Massive solar storm creates dazzling red aurora

A massive geomagnetic storm that hit Earth last night resulted in a stunning display of solar explosions and dazzling Northern Lights. 

The category four storm — the second-highest severity level of five — was caused by a huge solar flare, triggered by interactions between Earth’s magnetic field and charged particles from the Sun. Astronaut Scott Kelly captured a shot of the haunting red and green-tinged aurora from his vantage point onboard the ISS. 

By: Daniel Culpan,

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Reality Check: 14 Myths About Male Circumcision You Most Likely Believe

22nd June 2015 By Lillian Dell’Aquila Cannon Guest Writer for Wake Up World When I was pregnant with my first child, I just thought that circumcision was what you did, no big deal, and that every man was circumcised. Then one day I saw a picture of a baby being circumcised, and everything changed. Just …Continue Reading – Reality Check: 14 Myths About Male Circumcision You Most Likely Believe

Taupo District Council admit that fluoride chemicals are being added to Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is one of the most pristine bodies of water in the world. Taupo District Council is charged with ensuring it remains that way. However, they have admitted that fluoride chemicals are not being removed in Turangi’s Waste Water Treatment Process and are being added to the Hangarito stream that feeds Lake Taupo. This is the first time that testing of the waste water for fluoride chemicals has been undertaken by Taupo District Council and only occurred after Fluoride Free NZ brought it to their attention.

Hydrofluorosilcic Acid is the toxic chemical that is added to the public water supply for fluoridation. According to Point 12 of the safety data sheet under Ecological Information it states: Ecotoxicity- Avoid contaminating waterways. In recent years tens of millions of dollars have been spent to shore up the environmental impact caused by farms and inhabitants adjacent to the internationally famous lake. It seems inconceivable that for the last 47 years Taupo District Council has been deliberately polluting the lake.

… At the recent Taupo District Council Long Term Plan 37 submissions were received on fluoridation. 35 submissions opposed fluoridation and 2 were for its continuance. One of those submitters for continuance was the local District Health Board (Toi Te Ora) which has a contractual obligation to promote fluoridation. In Taupo District Council reaching it’s decision to not review fluoridation Council staff did not provide any information technical or otherwise relating to fluoride for Council to consider prior to or during deliberations on the 2015 LTP.

Councillors have a statutory obligation to protect the Lake. How can they justify adding approximately half a tonne of a chemical classified as hazardous to it annually?

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What Do 800-Year-Old Magna Carta & Black Lives Matter Have in Common?

magna.jpgThe Magna Carta turns 800 years old. Known as the “Great Charter,” it is widely considered the foundation of parliamentary democracy, human rights and the supremacy of the law over the crown. 

Aging and the Hypothalmus

The brain does its work with electrical signals through a network of neurons.  The information is passed to every cell in the body with chemical signals, hormones, RNAs and proteins that are dissolved in the blood.  The interface between the electrical and the chemical networks is a tiny region in the middle of the brain, the hypothalamus.  

I believe that aging is centrally controlled on a schedule.  Most researchers don’t believe that yet, but everyone accepts broad evidence that the timing of aging can be modified by central signals.  All the signals about hunger and stress and sex, etc, that affect aging must somehow be integrated into a decision.  It seems logical that this happens in the brain, and messages are passed to the body through chemical signals.  This is a process that is just beginning to be understood, but the biochemists who study regulation to the brain are looking to the hypothalamus as a probable center for time-keeping, decision-making, and broadcast of chemical signals that regulate aging.  We may hope that if the hypothalamus thinks we are young, then it will make us young.  (I discussed some background in this space 2 years ago.)

The idea is emerging in recent years that aging is controlled by the same epigenetic clock as development, continued through the life time after growth has come to an end.  [Rando, Blagosklonny, Mitteldorf, Magalhaes, Johnson]

Growth and sexual maturity are controlled by secretions of the hypothalamus and the pituitary, which is just below the hypothalamus [background].  Sex hormones themselves come from the genitals, but they respond to signals from the hypothalamus, in the form of GnRH, gonadotropin-releasing hormone.  (Timing for sleep/wake cycles is controlled through melatonin from the pineal body, which is part of the epithalamus, just behind the hypothalamus.)  [basics]



Orexin aka Hypocretin

Orexin (also called hypocretin) is a neurotransmitter protein, just 33 BP long, associated with wakefulness, alertness, appetite and cravings.  Mice lacking the gene for orexin display narcolepsy.  They are continually falling asleep, only to waken a few moments later.

Orexin is produced in a tiny region of the hypothalamus.

Drugs that block orexin have been developed recently as aids in overcoming addiction.  There are also applications for insomnia.  Orexin makes you awake and alert; blocking orexin helps facilitate sleep.

The “rate of living” hypothesis is an old, discredited theory–such ideas take a long time to die.  You might expect that orexin speeds you up, so it shortens life span.  The opposite is true.  Orexin speeds you up, and it increases life span.

Mice that are genetically modified to have no orexin tend to obesity–again this is counterintuitive, if you think of orexin as an appetite hormone.  Mice that have no leptin (ob/ob) are found to have lowered levels of orexin.  They are obese and have shorter life spans. This and other evidence suggests that orexin is beneficial for maintaining insulin sensitivity, avoiding diabetes.

Loss of insulin sensitivity is a core mechanism of human aging.  We have less orexin as we age.  Orexin helps maintain insulin sensitivity.  Putting these pieces together, we have a plausible rationale for looking for anti-aging benefits from increased orexin expression.

Recent evidence indicates that orexin efficiently protects against the development of peripheral insulin resistance induced by ageing or high-fat feeding in mice. In particular, the orexin receptor-2 signalling appears to confer resistance to diet-induced obesity and insulin insensitivity by improving leptin sensitivity. [2009]

Orexin is not a large protein molecule, but large enough that it won’t survive digestion.  You can’t eat it because digestion efficiently destroys proteins, but there is a nasal spray with orexin that is being explored in experiments with animals and humans.

Mice with extra SIRT1 in the brain live longer, and the action of SIRT1 has been traced to the hypothalamus, and specifically to a stronger role for orexin. [ref]

NFκB is a hormone that promotes inflammation and is widely regarded as pro-aging.  In experiments with mice, NFκB inhibition extended life span by blocking GnRH in the hypothalamus [ref].


Neuropeptide Y

Note: I regret that this blog post is turning into alphabet soup.  Biochemistry is not my native tongue, and I tend to think that mapping the network of cross-relationships among hundreds or thousands of native hormones is not likely to lead to the silver bullet that we’re hoping for.  I’m still hoping that aging turns out to have a basis that is manageably simple, with a few chemicals at the control center.  But perhaps we have to map a good deal of the biochemical web before we can identify the controlling nodes.

Neuropeptide Y is another small neurotransmitter protein, in the news this spring because of work from the laboratory of Claudia Cavadas in Coimbra, Portugal.  Autophagy is the recycling and renewal of large molecules in a cell that become degraded over time if they are not refreshed.  Autophagy is dialed down as we age, leading to aging cells and an aging body.  The Cavadas group has identified Neuropeptide Y (NPY) as a signal that comes from the hypothalamus, and tells cells to keep autophagy up.  We have less NPY as we age, and people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases have less NPY.  The Cavadas team notes that NPY in the hypothalamus is increased in rats that are living longer due to calorie restriction.  The new experiments added NPY to cell cultures, and found that NPY promotes autophagy in vitro.  They went on to the more difficult experiment in live mice, using gene therapy to increase NPY in neurons only.  This caused the mice to eat more, so they were put on a feeding regimen where they ate no more than control mice that didn’t have extra NPY.  The treatment successfully upgraded autophagy, but left open the question of how much of this was due to caloric restriction and how much to the NPY itself.

Autophagy impairment is a major hallmark of aging, and any intervention that enhances autophagy is of potential interest to delay aging. However, itwas described that the hypothalamus is a brain area with a key role on whole-body aging. In the present study, we show that an endogenous molecule produced by the hypothalamus, the neuropeptide Y (NPY), stimulates autophagy in rodent hypothalamus. Because both hypothalamic autophagy and NPY levels decrease with age, a better understanding of hypothalamic neuronal autophagy regulation by NPY may provide new putative therapeutic strategies to ameliorate agerelated deteriorations and delay aging. [Source]

Previous experiments with rats had shown that whole-body overexpression of NPY leads both to 10% longer life span and better blood pressure control, without weight gain.  NPY is also associated with renewal of the immune system.

The Bottom Line

This line of thinking is still largely theoretical.  The only practical recommendation is to take melatonin at bedtime after age 50.  But it may be that the hypothalamus is ground zero for signals that tell the body how old it is.  (Here is a recent editorial from Buck Institute on the subject of neuropeptides and aging.)  I believe that the hypothalamus and its secretions are a promising area for new research, and that, over the next few years, basic findings will lead to the most powerful interventions to change the course of aging.


This post originally appeared in Josh’s Aging Matters blog here. Republished with permission.

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Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

maxresdefault_(31).jpgTop 10 government plots, spies, and war events that were said to be conspiracies but ended up being real.

No need to break out your tin foil hats for this one, folks. This video features some of the most insane conspiracy theories… That actually turned out to be true!

Everyday plastics plunge men into fertility crisis

Plastics have caused a sharp decline in fertility among men, leaving only one in four with “good” sperm, scientists say.

Chemicals called phthalates — found in plastics and products such as shower curtains, car dashboards and cleaning materials — can be breathed in, consumed or absorbed through the skin of pregnant women, inhibiting testosterone production in male…

Interview 1058 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

This week on the New World Next Week: Greece ups the ante by calling its debt illegal and odious; American police corruption back in the news with stop-and-seize; and Texas creates its own bullion depository.

Imaging UFOs: Is It Even Possible?

OK. Back to work.

The filing boxes above are [WERE thankfully] filled with a backlog of UFO case information which managed to maintain Chaos Status due to all the house moving, archives creation, UFO Group get-together et al. All that’s [largely] in the past now and good old fashioned Catholic Guilt arises — GET AT IT!

Although that first picture doesn’t look like it, there are about 250 different cases represented therein — not full reports, but data to be added to files or new ones made. Above they are dominating the table and sorted into Hynek-like case category types, as a first stage ordering process. Now that this is at least started, where to go from here? I picked one pile……

The pile is the UFO “photo” pile. Due to modern technology I think that I have to change this name to “IMAGING” as there are movies with digital tech taking over. So my new imaging pile had 28 cases represented — almost all older cases [this doesn’t surprise me as the new cases, digital or not, tend to be unusable.] I color-coded the lines for my own convenience — Red is “It Stinks”, GreenBlue is “It’s Good or very probably Good”, Yellow is “I’m intrigued”, and no color is “Meh.”

So, a few comments …..


These things are two photos with essentially no information. I have vague bells ringing that I’ve seen them before, but maybe not. Intellectual honesty says that I say nothing as to their goodness without some facts, so here there are in all their vagueness. Maybe some of you know their stories.

This is an only slightly cropped version of an old [1952] photo by George Stock — NO, it’s not a UFO “Stock photo”. But it IS intriguing to me. It seems to have come at a bad time for UFO investigation, and I have never heard much about it. I read a very much later interview with the photographer [by then an older man] and he seemed still humbly puzzled by what he’d seen. Is it feldercarb? I can’t say. As with all these things, we bring prejudices to the game. If you reflect on your inner voice when you saw this image, you will locate some of yours. “…. streetlight ….”  “…. flying disk ….”  “…. lamp top ….” etc. The point is that without the case story, other witnesses, photo analysis investigation, we shouldn’t automatically praise or ridicule this picture.

I know. It’s hard.

I came across an original newsclipping of one of my favorite UFO imagings: the “Echo of Echo” picture taken by a lady who lived in Charleston WV probably at the same time that I was going to high school there [1955-1958 — I was at Notre Dame when she took this 1960 picture.] LOTS of witnesses to this and one good lady photographer.

This picture was one of many similar imaging events taken in that time era — example: all the MoonWatch stuff that boggled Allen Hynek’s mind. Our satellite watchers AND our satellite scientists KNEW that these weren’t our space stuff nor even loose boosters and debris.

…. and that gives me a proper lead-in for this report from The Land of Oz received from their government through their Disclosure efforts. I have no picture, but the released thumbnail of the event tells a similar MoonWatch-like story.

Small potatoes? I don’t think so. Meditate. Our best near-Earth orbit watchers were seeing true unidentifiables at satellite height throughout the mid-1950s and early 1960s [and probably a lot more.] What group of people HAVEN’T seen UFOs is my question? If one objects that UFO pictures don’t let you see inside the windows, then I can’t help you at that level of demand.

This is about the famous Tremonton, UT movie film taken by the Navy photographer Newhouse.

Here is the classic test of the instant prejudice. When people see this film the first thing in almost everybody’s head is “birds.” And so they go merrily unconcerned down the street. That is really lousy UFOlogy.

One NEVER STARTS with the imaging element and immediately quits. One starts with the witnesses. Newhouse and his wife were good witnesses, good people. What did they say? They said that the objects were clearly disks when seen at their closest point, and the photographer had to get his camera out of the car and set up before attempting a sequence. Their story hangs together with its surroundings and what you see. THEN the analysis….

The paragraph above is from Ed Ruppelt’s draft of his famous book — I can assure you of that since it’s right here in the archives with me. The “Z” is our favorite Air Force guy editing his draft, thinking that these words are too wordy. Well, big fella, you cut out something WILDLY interesting. The Navy photo analysts, Woo and Neasham, had talked personally to Ruppelt and told him what they found prior to the CIA Robertson Panel. Ed has mentioned that conversation in the part he “Z’d” out. Read what he says that they told him. The things that your mind calls “birds” were oval lights which rotated in three groups of four lights as if attached to great wheels. As these wheels turned, the lights would brighten or blink out signifying whether they were nearer or farther away. To the analysts at our primary photo-interpretation laboratory, these individual lights operated as if connected albeit by some non-visible entity or force. This was something that casual glancing at a screen could never determine — only serious analytical work. Ruppelt and apparently Dewey Fournet both bought this analysis, but someone else did too.

That someone else was the chief photo analyst of the 50s and 60s Art Lundahl. Lundahl saw Woo and Neasham’s analysis, and of course the best copy of the film, and agreed — these things were flying technology. Lundahl became a secret UFO enthusiast for his whole life, slowly emerging from his “closet” in the late 1960s, when he served as chief UFO data-provider for an ad hoc White House study requested by Lyndon Johnson [I have that study here too; it was never published.] The Tremonton UT motion film might be the most significant UFO Imaging evidence that we have in public view. I’m constantly astounded by the arrogance and flippancy of modern nay-sayers on this, who seem for utterly impenetrable reasons to NOT want this to stand as evidence. … almost gets my blood pressure up.

Well, let’s try to get to a happier state of mind — almost said “frame”, but that would have been a pun. … sorry, did it anyway.

The above guy is Ralph Rankow, NICAPs early photo analyst and a decent one. His role in today’s blog is that he was somewhere between puzzled and angered by something which had deliberately been done to deface some photo evidence.

A publicity/sales photo of a B-57 was found to contain an odd discoid marking in it. As such, this is no more remarkable at first glance than any film flaw might be. Still, honesty and curiosity calls for a look-see. Rankow felt that the “disk” was uniform enough and the shading on it “legitimate” enough to entertain the hypothesis that the camera had caught an object of some size in the air in the vicinity of the plane. That, and that the provenance of the photo was top quality, meant that the potential object should be studied using the original film. {it was also true that the original examination of the film by USAF personnel at Edwards AFB excited them enough to launch another flight to patrol the area looking for the object.}

The first [military] photo analyst believed that the three black dots on the left of the image were film flaws but the “object” image was not. His view was that the negative showed a discoid object shaded appropriately for the illumination available. Rankow’s own analysis, once NICAP was given the photo to work with, indicated no crude solutions like “paste-ups” had occurred. He found that the image contained all shades of gray, indicating that it was of an object which had depth/dimension. This increased interest.

Later copies of the photo obtained from Martin Corporation had increasingly been defaced. Why? Rankow and NICAP researcher William Weitzel separately sent inquiries to Martin. For months they were stonewalled. Finally Rankow’s persistence squeezed out replies which included no copies looking like the original, but looking instead like the third version. Martin’s final explanation of the film was filled with large areas of photodevelopment ignorance which stunned Rankow. He eventually was left to wonder what motivated Martin to remove the left half of the object making further analysis impossible. {A reader of Rankow’s FATE article on this fiasco felt that he had solved the mystery by saying that parts of the photo were just falling off. Rankow indicated in his response why that was not true.}

So, what went on here? As to what went on in the sky, we will never know, although the people there at the first development of the film thought that this was an aerial object. What went on at Martin? It seems to me that they wanted to get rid of the problem and did so in time-honored heavy-handed fashion.

This one always intrigued me. My prejudice didn’t like it “flying” on its side, but when I finally read the  witness interview, the orientation was explained within the context of the sighting. Ozzie UFO leaders at the time vouched for the photographer as he was a member of their Victorian UFO Research Organization and a respected/prominent member of the community. This is another unscientific prejudice: in order to have a credible UFO case you may never be interested in UFOs before or since. I myself haven’t noticed that UFOs care much about the UFO interest level in their witnesses beforehand. And asking a person NOT to remain interested in an astounding event in their lives is a stupidity without defense.

This picture came to the USA to be analyzed by APRO. Their guy at the time [a college prof] decided that it was of two different pictures stuck together — evidenced to him by a “jagged” line running roughly through the photo’s middle. Thus people in this country decided that the photo was no good [even a friend of mine still believes this.] Ozzie analysts have looked into this in more recent times and found no evidence for that [strange and undetectable] claim of a jagged line whatever. Attempts to cut thick polaroid film paper and stick the halves back together also create huge messy joins. Another Ozzie analyst is quite adamant that the photo is no good, basing views on an extremely complicated geometric argument based [it seems to me] on some assumptions as to where the color on the object is coming from — which the witness and the pro-photo people say is a roof just below the object [and not for instance that distant tower]. The anti-photo Ozzie seems rather thinly anxious to debunk the photo to clear it from the discussion about the famous Westall school case [which he supports]. Jim McDonald was also interested in this case, but I don’t believe that he had a strong opinion about it.

OK. I have to slow down or I’ll never finish this blogpost.

Above are three images from a sequence filmed by an Ozzie MD in 1987. Credibility seems sky high [two witnesses, one scientifically trained, plus their young son]. In this case, the battery pack for the camera ran right out during filming, although fully charged previously.

Yungay, Peru 1967. VERY extensive report by Richard Greenwell on this case and pretty positive to the events. Richard had to undergo a lengthy and convoluted detective project to locate the photographer of these things, as they were never published or “pushed” in any way — only coming to his attention by a wild accident of a schoolboy bringing a copy of one to school for show and tell [despite it being only a random photo in an album of his father’s who had nothing to do with the case.] In every arena Richard tried he was stonewalled — this included at Kodak Peruana where some first prints existed — even Allen Hynek couldn’t pry them loose. Ultimately legal hurdles were cleared and Greenwell got two of these first prints and gave them to APROs consultant.

There this story ends without a punchline. The photographer received a name but never was located for a personal interview. The photos were analyzed [allegedly] by APRO but I do not have any information as to what that analysis said {APRO was notoriously bad at this.} Still, what we have is a case which stands as curiously interesting especially in that it was “buried” as if never to be utilized in any way by the photographer. He was quoted by his camera-lender as saying that he had seen an odd technical air machine while hiking the mountains and had photographed it. He handed over the borrowed camera at that time with the undeveloped film still inside [which was then sent to Kodak Peruana].

What were the Yungay objects?

This is a computer mock-up and study by Dr. Irina Scott who photographed a UFO in the presence of her sister in 1968. Visually they saw a disk with several windows. The camera filmed a blinking object at distance. Dr. Scott, a close colleague of friend of CUFOS and myself, Bill Jones, is convinced that this was a “good” solid photo/film case.

This horrible photo is from the Project Blue Book files and represents one of a handful of stills taken with a Brownie camera in Covington IN in 1967. The following comments will be more frustrating for me than you, as I am sure that I spent some time fussing with this case and cannot find those notes. I will try to give you an accurate set of comments.

Two married adults were getting set to retire when the wife saw an odd light. She informed her husband and he got his camera saying that he wondered if he could get anything at all on film. He took several shots and two reference shots, one of the Moon and another of a star. The shots were of the final of two diamond arrays of lights, the leading light being significantly brighter. In one case, one of the smaller lights left the formation and seemed to enter [or merge with] the larger. Naturally boggled and interested, they wondered what these things were, but the wife especially did not want to get bad publicity and they shut up for a while.

Now here’s the part of this tale that I can’t locate but think that I once knew — so, caveat emptor: We had a meteor-detection network set up in the mid-west nicknamed the Prairie Meteor Network [locations of all-sky cameras shown on the dots.] There was an ace semi-legend project manager [a guy who checked every station to make sure it was functioning properly and set up correctly] whose name [forgive me, I think that this is right] was Captain Don Arrington. At the time of the Covington IN case, he was in the Illinois station of the network and for some reason was brought into contact with this report in Covington. He was asked [by a mutual friend?] to help the witnesses out, and met them and did so, becoming the liaison between them and Wright-Pat.

Arrington was interested both in their photos AND a video taken by his Illinois location around [but not exactly] the same time. He corresponded to Blue Book on both situations [and thus there is confused blundering in Blue Book’s records.] The bottomline line here is that Blue Book said that they couldn’t say much about the Covington fellow’s prints and doubted that his camera could pick up the lights at all even of the Moon — Arrington went over there and proved that it could. They also stated that the Prairie Network video was just a meteor fireball despite it being sent by our “we know what a fireball is” experts. These two cases are loaded with credibility, but just not quite enough strangeness — although the visual report of the Covington witnesses is quite strange enough. The other thing that it shows is that everyone “official” has been lying when they have said that there has never been a filming of a UFO by anything like the Prairie camera Network.

OK. I’m done. Great relief, eh?

I know that you want to see Constable’s aerial space animals [again] so here they are:

As Dr. Who would say: “Anything’s possible … well, almost.”

We are never going to prove ET-UFOs by imaging evidence, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop taking pictures of them. Film or digital evidence is one element of a potentially good report — it supports the narrative, not dominates it.

So keep your cameras ready. You can never tell what’s sneaking up on you.


Eric Holder D.O.J "We Must Brainwash People About Guns"

From 1995 of then-U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announcing a public campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.

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The War on Consciousness [BANNED TED TALK]

ted-talk1.jpgGRAHAM HANCOCK is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven’s Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures, radio and TV appearances, including two major TV series for Channel 4 in the UK and The Learning Channel in the US – Quest For The Lost Civilisation and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age – have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity’s past.

‘Horizon’ could be 2016’s most beautiful video game


Given that so many video games at this year’s E3 are set explicitly during the end of the world, it feels fitting that one of the most apparently beautiful takes place 2,000 years after it.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game about what happens in the centuries after all of the city-destroying viruses, nightmare invasions and machine wars have been and gone. Left behind in this world are only a few human survivors, a lush and verdant landscape, the ruins of enormous skyscrapers and… well, robot dinosaurs.


By: Michael Rundle,

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Leftist outlet tells Americans not to blame groups for the actions of a few – unless they’re white

Following the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013, leftist media outlet Salon penned an article demanding that Americans not judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few.

Entitled “I am not the Tsarnaevs,” Salon writer Wajahat Ali stated that the …

Charleston Shooting: Evidence of Stagecraft

Jay’s Analysis has covered mass shootings in the past, having highlighted key patterns that always emerge in events given major media attention.  These are important to analyze because shootings, disappearances, kidnappings occur fairly regularly, yet curiously only certain “stories” are chosen for exclusive media focus for weeks on end.  Why might that…

Confederate monuments defaced as South Carolina protesters lash out in wake of racially motivated Charleston church massacre

Protesters in South Carolina have defaced a war monument as the Confederate flag continues to fly over the state’s capitol.

The banner has been condemned by millions – including President Obama and GOP leaders – as a symbol of racial hatred that disrespects the nine black churchgoers massacred in Charleston on Wednesday.

Suspected killer Dylann Roof proudly…

Why America’s Central Bank is concerned about our growing dental health care crisis

If the U.S. Federal Reserve is concerned about the state of dental care in this country, you know we have a problem.

In fact, according to the Fed, we have a very big problem.

The Federal Reserve Board of Governor’s Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households, released last month, contained some alarming statistics about the ability of Americans to find affordable health care — especially dental health care.

The report — which came almost 15 years to the day after U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher’s startling assessment of oral health in America — found that access to affordable dental care appears not to have improved much at all over the past decade and a half, especially among low-income families and people of color.

The report was the result of a survey the Fed conducted to get a handle on how many of us are experiencing economic hardships severe enough to make it difficult to make ends meet.

Thirty-two percent of those surveyed said they would have a hard time weathering a three-month period of “financial disruption” that might result from life-altering events such as the loss of a job or death of a primary breadwinner.

But job loss was not the main reason for a setback. Even with Obamacare, which enabled many of the previously uninsured to enroll in a health plan, the number one reason people cited for their financial hardship was a medical emergency.

Researchers found that dental care topped the list of the necessary medical care people said they didn’t get because of the cost.

When asked if there was a time during the past 12 months when they needed to see a doctor, specialist or mental health provider, get follow-up care or a prescription filled, or get dental care, 25 percent said dental care. Coming in a distant second at 15 percent was seeing a doctor.

Because of the close connection between oral health and overall health, skipping dental care can have serious consequences. Millions of Americans wind up in the hospital every year because they waited to long to get the dental care they needed.

As the report’s authors pointed out, the likelihood of foregoing care due to cost is strongly related to one’s income. Of survey respondents with a household income under $40,000, close to half said they had gone without some form of care during the previous year. Even if they had health insurance, it’s likely that few had dental benefits. Other researchers have estimated that as many as 140 million Americans have no dental coverage. And most people who do have dental benefits are in plans with high deductibles and low annual maximums. Most dental plans will only pay 50 percent of expensive procedures like root canals, and coverage typically is capped at $1,500 a year.

Sadly, in many respects, we as a nation have made little progress in addressing what Satcher referred to as a “silent epidemic.”

Here’s how Satcher summed it up in 2000:

 “The major message of this Surgeon General’s report is that oral health is essential to the general health and well-being of all Americans and can be achieved by all Americans. However, not all Americans are achieving the same degree of oral health. In spite of the safe and effective means of maintaining oral health that have benefited the majority of Americans over the past half century, many among us still experience needless pain and suffering, complications that devastate overall health and well-being, and financial and social costs that diminish the quality of life and burden American society. What amounts to ‘a silent epidemic’ of oral diseases is affecting our most vulnerable citizens–poor children, the elderly, and many members of racial and ethnic minority groups.”

There have been some positive developments over the past 15 years. The Affordable Care Act made dental benefits available to more children, and more people are getting sealants that help prevent decay.

But consider this:

  • Since 2000, the number of people living in areas where they can’t easily see a dentist has climbed from 25 million to 47 million.
  • The number of people seeking treatment for dental problems in hospital emergency rooms–one of the most expensive and least effective places to treat patients in pain because of bad teeth and diseased gums–nearly doubled from 1.1 million in 2000 to 2.1 million in 2010.
  • Dental decay is still the number one chronic illness among children.
  • More than a third of elementary school children have untreated tooth decay; the rate is twice as high for Hispanic and non-Hispanic black children and even worse for Native Americans.
  • Even though more children have dental benefits, half of all kids on Medicaid did not get in to see a dentist in 2011, in large part because 80 percent of dentists nationally still do not accept Medicaid payment.

In a recent interview, Satcher noted, somewhat despairingly, that while “we have made progress, we still have some major challenges and disparities.”

“We still don’t have enough dentists,” he said, “and there are not enough states that are willing to look at alternatives (to make up for the shortage of dentists).”

Among the alternatives Satcher believes every state should be considering: allowing “dental therapists”–similar to nurse practitioners and physician assistants–to practice, as they can now in Alaska and Minnesota and will soon in Maine.

“I do think that dental therapists can fill that gap and that dental therapists ought to have partnerships with dentists no matter how far away dentists are,” he said, adding that similar arrangements have helped to expand mental health services through partnerships with primary care physicians.

“We need to find a way to make sure that everyone has access to quality oral health care,” and dental therapists can and should be a part of the solution, he said.

Author’s Note: This blog post is part of a series examining America’s oral healthcare crisis. Be sure to read the previous post, “ Why Growing Numbers of Americans Are Embarrassed to Smile.”

British Class System Returns with a Vengeance – OFFICIAL

Having recently observed how Danielle Le Verite was so viciously savaged by people in the UK – constantly attempting to dehumanise both the woman and her family by making specific reference to her “London working class accent” – as if this was something she should be ashamed of, along with reading an insightful article by Julie Waters in the Daily Mail concerning the old fashioned British class system taking over the British arts scene again, had me looking deeper into this topic. Studies done by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission found that top legal, finance and accounting firms openly and unashamedly discriminate against people from working class backgrounds. 

Here is one of the more stand-out comments:

“Is there a diamond in the rough out there?” the unnamed recruiter told researchers. “Statistically it’s highly probable but the question is … how much mud do I have to sift through in that population to find that diamond?”

From Benefits Street to the Orcs in the Lord of the Rings movies having ‘Cockney’ accents, it would appear that the British class system is back with a vengeance, and what’s more there is hard evidence to support this. A major report by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission determined that top legal, finance and accounting firms wantonly discriminate against job applicants as well as their own existing employees from working class backgrounds. The discrimination was clearly identified as being on the employer’s end. 

Unacknowledged “poshness tests” at elite British companies are thwarting the career prospects of talented working-class applicants and reinforcing social division, according to a government study.

The research by the social mobility and child poverty commission found that old-fashioned snobbery about accents and mannerisms was being used by top companies to filter out working-class candidates and favour the privileged.

Courtney Love: A Perfect Case Study in Female Psychopathy?

It is rare that I sit down and write up a piece having just watched a movie. However, having just sat through the powerful and disturbing docudrama Soaked in Bleach,  which surrounds the endless inconsistencies involving the official suicide verdict of of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain on April 5, 1994, I wish to stress how potentially useful this film – and the scenes portrayed in it – can be in generating a universal awareness of psychopaths and how they function in terms of how they control and confuse others. 

The narrative of the story concerns the work of Tom Grant, a private investigator hired by Courtney Love, during the early days of April 1994, when Cobain had apparently gone missing following his release from a drug rehab in Los Angeles, and then his subsequent return to Seattle. Without spoiling the plot, I will point out several markers which Courtney Love demonstrates that may possibly indicate how she could be a full-blown psychopath. Assuming the information presented within Soaked in Bleach is accurate.

Her initial meeting in a hotel room with Grant, in which she is barely dressed and is using her – albeit ‘skank’-level – sexuality to create an initial (gaslighting) state of confusion and a sense of distraction/unease within the private investigator’s concentration levels from the outset. In the recording of the audio cassette tapes Tom Grant made with Love, in which he asked awkward questions, or when the investigation was not developing in the direction she required, Courtney Love uses many dysfluencies in her speech patterns, such as ‘um’ and ‘ah’, which has been shown in research into speech studies of criminal psychopaths, to be far more common with psychopaths than the population at large. The psychopath is ‘buying time’ to make up their next lie, and the almost constant stream of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ are interjected into their dialogue for this very purpose. In a highly charged emotional context – in this case involving the possible suicide of a spouse – a normal person does not ‘buy time’ in their speech patterns, as they are much too concerned and worried about the fate of their loved one.


If there is one aspect of my work which I think has proven to be the most effective, it is popularisation of my constant mantra of NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN when dealing with a pathological or manipulative person. In the case of a psychopath, NCEA is extremely important as it puts the target in control for the first time. In the docudrama Soaked in Bleach we can see Courtney Love’s reaction to Kurt Cobain putting NCEA on his wife and how psychotic – and in her case, potentially dangerous – she becomes as she realises that she has lost her emotional grip and psychological hold upon Kurt Cobain. I tell people time and time again that they can never ‘get back’ at a psychopath, but they can remove themselves from the psychopath’s powerful psychological hold over them by going NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN. 

I cannot recommend the movie Soaked in Bleach enough and I state this as someone who is not a fan of Nirvana’s music and my only motivation here is pointing out what a potentially useful case study the film provides in profiling Courtney Love’s possible psychopathy, as well as encouraging people to watch this excellent production in and of itself.

Night Tube map visualises after-hours London of the near future

A new map is always a thing to be excited about, particularly one that visualises changes set to impact a city of 8.6 million inhabitants.

Transport for London has today unveiled a new version of the Tube map, which shows the routes that will operate on the all-night weekend service due to begin on 12 September 2015. The service will operate on specific sections of the Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.

By: Katie Collins,

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Chemical companies push for law to determine their own safety standards

(NaturalNews) If ever there was an initiative steeped in bias and a deep disregard for a “best for everyone” approach, it’s the one taking place among chemical giants such as Dow, DuPont, Honeywell and 3M. These companies, and the people who have ties with them, are actually attempting…

Is Trendy Veganism the Final Stage Before Trendy Cannibalism?

How Soon Before We Are on the Menu at the Dinner Tables of ‘Progressives’ as Punishment for Our Carbon Footprints?

Ironically, I see more and more Vegans are suggesting (mainly sardonically)  that we should eat other humans (poor working class ones of course) rather than eating animals. Apparently, the idea that humans are not part of nature, pushed by the likes of Greenpeace and the pet-murdering PETA, is now firmly embedded within the human psyche to the point whereby most people automatically assume it to be so. Not only are humans now considered unnatural, we are also considered a deadly malignant tumour upon the planet. Of course, this rule does not apply to Prince Charles and his ‘stuff’. 

Before you vegans have another veggie rage, brain fog outburst from lack of animal protein, this article is not directed at people who choose becoming vegan (for whatever reasons and good luck to them) in their own lives, it is the ‘political vegans’ whom I am highly suspicious about pushing this option upon the rest of us. I don’t unconditionally trust  the super rich, as I am neither a newspaper journalist, nor Russell Brand. In fact, I don’t trust the super rich in any way, shape or form to do anything in the best interests of humanity as a whole that does not exclusively serve the elites and their own god-like egos above all else. 

Ask any indigenous tribe what the ruling elites have done for them, and then relay your findings to poor people in the West who for some reason trust their same masters… In case you haven’t been paying attention, a wealthy British MP is accused of murdering a 14 year old boy at a sex party, and I can assure you that ‘if this is true, the murdered teen did not attend either Eaton or Harrow and therefore deemed disposable. So good luck with trusting these rich and political mental cases with your food and health.

If there was perhaps an underlying political ‘conspiracy’ behind the mainstream vegan movement – which is ‘piggy backing’ on the very understandable animal rights aspects of horrific modern farming methods – it might be to push consumption of human meat as a solution to ‘human problems’? A kind of dietary karma for humanity as a whole in the form of an Edward Bernays-style psychology operation to create overall change in the perceptions and cognition within the population. 

After all, from the moment they exit their mother’s womb, children these days are now indoctrinated (not the ones who go to Eaton and Harrow of course) to believe that they are a plague upon this planet. What better way for the wealthy to solve the problem of “too many poor people” other than to gobble us all up. It’s happened before old bean!

Is this eh, zeitgeist also the root of this bizarre occurrence of cakes in the shape of very realistic human infants, and this unbelievable fucked up political event in Sweden a few years back:

not to mention this:

Socially acceptable cannibalism would tie in very nicely with everything from population reduction, Transhumanism and onto their sacred and infallible global warming, sorry, I meant climate change. Even the ‘I love to abort babies for my freedom!!!’-style radical posh feminism sits in nicely here. I am pro-choice myself by the way, not pro-abortion exclusively as fashionable and ‘liberating’ birth control measures as promoted by wealthy blue blood aristocrats (and confirmed CIA operative) such as Gloria Steinem.

As all these bullshit, but potentially genocidal (upper middle class and beyond) trendy agendas all overlap among people with the highest incomes – while poor people are increasingly being dehumanised by the aristocrats using their mainstream media – one has to wonder how long it will be before the Vegan Feminists in the Cambridge Social-Workers Party, Anti-Nazi League will be dining on Chav Le Vin before they set off to their next ‘equality and inclusiveness’ march? 

After all, these wealthy activists see no distinction between a human animal on their tax farms and chickens in a KFC battery shed. Well, except perhaps they have far more compassion for a chicken than they would for a ‘gutter snipe’ child living in a council flat through no fault of their own.

“Tally Ho, Bon Appetite to Fight Climate Change Ra-Ra-Ra!”

NOTE: One of the reasons I knew the Hampstead thing was a psy-op was the ‘Satanic’ cheap and hysterically ‘triggering’ terminology constantly whipped about, while forgetting that aborted foetus organs are used daily by big business. In reality, they should have be more outraged by the likes Monsanto and other ‘bio-ethical’ marketing. Instead, the diversion worked and the protesters were harassing innocent people – while looking psychotic for all the world to see – outside a church, and not protesting outside GMO labs which use human cells and organ parts daily in food and product development.

As usual, they are fed a diversion of an imaginary ‘Satanism’ rather than a real world corporate Psychopaths doing ‘just business’. The psy-op worked and Monsanto and the rest of these corporate monsters are in the clear.

The Girly Show “All My Classy Ladies”

What does it mean to be a girl in the NWO? Miley Cyrus wants you to eat her p***y. What is the definition of feminism and what are we trying to be equal with? How trashy can a high class person be? Is there a real life Disney Princess with her own Egyptian kingdom? What’s so wrong with calling your daughter a princess? Learn the depravity of the Royal Family and what happens when you actually “make it” to the top of society.

Listen on: FreemanTV | Stitcher | iTunes | YouTube | RSS

Most Evil Cartoon Character.jpgHour 2 – Who is the most disturbing cartoon villain of all time? How big is too big and what is a “Hamplanet”? What could possibly be appealing about 50 Shades of Grey?! I’ll tell you. Why I approve of Bruce Jenner (the person). Listen to Hour 2

Weird Stuff Aliens Free
Weird Stuff Part 2

Jamie Hanshaw is a second generation conspiracy theorist. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s she was exposed very early to the growing world of truth seekers, alternative historians, Clinton scandals, FEMA activities and witchcraft in Saturday morning cartoons. Being raised in the Christian church for 25 years and teaching Sunday school she is knowledgeable of the Bible, the life of Jesus, Islam, Satanism, Mormonism, Exorcism, and many other isms.

Further studies include the occult activities of secret societies, the Freemasons, magic, sorcery, Kabalistic rituals, and Hollywood trauma-based mind control.
Jamie, with co-writer Freeman, is compiling all of this information into a fully illustrated, well-referenced compendium of the occult mind pattern programming of Hollywood and the Mainstream media in their new book, Weird Stuff Operation: Culture Creation.

Girlie Show

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Anti-White UN boss demands more immigration into Britain, despite major opposition

Peter Sutherland, the UN & special representative on international migration, has again shown his true anti-White form when he called for Britain to take in more immigrants, saying that not to do say would be “xenophobia and racism”

“Some countries, as opposed to others are taking the lion’s share of responsibility in this area” he told BBC radio 4.

But the bottom …

Secret plot to let 50million African workers into EU, Relevant story from 2008

More than 50 million African workers are to be invited to Europe in a far-reaching secretive migration deal, the Daily Express can reveal today. 

A controversial taxpayer-funded “job centre” opened in Mali this week is just the first step towards promoting “free movement of people in Africa and the EU”.

Brussels economists claim Britain and other EU states…

If you can choose to be a gender, can you also choose to be a race?

(NaturalNews) In what is quickly becoming the latest example of progressive intolerance, it seems that more than a few liberals are upset that the local chapter president of the African American organization NAACP in Spokane, Washington, isn’t African American. In fact, she may be…

Final Fantasy VII director: remake won’t be a direct upgrade


One of the biggest reveals of E3 2015 was the announcement that the legendary Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake, something long begged for by fans of the genre-defining RPG.

Hold your chocobos before getting too excited though, as director Tetsuya Nomura has told that the new version of the game won’t be a direct recreation of the original game, released on the first PlayStation back in 1997.

By: Matt Kamen,

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No Rolling Mainstream Media Coverage Of Two Other Mass Shootings

While the nation’s mainstream media continues to obsess over the heinous Charleston shooting, two other mass shootings occurred this past weekend in Detroit and Philadelphia, but were barely covered at all, despite the fact that 19 people were shot and 1 person killed.

In Detroit Saturday night, one person was killed and 9 were wounded after a block party turned into …

DMT – The Spirit Molecule

new-dmt-the-spirit-molecule-buddy-huggins-2.jpgDr. Rick Strassmans groundbreaking DMT research through a multifaceted approach to this intriguing hallucinogen found in the human brain and hundreds of plants. Utilizing interviews with a variety of experts to explain their thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields, and discussions with Strassmans research volunteers brings to life the awesome effects of this compound, and far-reaching theories regarding its role in human consciousness.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between My Intuition And My Ego?


Many people ask, “How do I know these messages are coming from my intuition and not from the ego/mind?”

This time is a great expansion of consciousness that seems to bring with it – new challenges to humanity that we have never encountered before. The ancients have warned us to let go of the old ways now – that is living by the mind and ego.

The ego/mind is made up of thoughts and beliefs from the  past (unreality) and  it is not equipped to guide us into this new age.  During great change, the mind will advise you to separate and withdraw from others in unhealthy ways or go into a fantasy and deny what is coming or generate thoughts of fear so you live in scarcity.


Samsung’s ‘Clear’ Truck Aims to Make the Roads Safer

Samsung wants to leverage its technological expertise to make the roads a safer place.

It’s a situation most drivers have experienced plenty of times: You’re driving down a two-lane highway, stuck behind a slow-moving semi truck and unsure if it’s safe to drive in the opposite lane to pass the vehicle.

A prototype truck designed by Samsung shows how the South …

Health Ranger’s new song and music video launched: ‘Wide Awake’ promotes message of racial healing in wake of fake media narratives

(NaturalNews) I’ve just released a new song and music video called Wide Awake. You can watch it at this link on Natural News or view it in the play window below.Sang with a bit of a country twang, this song celebrates life across all races and ethnicities while calling out the…

Hillary Clinton Denounces White Privilege, Calls for Taking Guns From ‘Those Whose Hearts Are Filled With Hate’

In an emotional speech that heaped scorn and blame on America for failing to pass gun control measures while it supposedly perpetuates racism, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said white Americans need to “question our own assumptions and privilege.”

“We still allow guns to fall into the hands of people whose hearts are filled with hate. You can’t…

Fluoride, arsenic and iodine in China’s drinking water poisons 50 million people

Fluoride levels in more than 1,000 counties are too high, while arsenic poses a threat to about 600,000 mainlanders, magazine reports

Tens of millions of mainland Chinese are being poisoned by unsafe levels of fluoride and arsenic in drinking water, despite decades of official efforts to improve supplies, state media say.

Elevated fluoride levels were found in the water in more than 1,000 counties across the country at the end of 2013, Oriental Outlook, a magazine affiliated with Xinhua, on Monday quoted a Centre for Disease Control and Prevention expert as saying.

Nearly 21 million people suffered diseases caused by excessive exposure, such as skeletal fluorosis – a painful condition that affects bones and joints and which can cripple in severe cases, according to Gao Yanhui, an expert at the centre’s National Centre for Endemic Disease Control. Gao said 87 million people were at risk nationwide.

The worst-hit areas were in the northern plains, with Henan province the most acutely affected, Gao said.

Arsenic poisoning was another concern, with about 600,000 people in 131 counties in about half of the mainland’s provinces affected, the report said. Long-term exposure can cause skin problems and lung, bladder, skin and kidney cancer.

Excessive iodine intake due to poor drinking water had put 30 million people at risk of goitre, a figure little changed from a decade ago, when nationwide research put the number at 30.98 million.

The central government had spent hundreds of billions of yuan over the past decade on improving drinking water in rural areas, but local governments were still short of funds to continue the work, the report said.

It pointed to a project to improve well water in Qianan county in Jilin province. A third of the 590,000 yuan (HK$746,000) spent so far had come from the central government, it cited a project management report as saying. Provincial authorities came up with about 37 per cent, while the public covered the remainder.

“The serious endemic areas are mostly poverty-stricken areas, where local governments are unable to carry out [work on] prevention and control of endemic diseases,” Gao said.

“They can only rely on funds from higher levels [of government] for water improvement projects” and the residents were too poor to come up with the financing themselves, Gao said.

Another expert in endemic-disease control said water-quality projects often involved a range of government departments, which made efficient management more difficult.

Under the existing system, health authorities cannot take the initiative in the projects, while the Ministry of Water Resources – which is responsible for site selection and construction of the projects – lacked geological expertise.

“The water resources departments do not have a grasp of the quality of water, and the wells they drill are often substandard,” he was quoted as saying.

The report did not specify concentration levels for either fluoride or arsenic, but the national standard for fluoride in large-scale centralised supplies is 1mg per litre. The level recommended by the World Health Organisation is 1.5mg/litre.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Drinking water leaves millions with disease

Missing the Message or Missing the Forest because of the Trees

(Blogger’s Note: This is becoming a full time job with much criticism and absolutely no reward that I can see. Just minutes ago I posted this article and have received the following email which I think of as a clarification:

Thanks for linking back to my article in “Missing the Message or Missing the Forest because of the Trees”

From your article:

“Jorge Peredo was the one who actually found the picture. He posted it at his web site:” followed by the link.

Jorge Peredo posted the image on Facebook after contacting Maussan. I wrote the article at Week In Weird declaring “Case Closed”. This could cause confusion for your readers who are confused enough demanding Caravaca/Bragalia get credit.

Chris Savia

News Editor at The Anomalist

Contributor at Week In Weird

I hope this clarifies the situation about how all this went down in the last twenty-four or thirty-six hours. This is all about getting those who did the work the credit for that work. To be clear, Tony Bragalia wrote the article I posted… He gave credit, first to Jose Caravaca and then to Jorge Peredo… I was going to add more here, but hell, you all can read as well as I can. 

And now back to the regularly scheduled post…) 

Yesterday morning (June 10), when I checked my email, I found a half dozen different people telling me that another picture of the mummy in the Roswell Slides had been found. Some of them mentioned Jose Caravaca and some of them didn’t. Some just noted that the mummy in the new picture was the same one in the slides and that was the end of the story. Tony Bragalia provided a short article that provided documentation that linked all the pictures together. I thought the story good, checked it quickly and then posted it, not in an attempt to rehabilitate Bragalia, but because this should end the debate about the image in the Roswell Slides.

Bragalia’s article, at the end, credited a number of people for their discoveries, and since I had the link to Caravaca’s web site, I added that at the end so that others could look at his post. To me, the story was the new picture and how it provided the one bit of evidence that some thought necessary to end this controversy. Imagine my surprise when the first reactions were not to discuss that image, but to complain that Bragalia was somehow attempting to take credit for the work of others. That was something that I hadn’t thought about it because the story was the image in the picture and not the author of the posting.
Well, the solution for this, I thought, was move the link to Caravaca’s story to the Blogger’s Note at the very beginning to make it clear where the information had originated. Of course, that turned out not to be accurate either because there was a third party involved.
We learned that the photograph had been found by someone else and that neither Bragalia nor Caravaca had found it. They just reported it. Jorge Peredo was the one who actually found the picture. He posted it at his web site:
And that seems to be where everything originated. Jorge Peredo tracked down the picture and posted it, along with a note from Jaime Maussan, who claimed that someone had painted a picture of the mummy on a shelf as a way to distract us from the real nature of the Roswell Slides. In another post or email, he suggested that it had been photoshopped, apparently ignoring the documentation that provided the clues about this and that linked that image to the one in the Roswell Slides.
Others, rather than looking at the information, were outraged that Tony Bragalia had written an article about it. The “byline” was causing the aggravation believing that Bragalia was attempting to grab credit for the find. He had noted, at the end of his article, that it was Caravaca who had found it and later still acknowledging, as we all have, that it was Peredo who found it.
The real outrage here is that so many commented on the short article that I posted, not on the content which was important but because they didn’t care for the author. Here was a second photograph of the unfortunate child that proved it to be a mummy on display in a museum. The outrage should be directed at those who continue to claim that this is an alien when the evidence, from multiple sources with the proper documentation had been provided. The important point was not that Bragalia had written the article based on information from several sources, but that the mummy had been identified in another museum setting. The point should have been that the “mystery” had been solved.
For those interested, Bragalia’s role in this was to provide a synopsis of the information that could be posted quickly. I didn’t see it as an attempt by him to claim credit for work that he hadn’t done, but an attempt to circulate the best evidence available and he did credit those who had done the work at the end. I posted it because I thought the information should reach as many as possible as quickly as possible. It just never occurred to me that some would take offense at Bragalia’s name on the article he wrote.
The other thing is that it seemed that all day we were changing the article to reflect what was going on. I moved Caravaca’s name to the top and referenced his blog so that credit would be given to him… only to learn that he had done what I had done which is to say, post information that came from many sources. Once I learned, at Rich Reynolds’ blog and the Anomalist web site that Peredo had made the discovery, I updated the article.

So now, I would hope that we’re all on the same page. The important point is not that Bragalia wrote the article for my blog, the important point is not that others had a hand in the discovery, the important point is that the picture was found and credit given to the man who found it. The important point is that we now have the proof that the “alien” in the Roswell Slides is an unfortunate boy who died many centuries ago.

Washington state considers lowering water fluoridation levels

The state of Washington is working on a new rule to reduce the amount of fluoride that is added to community water supplies after the federal government issued new recommendations in April.

In the Tri-Cities, only Pasco fluoridates its water. West Richland has naturally occurring fluoride that can be higher than optimal. Kennewick and Richland water has too little naturally occurring fluoride to detect and the cities do not add it.

For more than 50 years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recommended utilities supplement water to bring fluoride levels to 0.7 to 1.2 milligrams per liter.

The new federal recommendation is a single level of 0.7 milligrams per liter.

Americans now have more access to fluoride, including through toothpaste and mouth rinses, than they did when the original recommendation was made in 1962. As a result, dentists have seen an increase in fluorosis, which, in most cases, appears as barely visible lacy white markings or spots.

Dentists told the Washington State Board of Health, which met in Walla Walla this week, that fluoridating water low in the naturally occurring element still is needed.

“I’d rather see a little fluorosis than bombed-out teeth” because of dental decay, said retired Walla Walla dentist Howard Blessing.

Water fluoridation prevents tooth decay by providing frequent and consistent contact with low levels of fluoride, ultimately reducing tooth decay by about 25 percent in children and adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The process to change the state rule, which includes a public comment period, takes about a year. In the meantime, the state Department of Health recommends water utilities reduce added fluoride to about 0.8 milligrams of fluoride per liter.

The state is expected to adopt a new range of about 0.6 milligrams to 1 or 1.1 milligrams of fluoride, said Clark Halvorson, director of the Department of Health’s Office of Drinking Water. The full health benefits are not realized below 0.6 milligrams.

A range is needed because consistently meeting an exact level is difficult, Halvorson said. The new range being considered is smaller than the current range, but should be achievable for community water systems. The bottom of the range could be reduced to just 0.6 milligrams because below that health benefits for teeth are not as strong.

The goal would still be about 0.7 milligrams, and the state would work with community water systems and their technology if they have trouble keeping close to that, Halvorson said.

Pasco already has moved to reduce the level of fluoride in its city water, as officials saw the federal government moving toward a lower recommendation. The system runs at an average of 0.89 milligrams.

The latest annual community water report showed that the 828 samples collected in 2014 ranged from 0.7 to 1.11 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water.

Water systems that draw from rivers generally have lower levels of naturally occurring fluoride than those drawn from wells. As water moves through the ground, it picks up fluoride, which is the 13th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, Halvorson said.

West Richland gets about 80 percent of its water from wells, one of which has high levels of fluoride. The city’s 2013 Drinking Water Quality Report said water samples, which are drawn at well heads, ranged from 0.36 to 3.06 milligrams of fluoride per liter.

The high-fluoride well is blended with other city water to reduce the amount of fluoride that comes out of household taps.

However, the city likely will not be able to get fluoride down to the new recommended level of 0.7 milligrams, said Roscoe Slade, the public works director. The city will look into ways to further reduce levels.

The amount of fluoride in water varies across West Richland, and residents can request a free test of their tap water by calling 967-5434. The tests can be conducted at different times of the year because the level of fluoride can fluctuate. Water for testing can be obtained from an outdoor spigot, so residents do not have to be home.

The information about the level of fluoride in homes can be taken to dentists to come up with a plan on how to balance fluoride from other sources such as toothpaste, mouthwash and fluoride treatments.

Children are at risk of developing fluorosis as their teeth form. However, most fluorosis in the United States is mild and has no effect on how teeth look or function, according to the CDC.

Every dollar spent on fluoride saves $43 in treatment costs, said Emily Firman, of the Washington Dental Service Foundation, at the Walla Walla meeting.

Pasco began fluoridating its water 14 years ago.

Pasco dentist Spencer Jilek said in a letter to the state board that he has seen the transformation fluoridated water has brought to his patients.

Fluoridation safely and effectively reduces cavities, and patients who live in communities with fluoridated water have fewer cavities than others, he said.

“This has been my experience treating patients from Pasco, Richland and Kennewick, of which only Pasco has enough fluoride in its water to make a positive difference,” he said.

Fluoridation is especially helpful for children because dental disease tends to follow them through their lifetime, Blessing said. But it can also help older adults, particularly if they take medications that make their mouth dry or have receding gums that expose new areas of teeth.

The revised fluoridation levels set by the federal government are a positive development, Jilek said.

“It underscores that even though people are getting fluoride from other sources, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, water fluoridation remains one of the safest and most effective ways to prevent tooth decay,” he said.

In Washington, the decision on whether to fluoridate is left up to communities.

A small number of the state’s water systems fluoridate, but those, including the Seattle system, provide water for nearly half the people in the state, Halvorson said. Another 200,000 people drink water from systems with significant amounts of naturally occurring fluoride. Most of the naturally fluoridated water is from wells in the Mid-Columbia.

The state plans an informal comment period on a new draft rule on fluoridation levels in August, followed by a state Board of Health public hearing in March. The rule could take effect in May 2016.

University of Hawaii attacks Guatemalan professor for speaking out about GMOs

(NaturalNews) Isn’t freedom of speech a wonderful thing? The ability to say what’s on your mind and freely express yourself is incredible, unless you’re Hector Valenzuela, a professor at the University of Hawaii’s (UH) College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. He’s worked…

Kerman, California UFO Case – An Update

As I had hoped, the Manuel Amparano sighting and burn incident has caused some good discussion and a few irrelevant points (let’s look at Stephenville, Hasting’s work and the Phoenix Lights… though I’m surprised that no one mentioned the Washington Nationals, the Lubbock Lights photographs and the Levelland Sightings in their wishes to see information on other cases). The discussion did take a nasty turn when it appears that some couldn’t read what I had posted and when I attributed an International UFO Reporter article to Dr. Michael Swords that he did not write. That article follows:

I also used, as a source, the APRO Bulletinarticle that was probably written by Coral Lorenzen which follows:

There is also a new assessment of the case written by Jason Marzek for the Fringe Republic which can be found here: 

And there is another assessment with some documentation embedded in it that can be found here:

For those who wish another source, the website has a short article that references the IUR article from September 1978 on pages 10 – 11, which appears above, and articles from the Fresno Bee for May 19, 1978 and February 23, 1979.

Dr. Swords did write an article for the IUR, Volume 34, Number 4 (September 2011) which does mention the Kerman, California case, but only in a table on Foundational “burn-like” skin cases. It gives the date and nothing more. The coincidence here is that both articles were published in September in the IUR, though decades apart. There is no byline on the first IUR article. The only names associated with the IUR then were J. Allen Hynek and Allan Hendry. It would seem that Hendry was the author, though, as I say, there is no byline.

This is, however, a secondary issue. The question seems to be, where did the report of second degree burns come from? Clearly the man was burned as the documentation and the witness testimony establishes. Since there is documentation for third degree burns from both the sheriff and the medical facility, I’m not sure why we have bogged down in the question of the second degree burns.

At any rate, if this was one of the articles on chasing footnotes, I would have mentioned that the article attributed to Michael Swords was not written by him but it does appear in the IUR. I will note that I try to attribute the information to the proper source and give credit where credit is due. Here, I believed that Swords, because of the reference I had found, was responsible for the earlier article. So, we clear that up, and I apologize to Swords for dragging his name into this. We can move on to the other questions.

Oh, just for fun, I will note that most of us know that attempting to determine distance, size and speed of an unknown object seen in the night sky with no points of reference is nearly impossible… if the witness gets it right, I would suggest that it more luck than observational ability and that angular size, angle above the ground and direction would be more important than guesses about precise figures for size, distance and speed.

Are you ready for a 10 years with no power grid? Massive solar flare could cause decade-long blackout

(NaturalNews) One morning in September, 1859, British astronomer Richard Carrington sat in his private observatory, drawing pictures of sunspots using a telescope which projected an image of the sun onto a screen.As he drew and observed, there suddenly appeared a brilliant flash…

VIdeo Friday: Immortality via Consciousness Transference and Self/Less

asapScience on the science behind the movie Self/Less starring Ryan Reynolds and Sir Ben Kingsley which features transference of human consciousness leading to practical immortality.

“In this provocative psychological science fiction thriller, an extremely wealthy man (Academy Award® Winner Ben Kingsley) dying from cancer undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness into the body of a healthy young man (Ryan Reynolds). But all is not as it seems when he starts to uncover the mystery of the body’s origin and the organization that will kill to protect its cause.”

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Dr. Wakefield reveals truth about scientifically supported vaccine-autism-inflammatory bowel disease connection

(NaturalNews) Gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield recently had the opportunity to speak at an “Ignite the Truth” event in Dana Point, California, about his well-known case study identifying novel inflammatory bowel disease as an outcome in some children who receive the MMR vaccine…

Major banks plead guilty to felony charges of currency fraud, but are allowed to continue scam after paying fine – and nobody’s in jail!

(NaturalNews) Several top kingpins behind the global financial collapse of 2008 have reportedly agreed to plead guilty for their sinister crimes, but under one major condition: that they won’t actually be held legally culpable. Five of the world’s largest banks — Citigroup, JPMorgan…

Archaeologists discover tomb of ancient man in India who had achieved mukthi

A group of Indian archaeologists have discovered the ancient remains of an individual whose tomb contained a marking indicating he may have achieved the state of ‘mukthi’, a belief observed by a number of eastern religious traditions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, in which the individual achieves liberation from the body. The term derives from an …Continue Reading Here

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Plasmonics: revolutionizing light-based technologies via electron oscillations in metals

Hans-Peter Wagner, University of Cincinnati and Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani, University of Cincinnati

For centuries, artists mixed silver and gold powder with glass to fabricate colorful windows to decorate buildings. The results were impressive, but they didn’t have a scientific reason for how these ingredients together made stained glass. In the early 20th century, the physicist Gustav Mie figured out that the color of a metal nanoparticle is related to its size and the optical properties of the metal and adjacent materials.

Researchers have only recently figured out the missing piece of this puzzle. Medieval glass workers would be surprised to find out they were harnessing what scientists today call plasmonics: a new field based on electron oscillations called plasmons.

Concentrating light

Plasmonics demonstrates how light can be guided along metal surfaces or within nanometer-thick metal films. It works like this: on an atomic level, metal crystals have a very organized lattice structure. The lattice contains free electrons, not closely associated with the metal atoms, that interact with the light that hits them.

Simplified sketch of electron oscillations (plasmons) at the metal/air interface. Orange and yellow clouds indicate regions with lower and higher electron concentration, respectively. Arrows show electric field lines in and outside of the metal. (Image credit Hans-Peter Wagner and Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani, CC BY-ND)

These free electrons collectively start to oscillate with respect to the fixed position of positively charged nuclei in the metal lattice. Like the density of air molecules in a sound wave, the electron density fluctuates in the metal lattice as a plasmon wave.

Visible light, which has a wavelength of approximately half a micrometer, can thus be concentrated by a factor of nearly 100 to travel through metal films just a few nanometers (nm) thick. That’s 1,000 times smaller than a human hair. The new mixed light-electron-wave-state empowers intense light-matter interactions with unprecedented optical properties.

What can plasmonics do?

Plasmonics could revolutionize the way computers or smartphones transfer data within their electronic integrated circuits. Data transfer in current electronic integrated circuits happens via the flow of electrons in metal wires. In plasmonics, it’s due to oscillatory motion about the positive nuclei. Data transfer is therefore more time-consuming in the old technology. Since plasmonic data transfer happens with light-like waves and not with a flow of electrons (electrical current) as in conventional metal wires, the data transmission would be superfast (close to the speed of light) – similar to present glass fiber technologies. But plasmonic metal films are more than 100 times thinner than glass fibers. This could lead to faster, thinner and lighter information technologies.

Surface plasmons also are exceptionally sensitive to any material next to the metal film. A low concentration of atoms, molecules or bacteria bound to the metal surface can change the property of its plasmons. This feature can be used for biological and chemical sensing at extremely low concentrations – for instance, to examine polluted water.

If properly designed, multilayers of plasmonic metal/insulator nanostructures form artificial metamaterials, where the Greek word “meta” means “beyond.” Unlike any other material in nature, these metamaterials have a negative index of refraction. That’s a measure of how much light changes its direction when it enters a transparent insulator. Insulators, including glass, have a positive refractive index; they bend light that enters at a certain angle closer to perpendicular to the insulator surface.

Light changes its direction when it enters a transparent insulator with positive refractive index or a metamaterial with negative refractive index.
(Image credit Hans-Peter Wagner and Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani, CC BY-ND)

In contrast, multilayered metamaterials bend light to the “opposite” direction. This fascinating property can be used to cloak objects by covering them with a metamaterial wrap. The foil guides the light smoothly around the object instead of reflecting it. Almost unbelievably, the cloaked object becomes invisible.

Other applications include optical superlenses with significantly higher resolution compared to regular optical microscopes. They could allow scientists to see objects as small as about 100 nm in size. That’s about one-tenth as big as a typical germ.

A few proof-of-principle optical cloaks and superlenses do exist. But high resistivity losses in the metal layers which convert the light-electron-wave energy into heat currently limit the feasibility of many applications.

Simplified sketch of a plasmonic metal/organic/semiconductor nanowire heterostructure. The emission from the nanowire generated by the exciting laser beam is used as an energy pump to compensate for resistivity losses in the metal shell. An organic spacer layer of few 10 nm thickness is inserted to control this energy transfer.
Hans-Peter Wagner and Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani, CC BY-NC-ND

Manufacturing plasmonic nanowires

High resistivity losses are the major issue with plasmonics. To overcome these limitations, we design and fabricate unique plasmonic metal/organic/semiconductor nanowire heterostructures. Our goal is to excite the semiconductor nanowires with an external light source, then use the internal radiation in the nanowires as an energy-pump source to compensate for metallic losses. This way, the nanowires couple light energy in concert with the light-electron-oscillations to the metal film, thus restoring the amplitude of the damped plasmon wave.

Dr. Hans-Peter Wagner, right, and his doctoral student Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani in the organic molecular beam deposition (OMBD) laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Cincinnati.
(Image credit Jay Yocis University of Cincinnati, CC BY-ND)

We use the organic molecular beam deposition (OMBD) method to coat the semiconductor nanowires with metal/organic multilayers. In the OMBD chamber, organic and metal materials reside in heatable cylindrical cells. We evaporate both organic molecules and metal atoms in heated cells at ultra-high vacuum (which is hundreds of billion times lower than atmosphere pressure). Then we direct the molecular and atom beams we have produced toward the semiconductor nanowire sample. The thickness of the resulting deposited film on the nanowire is controlled by mechanical shutters at the cell openings.

Transmission electron microscope (HRTEM) image of a GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowire coated with nominally 10 nm aluminum quinoline and a 5 to 10 nm thick gold cluster film on top.
(Image credit Melodie Fickenscher (Advanced Materials Characterization Center College of Engineering and Applied Science) University of Cincinnati, CC BY-ND)

The energy-transfer processes from the optically excited semiconductor nanowire to the plasmon oscillations in the surrounding metal film are studied with ultrafast spectroscopic techniques.

Results from our studies will provide a new understanding of light-electron-waves in the novel and unique metal-semiconductor environment. Hopefully, we will open new prospects for designing low-loss or loss-free plasmonic devices. Ideally we want to enable new and important applications in information technologies, biological sensing and national defense. We further envision our investigations having a strong impact in other research fields: for instance, by utilizing the biocompatibility of our hybrid organic/metal structures, by enhancing the light emission in light-emitting diodes and laser structures or by improving light harvesting in photovoltaic devices.

###The Conversation

Hans-Peter Wagner is Associate Professor of Physics at University of Cincinnati .
Masoud Kaveh-Baghbadorani is PhD Candidate in Physics at University of Cincinnati .

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Republished under Creative Commons license.
Read the original article.

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Cancer Screening Doesn’t Save Lives, Meta-Study Reveals

23rd June 2015 By Sayer Ji Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Should we be looking for disease in people who don’t have any symptoms? A large new study indicates the answer is NO.   Subject to an increasingly expansive disease screening programs, unsuspecting healthy individuals are being transformed into patients every day. Massive ‘awareness raising’ campaigns …Continue Reading – Cancer Screening Doesn’t Save Lives, Meta-Study Reveals

Episode 306 – Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants

You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you also know that laughter is a tyrant slayer? Today on The Corbett Report we examine how laughter can change people’s perception and undermine even the most entrenched tyranny. James also launches a brand new DVD, “Laughing At Tyrants” that combines some of the funniest Corbett Report videos into a great tool for spreading truth and unlocking minds.

Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: ”It’s In The Cards For Sure … It Could Happen This Year”

Dees Illustration By Mac Slavo Over the last several months there have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite. From the purchasing of emergency hideaways and airstrips to warnings from their financial advisors that it’s time to shift their assets into physical holdings, it appears that a lot of powerful people are afraid of …Continue Reading Here

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ABC’s 2008 Prediction: NYC Under Water From Climate Change By June 2015

New York City underwater? Gas over $9 a gallon? A carton of milk costs almost $13? Welcome to June 12, 2015. Or at least that was the wildly-inaccurate version of 2015 predicted by ABC News exactly seven years ago. Appearing on Good Morning America in 2008, Bob Woodruff hyped Earth 2100, a special that pushed apocalyptic predictions of the …

Charleston shooting prompts gun-rights supporters to call for more concealed-carry at churches

He was a young gunman bent on shooting as many worshippers as possible, but Matthew J. Murray never got as far as Dylann Roof, the suspect in Wednesday’s South Carolina church massacre.

Murray had already shot and killed two people in the parking lot when he burst into the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Before he could pull the trigger …

The Library of Babel – FLNWO #27

The universe is the internet is the library is the internet is the universe. Or is it? And if so, who are the librarians? And if we have all the information we can ever want, does that mean we have knowledge or wisdom? If not, how do we make it? Or who will make it for us? Join James this month for a Film, Literature and the New World Order examination of “The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luis Borges.

Charleston church shooting suspect Dylann Storm Roof from Columbia, South Carolina

An image from a surveillance camera at Emanuel AME Church (Source: Charleston Police Department)

The man accused of shooting and killing nine people in a downtown Charleston church on Wednesday night is from the Columbia area, according to law enforcement sources.

Law enforcement is pursuing 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof, of Eastover. An active manhunt is taking place in several locations…

Bridges to Tomorrowland – Sevan Bomaer

The Resistance will be realized when we speak the language of Imagination and accept the adventure of Duality. We are a bridge to enlightenment through authentic actions driven by the full intention of liberating minds. This we do while being gratuitous when considering each other’s spiritual expansion over material gain.

Sevan Bomaer is one of the most diverse and enigmatic speakers of our time. He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisors. Bomaer is rapidly gaining explosive recognition with his unique message.

Listen on: FreemanTV | Stitcher | iTunes | YouTube | RSS

Imagination Revolution.jpgIn seeking our path of ascension, we must explore the many versions of ourselves. Sevan Bomaer raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and physical advisers. Listen to Hour 2 – Imagination Revolution

Check out
Specializing in linguistics, etymology, and ciphering, Sevan extracts the esoteric meaning within language. Having spent years in deep study diving through symbolism, occult sigils, and geometry, Sevan has become an expert in defining what is beyond the veil.

With a special affinity for the functions of the inner body or innerverse Bomaer’s research into Bioenergetics, water, & frequency have yielded invaluable experiential data that continues to assist humanity in innerstanding its limitlessness.

Bridges to Tomorrowland

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Investigation report – Townsville, Queensland – 29 May 2015

INVESTIGATION REPORT – Townsville, Queensland – 29 May 2015

Compiled by Keith Basterfield.


On the evening of 29 May 2015, I was contacted by a resident of Townsville, who emailed me that she and her daughter had been watching lights circling in the clouds for about 20 minutes just before she emailed me. The lights were first noticed at about 1825hrs on 29 May and last seen at about 1845hrs. There were three white, oval/circular lights moving around the clouds. There was no associated noise. The female resident took five photographs of these lights which she emailed me that night.

The photographs show a night scene, with house and street lights visible. In four of the photographs there is a very bright light source to the top of the images. The clouds are between this light source and the street lights. It is possible to faintly see some lights on the clouds.

I emailed the witness back and asked some questions. These, together with the witness’ responses are listed below:

Q1. In four of the photographs is the very bright circular lights source at the top of the photographs, the Moon?
A1. Yes it is.
Q2. What was the weather like at the time?
A2. Wind was still. Few patchy clouds around.
Q3. How did the lights move?
A4. Sometimes at random, sometimes clockwise pattern.

Further information:

1. Location – is latitude 19.26 degrees south. Longitude is 146.82 degrees east.

2. Weather – obtained from the Bureau of meteorology for Townsville airport at 1830hrs that night was:

Temp. 24.3C; Dew point 19 C; 72% relative humidity; Wind from the east at 22km/hr;  Pressure 1019.0hPa. Rain since 9am 0mm.

3. The Moon was at 51 degrees elevation. Azimuth 74% 82% illuminated.

4. I submitted an electronic letter to the editor of the Townsville Bulletin newspaper; and also submitted a post to the blog of the same paper, asking for anyone else who may have seen these lights, to contact me. No one did.


1. At first viewing of the images, and a check with Google Earth, I found that the lights were seen in the direction of the Townsville airport. Unfortunately, the WebTrak aircraft tracking website indicates no coverage for Townsville.

2. The location of the Moon as determined from an astronomical website, confirms the witness’ statement that the very bright light source in the photograph is the Moon.

3. As the lights were in fact seen in the direction of the Townsville airport, and as the Bureau of Meteorology has a base at the airport, I initially thought about the possibility that the lights were from the BOM’s ceilometer, which uses beams of light to measure cloud heights. Further investigation; plus the fact that there were three lights seen, plus the duration of 20 minutes led me away from suggesting this as an explanation.

4. However, the witness’ description and the images on the photographs are strongly suggestive of searchlight beams, visible on the clouds. I have seen identical lights, circling in various patterns, on clouds, in Adelaide.  Upon investigation they turned out on one occasion to be advertising a new night club in the city 20 kilometres away. On another occasion they were advertising a new model of car. I recall similar observations from both Melbourne and Sydney.

5. For transparency, I must add that although I conducted an Internet search for an event which may have been using searchlights in Townsville that night, I was unable to find any such event.


I obtained the witness’ consent to publish her observation, and use her photographs in this report. I have advised her of the report’s conclusion.


The most likely cause of the observations are searchlights.

The Growth and (Possible) Decline of Cryonics

[Editor’s note: the following article represents the views of the author and is likely to be controversial. It is presented here to encourage conversation about a difficult topic. I would welcome opposing views. To submit a reply send to]

Cryonics service providers offer their customers perpetual care. This care is meant to continue until medical technology has advanced to the point that their reanimation can be performed safely. While the most optimistic estimates are that reanimation may be possible in as little as fifty years, the time frame is normally considered to be hundreds of years. The poor quality of suspensions received by most persons, however, suggests that many will be reanimated only in the distant future, if at all. One of the greatest unknowns is whether these companies will be able to operate continuously over this period. An organizational failure of even a few months would terminate the experiment in medical time travel by causing irreparable damage to those in storage.

From an organizational standpoint, this offer of perpetual care is similar to that provided by the chantries established in England in the Middle Ages. Chantries were trusts established for the purpose of employing priests to sing a certain number of Masses during a stipulated period of time for the spiritual benefit of the deceased. The first perpetual Mass was established by royalty in the 1180s. Most institutions providing this service were suppressed in 1547 as part of the Reformation (Wikipedia, 2014). Therefore, the ‘perpetual’ care lasted for less than four hundred years. This is also a reasonable estimate for the amount of time that a majority of those in cryonic suspension will require before any reanimation becomes possible. However, the chantries were established as part of the Roman Catholic Church or as institutions under its direction and control. During this period, the Roman Catholic Church was as powerful as a state and was considered by many to be the governing body of Europe. In contrast, cryonics organizations are very small businesses with extremely limited resources, subject to regulation by both State and Federal governments. The key question addressed here is whether and how such organizationally inferior institutions can achieve the longevity that the most powerful organization in Europe only barely achieved in earlier times.

Organisational decline

The study of organizations shows that they go through a period of growth, followed by a period of decline, until they finally disappear. The probability of long-term survival of business organizations is extremely low. ‘Around two-thirds of businesses are still operating after five years and almost one–half are still operating after ten years’ (Bickerdyke, Lattimore, & Madge 2000, XVI). Business failure statistics show that about four percent of small businesses (1-99 employees) that enter the marketplace disappear within one year, 15 percent disappear within three years and 30 percent disappear within five years (Industry Canada 2009). While this may not sound like so high a failure rate, when repeated over a hundred years, it means that very, very few organizations survive. In fact, the hundred year survival is calculated from both sources as less than one chance in a thousand. Boulding (1950, 38) notes that organizations follow the path of

inexorable and irreversible movement toward the equilibrium of death. Individuals, family, firm, nation, and civilization all follow the same grim law, and the history of any organism is strikingly reminiscent of the rise and fall of populations on the road to extinction.

This failure dynamic is why it is so crucial to do everything possible to increase the chances of organizational survival.

The main reason for failure is inexperienced management. Managers of bankrupt firms do not have the experience, knowledge, or vision to run their businesses. Even as the firms age and management experience increases, knowledge and vision remain critical deficiencies that contribute to failure (Baldwin, Gray, Johnson, Proctor, Rafiquzzaman, & Sabourin 1997, 9).

A more accurate assessment can be made by looking at the specific risks likely to be encounter by cryonics organizations, as opposed to looking at overall trends. Both major providers operate in a problematic manner, if we consider the type of business model needed to sustain an organization over the long term. The Cryonics Institute (CI) operates with volunteer labor in many functions. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation has benefitted from very large occasional donations. It isn’t clear what the long-term effect of these inputs vanishing would be.

Political risk

One assumption is that as long as cryonics is regarded as a cult phenomenon, it will risk being prohibited should such an action appear politically opportune to even a single individual in a position of power. There can be little doubt that the current status of cryonics is that of a cult in the eyes of the general public. We can conclude from survey results (Badger 1998) that a majority of the public sees cryonics as a selfish and immoral practice, which ‘steals’ resources and opportunities from the majority of mankind and from the children of the future. This perception is reinforced by the appearance of the topic ‘cryonics’ on ‘cult’ and hoax websites. Websites such as Quackwatch, statements from public skeptics and from the President of the National Council of Health Fraud, and a resolution rejecting cryonics adopted by the Society of Cryobiology lends credible support to this view.

Direct political attacks on the industry have ranged from para-military operations, resulting in staff being dragged off to jail, to attempts by a funeral directors’ association to place a provider under inappropriate regulation, potentially making it impossible to continue operation. Another legal initiative has prohibited the marketing of cryonics. While this type of direct political interference offers the greatest immediate risk to the industry, the long-term effects of cult status is also damaging. Mainline research funding and collaboration with many respected researchers and institutions is not an option as long as cryonics is regarded as a cult phenomenon.

The continuing insistence on using language, such as ‘patient’ for those in suspension, is typically seen as inappropriate and even humorous by the average person. This gives many the excuse needed to dismiss the idea of cryonics without a second thought. We know from survey results (Badger 1998) that any thought about the benefits versus the costs of cryonics is inhibited by emotional responses triggered by death-related stimuli. This type of inappropriate language virtually ensures an immediate dismissal of the topic. Provider organizations typically explain why they use the term ‘patient,’ but the average person has already dismissed the entire idea before reaching this explanation. Also, the term ‘cryonic’ is confused with ‘cryogenic,’ even by some knowledgeable individuals, thereby impeding the development of an effective industry brand. That is, a term that is memorable and favorable, which can be used as a marketing ‘hook’ on which to hang a concept that is nontrivial to explain and understand.

There are two separate dimensions we should be aware of when considering terms. First, there is common versus technical language, for example, ‘Aspirin’ versus ‘acetylsalicylic acid.’ The second dimension is insider versus outsider language. Any cult or specialist group will routinely use terms that are foreign, meaningless, or even connoting an opposite meaning to outsiders. For example, an electrical engineer may refer to a circuit element as a ‘pot,’ meaning a potentiometer—a variable resistor. To an outsider, this would mean something to cook food in. Within cryonics there has been an effort to be more accurate by using technical language. However, these terms may be counterproductive when it comes to marketing, since these are typically technical, insider terms that may trigger entirely inappropriate associations in non-technical members of the public. The above criticism refers only to non-technical non-insider language utilization. Thus, it would apply only to publicly available information produced by the industry. Technical accuracy has been promoted as the solution to marketing problems. However, I am not aware of any successful industry that takes this approach in marketing to the public.

Another type of political risk results from the minuscule size of the cryonics industry. Regulation in related areas may make the practice of cryonics impossible in certain jurisdictions, even though no consideration has been given to cryonics at all. Recently, the State of Florida passed new regulations concerning all non-transplant uses of human tissues under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act – the legal vehicle for transferring bodies to cryonics storage providers. The Florida Law confines accreditation in that State only to those facilities that meet the American Association of Tissue Banks’ (AATB’s) requirements and who are certified by the AATB. These regulations are not designed to accommodate cryonics and would impose an unsupportable burden on cryonics organizations.

The second problem is that, historically, the AATB has been virulently opposed to cryonics. Thus, it may be difficult for a cryonics organization to gain regulatory approval from the AATB. Therefore, by use of a non-governmental non-profit standard-setting institution, the State may indirectly make the practice of cryonics unlawful.

Neglect of scientific marketing

The almost total neglect of scientific marketing is one reason for a dysfunctional strategy. When the objective of a marketing strategy is to promote social change, as opposed to a simple product:

Andreasen (1995; cited in Lupia 2009, 66-67) offers a simple way of distinguishing civically oriented informational efforts that fail from those that succeed in their efforts… [Five effective strategies are:]

  1. The organization’s mission is seen as bringing about behavior change by meeting the target market’s needs and wants.
  2. The customer is seen as someone with unique perceptions, needs, and wants to which the marketer must adapt.
  3. Marketing research is vital.
  4. Customers are grouped in segments.
  5. Competition is seen to be everywhere and never ending.

Emails to the original CryoNet Mailing List, for example, show that the dominant view is that ‘The [cryonics] organisation’s mission is seen as inherently good,’ ‘Customers are the problem,’ because they are ignorant or unmotivated, ‘marketing research has a limited role’—actually none, ‘Customers are treated as a mass,’ and ‘competition is ignored,’ except for self-destructive infighting. So, we can conclude that the amateurism in marketing has succeeded in choosing five out of five ineffective strategies, virtually guaranteeing failure.

While the choice of the term ‘cryonic’ can be excused, since it was selected before resources were available for marketing research, the continuing neglect of marketing can be ascribed to a combination of ignorance and incompetence. Typically, social science is dismissed as obvious and unnecessary. However, even this doesn’t explain the resistance to new understandings of the marketing problem. For example, while religion was shown to be an important factor in the choice of cryonics by Badger’s (1998) Survey, his results and advice were ignored. It took a reanalysis of that data to show that religion was, in fact, a crucial factor. Even this result was rejected by leaders in the industry. A direct test of this prediction, that current marketing was targeting atheist millionaires, however, yielded almost the exact number of members signed up with the cryonics providers in the United States (Stodolsky 2008b). This result, combined with the results from two independent studies of attitudes towards life-extension technologies (Partridge et al. 2009; Kogan, Tucker, & Porter 2011), which showed that religious orientation was the most important predictor of attitudes, finally achieved acceptance of what in retrospect was an obvious result. There is no evidence, however, that even this has led to a change in marketing strategy.

Another conclusion from this same reanalysis can explain the current stagnation of the industry: If atheist millionaires are being targeted by current marketing, then the industry has enrolled the persons available in this market segment. We know that the choice of cryonics is highly idiosyncratic. That is, individual variation plays a large role in the decision, perhaps a larger role than religion or economic standing. Therefore, it could easily be that all the atheist millionaires that could be recruited have become members and those remaining will not sign up for highly individualistic reasons that the industry cannot influence.

The fact that current membership includes many persons that are not atheists or not millionaires is not an argument against Stodolsky’s (2008) conclusion: Knowledge of the baseline effect is important in understanding this. For example, if only .4 percent of persons are atheists, then even a marketing strategy that targets them may not result in a majority of atheists as members. If we assume that the marketing strategy is nine times as likely to recruit atheists as compared to others, then the effect would be (99.6 x .1 / .4 x .9 =) 27.6 times as many religious persons as atheists in the membership. That is, since atheists only comprise four-tenths of a percent of the population, then a 9 to 1 bias by the marketing strategy in their favour will result in atheists being outnumbered by about 28 to 1 in the membership. An unbiased marketing strategy would result in over two-hundred religious persons for each atheist in the membership.

Failure of the medical model

While the problems of the industry are not new, they have also not caused a rejection of the dominant approach. Originally, the father of the industry assumed that once people became aware of the possibility of medical time travel, there would be widespread acceptance of the option. He felt his book, The Prospect of Immortality (Ettinger 1962), would trigger a mass movement. After many years and much publicity, general acceptance had not been achieved. He eventually formed a company to provide suspension services himself. Now, more than forty years after the first man was suspended and much technical progress, acceptance remains vanishingly small.

Failure of the medical model has been attributed to the inability to demonstrate revival from the suspended state. However, a reanalysis (Stodolsky 2008b) of the Badger (1998) survey data showed that attitudes were hardly affected at all by a range of motivational statements specifying conditions which might make people more favourably disposed towards cryonics. In fact, about twenty percent, of a technologically sophisticated population—expected to be more favourable towards cryonics—, responded, ‘I would feel more favourable toward the idea of cryonics under no circumstances.’ Similarly, assuming the successful revival of a human from suspension had hardly any effect on intentions to act. While such results might seem inexplicable to supporters of the medical model, they are to be expected if we consider religiously-based objections to medical treatment. These objections have been applied to, for example, blood transfusion and immunisation against infectious diseases. Since even these widely validated and accepted medical procedures have been rejected on the basis of attitudes, it is not surprising that a more speculative and less accepted procedure does not attract proponents.

The mainstream view of cryonics is that it is an unusual interment practice. In fact, CI was, for a time, officially registered as a cemetery. Under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act employed, persons must be declared dead prior to being processed for suspension. About half of all cases at CI are post-mortem, that is, they are signed up, by family members or others, after being declared dead. Since no marketing is directed towards this channel, we can conclude that marketing efforts are having no effect or that there is an unmet demand that is being made apparent. In fact, a cooperating funeral director recently requested that he be allowed to offer cryonics as a standard product. (A ‘cooperating funeral director’ is an establishment that has agreed to assist in the shipment of a body to a cryonics facility. In this case, F. A. Albin & Sons, London, England, UK). Therefore, we can conclude that both mainstream opinion—government—and the market are signalling the need for a strategy employing the funeral industry as a sales channel.

Funeral Industry

CI’s post-mortem cases are now getting an inferior suspension, because CI requires a two-week delay designed to reduce the risk of legal complications. If funeral directors were the contracting agents, they would be accepting any legal liability and therefore this delay could be reduced or eliminated. Another practical effect could be that cooperating funeral directors would be required to have cool-down facilities and, most likely, a transport kit, ready at all times. Once they had invested in these facilities, it would make sense to assume initially that all cases would be sent for suspension. In fact, they would be highly motivated to get all cases cooled down at the earliest possible moment, since this would make it more likely they could sell a family on cryopreservation and thus make a better profit. Finally, CI could require, or the funeral directors themselves could request, certification as cryonics transport technicians. This would give them a competitive advantage over untrained funeral directors. This cooperation with funeral directors could be segregated into a subsidiary to minimise legal liability.

Current policy has led to an adversarial relationship between cryonics organisations and the funeral industry (This has not occurred in Russia, where KrioRus has exhibited at a funeral industry convention.). It has been necessary to contribute to and to lobby supportive political figures to avoid troublesome legislation. This problem appears to be limited to Arizona at the moment. However, increased visibility of the cryonics industry could raise this issue to the national level. If it came down to who can afford to influence the most politicians, it is pretty clear the cryonics industry would be the loser. Therefore, cooperation between the two industries is very likely essential for the survival of cryonics. Cooperation would have the advantage of isolating CI from any legal liability and of generating a stream of funding for CI’s research activities. CI has developed expertise in cryogenic storage and biopreservation. This expertise could be capitalised upon by opening this sales channel.

We can conclude that the current policy of ignoring the funeral industry, as a channel, is leading to inferior suspensions for at least half of current CI cases. It is also using up funds and creating a major political risk for the cryonics industry. Much needed funding for research is also being lost by not servicing what could be a highly lucrative sales channel. There is no physical difference necessary between facilities for cryonic suspension and cryogenic interment, which could be considered an esoteric burial practice similar to having one’s ashes launched into space. The difference amounts to an intent to revive. The major barrier to implementation of this new sales channel is the self-perception of the leadership of the cryonics organisations. They would have to accept that they were participants in the funeral industry. The entire future of the cryonics industry, of those in storage, and of the many that will never be suspended because suspension is not marketed via the funeral industry is being jeopardised to maintain this self-perception by the leadership of the cryonics organisations. From the standpoint of social movement theory, the industry is maintaining its isolation from the mainstream at a time when it is technically mature enough to become a mass movement.

Targeting millionaires

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.59.18 AMThe second major finding from the reanalysis of the Badger (1998) data was that marketing was targeting millionaires. While many claim that anyone can afford to signup for suspension by using life insurance, assuming that they start when they are young, it is clear that financial requirements are a major barrier. For example, we know, from numerous instances of people having to drop their suspension coverage due to financial difficulties, that cost is a barrier. We also know that a majority of the World’s population, including people with incomes under a couple of dollars a day, will never be able to sign up for financial reasons. There were already indications of this in Badger’s (1998) article. He stated, ‘Group differences based on Income approached statistical significance.’ That is, the wealthy are more likely to say, ‘I believe that cryonics is an exciting idea and intend on looking into it further.’ This was the only action item in the survey. He reported that, ‘Individuals making more than $100K were generally more favorably disposed toward cryonics.’

Another finding of a less formal nature also suggests a failed marketing approach. The New Scientist Magazine Contest, which offered a choice between a free suspension or a trip to Hawaii, resulted in 28% of those responding choosing suspension. Over half of the respondents in a more recent poll indicated that they would like to have their body frozen after death (Would you want to be brought back to life after death? 2011). Therefore, if suspension was available without cost, we could expect between about a third and a half of the population of the United Kingdom (UK) to accept it. However, even the much more conservative figure based upon the less than a half of a percent of atheists in the United States (US) still yields a potential population of 1.2 million, a figure that is vast compared to the couple of thousand members of US cryonics organizations.

We would expect with continuing economic growth that financial barriers would be reduced (Figure 1). However, ‘in 1996, young men between 25 and 34 years of age were already bringing home, in real terms, $75 less per week than their fathers were 20 years earlier’ (Pusey 2007, 10). The stagnation of the G. W. Bush years, followed by the decline associated with the Great Recession, have further reduced incomes for the overwhelming majority.

Repackaging cryonics

Funding is a major barrier to cryonic suspension for most people. Establishment of a non-profit organisation supporting pay-as-you-go funding would permit economically neutral suspension coverage. The resulting rapid expansion of coverage would permit suspension expenses to be distributed across a very large population, thereby driving down costs dramatically. An appropriate business model would permit local groups to provide fully prepaid coverage for their members, once an adequate number of persons had joined. The benefits of local organisation include superior social support for members, which could extend life, and significant political influence within a local jurisdiction, ensuring an appropriate response to cryonics emergencies.

Normally, large expenditures have to be financed in some manner, if widespread participation is desired. Examples are houses, cars, major appliances, and even mobile phones. The only currently widely available mechanism for financing a suspension is life insurance. This, however, has many potential disadvantages. First, it requires long-term economic stability, which is becoming less and less common as short-term jobs have become more prevalent. Second, such policies can be drawn down to provide for emergencies, such as expensive medical care not otherwise covered—and large numbers of persons in the US have inadequate health insurance coverage. Third, the proceeds of life insurance have sometime been claimed by relatives of cryonicists. Even when such claims fail, the legal expenses are often significant. Contestation by families, often motivated by the possibility of large cash settlements, typically results in negative press coverage. Such contestation may also delay suspensions. Finally, there are classes of individuals excluded from obtaining life insurance, such as infants, the ill, and so on. So, financing by life insurance has significant limitations as a method of making suspension affordable.

An understanding of the market in which the cryonics industry ideally is competing suggests new strategies for effective marketing. The industry competes in the ‘immortality’ market, since a new life of indefinite length is the hope of every cryonicist. However, the industry operates at a disadvantage in this market. The industry is competing with religious organizations that also offers followers eternal life, but it doesn’t offer the benefits available through and to these organizations. Effective competition requires a repackaging of cryonics. In itself, cryonics is an interment technology. It isn’t competitive in this market, because it is, at least, ten times as expensive as traditional interment. Interment is only a minor element of the offerings from religious organizations. The industry is highly competitive in offering immortality, however, since the credibility of a new life through a scientific procedure is greater than that of one offered by a mystical procedure. Effective competition, however, requires offering a comprehensive package of services matching those available from religious organizations. Finally, while there have been efforts to present life in the future as utopian by cryonicists, this type of speculation is clearly not something that should be promoted by cryonics organizations. They need to be extremely conservative in making any kind of claims as to the benefits of their services. Therefore, some other type of organization is needed, that can approach the kind of claims made by religious organizations, if competition is to be effective.

A foundation could be used to facilitate a tax-advantaged prepayment strategy, that would overcome current economic barriers to enrollment. The services a foundation offers could include weekly dinner parties where people learn healthy cooking, lectures on health-related issues, first-aid courses, storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, of tissues, of pets, and so on. Since the organization would have to absorb the cost of suspending a member, it would be to everyone’s advantage to keep members alive as long as possible.

Financing is a complicated topic, so I will present only a simplified example here. Let us say the income tax rate is 50% and someone donates 10% of their income to the foundation. Expense after taxes would be 5% of income. The foundation allocates 5% to current benefits and 5% to a suspension fund. Therefore, the average after-tax impact is null (expense after taxes = current benefits) and the suspension rapidly becomes prepaid. With a $100,000 yearly income, one would have $30,000 in the suspension fund after 6 years. Because it would be a collective agreement, new members would be covered immediately. Since new members would typically live for more than 6 years after enrollment, they would generate reserves for the suspension fund.

So, this financing strategy would allow prepayment through a collective agreement rather than through individual insurance policies. This results in substantial economies of scale, as well as securing tax benefits, if set up with an appropriate legal structure. A pay-as-you-go plan would be about thirty percent cheaper than insurance, so there is no reason to believe that a lack of funding by other means would bias the life expectancies of those enrolling.

Even small regular donations by a significant number of people would, over many years and with new members continually enrolling, pay for biopreserving everyone. The existential crisis usually hits in middle age, say at age 45, and people in Europe currently need suspension at about age 75. That means 30 years of 5% of income being accumulated. With an income of only 10,000 Euro per year, this would be 15,000 Euro (500 Euro x 30) or about 21,400 USD at 2011 exchange rates. So, even relatively low income, late enrollments would cover a majority of their own suspension expense. If we include the contribution of interest payments or investment returns, the full expense would most likely be covered. This model assumes whole families would signup, so most people’s contributions would start around age 20, in the long run. This would add another 25 years of payments, almost doubling the contribution. If young people are raised in an environment accepting of cryonics, they will continue to support it. However, the target for marketing should be those in middle age, when existential concerns come to the fore.

If umbilical cord blood samples were routinely stored as part of the repackaging proposed, then every youth would have the knowledge that in case of serious disease, there would be a handy source of stem cells in suspension. This is just about the best form of recruitment and it would cost very little compared to a serious marketing effort.

If enrollment was on a group basis, self selection on life expectancy wouldn’t be possible. A person would typically become a beneficiary at birth and achieve formal membership upon reaching adulthood. That membership would continue throughout life. Continued membership would be beneficial, since there would be near term goods and services making membership economically neutral, as well as the social and psychological benefits of group membership.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.59.29 AMPreviously, CI was doubling in membership every 3 years (Stodolsky 2005). In Figure 2, the 3 year and 5 year doubling times are plotted. Fitting the data from 1988 to 2004 produced a 5 year doubling time. From 1998 to 2004, growth appeared much faster, with a doubling time closer to three years—23 percent membership growth per year. The yearly growth by period (1985-1997 vs. 1998-2004) interaction was highly significant (p = 0.0018). This suggested that the growth rate had changed after 1997. After this prediction had been made, the founder of CI, Robert Ettinger, noted that CI had established its website around 1997. Even with the 5 year doubling time, in 2014 CI would have had 2,314 members. However, the declining growth rate apparent at the end of 2010 indicates only 1,082 members will be enrolled by the end of 2014. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation has a similar declining growth rate at this time.

If this new marketing model generated the growth rate achieved at CI between 1998 and 2004, then there would be a multiplication of membership by more than a thousand over a 30 year period. Just a single year’s contributions would then generate 500,000 Euro (1000 x 500 Euro) for each initial member, thus providing suspension funding for at least 10 initial members, when only one was needed. Therefore, with adequate growth, the contributions to suspension reserves could be reduced to less than a percent of income. Financial risk would be highest in the startup phase, where a few early suspensions could exhaust reserves. This risk could be covered by insurance, which would be a worthwhile additional expense for a startup.

Let’s consider another example in order to clarify the importance of the growth rate in reducing costs. If someone is paying $30,000 for a suspension now, they could pay a thousand a year for an average of thirty years of membership to fully fund their own suspension with a pay-as-you-go plan. However, since the membership would have grown by a thousand after 30 years, each new member would pay only one dollar yearly to fund old member’s suspensions. This is probably overly optimistic, but it demonstrates that the important variable is the growth rate.

The overwhelming predominance of men in cryonics raises an obvious question: Are women more hostile to cryonics than men? The difference can most likely be attributed to the greater religiosity of women—a cultural factor. For example, in the Badger (1998) Survey, men were almost four times as likely to be atheists (1.93% vs. .58%). Since this was a ‘high tech’ sample, the bias in a general population is likely to be more extreme. We know from the reanalysis of that data, that religiosity is the best predictor of attitudes toward cryonics. This imbalance is another indication that the current approach to marketing cryonics is inadequate to reach a substantial sector of the population. The proposed repackaging, which includes a substantial social component, would likely eliminate this imbalance.

An important issue is the political risk that exists until cryonics achieves widespread acceptance. One answer is a marketing strategy that increases membership by hundreds at a time, not by ones or twos at a time. Such a strategy would also open up the overwhelming majority of the potential market that will never be reached by current efforts. Political acceptance can be achieved in a smaller jurisdiction by electing cryonicists to government posts and thereby ensuring that in that jurisdiction suspension would be an option that could be carried out as a routine hospital procedure. Thus, this new approach would benefit all cryonicists, both those active and those suspended.

According to some, the biggest expense of a cryonic suspension is standby—waiting at the bedside in order to start cryopreservation immediately after death. If standby were local and volunteer (or better yet, a side-task of someone with a job with some other primary tasks), then the cost would be lower. A decent hospital has staff ready to respond at any time and most already have the equipment on hand to do a body washout—assuming the training has been given. Additional training for a clinical perfusionist would probably be pretty minor. The key to this cost saving and improvement in suspensions is getting enough political influence to ensure cooperation of a local hospital. This could be achieved by targeting small jurisdictions with a high percentage of atheists and low voter turnouts.

Beyond even the economic and political advantages of a strategy based upon recruitment of groups, as opposed to individuals, are those related to life satisfaction. Lim and Putnam (2010) find that social and participatory mechanisms in identity-based fellowships lead to the building of social networks. Subjective well-being is enhanced by participation in such networks. They suggest that enhanced life satisfaction may result from a feeling of belonging to a social group beyond the members’ immediate social circle. Traditional religious organizations take advantage of such dynamics to retain and expand their membership. Competition with such organizations will be difficult, unless these same group dynamics are mobilized. Therefore, a group-based strategy would not only be a way to improve members’ life satisfaction, but also a way to enhance growth. Life satisfaction and social support are associated with longevity. Therefore, a group marketing strategy would take advantage of a mechanism for life extension thus far ignored by cryonicists.

The repackaging strategy discussed here has been presented previously in public forums. While no obvious roadblocks have been identified, no funding has ever been made available to even investigate the feasibility of this approach. This can be explained by two factors. Probably the most important is the individualism that dominates the thinking in a substantial part of the industry. This typically leads to a summary dismissal of any strategy based upon groups. (An exception is lower rates for family members of those enrolled. However, this has had no effect on the general question of group enrolment.) Another factor is the associated focus only on improvements that would directly benefit the donors of research funding. These donors are already enrolled and therefore marketing and recruitment appears to them to be a solved problem, unless there is a perception that current business models are unsustainable in the long run. However, the optimism of those currently enrolled has been resistant to any interpretation of data as showing declining growth rates and therefore sustainability. While optimism is required to enrol for suspension, the rejection of the reality of industry stagnation could lead to disaster. We can conclude that the summary rejection of this repackaging strategy is again a function of the perceptions of industry leaders. The failure to apply well known marketing and other social science knowledge results in a majority of leaders remaining captive of an unrealistic belief system detrimental to their own survival.

Religious doctrine

Transhumanism is already repackaging cryonics by including it in a sequence of technical developments, some of which are available already. The results for cryonics are positive. Partridge, Underwood, Bartlett, and Hall (2009, 70) noted, ‘The views of the theoretically sampled transhumanist and Christian focus groups reflected in sharp relief the pro and con arguments for life-extension.’ They comment further (p. 72):

Participants for whom religious doctrines and ‘the church’ were important sources of ethical guidance were more likely to express in-principle opposition to life-extension research than people who reported having no religious beliefs. Participants who identified themselves as religious often expressed the view that life-extension was contrary to some aspects of these religious beliefs ….

A major risk with transhumanism is that people adopt it as a religious faith. That is, they feel that just believing will solve the problems of life-extension. This is not only a risk, since there are plenty of people who act on these types of views. The result can be doing nothing and just assuming the coming ‘singularity’ will solve all problems or that anti-aging drugs, new organs, and so on will become available in time for them to avoid needing suspension.

The Temple of the Vampire is a church that requires Members to signup for suspension in order to advance to the highest levels within the organization. Due to the secrecy surrounding the organization, it is difficult to determine whether this requirement has, in fact, led to increased enrollments. However, it does appear that some Members have enrolled and are active participants in cryonics and related organizations. However, there has been opposition by some cryonicists to any association between cryonics and The Temple of the Vampire, because they fear negative press and so on.

So, cryonics is already being repackaged, but not in a manner most beneficial to the growth of the industry. None of the current repackaging models reduce the financial requirements of suspension. The rewards offered are only of a motivational character. The question is which of the methods of repackaging is going to be effective in mobilizing people to work for personal and social solutions in a realistic way.

Finally, we must ask whether cryonics itself is a religion (Monette 2012), that is, a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance. While most cryonicists reject that it is a religion, it clearly is ascribed supreme importance. That is, cryonics is treated as a path to salvation, a way of transcending death. Lowenstein (2012) states, ‘I believe the cryonics movement, with its unified set of beliefs, its particular language and rituals, its faith in the power and impact of the as-yet unproven, is indeed a religion…’ (p. 4)

On the other hand, cryonicists argue that cryonics is a scientific approach to immortality or, at least, to a vastly extended lifespan. Unfortunately, most insiders respond irrationally when cryogenic interment is suggested as a lifestyle choice. That is, if someone wishes to be placed in storage, but doesn’t believe reanimation is possible or doesn’t wish to be reanimated, no prearrangement is available. Even though all physical parameters would be the same, the fact that their beliefs contradict those of cryonicists, would make them ineligible for cryogenic interment. The belief in cryonics, then, is the crucial determinant of whether they are acceptable as a ‘patient’ and will be placed in storage.

If cryonics is playing the role of a religion, it would explain the paradoxes previously discussed. It would explain why the funeral industry has not been used as a sales channel. Considering that cooperation with funeral directors is routine at CI, for example, this failure to open, what could be a very profitable new sales channel, is quite inexplicable in rational terms. It could also explain why a more explicitly religious framework has not been promulgated: A framework in which cryogenic interment is integral to the belief system. The answer could be that cryonics is already playing the role of a religion. This failure to promulgate a comprehensive belief system has had negative effects. It has led to the association of cryonics with tendencies that many find objectionable, such as The Temple of the Vampire. It has allowed those with transhumanist beliefs, that are known to be supportive of cryonics, to consider enrollment as unnecessary. It has limited enrollment by not taking advantages of the many benefits society provides for explicitly religious organizations. It has made the individual and organizational benefits of membership in a group of like thinking individuals unavailable. Finally, it may explain the profound failure to apply social science knowledge to the growth problems of the industry: The application of such knowledge would first and foremost require a rational assessment of the social status of cryonics. Such an assessment would conclude that cryonics is a cult, a cult that discriminates against nonbelievers. Such a conclusion would be in contradiction to the self image of insiders and therefore would be totally unacceptable. Instead, these pioneers of life-extension cling to beliefs that will likely lead to their destruction. Such a contradiction between belief and reality is typical of a religious cult.

One of the pioneers of the movement has come to a similar conclusion:

We have a profound responsibility to arrive at a world view, a morality, and code of conduct of [sic] for cryonics. That these should be reasonably inclusive and flexible there can be no doubt.

And there can be no doubt that we will neither survive as individuals nor endure as organizations, if we fail to take these most basic and necessary of steps. (Darwin 2012)


The key to survival of the cryonics industry appears to be a successful transition to the mainstream. However, continued isolationism appears to be essential to the maintenance of a preferred self-image by insiders. While insiders see themselves as ‘saving lives’ by performing an advanced form of medicine, the isolationism of the industry is actually resulting in the ‘loss’ of many lives that could be ‘saved.’ If unchanged, these cult-like beliefs and the associated isolationism will eventually lead to the destruction of the industry.


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David S. Stodolsky, PhD is Director and Senior Scientist at the Institute for Social Informatics. His main research focus is the application of Internet technologies to group facilitation, democratisation, scientific publishing, and the control of contagious diseases. He has also applied existential psychology to the development of death understanding and to the analysis of attitudes toward life-extension technologies.

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Have you ever wondered how white people really feel about how other races are treated versus how they’re treated by others? Here’s your chance.

In an effort to understand how races really perceive each other, MTV and Jose Antonio Vargas partnered to create the documentary, “White People.”

Vargas is the founder of Define American, which uses media to create…

Parkinson’s wearable tech wins Founders Forum F Factor prize

Gyroglove, the company behind a wearable technology that stabilises the hands of people living with Parkinson’s, has scooped the inaugural £10,000 F Factor prize.

The award, launched by the Founders Forum and X Factor impresario Simon Cowell, was set up to discover and support a new generation of young entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of technology.


By: Daniel Culpan,

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Latest Obama UFO Statement

Recently President Obama showed up on the Jimmy Kimmel show and talked UFOs. This is important for three reasons

  1. I don’t believe the President would ever show up on a major talk show without knowing what the questions are. He therefore probably knew the UFO question would be asked.
  2. Obama talks a lot about UFOs, when you consider that in the Carter administration and the three Bush administrations the UFO was never uttered by the President.
  3. When asked the UFO question of what he did about the subject, Obama replies with the exact answer he would give if he were shown to secrecy on the subject, “I can’t reveal anything.”

The UFO segment with Obama can be seen at

Revelations about what Obama may have actually said can be see at

This comes at the same time as a senior advisor to his administration John Podesta releases a tweet indicating that he tried to get the UFO subject declassified and failed.

Podesta Tweet


Why E3 finally proved that consumer VR will work

Why E3 finally proved that consumer VR will work.

By: Michael Rundle,

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Proud to Be a Conspiranista

Conspiranista: Incredibly sexy person who fully understands that large numbers of psychopaths have attained the main positions of power in Governments/NGOs, Big Media, Religion/New Age, Academia and Major Corporations and ‘conspire’ to keep themselves and their enablers in power.

Conspiranistas do not wrap themselves around dogmatic ideas of specific and actual plans and processes, but rather see the control structure as an on-going series of Gaslighting. This Gaslighting often involves the psychopaths in charge creating bogus conspiracies such as aliens, flat earths and wildly overblown emotive issues such as satanic child sex cannibal rings and the notion that every attack is a false flag and there are no terrorists anywhere.

Conspiranistas do not share vapid memes on social networking, or indulge in mindless platitudes surrounding anachronisms such ‘Joos what done it!’, Illuminati Anti-Christs and ‘Everything is a lie!’ Conspiranistas know that the psychopaths in charge always mix lies with truth.

Conspiranistas reject any attempt to Christianise them or get them into doomsday/endtime cults. Conspiranistas seek to build a better future for themselves and their loved ones through their own intuition and savvy. Conspiranistas never use their websites, youtube channels and blogs to wage a personal war/smear campaigns against people who are not in positions of major power, wealth and influence. The roots of the Conspiranista are the angry ex-hippies of the early 1970’s, and not the White Nationalist Bible Belt Gun Nuts of the early 1980s. The only use a Conspiranista has for tin foil is to store the lovely food they make with natural ingredients and loads of love.

Most importantly of all, a Conspiranista places his or her quality of life and personal potential to create and evolve above all the corruption we live under. A Conspiranista always cherishes their loved ones above and beyond any other exterior emotion foisted upon us, and seeks to integrate within society and enjoy the many benefits the System – along with the overall benefits and incredible possibilities that human ingenuity/science have given us – but importantly, we are not bought off by them in order to make us unconditionally trust the psychopaths in charge. 

Conspiranistas seek to create solutions – IN THEIR OWN LIVES – and seek not to foist them upon others. Conspiranistas love to create, laugh, be open minded and never joins any group with other Conspiranistas unless it is to party, create or help people in need. Conspiranistas value their humanity above all else and do not call non-Conspiranistas ‘sheep’.

Conspiranistas are naturally friendly and tolerant and we do not need Political Correctness to police ourselves or others. We judge people as individuals and by their entire life actions while refusing to eternally dehumanise another person based on their pasts or mistakes these people have made, as we know we are not perfect ourselves. 

Conspiranistas don’t give a shit if no one else gets them and it is none of our business to seek to wake another person up. We are neither politicians nor evangelists. Conspiranistas never take themselves too seriously and will never follow any guru/channeller, nor wait for some predicted bogus cosmic/spiritual event in the future.

Conspiranistas seek wisdom and not the truth, as there is no such thing as any one absolute truth. Conspiranistas enjoy life and having a good time.

May 2015 – Australian monthly reports roundup

May 2015 – Australian monthly national sightings listing.

Compiled by Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean.

This is the eighth edition of the Australian national level sightings reports listing, which is on a twelve month trial. Readers are advised that most of these sightings have not been investigated.


11 May 2015 1400hrs Blue Haven, Central Coast, New South Wales 2mins IFO?
A man was out checking his mailbox when he saw a black/grey object, which had no shape. A mass or round shape. Dark colour. Was hovering. Then, there was a flash of light, like sunlight on a window, and it was gone. The weather was clear, no clouds. A letter to the editor of the local paper failed to locate any additional witnesses; the local radio station’s blog contained no UAP reports for that day; and the local UAP group received no reports about the Blue Haven object. Our Sydney based research associate found that it was not an AusGrid electricity power line checking helicopter patrol, and that commercial aircraft routes do not go over this area. In summary, it was not possible to conclusively identify the source of the observation.
Dave Reneke.

25-27 April 2015 Various times Central Victoria and New South Wales ? mins  IF0 – Balloon
Last month we carried a number of sightings, all reported on 25 April 2015, from Central Victoria. These all turned out to have been due to a high altitude (33kms) balloon, launched by NASA. The Sydney Observatory blog site, “Lights in the sky” has further observations of the same balloon. We list them here for readers to be aware of.

25 April. 1600hrs Glenrowan, Victoria 1 hour
Ian observed a star-like object, dropping some 15 degrees elevation, over an hour. Through binoculars, it appeared as an oval shape, and estimated 1/20th the size of the full Moon. In clear sky it appeared twice as bright as Venus.

25 April. 1830hrs Ruffy, Victoria ? mins
An object, estimated as 1/5th the size of the full Moon was seen at 60 degrees elevation. Through binoculars it was seen to appear a round shape. Jan Medovarsky was the witness.

26 April 0730hrs Griffith, NSW 4.5hrs
Dom reported a “bright round light” to his north, at 30-40 degree elevation. It was bigger than a star and appeared stationary. By 10am it had moved to the east, and by 12 noon, further east again.

26 April 1730hrs 40kms E of Parkes, NSW 60mins
Bernie observed a bright, white light at 60 degrees elevation, west. It was round in shape and appeared stationary.

27 April 1730hrs 50kms W of Moree, NSW (4-5)hrs
A star-like object was seen by Richard, at 20 degrees elevation west. It seemed to stay in roughly the same area over the whole time.

Due to a leak, the balloon came down in remote country on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, on 28 April 2015.

May 2015

1 May 2015 1230hrs Whyalla, South Australia ? mins IFO – seagull?
Witness took a panoramic photograph of the beach area, “and when I checked the image on my computer I noticed the anomaly.” A look at the photograph shows a blurred black and white image, suggestive of a seagull. Seagulls are visible in other parts of the photograph.

4 May 2015 ?  Goulburn, New South Wales ? mins IF0 – spiders’ web
Ian W. reported the whole area covered.  He did notice spiders on his house and the garden. Ants and birds were going nuts. He noticed lots of clumps of cotton like stuff floating 100 metres up in the sky. He looked at the Sun and some of it was in long thick strands.

5 May 2015 1812hrs Glenwood, Queensland 1min Raw
Witness Peter saw a bright light comparable in size to the planet Venus. It moved steadily eastwards. No flashing strobe lights, no navigation lights. Moved out of sight behind tree line. No sound. Clear sky.

6 May 2015 0554hrs Adelaide, South Australia 6 secs Raw
Witness arrived home from night shift. They were by the car when they looked up to see “…two orange glowing star-like spheres flying over from east to south very quickly…side by side.” The spheres vanished into the night sky. Moon was full and bright.

8 May 2015 1830hrs Sydney, New South Wales (5-6) mins  IFO – International Space Station
Heath saw an extremely bright object crossing the sky heading south-south-east. Faded at 25 degrees in the south.

9 May 2015 Morning Acacia Hills, Northern Territory ? mins Raw
Alan Freguson reported capturing an unusual image, after “he set his camera on a fast-speed loop.’

9 May 2015 1820hrs Warwick Farm, New South Wales 30 mins Raw
Sarah saw, at 50 degrees west, a very bright light,  moving north.  Over 30 minutes it slowly faded towards north.

9 May 2015 (1840-1920)hrs  Narrangba, Queensland (1-2) mins Raw
Looking west, Sheree Carter, at a 70 degrees elevation, saw a “small blip”. It travelled south to north, then a couple of minutes later, moved north to south. Ten minutes later it travelled south to north.

9 May 2015 (2200-2300)hrs Roaring Beach, Tasmania Facebook
Witness stayed in a small loft house in Tasmanian mountains looking over a valley, bottom of Tasmania near roaring beach. Saw a bright light 10-11pm. The light got faster and brighter, then it entered something like a hole in the sky and vanished. Unable to obtain any further details from the witness.

10 May 2015 0515hrs Ipswich, Queensland  15mins Raw
In a clear sky, a red light was seen by Lesley. It was “…moving around fast sideways up and down.” It then flew to the left, and changed from steady to flashing. Eventually dimmed to nothing. A small white light then travelled to the same spot and disappeared.

10 May 2015 0600hrs South Hobart, Tasmania 1-2 secs IFO – meteor?
Stephen Cameron sais: “I was in South Hobart about 6am on May 10th looking south (maybe SSW). It was may be at 45 degrees elevation. The object was visible for maybe one, two seconds. The sky was mainly clear and I could see the Moon, although that was in another direction. It was so bright. I have never seen  something so bright like this at night. It was white in colour and appeared to have a short tail, but it happened so fast I was just amazed by the brightness, the white light.”
TUFOIC adds “Probably a meteor.”

10 May 2015 1805hrs Rouse Hill, Sydney, New South Wales 6 secs Raw
Pat reported a cylindrical object with two orange to red looking lights at each side. It appeared very high, and “heading up in an upward motion.” Heading south-west.

10 May 2015 1845hrs Miller, New South Wales  1-2 mins Raw
Sean Nicholas saw a “…very large, very bright light looking North West from our front porch.” It appeared and grew in brightness, to become the brightest thing in the sky. Slowly faded and vanished, then cycled again. Stationary all the time.

11 May 2015 0435hrs Quakers Hill, Sydney, New South Wales  ? mins Raw
A “slow moving blinking object” was seen in the sky by Rebecca. It was small in size, and moving slowly from north to south. It also had a red blinking light.  A second object appeared nearby and peeled off to the west/south-west.

12 May 2015 1855hrs City Beach, Perth, Western Australia 2 mins Raw
Gaz reported a light in the sky which appeared to change course “…quite erratically several times,” at 85 degrees elevation in the east. It moved south to north on a clear night.

14 May 2015 1930hrs Palm Beach, Queensland 2 hours Raw
The witness reported an oscillating bright light in the sky at 15 degrees elevation, at an azimuth of 30 degrees west of north. It was brighter than surrounding stars. Clear sky.

16 May 2015 1915hrs Orange, New South Wales / mins Raw
Witness reported an object flying over Orange. Witness said it seemed roughly hall a kilometre up. It went from north to south then veered east. Flew very quickly. Green in colour. Seen by three people. Event filmed but the object moved too quickly.
Sydney UFO Sightings Facebook page.

18 May 2015 ? hrs Melbourne, Victoria ? mins Raw
Ricky “…saw a strange object that looked like a silver spirally long thingy.” The Sun was reflecting off it.

20 May 2015 1810hrs Hornsby, New South Wales 5 mins Raw
Looking 45 degrees elevation west, from a car, the witness saw a light moving west. It “…changed shape from triangle/kite to round like full Moon.”

22 May 2015 Night Huonville, Tasmania 10 mins Facebook
“My friend and I witnesses a strange light in the night sky  over Huonville on Friday 22nd May. The ball of light began as a very small dot. It got increasingly larger and larger and brighter very quickly and then  completely vanished. This happened 2 or 3 times over a 10 minute period, getting less and less bright and smaller each time. There was no cloud and the light seemed to appear from nothing. “
No further details from the witness.

23 May 2015 1708hrs Woden, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory  2 mins Raw
Video. “is was first moving slowly south over the Woden (district) area in Canberra A.C.T. It then changed direction and moved west. Then stopped and was stationary for a couple of minutes above my suburb. The object also seemed to be changing shape. Witness discontinued the observation and upon returning the object had gone.

23 May 2015 2015hrs Lakemba, Sydney, New South Wales ? mins IFO – blimp?
Marguerita reported that through a window, she watched :…a large white lit up object slowly moving in a horizontal direction through the sky.” Round to oval in shape, it was “…totally lit up with white light.” Small, flash in g lights were visible underneath the object. The Observatory suggested it may have been an airship/blimp run by “Appliances Online.”

23 May 2015 Evening Petersham  30mins Raw
Glenn Kelly described a “…very large half Moon shaped,” yellowish in colour object, visible at 45 degrees elevation in the north-east. It was travelling slowly sought. The sky was clear. A crescent Moon was visible in the north-west.

29 May 2015 1825hrs Townsville, Queensland 20 mins Under investigation
A woman and her daughter watched 3 oval to round lights circling in the distance, amongst clouds. There was no sound. Five still images taken.
Personal email communication to Keith Basterfield.

31 May 2015 (1630-1700)hrs Blacktown, Sydney, New South Wales 20 mins Raw
Jason and his wife saw what “looked like a flock of birds flying but changing direction very quickly and changed its size.” They were looking in the direction of Campbelltown. It disappeared then reappeared.

31 May 2015 1700hrs Chatswood, New South Wales 45 mins Raw
David Payne was looking towards 50 degrees elevation, east on a clear sky night. He noticed a small object, flashing lights white and red, out to sea to the east. 45 minutes of hovering. Going up and down. “…hover again head left at great speed not plane/helicopter no noise…”

Older cases

29 April 2015 1430hrs Kew, Melbourne, Victoria 60 mins Raw
Geoff Sherrington reported seeing a magnitude -1.0 object through light, high cloud, at 70 degrees west-south-west. There was no apparent movement.

28 April 2015 1115hrs Wollumbi, New South Wales 10 mins Raw
Cassandra Seaton saw , in clear blue sky, two object travelling across the sky from west to north-west, at 45-50 degrees elevation. The lower object was larger than the other. Both had tails.

27April 2015 2045hrs Harvest lakes, Western Australia 5 secs IFO – Meteor?
Kat reported a green light, the “size of a street light” that appeared at 45 degrees elevation, and it travelled downwards in a straight line.”

25 April 2015 0540 hrs Adelaide River, Northern Territory 15 mins Raw
Reported 2 May 2015.
Attending the Anzac Day dawn service. Witness’ Alan’s daughter drew his attention to a moving star in the sky. In space of 10 minutes saw four lights. Dark sky with no Moon.

25 April 2015 1800hrs Mansfield, Victoria 25 mins Raw
Witness Carol’s daughter while they were travelling in a car, saw a light in the sky. “It appeared to be coming closer and getting bigger.” It then became smaller and changed colour to a dull orange/red…The object had an aura or haze surrounding it.”

25 April 2015 1845hrs Warners Bay, New South Wales 15 mins Raw
Garry Scow observed, looking north-west, low in the sky, a very bright star-like object, “but when filming and zooming in there were multiple objects, different colours, blue, red, orange…”

22April 2015  Dusk   Lara, Victoria 5 mins Raw
Reported 23 April 2015.
Witness, David, reported seeing five objects “…came down from the clouds moved slowly along in the same  direction, below cloud level…They were all round, thick black in colour with an hole  looking like donuts.” Partly cloudy.

Ca. 5 April 2015 2230hrs Young, New South Wales 3mins Raw
Sue Pears reported “three bright yellow lights moving north – they moved fast…no noise.”

30 March 2015 2005hrs Wyndham Vale, Victoria 1 min Raw
Reported 5 May 2015.
Looking out of his bedroom window, to the north witness Jake reported seeing two red lights that were not flashing. “They were flying directly parallel until one slightly veered towards the ground and then both faded into the night. Clear sky. No sound.

6 February 2015 1958hrs Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Western Australia 1min Raw
Reported 19 April 2015.
Larry, advised that “I was outside recording objects flying in the night sky  with my night vision camera. I saw a bright light in my peripheral vision… ” Witness posted a video on YouTube.

February 2012 0100hrs Balgowan, South Australia 3 hours Raw
Out fishing with a friend, saw a bright light over the ocean. “Hovered in place for around 3 hours.” During this time a smaller light “seemed to come out of the larger one. It orbited the first light several times then re-joined or re-entered the larger light then after around 3 hours it sped off at an incredible speed..

17 October 1978 0617hrs Bunyip, Victoria 10 mins Raw
Reported 17 May 2015
Witness Rod, was woken by his father to look out the kitchen window. To the north he saw a soundless, black coloured, stationary , hovering object, above Mt Erica, north of Moe. After about 10 minutes the object ascended straight up  and disappeared very quickly. His father was a police officer, rang RAAF East Sale and was advised they had something on radar but it vanished.

Australian contributing groups for this issue are

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre

UFO Research New South Wales Website:
Victorian UFO Action
Hotline: 0456 447 112

Fluoridation decision looming for water district in northern Arkansas

BOONE COUNTY, Ark. – The Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority says it’s caught in the middle of a fluoride controversy in northern Arkansas.

The water district’s chairman says he disapproves of fluoridation and that a state mandate, requiring the practice, could end in litigation…

The OMRPWA was created to better serve 18 municipalities in northern part of the state, across Newton, Boone, Searcy and Marion Counties.

Anderson says some of the municipalities weren’t meeting water demands during peak seasons, and some were seen as having unsafe levels of natural fluoride.

The district now serves more than 22,000 residents, meaning fluoride–- at a level deemed safe by the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control – will have to be put back into the water…

… “If we resist that means they are probably going to sue us,” Anderson says, “we’re caught in the middle.”

Anderson says the board’s vote on whether or not to use fluoride, in July, has been postponed. He said the water district has been granted a six month extension by the Department of Health to make a decision…

Read full article

Holistic Energy Healing – Chris Kehler (The justBernard Show)


Renowned Energy healer Chris Kehler provides an alternative to mainstream western practices. Working intuitively with modalities such as dowsing, metaphysical tools, radionics and Quantum Touch.

Chris joins Bernard for an alternative look at what might be ailing us.
What is the relationship between parasites and dark energy
What has been a popular clearing/removal technique?
What is the law of consent?
Are video games taking your soul?
What is going on with soul disconnections in people?
What new ways has Chris discovered for us to energetically
protect ourselves?
What has he discovered about concussions?
And some on-air quantum energy healing?


The many health benefits of drinking lemon water

(NaturalNews) Lemons have always been cherished for their significant medicinal qualities. The ancient people of India, China and Mesopotamia regularly used lemons to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, while the ancient Egyptians took advantage of the fruit’s antiseptic qualities…

Indian American Jayanth V. Kumar named California State Dental Director

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Dr. Jayanth V. Kumar has been named California’s new state dental director, Gov. Jerry Brown announced June 5.

For years, the California Dental Association has advocated for a state dental director — the establishment of this position is a major achievement for the state’s oral health program and access to care planning goals.

The Indian American comes to the California Department of Public Health with more than 25 years of experience in the New York State Bureau of Dental Health, where he served as director of oral health surveillance and research and as director of the New York State Dental Public Health Residency.

He has held the positions of state dental director and acting director since 2009 and is responsible for developing the first comprehensive state oral health plan for New York.

The CDA developed “Phased Strategies for Reducing the Barriers to Dental Care in California” in 2011 as a comprehensive strategic approach to reducing barriers to oral health care for vulnerable Californians.

According to the CDPH, Kumar will direct and manage the oral health program in the CDPH and, in collaboration with the Department of Health Care Services, provide leadership in developing and implementing innovative strategies and policies to reduce oral health disparities in California.

In addition to a state oral health plan, Kumar will also be responsible for establishing prevention and oral health education projects and working to secure funding for prevention-focused oral health programs, particularly for children.

Kumar, who holds both DDS and MPH degrees, has experience obtaining competitive grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Health Resources and Services Administration. He directed oral disease prevention and control activities, including New York’s statewide fluoridation program serving more than 12.9 million residents.

“CDA applauds Gov. Brown’s appointment and is looking forward to collaborating with Dr. Kumar, who will bring together an advisory group of stakeholders to help develop plans for improving oral health in California,” said CDA president Walt Weber.

“Under Dr. Kumar’s leadership, New York’s oral health program experienced significant success and is recognized as one of the finest in the nation. We are excited to have his leadership and experience here in California. His excellent grasp of the serious challenges our state faces in reducing barriers to dental care, and his knowledge of effective disease prevention programs and federal funding opportunities, will be a tremendous asset to California.”

Dental disease is the most common chronic childhood disease, more common than both asthma and obesity, affecting nearly two-thirds of California’s children by the time they reach third grade. It is one of the top reasons children are absent from school.

Kumar has authored or co-authored more than 35 research papers on oral health, and served on the National Research Council’s Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water, which released its report in 2006. He has served as a research consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, and other organizations.

Interview 1057 – Financial Survival: Greece Drops “Odious Debt” Bombshell

The world is getting crazier by the minute, and this week’s headlines are a case in point. From the Texas bullion depository to the Greek odious debt argument to the China-Russia gas deal, James and Alfred cover the stories that are destined to impact our lives in the near future.

Hungary closes border with Serbia and starts building fence to bar migrants

Hungary has ordered the closure of the EU country’s border with Serbia and the construction of a fence along the frontier to keep out migrants, the foreign minister said.

“The Hungarian government has instructed the interior ministry to physically close the border with Serbia,” Péter Szijjártó told reporters on Wednesday.

He said the ministry had been ordered to “begin…

Jerry Brown pushing depopulation in California: Too many people, not enough water, something has to go!

(NaturalNews) Californians might want to pay a bit more attention to the governor of their state, as he is openly musing about a draconian idea to deal with the ongoing drought: depopulation.As reported by The Daily Caller, Brown recently stated before the Metropolitan Water District…

He Holds The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto And Change The World!

In 2006, a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. Though Paul is the world’s leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure. Why is that? Stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when the executives say disruptive, they are referring to it …

Let’s just forget this ever happened

The monotone log entries for the 4th Infantry Division’s 14th Battalion units during January 1969 belie the drudgery, confusion and horror endured by U.S. Army… Read more »

The post Let’s just forget this ever happened appeared first on De Void.

Benevolent Hand, Opposing Hand

23rd June 2015 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World How are we helped and opposed in our spiritual unfolding? As we unfold spiritually and step onto the path of self realisation, the veils of limited reality are peeled away and our consciousness expands into multiple realms of existence. Whilst the centre of our consciousness …Continue Reading – Benevolent Hand, Opposing Hand

Food dyes damage DNA structure and cause cancer

Did you know that 15 million pounds of food colorings are sold annually in the United States? This is both unnecessary and harmful to human health. So, why are so many dyes used, and why are they dangerous? Simply put, these dyes are used to make food look ‘prettier’ to consumers. In other words, it’s …Continue Reading Here

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Trade treaties, mega-corporations, and worldwide socialism

I use the loaded word “socialism” in the headline, because it’s important to understand that Globalism is a form of socialism.

That may not sit well with some people, because they believe in the socialism team and they think that team is against Globalism. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s about time they woke up.

Globalism was born out of …

GCHQ spied on human rights organisations, court confirms

UK intelligence agency GCHQ acted unlawfully in spying on two international human rights organisations, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal has revealed today.

Two NGOs, the South African Legal Resources Centre (LRC) and the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR), have been found to have had their rights violated by GCHQ’s mass surveillance systems. Both organisations are co-claimants alongside others, including Privacy International and Liberty, in the legal challenge brought against GCHQ.

By: Katie Collins,

Continue reading…

Vitamin B-17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

by Daud Scott The phrase ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ could not hit any harder, especially when it comes to the present discussion related to cancer and our present state of nutrition and health. I do understand that venturing into this discussion may be touchy due to the fact that …Continue Reading Here

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San Marcos files lawsuit to invalidate fluoridation petition

The city of San Marcos has sued an activist group pushing for a citywide election to prohibit fluoridation of the municipal water supply.

On April 2, the people behind Communities For Thriving Water – Fluoride Free San Marcos submitted 1,634 signatures in support of a city charter amendment that states, in part, “The city of San Marcos … shall not fluoridate the public water supply or accept any fluoridated water for use in the San Marcos water system.” Assuming at least 60 percent can be verified as belonging to registered San Marcos voters, the assembled signatures would be more than adequate under state law to guarantee the amendment a place on the ballot.

Since San Marcos adopted its current home-rule city charter in 1967, however, amendment petitions must be accompanied by “an oath or affirmation that … each signature to the paper appended is the genuine signature of the person whose name purports to be signed thereto, and that such signatures were placed thereon in the [circulator’s] presence.” City Clerk Jamie Lee Pettijohn echoed this language when she declared the petition invalid at a San Marcos City Council meeting on May 5.

“None of the petition papers contains an oath or affirmation that each signature was the genuine signature of the person who signed it. Therefore, none of the signatures may be counted,” Pettijohn said.

In a May 18 letter to city officials, Austin attorney Brad Rockwell argues on behalf of Communities for Thriving Water that the charter’s petition requirements are superseded by the Texas Local Government Code, which does not require an oath from signature gatherers.

“There is no legitimate legal basis for any failure by the city council to submit this charter amendment to voters,” Rockwell writes. On June 16, in a second letter to city officials, the activists’ attorney concludes, “Your continued refusal to comply with your duties and deprive the people of San Marcos the opportunity to vote on the question as to whether their public water should be fluoride-free will leave my client with the unpleasant option of filing a lawsuit.”

The next day, on June 17, the city filed suit in state district court against Fluoride Free San Marcos and three of its officers or supporters: Wimberley resident Kathleen O’Connell and San Marcos residents Sam Brannon and Morgan Knecht. The city is asking a judge to declare that the petition does no comply with state and municipal law; that relevant state and municipal laws are constitutional; that the petition is void; and that the San Marcos City Council, therefore, does not have to put it on the ballot for voter consideration.

In addition to a declaratory judgment, the city seeks to recoup “reasonable attorney’s fees” from the defendants.

According to the lawsuit, Pettijohn advised O’Connell on at least three occasions prior to and during the petition drive that signature forms were required to include an affidavit from the circulator. In the last of these exchanges in October 2014, O’Connell replied, “Our lawyer has reviewed our petition and said it is in good order,” the lawsuit states.

The city disagrees: “Under the plain language of the [Texas] constitution, a home rule city charter may contain provisions that govern the process for adopting ordinances and charter amendments unless those provisions are inconsistent with the constitution or have been specifically limited by statute.”

This weekend, O’Connell said her organization maintains that the anti-fluoride petition drive was conducted properly and that the resulting petition — all 572 pages of it — is valid.

“Our petition is legal. We have met all the requirements of state law,” said O’Connell. The city’s apparent resistance to the ballot measure “seems to indicate an intentional effort to subvert the will for ballot access of 1,634 San Marcos voters and deny the opportunity to vote on an important health issue.”

The San Marcos water utility adds fluoride derivatives to maintain a level of 0.7 milligrams per liter, the amount recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, said Tom Taggart, executive director of the city’s Public Services division.

The CDC and dozens of other medical and health organizations endorse fluoridation to help prevent tooth decay. More than 20 million Texans — nearly 80 percent of the state’s population — are served by water utilities that deliver fluoridated tap water, according to the CDC.

In addition to preemptively addressing Rockwell’s arguments that the city is does not have the authority to require affidavits from petition signature gatherers, the lawsuit also outlines other potential problems with the proposed charter amendment.

By the city’s count, the petition’s proposed charter amendment language encompasses three separate propositions. One prohibits the city or its contractors from fluoridating city water; a second prohibits the city from “accepting any fluoridated water” into its municipal water system; and a third prohibits the city from buying or installing any equipment used for fluoridating water. This runs afoul, the city argues, of a line in the Texas Local Government Code that states: “[city charter] amendment may not contain more than one subject.”

Another of the city’s arguments seem to straddle legal and practical, if not political, considerations.

Noting that the city’s regional water treatment plant is a major hub in the network of utilities that buy surface water from the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, the lawsuit states, “These customers include thousands of residents and voters in the city of Kyle, the city of Buda, and in unincorporated areas of Hays County served by the Goforth Water Supply Corp, Sunfield Municipal Utility District and Monarch Utilities. Those voters who reside outside the corporate limits of San Marcos would not have an opportunity to vote on defendants’ proposed charter amendment even though it would directly impact their health and their pocketbooks, if adopted.”

As of Friday, the defendants had not filed an answer to the city’s lawsuit nor had any hearings been scheduled. Aug. 25 is the city council’s deadline for calling a special city charter election.


Fluoride Free San Marcos sample petition sheet

Fluoride Free San Marcos petition submittal letter 04/02/15

First letter to city from petitioners’ attorney 05/18/15

Second letter to city from petitioners’ attorney 06/16/15

City’s lawsuit against Fluoride Free San Marcos 06/17/15

How Indoctrinated or Brainwashed Are You?

brainwashed.jpgDespite its association with totalitarian societies of the left and right, indoctrination is also a common feature of societies that describe themselves as free: those where the coercive powers of the state are weakest and the population cannot be easily controlled by violence and fear.

Incredibly Funny ‘Facts of Life’ Children’s Book

I can’t understand why people are offended and shocked by this book? What is so wicked and ‘shocking’ about it. It tells the facts and the image of the baby coming out of his mammy’s beef curtains is fuckin hilarious!
I would have loved this book in school. They even made the dad’s cock tiny so boys would not be worried comparing it to their own. This book is anti-traumatic if you ask me.

To add insult to outrage. Myself and some of my facebook friends came up with these parodies below.

First, came the Wallpaper…

and then the avalanche of piss takes…

US Army funds horrifying morphing robot cockroach

Not content with hover bikes, jetpacks and exoskeletons, the US Army has contributed funding to a study which developed a robot modelled on a cockroach.

By studying the way cockroaches move, and also their specific size and shape, the team at the University of California-Berkeley say they were able to make a robot more intelligent without any additional software or sensors.

By: Michael Rundle,

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A Little Walk Out Proctor

Strange things Out Proctor …. a small pile of reports about some of them, accumulated on the sorting table crying [shrieking?] for a home. Well, not to offend dark powers, here are some brief thumbnails.

1942: Hartford, CT. A narrow streak of light crosses the room wherein a husband and wife are trying to have a quiet evening reading. The streak stretches out to a few feet in length, emits a crackling sound, and explodes.

…. sort of “ball” lightning, sort of not?

1973: Demming, WA. A driver sees a bluish bright sky flickering up ahead. On approaching the site, there are railroad tracks alongside the road. From two places on these tracks, powerful blue-white lightning bolts are exploding upwards into the sky, at pulses of about three second intervals. The bolts reach an estimated 100 feet up and then disappear. As he and the occupants of a second car watch, the pulsing simply cuts off.

The second car was full of brain-smashed pot-heads, if anyone can make any connection to that. I, however, remain relatively clear-minded and confused.

1965, Azusa and Anaheim, CA and 1963 Southhampton, PA. The two California cases have been mentioned on the blog before. Because they are close in both space and time, I consider them to be extra weird. Both cases involved “spots-of-light” which appeared inside houses, where some effort was made to eliminate simple light source paths which might explain them. The cases DO differ. The Anaheim incident was a single evening’s event where the son told his mom he had a weird light on his bed. She went in and found a 50cent sized round spot which if she covered it with her hand, it showed on her hand [therefore it acted like a beam — though she said that she could trace no beam.] No obvious sources existed inside or out and the spot suddenly extinguished.

The Azusa case was a repeater lightspot which would appear flame-like on the wall. This one could be covered by objects but still remained [if you peeked] under them on the wall. {i.e. much stranger.} It was about the same size as the Anaheim spot, and gave the observer a feeling of Peace. It showed up many times, but was absent for long intervals as well. This went on for at least three years — still happening at the time of the report.

The third case is from two years earlier and across the country. In this, a lady awoke with a need to visit the bathroom. When she got there she saw light in the mirror. Glancing more closely, it was coming from her own hand. It looked like a figure eight. She shook her hand, but it went nowhere. Resigned, she went back to bed and in the morning it was gone. A week later she had to get up late again. This time it was upon returning to bed that lights were noticed, this time 3inch rings of light on her sheets and then on herself. Shaking covers and hands, the lights remained.

Weird, but Out Proctor all the lights are weird.

1974: Morton, IL. A family of four was out in their car for a drive. It was the middle of a sunny day. No clouds were anywhere to be seen. Suddenly all light was extinguished — total blackness. The husband kept driving and soon the darkness just ceased and it was normal again.

We’ve had red-outs, blue-outs, green-outs, and I think yellow-outs already on the blog. It was about time for a no-light-at-all event.

1963: Between Madison and Centerville, TX. A guy is driving his vehicle on a fairly busy highway at 55mph. Other drivers noticed that his car was leaving the ground. It was elevated from the road, turned 180degrees, and deposited [the engine still running normally] back on the highway but now moving in the wrong direction. Fortunately the deposition was slightly to the road’s shoulder, and no cars were immediately upon him. He brought the vehicle to a halt. No sign of any air disturbance was seeable anywhere. The car had no damages. He went confusedly on his way. {Story reminds me of Jim McDonald’s favorite mass transference case from Herman, MN, but there one had a clear UFO report.}

1965: Stamford, CT. A whole crowd of people were in the vicinity when a white cloud was seen moving towards a tennis court. It was alone in the sky and there was almost no breeze, and no storm systems anywhere in the area. The cloud took the shape of a vortex and proceeded to pick up three picnic tables with their umbrellas atop. One man tried to hold one down and was dragged upwards. The tricksy twister then dropped a bunch of debris into a swimming pool, while creating a four-foot diameter, 20 foot high waterspout. Apparently satisfied with its malfeasance, it then hoofed it off to the nearby woods. … and no, I don’t see the solution to Fafrotskies in this story, as the thing picked up many different sorts of objects apparently indiscriminately.

1963: Hanson, Yorkshire, UK. Well, it’s been fun so far, but this one makes me angry.

A group of highschoolers were in the playground of their school when out of an otherwise windless day came a nasty thing. The vortex, or something, lifted a teenage girl off the ground to about 20 feet high. It then suddenly dropped her. She sustained multiple broken bones and died later in hospital. Dammit!

The case does remind us a bit of the French “horse levitation” case [the horse was dropped and somewhat hurt] and the Canadian “girl-lift” case where a classmate held onto her for dear life and she did not get hurt. … but here we lost a sweetheart for no reason at all. Even Out Proctor there are limits [if I’d have anything to say about it.]

OK. Enough tragedy. Here are a few oddities that I like to think of as “guardian angel” anomalies.

1964: near Chavio Lake, AK. A pilot was returning from a mission from Umiat to a camp at Chavio Lake. The helicopter found itself in white-out conditions. Forced to land, the pilot dead reckoned a site as near the line of travel as he could, but was still off by 100 miles. Consequently, the emergency search flights of the next day found nothing. That next night however three “flares” were spotted far from the expected ditch area. Subsequent searches there the following day discovered and rescued the pilot. The mystery was that the pilot had no flares and nothing remotely like flares to signal with. Even if there had been an anonymous secretive altruist who saw his plight and wanted to shoot up flares of his own [about as strained an “explanation” as one can devise] the conditions the evening that the rescue plane saw the three redlight signals were STILL so blizzardy that no such flares would have been seeable anyway. So who sent the lights and what were they?

1955: between Cerrillos and Galiston, NM. A woman is trying to get home, but the weather deteriorates so badly that she is in white-out blizzard conditions. She tries to slowly tough it out, but she knows she was getting to the area of the road where there are dangerous drop-offs to each side. She stops. She says a prayer for the storm to stop. It doesn’t, but instead there appears a space empty of falling snow just to the front of her car. It seems to be a clear tunnel stretching far ahead. Boggled but willing, she starts her vehicle and drives into the tunnel. There are no flakes at all inside, and the tunnel persists all the way up her driveway to her garage, a two mile distance. She gets out, says thanks, and the tunnel disappears allowing the still falling, now very wet snow, to soak her thoroughly before she gets back inside her home. She didn’t mind.

What can I say? I like it.

1953: Seneca, NY. A mother was in critical condition in hospital. Her daughter was visiting her every day as she slowly recovered. The daughter always was sure to check that her mom’s emergency bell cord was pinned in proper position so that her mom could reach it if she needed aid. This evening something distracted her [she was really tired] and she forgot. Coming home, she wanted to go straight up to her bedroom. Starting up the stairs, she ran into a barrier which refused to let her pass. She called out to family members, who thought she was a bit balmy, but she persisted. The barrier held. A “hunch” struck her that her mom needed help and couldn’t get it. She called the night nurse, who went to check. Her mom was in trouble and could not reach the bell cord. The nurse came to the rescue and things ended happily ever after. For years thereafter the mother and daughter wondered if this was telepathy or spiritual aid or something else.

OK. I can get behind that one too.

1920: Milwaukee, WI. A family was attending to their dying mother in their family home. She was in her final labored moments. Outside the window in the room, lightforms began to appear on the nearby wall. One was larger and stronger looking. One was smaller and bent. The smaller one was slowly struggling to reach the larger. The larger form took on an appearance much like the dying woman’s deceased sister, though as a somewhat vague being-of-light. The smaller one took on the same sort of appearance though of the mother. At last, the mother’s lightform turned towards the family in the window, smiled, nodded, and was gone.

….. different than the post-death experiences that both my parents blessed us kids with, but with the same message. “Things are alright, children.”

Since that last story was almost a candidate for Ghost Whisperer, an entry-ending picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt seems appropriate.

…… come to think of it, you don’t even need to have an excuse to post a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Pure Oxygen as they’d say in the 60s.

Peace ……………. as they also used to say then.

Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders vows to broadcast cartoons of prophet Muhammad on TV

Publicity-seeking Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is to broadcast cartoons of the prophet Muhammad on television during time reserved for political parties, his party says.

The cartoons will be shown on Dutch public television on Saturday, Mr Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) said on Friday, adding that they would be repeated on June 24 and July 3.

Mr Wilders said he was making …

Who owns your face? Weak laws give power to Facebook

In a fateful moment for privacy, Facebook’s “Moments” uses facial recognition to expose where people went and who they were with.

What a bad week for privacy. Consumer watchdogs gave up on government talks over facial recognition software after industry groups appeared to reject even basic restrictions on face-scanning. Meanwhile, Facebook rolled out a new service called…


The post

appeared first on David Icke.

Europol to target Islamic State’s online propaganda machine

A new European-wide police force will attempt to shut down Islamic State’s powerful social media propaganda network.

By: Michael Rundle,

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The Myth Of Human Nature

maxresdefault_(32).jpgAre we competitive, selfish, individualistic creatures by nature? What is human nature, anyway?

When The Language Of Freedom dies, Freedom Dies With It

It is through language that we communicate and understand concepts such as freedom

Why We Believe What We Believe

24th June 2015 By Paul Lenda Guest Writer for Wake Up World We all need to believe in something. You may say that it is an installed program in the human operating system as a coping mechanism for our eventual mortal end. Since the earliest known written records that exist, it is seen that humanity has always …Continue Reading – Why We Believe What We Believe

Dreams of a Pill to Enable Regeneration

Eight years ago, I assumed erroneously that the chute of my food processor was longer than my fingers.  I lost a quarter inch from the tip of my right middle finger.  Today, my finger has grown back, right down to the pattern of the fingerprint.  I am fortunate to be a good healer.  This is the extent of regeneration that adult humans can normally expect.

Many “lower” animals can regenerate large parts of their bodies when damaged.  This includes not just the legendary cases of starfish and planaria worms, but also zebrafishand salamanders.  Porpoises that have suffered deep and severe lacerations in encounters with sharks regenerate their skin quickly, without scarring.  So why can’t we?

It has long been assumed that mammals have “lost” the capacity for large-scale regeneration, and the cellular machinery is no longer present.  But 20 years ago, Ellen Heber-Katz (then at Wistar Institute in Philadelphia) noticed that a strain of mice in her lab routinely erased the ear punches that her lab used to identify them.  There was no scar or mark where the hole had been punched a few weeks earlier.  She was curious enough to investigate what was different about these mice, and traced the ability to a defective gene–a defect in a gene that shuts off regeneration.  She turned on a dime, put aside her research on immunity, and set about to breed this mouse, to study the biochemistry of this defect, and the latent power of the mouse to heal itself cleanly.  The defective gene was p21.  (read more from my blog from last year)


p21 plays a role in apoptosis, the elimination of cells that self-detect that they are damaged or dangerous or cancerous.  We might suspect that eliminating p21 would increase cancer, but that seems not to be true.  Apparently, p21 has both pro- and anti-cancer effects, and in fact, inhibitors of p21 have been studied as a strategy for treatingcancer.  Mice lacking p21 can heal more effectively, and there seems to be no downside.


Prostaglandin inhibition

A headline in Science Daily this week announces identification of a drug that can dramatically increase healing capacity by blocking the enzyme that degrades prostaglandins.  Prostaglandins are eicosanoids, fats and oils that serve as signal molecules.  (Usually we think of signal molecules as proteins, or less commonly RNAs.)  Hormones circulate through the bloodstream and reach the whole body, but eicosanoids circulate locally, which is the definition paracrine signals.

If the word “prostaglandin” is familiar to you, it may have an association with headaches.  E2 is the most famous prostaglandin (PGE2), and PGE2 is associated with pain and fever.  NSAIDs including aspirin inhibit the COX enzymes (cyclo-oxygenase) which have a primary role in creation of prostaglandins.  This is not a side-effect but an important mode of action of aspirin.  Prostaglandins are pro-inflammatory.

We think of inflammation as destruction of tissue, and regeneration as renewing or re-building tissue.  So it seems surprising that prostaglandins should be involved so deeply in both processes.  But PGE2 is known to be associated both with inflammation and with anabolism, stem cell activity, and tissue formation.

Prostaglandins are constantly being created and degraded, signaling on a short time frame.  The amount of prostaglandin in the system is determined by a balance between production and destruction.  The new drug has already been promoted with the catchy name SW033291, and it is an inhibitor of 15-PGDH, which is the enzyme that degrades prostaglandin.

A team of scientists at Case Western (Cleveland) and U of Texas (Dallas) were searching for ways to enhance PGE2, based on preliminary evidence that it could promote healing.

Agents that promote tissue regeneration could be beneficial in a variety of clinical settings, such as stimulating recovery of the hematopoietic system after bone marrow transplantation. Prostaglandin PGE2, a lipid signaling molecule that supports expansion of several types of tissue stem cells, is a candidate therapeutic target for promoting tissue regeneration in vivo. To date, therapeutic interventions have largely focused on targeting two PGE2 biosynthetic enzymes, cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-1 and COX-2), with the aim of reducing PGE2 production. In this study, we take the converse approach: We examine the role of a prostaglandin-degrading enzyme, 15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase (15-PGDH), as a negative regulator of tissue repair, and we explore whether inhibition of this enzyme can potentiate tissue regeneration in mouse models. [ref]

They noted that mice lacking the gene for 15-PGDH had twice as much PGE2, and these mice recovered more rapidly after exposure to radiation, or surgical removal of part of the liver.  They also had stronger immune systems, with more white blood cells.


Preliminary Findings from Heber-Katz Lab

Also new last week was a paper from the Heber-Katz lab, recently moved to the Lankenau Medical Center.  They have identified the protein HIF-1α as a target for therapy, and have preliminary, positive results for an injectible drug that enhances healing power to the level of the p21-null mice by promoting HIF-1α. “Increased expression of the HIF-1α protein may provide a starting point for future studies on regeneration in mammals.”  The chemical name of the drug is in the article, but it is not enlightening.

In a press release, Heber-Katz reports indications that the drug she is applying de-differentiates some “end-user” cells and restores their ability to act as stem cells.

“Our experiment shows the possibility of taking mature cells and, with addition of HIF-1a, causing dedifferentiation to a highly immature state where the cells can proliferate, followed by redifferentiation upon withdrawal of HIF-1a,” says Heber-Katz. “Many researchers in the field see tissue regeneration as a very complex set of events, but some of us look at it more as a process that needs to be turned on and allowed to go to completion. This is what is so exciting about what we saw with drug-induced stabilization of HIF-1a.”


So, What’s the Prognosis, Doc?

NSAIDs including aspirin have well-estalished benefits that lead to substantially lower mortality from heart disease, stroke and cancer.  NSAIDs work in two ways:  (1) reducing blood clotting, which is the proximate cause of most heart attacks and strokes, and (2) reducing inflammation, which is a deep cause of cancer, damage to arteries, and other ailments associated with age.  All these benefits are associated with reduced PGE2.

The new drug increases PGE2, and demonstrates some promising benefits that also have potential benefits against aging.  My guess is that this is a hint of something important, but that SW033291 itself is unlikely to have a net benefit for longevity, because its action is opposite to aspirin.  (Garret FitzGerald expresses this caution in a Perspective pieceaccompanying this week’s Science article.)

The benefit will come when next-stage science learns to tease apart the benefits of enhanced regeneration from the liability of increased systemic inflammation.  There is every reason to believe this is possible, but the intervention will have to come at the next level down from PGE2.

As for the HIF-1α stabilizers, the challenge at this point is that this approach requires repeated injections of time-release capsules of the drug, which has a short lifetime in the body.

Where are the p21 inhibitors?  I can find no literature on p21 drugs being studied for regeneration.


This article originally appeared on Josh’s blog Aging Matters here.


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Kahoot! is gamifying the classroom

“The minute you’re born, you learn by playing together,” says Åsmund Furuseth, VP for business development of Kahoot!, a game-based learning platform with 13 million monthly users around the world.

By: Katie Collins,

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It’s official: we’re entering Earth’s sixth mass extinction

0462c6e3351f3958acf19e335f7a2e2bdabb2306.pngThere is no longer any doubt: We are entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity’s existence. That is the bad news at the center of a new study by a group of scientists including Paul Ehrlich, the Bing Professor of Population Studies in biology and a senior fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. Ehrlich and his co-authors call for fast action to conserve threatened species, populations and habitat, but warn that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

New Social Media Platform Dubbed "The People’s Site" by Anonymous

Facebook may have finally met its match. By directly targeting the social media behemoth’s lack of messaging encryption, infamously opaque algorithms, and government and advertiser accessibility, has earned the attention of privacy advocates, activists, and frustrated Facebook users – and has even garnered active support from Anonymous. By employing many similar features found on…

The Visit: an alien encounter

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Apocalypse then…The Met’s X-Files

In May the tabloids revealed that detectives from Scotland Yard ‘kept dossiers on The X-Files and Star Trek, fearing the television series could cause riots and mass suicide’. The story emerged from two briefing documents I obtained from the Metropolitan … Continue reading

Humans will be extinct in 100 years says eminent scientist

Eminent Australian scientist Professor Frank Fenner, who helped to wipe out smallpox, predicts humans will probably be extinct within 100 years, because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change.
Fenner, who is emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, said homo sapiens will not be able to survive the population…

These 5 Alien Species Have No Desire To Enslave Humanity

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8 Simple Ways to Nourish Yourself

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Analysis Confirms Chemicals in Food Are More Hazardous in Combination

21st June 2015 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Guest Writer for Wake Up World Americans spend about 90 percent of their food budget on processed foods, which contain a wide array of artificial food additives, preservatives, colors, and flavor enhancers. More than 10,000 additives are allowed in food when you factor in those that are added directly to your …Continue Reading – Analysis Confirms Chemicals in Food Are More Hazardous in Combination

Gel that can instantly stop bleeding heads to vet surgeries

When 22-year-old Joe Landolina was only 17, he invented a product that could stop bleeding within a matter of seconds. Five years later and that product, now branded as Vetigel, will soon start being shipped in the United States.

Vetigel is a simple gel made from a natural algae-based polymer, which Landolina discovered can cooperate with the body’s native cellular clotting signals to accelerate hemostasis — the name of the process in which blood flow is stymied.

By: Katie Collins,

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May 13, 1978: Kerman, California

(Blogger’s Note: I attributed an article in the International UFO Reporter to Dr. Swords. The article has no byline on it and my attribution was in error. Dr. Swords did make a reference to the case in the September 2011 IUR, but it is only the name of the case in a table about “skin burn” cases. I have updated this article so that the attribution is proper. It does appear in the IUR in 1978 but the article is unattributed.) 

Dr. Michael Swords has suggested in an article in the IUR, “Can UFOs Cause physiological Effects, Part 2 (September 2011) that there are cases that demonstrate there are side effects to UFO sightings that can be investigate (which I mention here only because it was in that article I found the reference to Kerman). While there is not a bit of metal to take into the laboratory in this case, there are the physical reactions of the witness, police officer Manuel Amparano, who was a veteran of five years on the force. Had the situation developed differently, there was research that could have been conducted, but wasn’t.

According to the information available, including that in the APRO Bulletin of August 1978, Amparano was on late night-early morning patrol when he spotted, what he thought was a fire in the distance. He thought it might be youngsters setting palm trees on fire, but as he neared an intersection, saw that it was something else.

According to an article in the September 1978 issue of the IUR, “…at 3:32 a.m. … he observed a reddish glow ahead of him… he drove to the site and pulled off the road by a cotton field near railroad tracks in time to see an unusual source of illumination… up in the southern sky.”

Coral Lorenzen reported that “The object was hovering, was a ‘silver aluminum, round’ craft which the witness approached fairly close.”

Amparano later said that the oval-shaped object was twice as wide as it was high and that it was a bright crimson, about half as large as the full moon. He said that it was about one hundred to one hundred fifty feet off the ground and that it was twenty-five to fifty feet in diameter. He was close enough to it and it was large enough that there was no question that it wasn’t some sort of conventional craft.

As it hovered overhead, it glowed with an intensity that did not hurt his eyes. He watched it out of the side window of the car for about four minutes until a bright blue beam shot out of the craft that Amparano described like that of a flash from a camera. The UFO then climbed out silently toward the southeast, and finally disappeared straight up in seconds.

Although he felt a slight tingling, he thought it was the results of the cold night. He drove back to the station. There he met several fellow officers and the police chaplain, who mentioned that he looked as if he had been sunburned. According to Swords, the sunburn lasted for about four hours before fading.

The IUR article noted that at 7:00 p.m. that night, Amparano went to the hospital for treatment of second and third degree burns to his face, neck and arms. The trip to the hospital was documented in various hospital records and because of the injury, he applied for, or his boss, the chief of police applied for, worker’s compensation. That too was documented.

It would seem that something that large, that bright and that close to the ground would have been seen by someone else. Although it was very early in the morning, there were others who said they had seen the same thing. Lorenzen reported:

… Lisa Harrison’s husband had driven his cement-mixer truck to Los Angeles for an overnight job and she wasn’t able to sleep, so she was watching the late show on television. She was sitting next to the living room window of her apartment in Kerman… Suddenly, at 3:30 A.M., she heard a strange loud whirring noise and the house began to vibrate. She took three quick steps to the front door to see what was happening. Looking toward the northwest, she saw two lights moving towards the South at tree-top level. The leading light was white and the rear light was reddish, but “not like the red lights on airplanes.” She described the lights as large, but couldn’t estimate how large. Mrs. Harrison ran back into the house after the object went out of sight behind some houses to the south.
Harrison isn’t the only other witness to be found. Amparano, on his way back to the station, had stopped at a parking lot near Highway 145 and Interstate 80 for a few minutes. There he found Phil Mahler, who was delivering newspapers for the Fresno Bee. Mahler said that he had seen what he called “a reddish ball in the sky.”

There were still other, somewhat ambiguous reports. According to something referred to as the “a Seattle-based phenomenon research center,” an astronomer in Fresno reported a “reddish ball” close to the ground.

At about the same time someone called the Fire Department to report a fire that was in a direct line from where Amparano saw the UFO. The Fire Department said that they found no evidence of a fire.

After Amparano’s sighting was reported Ken Westbrook, Jr. who had been raking hay at the Gilory Farm west of Kerman said that he had seen a glowing “orange ball,” at treetop level. He watched it for some thirty to forty seconds as it “just kind of drifted around a little bit.”

At the station, Amparano called the Air Guard, the Fresno Airport and the weather bureau, wondering if they had anything on their radar scopes, or if there had been any other reports. While he was making the telephone calls, police officers A. J. Byington and Bob Muller, saw the burn marks on his face. They then discovered that Amparano had been burned through his shirt as well. At that point, they all returned to the cotton field, but there was nothing there to be seen.

According to other sources, it was at 5:00 p.m. that evening that Amparano woke and was feeling sick. That was when he went to the Fresno Community Hospital emergency room. There his burns were noted and listed as coming from an unknown source. It was also noted his blood pressure was high and later, a private doctor said that he suffered from “high intensity fluorescent pipe light or a gamma ray.”

What is important here is that these injuries, regardless of source, were documented by the hospital authorities, and there was that worker’s compensation claim that was also filed which further corroborated the injuries.

At this point Police Chief James Van Cleaf decided that he wanted nothing about the sighting to be released to the press or to UFO researchers. He told Amparano not to talk to them. According to Lorenzen:

A reporter went to the Amparano home after learning the identity of the officer, but was told that Amparano wasn’t available for an interview. Mrs. Amparano said that Chief Van Cleaf had told her husband not to talk to anyone about the incident, least of all out-of-town reporters. She thought that her husband would be willing to talk – he had nothing to hide – but only if the Chief said it was all right. But Van Cleaf was adamant – no interviews.
This order also seemed to apply to members of other law enforcement agencies. On June 26, 1978, according to a sheriff’s department memorandum that was sent to Amparano, “Saw the article and was impressed with your [sighting] … one of our sgts. (mike soderberg) experienced much the same thing as you did… no burns however… no one really knows at this point what really exists out there in space!!!”

While interesting, it’s not clear if the sighting was at the same time and exactly what Soderberg saw, other than it was similar. This could be further corroboration of the sighting, but at this point no one has followed up on it.

In July 2014, Jason Marzek, writing for Fringe Republic, contacted Amparano, who responded to him. In that email, Amparano wrote:

The UFO… was behind the trees lining the west side of Del Norte Avenue and near the ground hovering midway below the tree tops which gave the impression the tree was on fire… The UFO was first sighted at Trinity and Shaw Avenues by a Fresno County resident who called the North Central Fire Department Kerman Station and reported a grass fire in a field…The fire men arrived on the scene and found no evidence of a fire… A short time later Thomas Addis was working in a vineyard… when he observed a fire ball moving at tree top level… Also five Kerman Police Personnel observed my physical appearance when I reported for duty and confirmed that I was not sunburned prior to going on patrol. Officers A. J. Byington, Bob Muller, Bill McKinney, Jon Crouch and Chaplin Tom Johnson were with me inside a well light police station. Fresno Community Doctors, Allen Mau and T. T. Shigyo reported that officer had a sun burnt condition when examined at community hospital. Dr. Shigyo said that microwaves can burn the flesh through clothing without damaging the cloth. Chief Van Cleaf requested workman compensation for on the job injury.
This case becomes important because it has multiple chains of evidence. There was the physical effect which was the burns suffered by Amparano and documented by the hospital records, and observed by his fellow police officers. There were additional witnesses to the red object in the sky at about the time that Amparano made his sighting which creates another chain of testimony.

Had the chief of police reacted with a more open response, some of that additional testimony might have been documented as well. Tests could have been conducted on the police car which might have yielded some interesting results. Unfortunately, as has happened all too often, the chief was probably afraid of adverse publicity and his response was to limit access to the witnesses.
Here the opportunity was lost to gather additional evidence. This might have yielded something of scientific importance. It might not have been related to alien visitation but some sort of rare natural phenomenon. Whatever the case, the opportunity for a proper investigation was missed.

Fun games, bright lights, let down fans: Nintendo’s strange E3

WIRED reviews Nintendo’s strange E3 and the games that left fans disappointed.

By: Michael Rundle,

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Interview 1059 – Ground Zero: Global Civil War

Tonight James joins Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero radio to discuss Clyde’s latest article, “Russia: Striking the Unattainable Bride.” From the Ukraine carve-up to the Greek meltdown to Russian sanctions and the latest American mass shooting psyop, we look at the ways that countries are being divided and conquered across the 3D chessboard.

Strange Animals in the House of Knowledge: On Forteans & Paranoia

Scientists always seek better ways of aligning their categories with what they take to be preexisting ruptures or boundaries in nature—the idea of “carving nature at its joints.” I love that phrase, because I have always been troubled specifically in certain divey Chinese restaurants when I see a fowl like a chicken or duck being […]

Biometric facial recognition in education

Facial recognition is a biometric technology not much used in education.  If it is to be used it has been mooted that it will track children’s facial expressions to gauge response to lessons or on screen learning but it is now starting to creep into identifying and verification of students.

In the UK, facial recognition systems are not used in schools with the exception of one small instance of facial recognition being used in education in 2010 at the City of Ely Community College for registration purposes.  The college no longer uses the facial recognition system as it wasn’t suitable for the purpose intended; the scheme ran for around an academic year before being scrapped.
U-T San Diego file photo
Now the technology has matured over the past 5 years, facial recognition is coming back into education.  Encinitas Union School District, in California, students will log in to their iPads via facial recognition technology for a first-of-its-kind pilot project.  This involves the iPad scanning the child’s face every 60 seconds claiming to help kids log on to technology and for them not to forget their passwords.  If a child cannot be taught to remember their password then what hope is there for the schools to actually educate them!   This is not about remembering passwords or saving time logging on.  This is about constantly verifying the student so that the data controllers running the educational software can accurately gather data on that individual.  So here facial recognition is being used to identify and continuously verify.  Not without controversy though, parents are not happy with this constant biometric facial scanning for a number of reasons, invasion of privacy of minors and a that it a waste of money, with a petition set up against the facial recognition technology being used in this schools district.

“Encinitas Union launched its iPad program in 2012, equipping each third-through sixth-grade student with a device to use for school work and lessons. Since then, the district has put iPads into the hands of all of its 5,400 students, at a cost of $2.7 million.
“It’s creepy to take a photograph of a kid every 60 seconds,” said Gil Saidy, who has a third grade son at Flora Vista Elementary School. “I don’t trust them. I don’t want these roving cameras in my house.”

“It’s a momma-bear’s instinct to protect their child. I just don’t know who has access to the face scans,” said another parent, Darcy Brandon. “Where is the data being stored?”
The pilot program would start with 100 students and, if successful, the technology could ultimately be added to all district iPads. Parents must opt-in to have their child use biometrics.”
At the very least it is an opt-in scheme so hopefully most parents will have the common sense to say ‘no’ to this unnecessary use of facial recognition, desensitising our kids to constant monitoring.
Unlike fingerprint or palm scanning biometrics used in schools, facial recognition is a non-participatory biometric with the ubiquitous scanning happening without conscious involvement.  What else is the facial scanning revealing?   
Educational companies are lining up with emotional face biometrics coming into education gauging how a student is feeling, where their eyes are looking, how they are reacting.  An article from September 2013 reports that SensorStar Labs have a product that records “When the student is looking up at the teacher, the teacher score goes up.  If she looks down at the computer, the computer score goes up. So we’re tracking facial expressions.  If she makes a smile, it might be indicative that is enthusiastic about the topic.”
Facial recognition has also been introduced at St Mary’s High School, St Louis, for ‘safety’ reasons only allowing in to school registered members on the database.  This is thought to be the first instance of facial recognition being used in this way in the States.  There is also a ‘watch list’ of peoples faces not allowed in the school that alerts law enforcement if those persons of interest try to enter.  Presumably opting out of this facial recognition system is not an option for pupils as it would deny them entry to education.
Facial recognition seems to be emerging as the new educational biometric.  Not for the student convenience or safety, more about verification of data capture… who is where, doing what and when. 
Children are the most data mined section of our society.  Biometric facial verification more accurately authenticates the data grab and profiling of our kids.  

Charleston Shooting Hoax Crisis Actors "We Feel Nothing But Love" Exposed

This is a video from Redsilverj .He shows that the following are possibly crisis actors – staging a hoax in the recent Charleston shooting.


How To Be An Awakened Human Being

awakendhuman.jpgThe denial of responsibility is almost inevitably an inauthentic and self-deceptive endeavor. The principle of spiritual awakening calls us to face ourselves, others, and the world directly and honestly. When we do this, we are flooded with the recognition that we are imperfect and responsible for many mistakes. This is part of being human.

An authentic call to responsibility pushes us toward a deeper self-acceptance and an opportunity to live genuinely. Self-acceptance too often is intertwined with attempts to rationalize ourselves as being right or justified in our apathy instead of embracing our humanity as imperfect creatures. Authentic self-acceptance requires that we are honest with ourselves about responsibility. Instead of seeking to justify our imperfections , we embrace them. This is not easy. If it seems to be, then one should question the authenticity and depth at which this is embraced. Yet, when we can establish a foundation of self-acceptance that is honest while deeply acknowledging our own imperfections and humanity, then we can use this self-acceptance as a foundation for responsibility.

Jay Z’s Tidal loses another CEO

The interim CEO of Jay Z’s streaming music service Tidal, Peter Tonstad, has left the company after less than three months, the company has announced.

By: Michael Rundle,

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New York Times: Don’t worry about ISIS, Right-Wingers are the real Terror Threat

Despite peddling the ISIS narrative for months on end, the mainstream media is now turning to the real terror threat in America: The Sovereign Citizen Movement, Anti-Government Extremism, Immigration Critics and Neo-Nazis. They are the ones that will take over America by force … any day now.

This story by Charles Kurzman and David Schanzer was posted in the New York …

October 18,1973: The Coyne Helicopter Case and Philip Klass

Since it seems that some in the skeptical side of the UFO question are outraged at the lack of credible research at the other end of the spectrum, I thought it time to turn the tables. Yes, we all know that the Roswell Slides was a fiasco from the beginning but some of the things under discussion now seem to be a little less definitive. I mean, first claiming that we had UFOlogically increased the burns on the California police officer from first degree to second and third degree, and then wondering where the idea of second degree came from because the sheriff’s report only mentioned the third degree burns. Although Lance Moody suggested the idea of the third degree burns came from the sheriff that doesn’t really matter because the documentation for it existed and it was not an attempt by us to elevate the severity of the burns. It was reporting something that could be documented.

But this isn’t about the degree of burns on the officer, but about skeptics making leaps of logic and additional claims that are not supported by the evidence in the cases they have “solved.” Here I’m going to refer to the Lawrence Coyne helicopter case of October 18, 1973. I’m not going to discuss the merits of the case or argue for either an extraterrestrial or a conventional solution. I’m only going to talk about
Combat assault in a UH-1H helicopter.

some of the assumptions that Philip Klass made in his analysis. I base this on my training and experience as a helicopter pilot in the same type of aircraft flown by Coyne that night.

Coyne was, in 1973, an Army Reserve captain and the aircraft commander of the UH-1H helicopter flying northeast from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland (though in the stateside environment he would be considered the pilot). With him were co-pilot First Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi, Sergeant John Healey, seated in the left rear and Specialist Five (Spec 5, E-5) Robert Yanacsek, seated in the right rear.

Initially it was Sergeant John Healey who spotted an object or a red light off the left side of the aircraft (or the western side) at about 2300 hours [11:00 p.m.] and heading to the south. He thought it was brighter than the red navigation lights on an aircraft and he could see none of the other aircraft lights required by the FAA. This light disappeared behind the helicopter and Healy thought nothing more about it.

A few moments later at 2302 hours, Specialist Five (Spec 5, E-5) Robert Yanacsek, seated in the right rear, saw a red light on the eastern horizon. He, at first, thought it was a red warning light on a radio tower, but the light wasn’t blinking and it seemed to be pacing the aircraft. He watched for a minute or two. Finally the light seemed to turn so that it was coming toward the helicopter and when it did, he mentioned it to the pilot, Coyne. Coyne glanced out the right window (eastern side) and saw the light. He suggested that Yanacsek keep an eye on it, though there didn’t seem to be any real danger from it.

After about half a minute, Yanacsek thought that the light was coming at them and Coyne agreed. Coyne then took the controls of the aircraft from the co-pilot and believing the object might be on a collision course, pushed down the collective (or technically, the collective pitch, that is a lever on the left side of the seat of the pilot or co-pilot) which changes the pitch of the rotor blades so that the aircraft will gain or lose altitude. He entered a 500 foot per minute descent, which is not very rapid. They had been flying at 2500 feet which over that part of Ohio is about 1200 feet Above Ground Level (AGL).

Healey now left his seat and moved forward, crouching between the seats occupied by the Coyne and Jezzi. The light was getting brighter, or as Healey would later say, brighter than the landing lights of a commercial jet.

The red light was closing on them quickly and dangerously. Coyne again pushed down on the collective to increase his rate of descent, eventually pushing it all the way to the stop. Believing that he was not descending fast enough, he pushed the cyclic (think of the yoke on an airplane here) forward so that he would be descending even faster.

At this point Coyne looked up and said the light, which he could now see was an object, was covering the front of the windshield. Coyne said that there was a red light at the front of the object, a green light that seemed to reflect off the rear of the object, and a green light, like a searchlight coming from the rear. The overall shape seemed to be that of a cigar or cylinder and under the tail was a pyramid-shaped structure from which a green beam came. The overall object was not glowing, but Coyne, and his crew, could see the general shape against the bright, starry background.

According to Jenny Ziedman, who published the results of her lengthy investigation for the Center for UFO Studies in 1979, Yanacsek said:

The object may have hovered over us for 10 to 12 seconds. It seemed like a long time. It seemed like it was there for so damn long. It was just stopped, for maybe 10 to 12 seconds, and I mean stopped. It wasn’t cruising, it was stopped. It didn’t waver, it didn’t put on the brakes, it didn’t gyrate – it was just like in a cartoon. It was coming at us, and then, in the next frame, it was there, just like that. No noise, no flaps. It reminded me very much of a submarine. I really didn’t think we would collide, because the object was obviously completely in control of the situation.
The object hovered there for those long seconds and then took off toward the northwest. They could see the light at the rear of the object was bright white. Coyne glanced at the altimeter and realized they were at 3500 feet. Coyne said the collective was still full down and he couldn’t explain the ascent. With what he was doing, the helicopter should have been descending rapidly. Coyne then pulled up on the collective (which, of course, the opposite of what he should have done to stop an ascent but then the collective was full down so he couldn’t have pushed it any lower) and at 3800 feet, they felt a bump and the climb ceased. With the climb stopped, and Coyne now in control again, began a descent back to the cruising altitude.

Philip Klass, when he heard about the case decided to take a look at it. He was on a television show about UFOs with Healey, and he recorded another show that aired the next night that featured Coyne as the guest. Klass, in his book UFO’s Explained, wrote, “As I studied the transcript of my tape recording [of Coyne on the Dick Cavett Show] my attention began to focus on the possibility that the UFO might have been a bright meteor-fireball.”

Klass explained his long search for a meteoric explanation but found nothing to corroborate his idea. He did bring up the Zond IV reentry in 1968 where a number of people believed they saw a cigar-shaped craft with lighted windows as the rocket broke up. He seems to have confused Yanacsek’s sighting on the right side of the aircraft, with Healey’s sighting of the red light that was seen out the left that slid to the rear, heading south. If it was the same object, then that approach from the other side moments later clearly proves that it wasn’t a meteor.

He also reported that he had asked others in a position to have seen the fireball or bolide if they had, but there were no reports of anyone else seeing it. Given the time of day, meaning not all that late, and the area over which it would have flown, it seems reasonable to believe that someone else would have seen it. In today’s world, a fireball would be widely reported, often with video of the event. In that time, it would have made the news, though the reports probably would have been confined to the immediate area.

Klass mentioned that the cockpit was bathed in green light as the object passed overhead and reported that there are two Plexiglas panels set above the pilots’ heads and these are tinted green. They were called, cleverly by the flight crews, the greenhouses, but they are directly over the pilots and are not part of the windshield. Klass seemed to have confused these green tinted areas for something on the windshield (or canopy as he called it) much as cars used to have a green tint at the top of the windshield. The crew was not looking through the greenhouses and the light was not coming directly through them. Besides, the crew described other colored lights on the object which they were watching through the clear, Plexiglas windshield.

Klass admitted that the climb was the “real puzzler.” He discussed it with Dave Brown, an “experienced pilot with some hours in a helicopter [which tells nothing about his experience in a helicopter and it doesn’t say if those hours are as a pilot or a passenger and if there are very many of them]. Brown suggested that perhaps the pilot or co-pilot might have unconsciously pulled back on the collective [though the proper term here would be pulled up on the collective] and or cyclic-pitch control(s) as he leaned back in his seat to view the luminous object overhead.”

Lieutenant Arrigo Jezzi, the co-pilot, would never have pulled up on the collective in the way Klass speculates. Coyne and Jezzi had both gone through the same flight training as I had. Had Jezzi felt the aircraft was in danger and he needed to take over the controls, he would have put his hands on them and said, “I’ve got it.”

Coyne would have relinquished control taking his hands off and said, “You’ve got it.”

This was done so that the pilots wouldn’t be fighting each other for control. In similar circumstances, meaning if one of them in the cockpit saw something the other didn’t that might endanger the aircraft, this is what was done, and that includes combat assaults under enemy fire, which can easily be even more stressful than seeing a UFO. Every Army trained helicopter pilot followed this ritual even at times like that, so, it is clear that Jezzi didn’t take over control and didn’t touch the controls without alerting Coyne to that. In fact, it would have been quicker for Jezzi to say, “Watch your altitude.”

Could leaning back in the seat, trying to see the UFO above have caused Coyne to pull up on the collective (as opposed to have pulled back as Klass suggested)? Not really given the way the controls are configured. Could he have pulled back on the cyclic in such a circumstance? Maybe, but there would have been other consequences to that action, including a slowing of the airspeed, a change in the engine noise and a change in the orientation of the view in the cockpit which would have suggested that something had happened. Or, in other words, that would have been noticed because that is how the Army pilots were trained.

Klass, continued his speculation about all of this, based on the information he had collected, some of which he failed to report, and he concluded, “…we should all be grateful for the instinctive, if unconscious, reactions of pilot Coyne or co-pilot Jezzi in pulling their helicopter out of its steep descent barely four hundred feet about the ground.”

He then solved the case. He wrote, “…it will not be easy for them to accept the explanation that the UFO was merely a bright fireball, that the seemingly mysterious behavior of the helicopter was due to the unconscious, instinctive reactions of well-trained pilots…”

With absolutely no evidence of a bright meteor that night, Klass has created one out of thin air and the skeptics have not asked him to explain that position. They don’t ask him why Yanacsek’s account is not mentioned, or the confusion about which crewmember saw what and where. Finally no one asks him how it would be for the pilot to have lowered the collective to arrest the ascent when it was already at the bottom stop and couldn’t be pushed down any further. He just speculates, contrary to the pilot testimony, that one or the other had pulled up on the collective earlier (which he could have then pushed down, but said that he couldn’t, so he pulled up). It is clear that Klass does not understand the Army procedures, and that he reports his speculations as if they were facts. None of this means that Coyne and his crew saw an alien craft, only that Klass’ analysis of it is flawed by what others would call “Ufological thinking” if Klass was at the other end of the spectrum. So, now let the defense of Klass begin, regardless of the facts.

8 year old kid builds crystal grids to clear negative energy and explains how it works

Screen-Shot-2014-05-23-at-1.58.19-PM-672x372.jpg8 year old Adam introduces his latest crystal grid, which he calls a “web” grid. It pulls in dark energy and transmutes it to the light. 

Welcome to Sweden

Youtube description: What is life like in Sweden? “The politicians are participating in a chicken race of “goodness” where everybody tries to one-up each other in caring for the citizens of other countries while Swedish retirees, school children, handicapped and other vulnerable categories of people are thorougly ignored.”

Check this blog out by an American living in Sweden:…

Venus may be an epic volcano hotspot

New evidence has revealed that the surface of Venus may be an active volcanic hotspot, spewing hot lava from superheated rocks. 

Geologists studying thermal imaging data captured by the Venus Express spacecraft spotted spikes in temperature by several hundred degree along the planet’s surface, which could be the result of active lava flows.

By: Daniel Culpan,

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Eternify games Spotify with looping play and pay engine

If you’re worried your favourite artists aren’t earning enough money from music streaming, a new tool called Eternify is here to help you (and them).

Eternify bills itself as “a simple tool that offers a powerful, artist-centred alternative to typical modes of music streaming”. It is basically an engine that leverages Spotify’s catalogue and provides a way for users to ensure their favourite artists receive extra pennies without having to do anything.

By: Katie Collins,

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Over Capacity — We Forget So We Can Remember

JohnnyPluggedInThe brain is truly a marvel. A seemingly endless library, whose shelves house our most precious memories as well as our lifetime’s knowledge. But is there a point where it reaches capacity? In other words, can the brain be “full”?

The answer is a resounding no, because, well, brains are more sophisticated than that. A study published in Nature Neuroscience earlier this year shows that instead of just crowding in, old information is sometimes pushed out of the brain for new memories to form.

Previous behavioural studies have shown that learning new information can lead to forgetting. But in this study, researchers used new neuroimaging techniques to demonstrate for the first time how this effect occurs in the brain.

The experiment

The paper’s authors set out to investigate what happens in the brain when we try to remember information that’s very similar to what we already know. This is important because similar information is more likely to interfere with existing knowledge, and it’s the stuff that crowds without being useful.

To do this, they examined how brain activity changes when we try to remember a “target” memory, that is, when we try to recall something very specific, at the same time as trying to remember something similar (a “competing” memory). Participants were taught to associate a single word (say, the word sand) with two different images – such as one of Marilyn Monroe and the other of a hat.

They found that as the target memory was recalled more often, brain activity for it increased. Meanwhile, brain activity for the competing memory simultaneously weakened. This change was most prominent in regions near the front of the brain, such as the prefrontal cortex, rather than key memory structures in the middle of the brain, such as the hippocampus, which is traditionally associated with memory loss.

Allan Ajifo/Flickr, CC BY

The prefrontal cortex is involved in a range of complex cognitive processes, such as planning, decision making, and selective retrieval of memory. Extensive research shows this part of the brain works in combination with the hippocampus to retrieve specific memories.

If the hippocampus is the search engine, the prefrontal cortex is the filter determining which memory is the most relevant. This suggests that storing information alone is not enough for a good memory. The brain also needs to be able to access the relevant information without being distracted by similar competing pieces of information.

Better to forget

In daily life, forgetting actually has clear advantages. Imagine, for instance, that you lost your bank card. The new card you receive will come with a new personal identification number (PIN). Research in this field suggests that each time you remember the new PIN, you gradually forget the old one. This process improves access to relevant information, without old memories interfering.

And most of us will be able to identify with the frustration of having old memories interfere with new, relevant memories. Consider trying to remember where you parked your car in the same carpark you were at a week earlier. This type of memory (where you are trying to remember new, but similar information) is particularly susceptible to interference.

When we acquire new information, the brain automatically tries to incorporate it within existing information by forming associations. And when we retrieve information, both the desired and associated but irrelevant information is recalled.

If the hippocampus is the search engine, the prefrontal cortex is the filter determining which memory is the most relevant. Playing Futures: Applied No/Flickr, CC BY

The majority of previous research has focused on how we learn and remember new information. But current studies are beginning to place greater emphasis on the conditions under which we forget, as its importance begins to be more appreciated.

The curse of memory

A very small number of people are able to remember almost every detail of their life in great detail; they have hyperthymestic syndrome. If provided with a date, they are able to tell you where and what they were doing on that particular day. While it may sound like a boon to many, people with this rare condition often find their unusual ability burdensome.

Some report an inability to think about the present or the future, because of the feeling of constantly living in the past, caught in their memories. And this is what we all might experience if our brains didn’t have a mechanism for superseding information that’s no longer relevant and did indeed fill up.

At the other end of the spectrum is a phenomenon called “accelerated long-term forgetting”, which has been observed in epilepsy and stroke patients. As the name suggests, these people forget newly learnt information at a much faster rate, sometimes within a few hours, compared to what’s considered normal.

It’s believed this represents a failure to “consolidate” or transfer new memories into long-term memory. But the processes and impact of this form of forgetting are still largely unexplored.

What studies in this area are demonstrating is that remembering and forgetting are two sides of the same coin. In a sense, forgetting is our brain’s way of sorting memories, so the most relevant memories are ready for retrieval. Normal forgetting may even be a safety mechanism to ensure our brain doesn’t become too full.


Dr Fiona Kumfor is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Frontier, a clinical research group at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) investigating younger-onset dementias. She trained in Clinical Neuropsychology and completed her Ph.D. investigating emotional functioning in patients with frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Sicong Tu works with Frontier, a clinical research group at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) investigating younger-onset dementias. His Ph.D. investigates episodic memory in patients with frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease using a combination of novel cognitive tasks and advanced neuroimaging.


This article originally appeared here, republished under creative commons license.

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Delivery By Drone in 30 Minutes? Amazon Says it’s Coming

Borrowing a pizza delivery motto, online retail giant Amazon told Congress Wednesday it is developing the technology to use drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less, a broad expansion of unmanned flight that is raising concerns about safety, security and privacy.

Using commercial drones to quickly deliver packages is probably years away. But when government regulations catch up…

Dylann Roof Could Not Legally Carry a Firearm

Many in the media and political spheres, including President Barack Obama, have used Wednesday’s tragic mass-shooting at Emanuel AME Church in South Carolina to push for further restrictions on gun ownership. But radio host and Second Amendment warrior Dana Loesch has revealed that under current South Carolina law, shooter Dylann Roof was already ineligible to purchase or carry a firearm …

Cyborg Beatboxer

Humanelectro + “∑(SIGMA)” from Ryo Fujimoto on Vimeo.

Once, you might see strange sensors or generated graphics as a kind of novelty, used for their foreign, futuristic quality. Now, a generation immersed in such tech exploits these tools because it’s second nature.

That’s the message of the creators behind a fantastic trans-media beatbox performance starring Japan’s Ryo Fujimoto. And while you’ve seen each clever gimmick on its own, here they try tickingall the boxes at once. Musical gloves dripping in wires with flex sensors – check. Muscle sensors – check. Glowing-blue heart-rate sensor behind the ear – check. LEAP motion sensor detecting gestures of the gloves on top of what the gloves are doing – check.

Keep watching the video, because after the usual behind-the-scenes business, the performance starts – and it’s stunning.

“We’re a generation raised on video games … immersed in technology,” confides Eddie Lee, the wizard at game studio Funktronic Labs who provided the visuals and their interactions. “It’s only natural that we express ourselves with technology.” And so Lee’s visuals are flattened and retro with reason: they’re cultural touchstones, a visual language that feels native.


Ryo Fujimoto is Humanelectro, the cyborg beatboxer/musician.

Takuma Nakata of TN2 provided concept and direction; Tusbasa Nakata of TB2 the hardware design.

More from the site (see link for Japanese text):

Electrical signals radiate from the body of Ryo Fujimoto via the various sensors that are connected to his face, arms, and hands. These sensors track heart rate, muscle movement, and finger positions in real-time. The data is then converted directly into audio and visuals, thereby allowing the expressive unification of man and machine, and the birth of “Σ (SIGMA)”.

In July 2013, Ryo Fujimoto published a live LeapMotion performance onto Youtube, which caught the attention of Eddie Lee. Eddie contacted Ryo, discovered that they shared an interest in audiovisual technology, and decided to collaborate. Takuma Nakata joined the project to direct the performance and to build custom hardware that Ryo Fujimoto would use during the live event.

This video above is a recording of the live event that took place in Tokyo, Japan. And it is the first leap of project “Σ”.




The group next dreams of adding robotics and still more tech. We’ll be watching.


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UK School Bans "Gymnastic Movements" on Playground

How are children supposed to stay fit and healthy if they’re not allowed to burn off those calories?

That’s what parents at Old Priory Primary Academy in Plymouth, England want to know.

The school’s interim headteacher, Emma Hermon-Wright, banned “gymnastic movements” during recess after she says a number of students were injured.

“Following a number of minor incidents we took…

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24th June 2015 By Dane Wigington Guest Writer for Wake Up World Geoengineering: Do we seriously believe our Government would ask our permission? Any who answer ‘yes’ to this question should do a serious rechecking of their reality. Top US military leaders have repeatedly stated on the record that climate change is the greatest national security threat of …Continue Reading – Geoengineering: Do We Seriously Believe Our Government Would Ask Our Permission?

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Going Within And Sixth Sense Abilities

by Michelle Walling, CHLC In the awakening process, we have all heard that if we “go within”, all of the answers to our questions can be found. Going within also plays an important role in discerning the truth from deception and allows for connection to higher aspects of ourselves. In this article, you will find …Continue Reading Here

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E3 2015 video review: hype, nostalgia and genuine art

WIRED reviews its trip to E3 in Los Angeles

By: Michael Rundle,

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True Cosmic Consciousness – Miriam Delicado (The justBernard Show)


“Knowing we are not alone helps us to remember who we are.” – Miriam Delicado

They are known by many names: Great Ancestors, Star Beings, Extraterrestrials, Aliens, Inter-dimensional Beings, Time Travelers, Nordics, Blonds, Pleiadian, Arcturians, Lemurians, Atlantians…

Interview 1056 – Austin Green Shines Light on The Shadow Ring

Austin Green of Free Mind Films joins us today to discuss his new documentary, ShadowRing. Written by James Perloff, narrated by Kevin Sorbo and featuring commentary from G. Edward Griffin, Rosa Koire, Aaron Dykes, Patrick Wood, Katherine Albrecht and many others, Shadow Ring shines a light on the secret powers that control the money supply and manipulate the world into war.

Calling for an end to Amazon oil drilling!

az_tp2hero3.jpgThe science is clear: we have to keep two-thirds of fossil fuels in the ground to avoid catastrophic climate change, so why are we looking for more? We need to start keeping oil in the ground, and the Amazon is a great place to start.

Self-driving cars may have to be programmed to kill you

The self-driving cars that could soon dominate our roads, perhaps even making human-driven ones illegal some day, could end up being programmed to kill you if it means saving a larger number of lives.

This is routed in a classic philosophical thought experiment, the Trolley Problem.

Consider this:

‘There is a runaway trolley barrelling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the…

Cyberattack Grounds Aircraft


The Polish national airline, LOT, announced on Sunday that it has cancelled 10 flights due to a cyber attack against the airline’s ground computer systems at Warsaw’s Okecie airport.

“Today afternoon LOT encountered IT attack, that affected our ground operation systems. As a result we’re not able to create flight plans and outbound flights from Warsaw are not able to depart. We’d like to underline, that it has no influence on plane systems. Aircraft, that are already airborne will continue their flights. Planes with flight plans already filed will return to Warsaw normally.” states the official statement from the Polish flagship carrier LOT.

The attack occurred at around 4:00 pm local time and was resolved by 9:00 pm.

“This is the first attack of its kind,” said the LOT spokesman Adrian Kubicki. “At no point was the safety of ongoing flights compromised, and flights destined for Warsaw were able to land safely. No other airports were affected” “We’re using state-of-the-art computer systems, so this could potentially be a threat to others in the industry”.

The ground computer systems are used by the carriers to manage the flight plans for the airline. According to the company, the cyber attack against LOT made impossible for the Polish Airline LOT to complete the creation of new flight plans and many flights were not able to depart from the Airport of Warsaw. Law enforcement and security agencies immediately started the investigation of the  attack.

It’s not a good period for the aviation industry, many experts are warning about possible hacking attacks on every component involved in the sector. Modern aircraft are sophisticated computing systems that are connected to the Internet and that could be targeted by hackers and cyber terrorists.

We have recently discussed on the possibility to take control of planes remotely or manipulate the vehicle exploiting on board systems like the passenger entertainment system. In May 2015, the computer security researcher Chris Roberts reported to the FBI that he obtained the control of at least one commercial flight causing it to “climb”.

united airlines flight speaking of LOT systems hack

The International Civil Aviation Organization has remarked several times that cyber attacks represent a serious threat to safety in the skies inviting all the experts in the industry to carefully consider cyber security of the aircraft and of aircraft control systems.


Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security)Treat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Editor-in-Chief at “Cyber Defense Magazine”, Pierluigi is a cyber security expert with over 20 years experience in the field, he is Certified Ethical Hacker at EC Council in London. The passion for writing and a strong belief that security is founded on sharing and awareness led Pierluigi to find the security blog “Security Affairs” recently named a Top National Security Resource for US. Pierluigi is a member of the “The Hacker News” team and he is a writer for some major publications in the field such as Cyber War Zone, ICTTF, Infosec Island, Infosec Institute, The Hacker News Magazine and for many other Security magazines. Author of the Books “The Deep Dark Web” and “Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoin”.

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TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

TPP_member_states.jpgThe TPP – be informed about this huge dodgy secret trade deal. Say no to the TPP if you value clean air and water, safe food and internet freedoms.

Planet X Nibiru Crop Circles Tell Arrival Date!

Crop Circles Decoded & Tell the PLANET X – Nibiru Arrival Date – Nibiru Planet X Timeline , This is SUPERB and A MUST WATCH Produced by Anu Proph this excellent Presentation shows what all these years the crop circles have been telling us. Do The Leaders have a Genius like “Anu” on there team …Continue Reading Here

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Micah Hanks


Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, and researcher whose interests cover a variety of subjects. His areas of focus include history, science, current events, cultural studies, technology, business, philosophy, unexplained phenomena, and ways the future of humankind may be influenced by science and innovation in the coming decades. “I think my primary goal is to want to help people as much as possible,” Micah says, “and learn as much about our world, and the universe, as I can. I think that sums up my primary goals in life.”

Podcasting became a hobby for Micah in early 2011 after a six-year stint working in radio as a producer and on-air talent. Since then, he has continued to pursue his passion for information-driven talk programming through a variety of podcasts, including The Micah Hanks Program, as well as The Gralien Report, a science and unexplained mysteries show, and an “unfiltered” current events podcast, Middle Theory, which ran until early 2015. He has also collaborated with others such as veteran podcaster Jim Harold to produce The Paranormal Report.

Micah has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells, the History Channel’s Guts and Bolts, CNN Radio, and many others. He has also lectured on a variety of subjects, including conscious studies, technological singularity, aviation history, and historical mysteries.

He is author of several books, including The Ghost Rockets, a survey of drone-like technologies of unexplained origin, reported since the Cold War era; Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule: The Search for Sentient Intelligence from Other Worlds, a book which focuses on continuity between various altered states of consciousness described throughout history; Reynolds Mansion: An Invitation to the Past, an historical overview of one of Asheville, North Carolina’s oldest Antebellum homes; and his 2012 New Page Books release, The UFO Singularity, which focuses on purported “exotic” aerial phenomena, and how it mirrors some technological innovations occurring in the present day, along with those expected for tomorrow.

Micah has written as a blogger for sites such as Mysterious Universe for a number of years, and has had numerous articles featured in various journals, newspapers, and magazines.

Hanks has also undertaken a number of personal projects involving scientific anomalies, which include a website devoted to the scientific study of anomalous sounds in nature, and another focusing on specific seasonal seismic phenomena. Micah has also been long associated with research into anomalous nocturnal illuminations in nature, akin to what geologists label “earthquake lights”, or which in some cases may bear similarity to the phenomenon known as ball lightning. Purported earth-light phenomena of this sort exist in a variety of locales, including one in western North Carolina known regionally as “The Brown Mountain Lights,” to which Hanks devotes as much time as possible when his schedule, and weather conditions, allow.

When not working on his various research or other projects, Micah enjoys reading books on philosophy, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and history. He also enjoys watching documentaries and theatrical films, particularly in the science fiction genre; it’s no secret among those who know Micah well that he is a devoted fan of Doctor Who, England’s longest-running sci-fi drama.

Micah lives in the heart of Appalachia near Asheville, North Carolina, where he makes a living as a musician, web designer, and writer.


Another View of the Roswell Slides Mummy

(Blogger’s Note: While I fully expect there to be more push back on this, a close examination will show that the mummy in the top picture is the same as that in the second. Clearly it had been moved from one display to the next, but the documentation available shows that it is the same mummy. I know the argument will continue, but I would hope that rational thought and a dispassionate examination will resolve the issue for most.

It should also be noted that the original information was developed by Jose Caravaca and published on his web site. Tony supplied the following article, based on that research and I found the information included in it to be of value for those who wished to see another view of the mummy.  Some of the commentators on this blog thought that too little credit had been given to Caravaca and the Roswell Slides Research Group for their work in locating the new photograph. For those who would like to see the original, it can be found here:

Ahh, will the updates never end… According to several, including Tony, the person who found this is is Jorge Peredo. As Tony wrote, “That is right, Jose posted it, but the individual who actually found the image is a man named Jorge Peredo.” 

And to keep this going, here is the original post about finding the mummy.

As Rich Reynolds said, this is where this all began… and see the post to learn what Jaime Maussan had to say about it. Those over at The Anomalist (( also provided a link to the original article.)


By Anthony Bragalia
Photographic proof that the infamous “Roswell Slides” body is not extraterrestrial has finally been found. The above photo of a child mummy, once speculated to be related to the UFO crash at Roswell, conclusively matches a photo taken at a National Park Service- operated museum in the American Southwest. In the above photo, the similarity of features between this known photo of a child mummy and the one shown at a May 5th presentation and promoted as unearthly, is undeniable. They are photos of the same child. The photo even has another placard behind the mummy that reads “From S.L. Palmer Collection.” S.L. Palmer was the person who donated the child mummy to the Mesa Verde Museum in 1938.

Mummy as seen in the Roswell Slides seen here for comparison.

National Park Service archives indicate that the mummy was transferred on June 7th, 1947 from the Mesa Verde Museum, Colorado to the Yavapai Culture Center at Montezuma Castle, Arizona. The reference to this transfer can be found here: 

Southwestern Monuments Monthly Report
The entry  under “Montezuma Castle National Monument Camp Verde, AZ, June 24,1947” reads “Museum Exhibits: In 1896 the mummy of a two year old boy was found buried on the ledge just outside of Montezuma Castle. The discovery was made by S.L. Palmer Jr. who in 1936 loaned his collection of artifacts to the Mesa Verde National Park with the stipulation that they be kept intact. After several years of intermittent negotiations it was agreed that the mummy could be returned to the Montezuma Castel museum where it was delivered on June 7 by Messrs. Steen and Grant.”
According to an Orlando Sentinel news article found from December 11, 1988 by reporter Vera Foss Bradshaw, a travel reporter, of her visit there, “Of particular interest in the mummified body of a two year old child. It was found under the floor of a room in Montezuma Castle.”

The photo has another placard behind the mummy that reads “From S.L. Palmer Collection.”

Another photograph the comes from a private Palmer collection shows another child mummy. Palmer excavated eight mummies in the Mesa Verde and surrounds. Here is a picture found of one of them. It’s similarity to the “Roswell Slides” mummy features a mouth in an open position that duplicates that of the slides’ mummy. The compressed small nose is also very similar as is the very high forehead.
Thanks to Jose Caravaca from Spain for the mummy photo, thanks to “Ralf” from Germany for the Orlando Sentinel lead, and David Rudiak for the NPS archive information on timelines.

For Jose Caravaca’s original posting see:

Duqu 2.0 — The Most Advanced Malware in the World

malware-mutex-object-648x400Threat actors used a Duqu 2.0 worm in a series of attacks worldwide that also breached the systems at Kaspersky Lab. It is most complex malware ever seen.

A new powerful strain of Duqu malware, dubbed Duqu 2.0, appeared in the wild after going dark in 2012. Duqu 2.0 is a very sophisticated agent that exploited a number of zero-days vulnerabilities and malware researchers noticed that among its targets there were entities linked to the negotiations about Iran’s nuclear deal and IT security firms. Duqu 2.0 also targeted other entities in Western countries, in Asia and in the Middle East. Experts at Symantec also detected the new strain of malware and observed infection almost in every continent.

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab speculate that Duqu 2.0 may have leveraged the following zero-days:

“Most notably, some of the new 2014-2015 infections are linked to the P5+1 events and venues related to the negotiations with Iran about a nuclear deal. The threat actor behind Duqu appears to have launched attacks at the venues for some of these high level talks. In addition to the P5+1 events, the Duqu 2.0 group has launched a similar attack in relation to the 3 70th anniversary event of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.” states a report published by Kaspersky Lab.

The experts at Kaspersky Lab confirmed that the actors behind Duqu 2.0 were detected in an attempted intrusion against its internal network. The discovery of the intrusion was casual, Kaspersky discovered Duqu 2.0 while testing a new technology designed to detect advanced persistent threats.

The attack against Kaspersky likely began with a spear phishing attack against an employee in a smaller offices in the Asia-Pacific region.

“In the case of Kaspersky Lab, the attack took advantage of a zero-day (CVE-2015-2360) in the WindowsKernel, patched by Microsoft on June 9 2015 and possibly up to two other, currently patched vulnerabilities, which were zero-day at that time” states Kaspersky confirming the intrusion.

Once detected the intrusion the researchers started an internal audit that is still ongoing, anyway the company confirmed the high level of sophistication of the malware which is the most advanced ever seen. The experts confirmed that the sophistication of the attack is greater than the one observed for the Equation Group.

Duqu 2.0 resides in memory making hard its detection and use a complex system to communicate with the control infrastructure.

“It also doesn’t directly connect to a command-and-control server to receive instructions,” explained Kurt Baumgartner, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab. “Instead, the attackers infect network gateways and firewalls by installing malicious drivers that proxy all traffic from internalnetwork to the attackers’ [command and control servers]. Combined, this made discovery very difficult.”

The new strain of Duqu has many similarities with the original variant spotted in 2011, bad actors behind Duqu 2.0  didn’t appear to work at all on Saturdays and compilation timestamps provided useful information to profile the attackers.

duqu 2.0

“During our analysis in 2011, we noticed that the logs collected from some of the proxies indicated the attackers appear to work less on Fridays and didn’t appear to work at all on Saturdays, with their regular work week starting on Sunday,” explained Baumgartner. “They also compiled binaries on January 1st, indicating it was probably a normal workday for them. The compilation timestamps in the binaries seemed to suggest a time zone of GMT+2 or GMT+3. Finally, their attacks would normally occur on Wednesdays, which was the reason we originally referred to them as the “Wednesday Gang”.”

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab is worried by the boldness of the authors of Duqu 2.0

“Spying on cybersecurity companies is a very dangerous tendency,” said Kaspersky. “Security software is the last frontier of protection for businesses and customers in the modern world”

Why attack the Kaspersky firm?

There are a number of good reasons to hit the popular company, first of all, to steal the secrets about its technologies, information that could be used to arrange new cyber espionage campaigns avoiding detection. Another good reasons could be the interest in investigations conducted by the company.  Kaspersky provided Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) including MD5s and IPs from the command and control servers, which can be found

Kaspersky published the following reports that also include Indicators of compromise

  • Duqu 2.0 Technical Paper (PDF) can be found here
  • Indicators of Compromise (IOC) can be found here


Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, member of the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security)Treat Landscape Stakeholder Group, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Editor-in-Chief at “Cyber Defense Magazine”, Pierluigi is a cyber security expert with over 20 years experience in the field, he is Certified Ethical Hacker at EC Council in London. The passion for writing and a strong belief that security is founded on sharing and awareness led Pierluigi to find the security blog “Security Affairs” recently named a Top National Security Resource for US. Pierluigi is a member of the “The Hacker News” team and he is a writer for some major publications in the field such as Cyber War Zone, ICTTF, Infosec Island, Infosec Institute, The Hacker News Magazine and for many other Security magazines. Author of the Books “The Deep Dark Web” and “Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoin”.
This article previously appeared here, republished with permission.


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UFO History Group Get-together #4: a small add-on.

Robert Powell sent me some pictures of the May 22-24 get-together, and I wanted to use them as an opportunity to make a point or two about UFO research work and information sharing. {The above picture is of eight of us around the archives room table skyping with Barry Greenwood in Massachusetts.}

The point of the get-togethers seems at first to be information exchanges and brain-trusting but it’s mainly about community building. In my many years watching the UFO researcher circus, the thing which has been most appalling to me is the lack of true community and, therefore, an unwillingness to contribute without ego to team projects. Community however takes work.

I and others [it seemed to me] had a need for creating true colleagues and ultimately true friends to facilitate getting projects done which almost demanded a team of people to encourage and support one another, and share the load. That’s why I, not knowing if the concept was impractical or not, began inviting some old friends and some new associates, all of whom appeared as civilized humans, to come to Kalamazoo for small-work, high-companionship, styles of get-togethers. I was surprised a bit as to how much people wanted to do that “impractical” thing, and also how little [essentially zero] conflict occurred even among folks on record with opposing opinions on certain things.

{Barry and Bill via Skype}

I’m posting this because I believe that it’s time for anyone in UFOlogy who has low enough ego and high enough humanity [and who has been lone-wolfing it] to quit behaving that way and create community with others who share one’s UFO interest and who bring something to the table. {The Skype technology isn’t ideal, but it allows a “nearly-personal” contact with great guys like Bill Chalker and Barry Greenwood who can’t make it to Michigan}.

We all have experienced some of our field’s Sounds-of-Thunder Stage-Dominating UFO Egos long enough. More tragic than the consistent lack of open-ness that we have to put up with from such “UFO authorities” is the other group of basically good people, who however have to plough on virtually alone with no real support and, this is important, no pre-publication sounding boards of respected people. We need research teams, and research teams who know one another as human beings and have civil sympathy for each other.

UFO research is hard. But it’s a lot more promising [and fun] when you’re doing it in a shared community relationship with people that you’ve grown to like.

As in everything: together is better than alone.

As the Wiccans are wont to say: Merry Meet and Merry Part, and Merry Meet again.

Till then, friends.

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 22 June

Your daily briefing. Today, Apple backs down over free trial payments, Uber bans guns and Microsoft launches a better YouTube search page than YouTube.


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How White Liberals and Communists armed the ANC in South Africa

IMDB description: “A dramatized documentary showing how volunteers from England and Holland drove trucks full of hidden guns and ammunition overland across Africa to supply the African National Congress in their fight against the Apartheid government. Forty tons were transported under the seats of unsuspecting tourists on Africa Hinterland Expeditions between 1987 and 1993. No-one was ever…

This algorithm just solved fashion

Are you ever worried your friends aren’t being honest with you about your taste in fashion? Well now you can turn to a computer in order to have your suspicions confirmed, or not, as the case may be. Don’t be downcast if it turns out your outfits are not de rigeur, however — the software can also help you plan a Cher from Clueless-style makeover.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed an algorithm that uses a combination of computer vision and machine learning to help you identify exactly where you are going wrong, by comparing you against a range of “fashionability factors”. The fashionability factors that images are compared against obviously do include the garments the subject is wearing, but also a range of other criteria, such as how appealing the scene behind the person is, how the image was taken, how visually appealing the person is, her/his age.

By: Katie Collins,

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Reddit rival killed by hosting company

When Reddit implemented and acted on an anti-harrassment policy, removing offending subreddits from the site, some users revolted at the change, many leaving the site claiming the bans were tantamount to censorship. Yet while an influx of new users could potentially be a boon for any number of sites, for one it’s been a curse — similarly structured up/down voting site has been dropped by its webhost over the wave of “politically incorrect” content it suddenly played host to.

Funnily enough, people angered at the closure of forums centred on hatred of fat people, black people, or transgendered people, don’t tend to create the most welcoming online environments when they move elsewhere. As a result, site co-founder “Atko” was told by hosting agency on Friday “that the content on your server includes political incorrect parts that are unacceptable for us” and that it “cannot keep bond of trust to you as our customer”. The site has been offline since, though a cloud-based back-up appears to be fluttering to life intermittently.

By: Matt Kamen,

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Flytrex Sky is the ‘world’s first’ personal delivery drone

The world’s first cloud-connected delivery drone has launched.

By: Michael Rundle,

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Alexander Hamilton to be Removed from $10, Treasury Dept. must have Woman on New Bill

For the first time in more than a century, a woman’s face will appear on an American bill.

The Treasury Department announced Wednesday it will replace the main image of its own founder, Alexander Hamilton, on the $10 bill, with a woman as yet to be determined. Mr. Hamilton will remain on the bill in a diminished way.

The currency will be …

Rosetta mission gets vital lifeline to explore comet until 2016

The European Space Agency (ESA) has officially announced that its historic comet-chasing Rosetta mission will be given an extended lease of life — running until September 2016. 

The spacecraft, which arrived at Comet67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in August 2014, has been given approval to continue its mission for an extra nine months, by which point it’s hoped it will have landed on the comet’s surface.

By: Daniel Culpan,

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Pine Bark Extract for Male Reproductive Health

22nd June 2015 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Pine bark, botanical name Pinus pinaster, is a maritime pine native to southwest France that also grows in countries along the western Mediterranean. Pine bark contains a number of beneficial compounds that are extracted from the bark in a way that doesn’t destroy or …Continue Reading – Pine Bark Extract for Male Reproductive Health

Your vitamins: Are they really beneficial or just a placebo effect?

(NaturalNews) The two main reasons why people do not get health and stay healthy are (1) internal toxicity and (2) nutritional deficiency. Many people (especially in our fast-paced Western culture) know they should be getting the nutrients that they need, but they don’t want to change…

Monsanto may occupy the White House – A vote for Hillary is a vote for more GMOs, RoundUp, and glyphosates

(NaturalNews) Something truly terrible has happened in America. It didn’t take place overnight, and the truth is that what went wrong happened so gradually — so incrementally — that most people didn’t see it coming until it was too late.But I’m getting ahead of myself. I want…

UFO News from the 1947 Mountain: 1961-1962.

….. more of Jan Aldrich’s pile of UFO Close Encounters case references.

This is still the famous “UFO Desert” of the early 60s. There were only two cases in this part of the pile from 1961, and one was the ultra-famous CE4 of Betty and Barney Hill [illustrated terrifically above, and called in the reference in the pile “Lincoln, NH.”] I’ll not say any more about the Hills’ case except that it is in this pile because both of their watches were permanently damaged, and to admit that this is one of the very few “on-board experiences” cases which I credit with some confidence. There are a few others, but this is an area in UFOlogy which has been abominably poorly researched [mainly due to WAY too much closed-to-scrutiny methodology and poor information-sharing, and horrible follow-ups.] Any CE4 experiencers can “happily” have all the confidence that they want in their experiences and their interpretations of them as far as I am concerned, but everyone should at least try to understand why even sympathetic UFO researchers have serious problems with the research. This is mainly a finger pointed at investigators, not encounter-reporters.

Hmmmm… I hadn’t conceived of this post beginning with anything remotely that controversial, but so be it. The rest of this thing will be rather ho-hum comparatively.

Two 1961 incidents and eight separate 1962 incidents plus a flap in Argentina that year.

The cartoon versions of what they looked like, sort of…. {two great artistic drawings including the excellent one of Brian James for the Lake Movil case.}

I’ll say just a bit about some of these.

1961: Lakeville/ New Bedford MA. Very loud object surrounded by thick black clouds, flying erratically [bobbing/rolling]. This is a reward for anyone who believes that something is gained by saving all the newsclippings regarding UFO cases [Barry Greenwood is the Champion of this.] These clippings are very strongly supportive of the idea that this thing was independently witnessed. The finding of evidence for independent witnessing is UFO gold as it, obviously, shoots the credibility of the event into the stratosphere.

This is a different sort of multiply witnessed event, but it may well have been a natural physical object having nothing to do with technology. Nevertheless, multiple barometric stations registered increased air pressure as the thing flew over. The one guy quoted says that a “big meteor” could have done it. Well, OK, but at that height and over that much territory? This is another example where science seems to have blown a chance to do some novel science on a multiply-measured case.

I would like to comment further about the Modesto, CA and Bordentown, NJ cases, but the references were a little too lacking in support on the credibility side and I had no other {easy} source. Modesto, though, is a CE2physiological with numbness and near-paralysis — pretty rare and allegedly multi-witnessed, so possibly significant. Bordentown is one of those “cute” curious{?} BOL things which messes with TV and radio reception and COULD be a novel physical energy phenomenon, or could be a form of intelligence presentation, as major BOL researcher, physicist Massimo Teodorani, seems driven to believe.

This is Lake Movil, MN. The case involves two adult women as primary witnesses. The object seemed to suddenly appear — whether this was just “POP!” or whether it was just too dark to be seen and then turned on lights, we don’t know. When the object later turned off its light, it could still be seen, but as a silhouette, so the women could have just missed it earlier. The hovering object had windows as above and three silhouetted humanoids in them {please forgive my error in the list above which says only two — I’m too lazy to re-do it now.} The object was in good spatial relationship to their boat dock, and so the estimated 30+ foot diameter is probably accurate. The women got the creeps and felt that the “men” were watching them {rightly or wrongly}. They switched off their cabin lights and the object responded by doing the same. The elder of the two women then had an irresistible urge to open the door and run to the UFO, which she did while her daughter screamed at her not to. The craft responded to this by lifting upwards and rapidly disappearing after slowly angling away.

So what’s the downside to the case? The ladies refused to talk about their experience for ten years, not wanting to appear as nuts. Then [we don’t know this part] someone convinced them to talk and the National Inquirer got hold of it. Fortunately APRO also responded and did a field investigation old-style —- this resulted in Brian James’ great piece of art, but more importantly bona fides from local residents as to the quality of the witnesses as responsible folks. So, did it happen, and exactly like described? Plenty of strangeness if so. Is it “just” a CE3, or was there some mind control? The case has two “responsive” moments, which is an interesting feature, and the second also speaks against the mental manipulation hypothesis [as the UFO went away instead of taking the woman on-board]. {This is the point in the case where well-known abductionists would say “oh no both of them were abducted and neither remembers.” Well, sorry. That is precisely what the case does NOT say, and needs a lot of defending.}

This is the Scotts Bluff area case. It’s of interest to me not just because it is a CE2 vehicle interference case, and not just because the young men thought that the UFO “stalked” them, but mainly because the “UFO” is described as a “flat” light with nothing above it and no discernible thickness — that says to me: “Window or Opening or Portal in the sky”.

I’d like to believe that. It would give another datapoint to the hypothesis that advanced technology could manipulate space by opening paths dimensionally [and skipping around the Einsteinian velocity-of-light travel limitation on speed.] I do have several cases which seem to be at least possibly “Portal Events” — that Skinwalker Ranch thing the other day seemed “Portal-like” — so perhaps the report of these two guys isn’t crazy.

There are other cases above. One is a very rare sighting claim of a miniature disk which not only flies alongside a car but bangs into it. One wonders if the rear collision was something else [a bird?], and the object alongside well seen. Single witness case. No ability to judge how good a look the driver had of the “disk.” Collision left no mark.

The Russian case is good TV drama but, for me, worthless. The amount of unsupported rumor of this nature coming out of Russia is massive. With the exceptions of a very few pieces of data, I can’t trust any of it.

The Argentinian flap of 1962-3. Well, despite that I begin to get hives when people talk to me about historical South American cases [two exceptions: Brazil when the team of Simoes, Ferriera, and Faria were involved, and Peru when Greenwell was involved], this stuff about this wave might have happened. For one thing, Argentine Air Force and Naval personnel were involved in several incidents, and for another, NICAP got some direct information. Thirdly, the excellent French UFOlogist Patrick Gross has posted on his website a solid review of the various reporting on this wave, and finally, the Condon Committee completely botched their look into the famous Deception Island case of slightly later, but botched it in a way which demonstrated to me that the Argentine military was doing a competent job reporting incidents. {and USA “authorities” were obscuring facts.}

So, we could well have had CE2s of the Electromagnetic, Trace, and Physiological types then and there.

That’s it for me this time, folks. The picture above shows the thickness of the paper stack sent to me by Jan WHICH IS STILL LEFT TO DO. It could well be that this is HUMANLY possible to do, but it is not Me-Desirable to do. THEREFORE [and I state this with complete uncertainty of plan or purpose], I ain’t gonna plough through all that. I’ll do a few more year groups [probably], and may cherry-pick some others, but whoa — there are only a few years left.

So, I’ll ultimately be on to other things….. hmmmm…. what are those things in those unsorted file boxes? ….. case reports which need filing ….. Groan………………………..

Till next time, friends, and Peace.

Lord Brittan refused to ban paedophile ring – well, he wouldn’t want to upset his mates, would he?

Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan resisted calls to ban a notorious paedophile ring despite warnings some members were “obsessed by the death of children”.

Lord Brittan, who died in January, was urged by campaigning MP Geoffrey Dickens to protect kids from “evil people” in the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). But documents seen by the Daily Star Sunday reveal former Tory MP …

A Chance to Support Something Good in UFO Studies

Hello, folks. I’m going to do something completely out of character for the blog: ask you to consider supporting a young UFOlogist in a writing task. This is a writing project that needs [a little] funding. So, feel free to just skip on by if you don’t want to read and do anything about this — cash is tough nowadays and I understand — this is not about me, by the way, although I am going to contribute something myself.

The project is a book about the spring 1966 UFO wave concentrating on Michigan and the famous “swamp gas” pronouncements, but painting a MUCH bigger portrait of the events. The prospective author is a young-ish man who is trying to catch on as a school system teacher in a tough marketplace, and a very good friend of mine. I’ve seen and heard about his [rather massive] research on this flap for years. It’s impressive.

The bottomline is: he can use some “survival” money to free up his summer to write. SO: he has gone to Kickstarter and just posted his project and plea. If you want to help, go to Kickstarter and use their search with the words “Swamp Gas.” The picture above should send you to a video describing the project — even if you don’t donate [please do, though], the video is worth watching.

That’s it. Give him some support if you can. Like the “Good Minister” from the pulpit, I promise to minimize my “passing of the plate” here, but this is a good cause.

WIRED Awake: 10 must-read articles for 23 June

Your daily briefing. Today, Twitter says CEO is a full-time job, Interstellar ‘should be shown in schools’ and first colour movie of Pluto released.


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At least three killed in Austria after man drives into crowd before ‘stabbing passers-by’ in Graz

A seven-year-old boy is reportedly among the three people killed in Austria by a man who ploughed his car into crowds in the country’s second-largest city and then reportedly started stabbing people.

A witness told the Wiener Zeitung newspaper that dead bodies were left lying face down in the road after the vehicle sped through streets near the the historical Herrengasse …

Viva UFO romance week

I once had a first date end prematurely over frames 312-317 of the Zapruder film. She said the kill-shot definitely hit JFK from his 2… Read more »

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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst finally delivers on the original game’s promise


The original Mirror’s Edge occupies a strange space in gaming circles. When it launched on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2008, it was mostly well received, being praised for its unique first-person parkour gameplay and striking red-on-white visuals alike. Then, some nifty DLC and a tablet spin-off aside, nothing.

Yet fans of the game never quite gave up hope for more from the universe, and last year publisher EA finally made good with the tease of a new entry. At this year’s E3, we finally learned more about the return of the series, now known as Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and got our first hands on experience with the resurgent franchise. In short? It’s everything you could ever want from a new Mirror’s Edge game.

By: Matt Kamen,

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Batman: Arkham Knight is "broken" on PC

Bad news for Bat-fans hoping to play the new Arkham Knight on their bat-computers — the PC version of the eagerly anticipated conclusion to Rocksteady’s Dark Knight trilogy has severe performance issues. Users are reporting errors including frame rates that crash into the single digits, stuttering, crashing, and memory leaks causing the game to eat up to …

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Top CEO Warns Of Global Reset: ”It’s In The Cards For Sure … It Could Happen This Year”

Dees Illustration By Mac Slavo Over the last several months there have been numerous reports highlighting the frantic activities of the world’s ultra-wealthy elite. From the purchasing of emergency hideaways and airstrips to warnings from their financial advisors that it’s time to shift their assets into physical holdings, it appears that a lot of powerful people are afraid of …

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Vitamin B-17: The Greatest Cover-Up In The History Of Cancer

by Daud Scott The phrase ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ could not hit any harder, especially when it comes to the present discussion related to cancer and our present state of nutrition and health. I do understand that venturing into this discussion may be touchy due to the fact that …

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Massive Military Movements: Something Is Coming To America This Year

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die From our northern border with Canada to our completely open southern border with Mexico and from sea to shining sea, we are witnessing a massive ‘buildup to and preparation for’ a still unnamed event. Every day we become more aware of a very …

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This algorithm just solved fashion

Are you ever worried your friends aren’t being honest with you about your taste in fashion? Well now you can turn to a computer in order to have your suspicions confirmed, or not, as the case may be. Don’t be downcast if it turns out your outfits are not de rigeur, however — the software …

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Archaeologists discover tomb of ancient man in India who had achieved mukthi

A group of Indian archaeologists have discovered the ancient remains of an individual whose tomb contained a marking indicating he may have achieved the state of ‘mukthi’, a belief observed by a number of eastern religious traditions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, in which the individual achieves liberation from the body. The term derives from an …

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Apple Mind-Control News Is On The Way

by Jon Rappoport June 22, 2015 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.) “There is a media metaphysics. Its basic principle states that nothing exists until it becomes information. Now we have a new twist: information only becomes real when it reaches a mind already attuned to it. In other words, …

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Going Within And Sixth Sense Abilities

by Michelle Walling, CHLC In the awakening process, we have all heard that if we “go within”, all of the answers to our questions can be found. Going within also plays an important role in discerning the truth from deception and allows for connection to higher aspects of ourselves. In this article, you will find …

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Food dyes damage DNA structure and cause cancer

Did you know that 15 million pounds of food colorings are sold annually in the United States? This is both unnecessary and harmful to human health. So, why are so many dyes used, and why are they dangerous? Simply put, these dyes are used to make food look ‘prettier’ to consumers. In other words, it’s …

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These 5 Alien Species Have No Desire To Enslave Humanity

Reports show not all alien species are malevolent. While there is no such thing as a completely neutral extraterrestrial, some are more involved in shaping our world than the others. Here are x alien species that we can call “friendly” towards mankind. And over here we have 6 evil alien species we could totally do …

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