to the value of 3.0 ppm in this study

… Placental levels of tin and fluoride bore little relationship to the tin and fluoride levels in the diet. Placental levels of fluoride were similar to those found by Feltman and Kosel (2) in women receiving 1 mg fluoride daily during pregnancy and in control women. The placenta contained relatively little tin whether the diet contained detectable tin or not.

The fetal fluoride level was considerably higher than the placenta fluoride level at the highest level of fluoride intake. Fluoride is deposited in the fetal skeleton (1). An approximation of the absolute efficiency of fluoride transfer to the fetus can be calculated from the fluoride accumulated by the fetuses and the total fluoride intake during gestation. The average female rat fed the diets containing 200 ppm fluoride consumed 300 g of food, for a total fluoride consumption during gestation of 66 mg. On the average, the 12.5 fetuses, weighing about 3.5 g each, of an average female fed 200 ppm fluoride in the diet had a fetal fluoride concentration 3.6 ppm higher than the fetuses of animals fed the control diet. Thus, the fetuses accumulated about 160 jug fluoride, or only 0.24% of that ingested. It seems reasonable to assume that if a form of fluoride had substantially increased capacity to cross the placenta and accumulate in the fetus, it would have been detected in the present study. On this basis, the previous findings of Stookey et al. (6), of less caries incidence in the offspring of rats fed sodium pentafluorostannite during gestation than in the offspring of those fed sodium fluoride, do not appear to have been due to any difference in placental transfer of fluoride.



Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics – WIRED

Via Physicists reported this week the discovery of a jewel-like geometric object that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality. “This is completely new and very much simpler than anything that has been done before,” said Andrew Hodges, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University who has been […]

The post Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics – WIRED appeared first on Sacred Geometry International.

Tesla Offers Off Grid Battery To Power Your Home


One of the main challenges of running a power grid is that supply and demand have to be in balance at all times. This means that electricity has to be consumed when it is generated. This makes it harder to integrate sources of energy over which you don’t have control, such as wind and solar power. What if there’s a high demand for electricity but the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining? What if it’s a sunny and windy day and supply far exceeds demand?

That’s the problem that having more energy storage connected to the power grid could solve.

Liberals worry too many white people in ballet audiences

When you and I go to the ballet, we focus on the young, athletic, undoubtedly 100% heterosexual men in tight tights prancing on tippy-toes and leaping across the stage.  But when liberals go to the ballet, they are too distracted to watch what's happening on the stage, instead looking at the audience and thinking, "Oh, my God, why are there …

Are You Addicted to ‘Fear Porn’?


While you are on your spiritual awakening path you are going to run across ET agenda’s, the NWO, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, FEMA Camps, Depopulation, Dark Agenda’s, etc… Basically, the Fear Porn market and those manipulating humanity through fear for profit.

3 Ways To Work With Your Energy

28th August 2015 By Stacy Vajta Guest Writer For Wake Up World When it comes to how to work with your energy for self healing and spiritual growth, there are a lot of different modalities out there. It seems as though, as you evolve in your awareness and ability to work at a vibrational level, …Continue Reading – 3 Ways To Work With Your Energy

Conformist, hipster iPhone users rave about iOS9 upgrade… but it’s actually Android installed on their iPhones

(NaturalNews) A pair of Dutch comedians recently came up with an ingenious plan to test whether fans of Apple’s iPhone care more about the brand or the features: they managed to install a version of Android on an iPhone and told passersby that it was a sneak preview of Apple’s forthcoming…

Denver Fluoride fight pits activists against long-standing health policy

Fluoride has been added to municipal water systems since the 1940s. The practice has been widely shown in numerous medical studies to reduce tooth decay in people from all walks of life, regardless of economic or ethnic background. On Wednesday, Denver Water will decide whether to continue adding fluoride to the drinking water of its 1.3 million customers.

The state’s largest water utility adds enough fluoride at its treatment plants to meet a target level recommended by public health officials of 0.7 milligrams per liter. That amounts to less than a drop per 55 gallons of water. But even that amount is too much for opponents of fluoridation, who believe that fluoride’s risks far outweigh its benefits and who don’t want to be forced to consume it.

“We don’t want it in there,” said nutritionist Greg Gillette, who produces an Internet show from his bedroom in a Denver apartment. “You could say it’s like pouring Vitamin C in the water. It may help, but maybe I don’t want it in there.”

Gillette is a part of the push to drop fluoride that includes local group We Are Change Colorado, and the national Fluoride Action Network, a non-profit based in Binghamton, New York. He said there are plenty of places, other than the community water supply, to get fluoride.

“Go buy fluoridated toothpaste,” he said. “You can get fluoridated water at big stores, fluoridated tablets. We just don’t want it mass produced for everyone.”

The Fluoride Action Network’s director, Paul Connett, a retired chemistry professor, calls public water fluoridation a “sham,” and says a variety of studies, mostly international, show fluoride can damage bones, the brain, thyroid function and is linked to arthritis.

“If it was so clear cut, why do so few countries actually fluoridate their water?” Connett asked, claiming that more than 200 cities across the world, including Snowmass and Montrose in Colorado, have rejected fluoride.

Public health officials in Colorado say that in many parts of the world people can get fluoride in other ways. For example, in some countries, salt is fluoridated. Many European countries have school-based health care where dentists apply fluoride to children’s teeth. The World Health Organization encourages the use of fluoride, especially to “disadvantaged and under-served population groups” — though it says too much of it can lead to unwanted health effects.

Connett calls public health officials who back fluoridation in the U.S. “propagandists” who treat opponents as “the crazies, the John Birchers, the Dr. Strangelove and so on.”

Public health officials push back

Colorado’s chief medical officer, Dr. Larry Wolk, a pediatrician, likens the fluoride debate to the contentious public health fight over vaccines. He and Gov. John Hickenlooper recently issued a joint statement saying community water fluoridation is a “safe, effective and inexpensive method” to improve oral health. Wolk said the board should look at the evidence “and not to speculation, or to rumor or to fear.”

He points to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which named drinking water fluoridation one of 10 “great public health achievements” of the last century. The CDC cites a National Research Council report finding no substantial evidence fluoridation, even at higher than recommended concentrations, caused “unwanted health effects.”

Dr. Bill Bailey, a professor at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and a former assistant U.S. surgeon general, said the impact of fluoride on teeth was first discovered in Manitou Springs, Colorado, in the early 20th Century. Residents there had brownish teeth, but almost no cavities, and researchers determined the condition was caused by fluoride found in their water.

Water districts began adding fluoride to their supplies in the 1940s. The practice became more widespread in the 1950s and has grown dramatically since then. Now, the number of Americans consuming fluoridated water from public systems is 200 million and growing. The latest figures, from 2012, show nearly 3.8 million Colorado residents, 72 percent of the state’s population, receive fluoride-treated water, according to Bailey.

“It is a major discovery that has helped so many millions of people over decades of time and has really improved the health of teeth,” said Bailey.

Lower-income patients affected most

Denver Health pediatrician Dr. Patty Braun said a decision to drop fluoride from Denver Water’s supply would hurt low-income children who don’t get enough fluoride elsewhere.

“We are fearful that it would increase the rates of dental disease that are already high in the populations that we serve,” Braun said.

And at Aurora’s Cavity Free SAt Three clinic, hygienist Valerie Haustein said she and other dentists and hygienists believe that dropping fluoride from public water would be bad for the mostly low-income kids they serve.

“Fluoride in the community water system is something that will reach every child regardless of their socio-economic status,” Haustein said.

That’s a position backed by the clinic’s Dr. Scott Hamilton, who says many children who go to the operating room at Children’s Hospital have entire mouthfuls of teeth removed due to tooth decay.

“Last week we saw a one-year, one-month-old that already needs 12 teeth crowned or extracted. It’s really sad,” said Hamilton. “It’s because they’re drinking the wrong things and because they’re not getting enough [fluoride],” and eliminating the added fluoride from the community’s water would be a “nightmare disaster.”

By the numbers

The Denver Water board received more than 1,000 public comments on fluoride. Here’s how they break down, according to the utility:

  • Number of comments in favor of fluoridation: 101
  • Organizations in favor of fluoridation:
    Denver Public Health Department
    Denver Health
    Denver Environmental Health
    Tri-County Health Department (Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas)
    Jefferson County Public Health
    Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
    Colorado Dental Association
    American Dental Association
    Colorado Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
    Colorado Medical Society
    Colorado Academy of Family Physicians
    Deans of the University of Colorado Dental, Medical and Public Health Schools
    Various community organizations
  • Number of comments opposed to fluoridation: 1,078
  • Organizations opposed to Fluoridation:
    Fluoride Action Network
    New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation
    Concerned Residents of Peel to End Fluoridation
    We Are Change Colorado

Jared Fogle, ex-Subway pitchman, paid kids for sex on New York trips, prosecutor says

Longtime Subway pitchman Jared Fogle capitalized on his business trips to New York City to arrange sexual encounters with minors in luxury hotels, federal prosecutors said in charging the Indiana man in a case that also documented his acceptance of child pornography from a close associate.

Fogle agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to allegations that he paid for sex with girls …

The Airport Spiking Food with ‘happy hormones’

London’s Gatwick Airport wants to help take the pain out of travel, and has a remedy in the form of ‘happy meals’ rich in mood-enhancing hormones.

Restaurants at the airport have updated their menus to include dishes designed to put travelers in a better mood. Frankie and Benny’s, for example, has added a salmon citrus salad that promises to improve brain …

Macedonia Deploys Military to Deal with Invading Migrants

The third world invasion of Europe is starting to become a big enough problem where we are now seeing military involvement.  Macedonia has declared a state of emergency and announced that it would deploy the military to restore order along its border with Greece and Serbia.


From New York Times:

Europe’s migration crisis took on new dimensions Thursday as at least…

London, you can now order burgers using emoji

The inventively named BurgerBurger asks people to place orders for burgers, fries and beers using nothing more than emoji.

By: James Temperton,

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Mandatory Vaccinations: Medical Fascism Approaching Fast!

4th August 2015 By Makia Freeman Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Mandatory vaccinations are afoot as California has just achieved the horrific distinction of becoming the first state in the US to introduce compulsory vaccinations for both children and adults (bills SB277 and SB792 respectively). This goes to show that the NWO (New World Order) …Continue Reading – Mandatory Vaccinations: Medical Fascism Approaching Fast!

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The Oracle Report Thursday, August 27, 2015

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CDC Whistleblower: Submit to A Live Interview and Open Source All Documents!

There are moments in history where morality and justice demand a better way. Times when status quo normalcy hangs heavy in the air. As good men and women stand idly by with admirable intentions, evil people succeed and prosper. The political process and the rule of law in the United States has hobbled along sick …

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Something Big Being Hidden From the Public Eye: Disturbing UN Doc’s That Will Lead To Tyranny

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1. Discard Limiting Beliefs Beliefs are what separate us, beliefs are what hold us back and beliefs are what your mind has conjured up about the world to keep you in a certain mind frame or perspective of reality, where you have restrictions. The spirit is free, and the spirit always says yes. No matter …

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Breathtaking Satellite Photos of Fractal Patterns on Earth

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